Shura's Wrath Chapter 612

Chapter 612

Meeting Gu Qing Han

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With a peerless background, extraordinary looks and figure, intelligent mind, dignified temperament, and her status as the sole heir of the Li family, Li Xiao Xue was not inferior to any other woman in China. However, after facing Qi Yue and exchanging a few glances for just a couple seconds, she couldnt help but admit that she had lost.

She couldnt understand or see through this womans gaze, and this womans looks and figure were so perfect that she couldnt breathe. Whats more, the aura that came from this woman gave her a strange feeling of suppression as the big miss of the Li family, she had always reigned above other people, but when facing Qi Yue, she felt that completely suppressed without even doing anything.

This was the first time Li Xiao Xue had felt this way towards a woman since birth.

However, in the end, she was Li Xiao Xue. No matter what sort of situation she was in, she would never seem flustered. She naturally held Ling Chens hand as she smiled. Ling Chen, when did such a beautiful big sister start living in your home? Ive never heard you mention her before. She also seemed to call you little master.

Ling Chen didnt hesitate and started to walk hand in hand with Li Xiao Xue towards the car, not giving Qi Yue an opportunity to make things worse, as he struggled to find words, Shes a maidservant I found just ignore her. Take me to see Gu Qing Han.

Big brother, are you going out with big sister Xiao Xue? Tian Tian ran over as she stretched out her hand, which contained a strand of snow-white hair, towards Ling Chen. This is Sha Shas hair; big brother can bring Sha Sha a gaming device. Sha Sha seems to have lost her gaming device.

Alright. Ling Chen hesitated and then nodded. Sha Sha came from the game and didnt belong to earth. However, after coming to the real world, she was like a normal human maybe she really could use a gaming device.

Little master, can you take me with you? I heard that there are lots of beautiful clothes you can pick. I just have this simple piece of clothing, so I feel embarrassed every time I go out, Qi Yue said in a pitiful tone while wearing her black muslin dress. Although her clothes werent see-through, they were incredibly revealing and completely different from what people normally wore on earth but that wasnt the main issue! Allowing Qi Yue to come here was already enough to make Ling Chen feel incredibly frightened, and taking her out Ling Chen shook his head and didnt dare to think any further as he replied, Ill ask Chao Ying and Chao Xi to buy you some clothes Xiao Xues lets go Ying Xue, make sure you protect them well.

The sportscar roared as it shot off into the distance. Only then did Ling Chen let out a sigh of relief. If Li Xiao Xue and Qi Yue interacted for any longer, who knew what that demoness could have done.

You know what I want to ask. Li Xiao Xue gripped the steering wheel as she spoke without looking at Ling Chen. She didnt look too happy.

Ling Chen leaned back against the headrest as he said powerlessly, The situation is a bit complicated, and I dont know how to explain it clearly do you want to hear the truth or a lie?

I can allow my man to have his secrets. Moreover, that woman is so beautiful that even if I wanted to get jealous, I wouldnt be able to. I cant even imagine how such a perfect woman could exist in the world. Whats even more surprising is how well youve hid her. Logically speaking, such a beautiful woman should be known throughout the world. They had already come out from Bamboo Sea Wonderland when the car stopped at a red light as Li Xiao Xue said somewhat sadly and wistfully, Plus, you never belonged to me alone.

Ling Chen agreed with Li Xiao Xues words however, the truth was that Qi Yue didnt even belong to this world!

Su Hang, Gu familys residence.

Ling Chen was wearing an extremely wide peaked cap, and without lowering his head, it already covered most of his face. After all, he was a national fugitive, and everyone in the country knew what he looked like. As such, he had to do this. Beside him, Li Xiao Xue affectionately held his arm as they walked into the Gu familys residence, causing many of the Gu familys people to stare in shock.

It was the first time they had seen the big miss Li so intimate with a male around her age. Could it be

Since Li Xiao Xue had come personally, the Gu family didnt dare to treat her with less respect than was due, nor did they discourteously ask Ling Chen to take of his cap. After being shown to the guest hall, the Gu family sent people to notify Gu Qing Han.

Big miss, the Li familys big miss has arrived with a man. The man looks around big miss Lis age and is wearing a peaked cap, so we cant see his appearance. Because he was brought by big miss Li we didnt dare to ask, but he looks quite intimate with big miss Li

Gu Qing Han stood up with a whoosh as she hurriedly asked, Where are they?

No matter what happened, Gu Qing Han never showed any emotions. Upon seeing her so flustered, the people reporting were given a big fright as they replied, Theyre in the guest hall.

Gu Qing Han didnt say anything as she turned and rushed out of the door. Because of how rushed she was, she tripped at the doorstep and almost fell over. The people who came to report stared, incredibly dumbfounded.

This was Ling Chens second time meeting Gu Qing Han, and seeing her still caused his eyes to light up. He knew that Gu Qing Han was middle-aged, but there werent any traces of age on her face. Time, something that is generally merciless and cruel, hadnt destroyed her looks, but instead made her look more majestic and dignified.

However, her footsteps when she entered the guest hall made him feel quite surprised and confused. Moreover, when she entered, her gaze didnt fall on Li Xiao Xue, but on him the first time they had passed each other, her eyes had been still as water, as if she hadnt even seen him. And yet, her eyes were trembling as she looked at him a trembling due to intense emotions.

Aunty Gu, Li Xiao Xue stood up and courteously greeted her.

Hello, Gu familys leader, nice to meet you, Ling Chen also stood up as he spoke neither servilely nor overbearingly.

Hes Facing Li Xiao Xue, Gu Qing Han did her best to suppress