Shura's Wrath Chapter 611

Chapter 611

Vermillion Bird Representative, White Tigers Representative

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

When Ling Chen and Xiao Qi reached the south gate, they saw 20 to 30 people waiting there for them. They were all riding on large horses that were covered in dust. Evidently, they had suffered a lot to get here as fast as possible. The clothes they wore and the auras they gave off were not ordinary, and the man at the head of the party was tall with crimson hair and eyebrows. He had a fiery crown on his head, and each of his movements were majestic and dignified. Currently, in front of the gate of the new city, they were acting extremely reserved and continuously looked ahead, as if they were hoping to see something. However, they did not recklessly rush in for fear of offending someone.

With Xiao Huis Eye of the Holy Spirit, information about their identities was sent into Ling Chens mind these people were indeed from the Vermillion Bird City, and they all held high statuses. The person at the head of the party was the Vermillion Birds Mayor himself!

Ling Chen told all of this information to Xiao Qi.

Are you looking for the Vermillion Birds Representative? Xiao Qi descended as she asked somewhat anxiously.

In that instant, the crimson feather that the Vermillion Birds Mayor was holding started to shine with a brilliant light as a clear image of the Vermillion Bird appeared behind Xiao Qi.

The eyes of everyone from the Vermillion Bird City widened as they stared at the Vermillion Birds Phantasm behind Xiao Qi. Their expressions changed from one of shock to excitement as their eyes started to water up. 

The Vermillion Birds Mayor became so excited that his face became bright red. He hurriedly jumped down from his horse and stumbled over to Xiao Qi as he yelled, Great! Great! The Vermillion Birds Representative really does exist. I knew that the Vermillion Bird wouldnt abandon us, great great

Although Xiao Qi had guessed what was going on, upon seeing their reactions, Xiao Qi became a bit frightened. She weakly said, These uncles, are you

The Vermillion Birds Mayor quickly and respectfully replied, Were from the Vermillion Bird City in the south, and we are the Vermillion Birds most faithful followers no! Since youve inherited the Vermillion Birds power and soul, and you are the Vermillion Birds Representative, well be your faithful followers from now on. Please use the Vermillion Birds power to bless our Vermillion Bird City with peace and fortune.

Eh? Xiao Qi looked to Ling Chen for help, but saw Ling Chen smiling as he nodded. She let out a breath as she replied, Ive indeed inherited the Vermillion Birds power and soul, and before it left, the Vermillion Bird asked me to protect the Vermillion Bird City. However However I dont know what to do.

Xiao Qis words made the Vermillion Birds Mayor even more excited as he hurriedly replied, Lady Representative, to be recognised by the Vermillion Bird, Im sure you have a pure soul and kind heart. You dont need to do much for the Vermillion Bird City; our Vermillion Bird City is linked to the Vermillion Birds power and soul. You just need to look after yourself and not let the Vermillion Birds power and soul dissipate. Thatll be enough for the Vermillion Bird Citys City Lifeline to continue existing. I believe that since Lady Representative has obtained the Vermillion Birds power, there will be very few people in the world who can threaten you. We hope that Lady Representative will come to visit the Vermillion Bird City now and then and accept the worship and praise of our residents. 

Xiao Qi opened her mouth how is it this simple? She had thought that they would make her do something very troublesome.

Mm, I understand. Xiao Qi nodded. The Vermillion Bird has helped me greatly, so I will definitely help protect what it protected. Please dont worry. If the Vermillion Bird City faces trouble someday, Ill definitely do my best to protect it.

The Vermillion Birds Mayor bowed and said in extreme gratitude, On behalf of all of the Vermillion Bird Citys residents, thank you Lady Representative! 

Xiao Qi never expected that with just a few words these people would become so moved and emotional. After all, she didnt belong to this world and didnt fully understand the position these guardian beasts held in the hearts of the residents they protected. They were not only guardian beasts, but also something that these residents worshipped and placed their hope and trust in. If the guardian beast had died, the residents would feel as if the sky was falling and the earth was splitting.

Lady Representative! Right now, the Vermillion Bird City has fallen into chaos after the death of the Vermillion Bird, and things are extremely unstable. Only if you appear and summon the Vermillion Birds Phantasm will we be able to settle this chaos and save the Vermillion Bird City. Lady Representative, please come with us to the Vermillion Bird City and receive the worship of our residents, The Vermillion Birds Mayor said as he looked at Xiao Qi pleadingly.

This Xiao Qi once again turned to look at Ling Chen. Ling Chen looked at her and sent her a message, Just agree to it. Our new city is nearly complete, and if we want to strengthen our city, we not only need massive numbers of players, but also NPCs! If you go to the Vermillion Bird City, let the residents know of your existence, and let them know that youll frequently go to the new city, many of the residents will also be willing to move to the new city and become residents here. This will be incredibly beneficial to the new city.

Alright, Ill come with you, Xiao Qi replied without hesitation.

The Vermillion Bird Citys Mayor and the other people looked delirious with joy, and they respectfully handed Xiao Qi a teleport scroll to the Vermillion Bird City.

Big brother Ling Tian, arent you coming with me? Xiao Qi looked at Ling Chen as she asked.

Ling Chen shook his head as he smiled. Its best that you go by yourself. If I went, the Vermillion Bird Citys residents would feel quite strange. 

Alright, Xiao Qi reluctantly said.

Are you the Lady Representatives friend? The Lady Representatives friends are all distinguished friends of our Vermillion Bird City. The Vermillion Bird City will welcome you at any time, The Vermillion Birds Mayor said respectfully to Ling Chen. Naturally, he couldnt show any disrespect to the Vermillion Bird Representatives friends. Suddenly, the Vermillion Birds feather in his hand suddenly flashed. The Vermillion Birds Mayor looked up at Ling Chen, and found that without anyone realising, a hazy white shadow had appeared behind him. 

Although it was quite hazy, it was evident that it was a gigantic, roaring white lion that was covered with purple markings!

The White Tiger!

W-White Tigers Representative!! The Vermillion Birds Mayor was dumbfounded.

Although he was extremely shocked, the Vermillion Birds Mayor quickly recovered and didnt actually yell out. As he returned to the Vermillion Bird City with Xiao Qi, his emotions were incredibly complicated no wonder he was friends with the Lady Representative. He was the White Tigers Representative -  the person who had inherited the power and soul of the White Tiger, the most powerful of the 4 guardian beasts. News had spread that the White Tiger had gone berserk and then died, causing the White Tiger City to fall into chaos. The White Tiger Citys Mayor was also desperately searching for the White Tigers Representative and he was right here!

Thinking to the state of the Vermillion Bird City, the Vermillion Bird Citys Mayor understood just how the White Tiger Citys Mayor was feeling and immediately sent him a message regarding the White Tigers Representative within 30 minutes, tens of people in light armour charged out from the White Tiger City, rushing towards the Fairy Forest.

Afterwards, Ling Chen devoted all of his time towards the new city. It was impossible for him to familiarise himself with such a large city in such a short amount of time. As he familiarised himself with the place, he made suggestions about some changes, which the Dwarves unhesitatingly complied with. This made Ling Chen feel a bit embarrassed about suggesting any more changes.

Tian Ya, when I logged off earlier, I had a look in a mirror and found that it wasnt just an illusion in the game; the wounds on my face really all disappeared. There isnt even a scar left. Xuanyuan Dia Wu was sitting back to back with Ling Chen as she happily spoke while looking at the sky.

Haha, of course it wasnt an illusion. My Dia Wu should naturally be that pretty, Ling Chen said as he laughed.

But Xuanyuan Dia Wus eyes were filled with confusion and haziness. Although I didnt dare to look in the mirror, I would wash my face every day and feel those countless, coarse scars on my face. If the scars had long since disappeared, I should have discovered this long ago. Yesterday, when I washed my face, I could still feel them

Its quite simple; this is a classic psychological effect, Ling Chen said breezily. Because youve always been sure that there were scars on your face, when you touched your face, your brain convinced you that there were scars there. Dont think about it too much. All you need to know is that youre my perfect Dia Wu.

Mm! Xuanyuan Dia Wu replied as she smiled. Although she still felt quite confused, she wanted to believe Ling Chens explanation and let go of those thoughts.

Tian Ya, right now youre at the Bamboo Sea Wonderland in Su Hang, right? Xuanyuan Dia Wu asked.

Thats right. Hurry and fly over here, Ling Chen smiled as he replied.

How many girls are there with you?

Err, let me count: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

So So many!

Are you angry?

No way! Hmph! Since there are so many girls staying with you, I Ill go next month! Hmph!


Sunlight shines brightly at noon. Right after lunch, the screeching of brakes sounded out outside of Bamboo Sea Wonderland.

Li Xiao Xue, who was supposed to come in the afternoon, had come early.

Big sister Xiao Xue!!

Li Xiao Xue elegantly walked out of her red sportscar and immediately saw Tian Tian next to the man-made lake as well as Shadissika. She stared for a moment before smiling. Isnt this little Sha Sha? Why are you here? I thought you were an NPC in the game.

It wasnt just Li Xiao Xue. Everyone else who met Shadissika thought she was an NPC because her pure-white skin, pure-white hair, and diamond-like eyes were not things that Chinese girls had. As such, Li Xiao Xue was quite shocked to see Shadissika here but even if she was 100 times more intelligent, she wouldnt have imagined that Ling Chen had brought her out from the game.

Good afternoon, big sister, Shadissika cutely smiled.

Is big sister Xiao Xue here to find big brother? Tian Tian skipped over.

Thats right, I have an appointment with him. Hasnt he come out from the game yet?

After speaking, Li Xiao Xue saw Ling Chen walk out from the villa. Upon seeing her, he asked in frustration, Didnt we agree to meet in the afternoon? 

Li Xiao Xue smiled as she walked over while batting her eyelashes and said in a small voice, Would you believe me if I said that I just couldnt wait to see you?

Alright, its fine if youre early. I wanted to meet Gu Qing Han as soon as possible too, Ling Chen said.

Little master, do we have guests? Do you want me to do anything?

An extremely bewitching voice came from behind Ling Chen, causing Ling Chen and Li Xiao Xues bodies to weaken. After the voice travelled out, its owner walked out from behind Ling Chen in that instant, Li Xiao Xue felt as if the sky and earth had suddenly dimmed and that all of the light in the world was gathered on this ridiculously beautiful woman. Compared to her, everything else was incredibly dim and not worth looking at.

Ling Chen nearly cursed out loud, swearing at her thousands of times inwardly Didnt I tell you, time and time again, not to come out??

When a beautiful woman an incredibly intelligent and beautiful woman saw a woman even more beautiful than her, how would she react?

Whats more, it was in front of her man!

Furthermore, from Qi Yues gaze she was evidently provoking Li Xiao Xue!

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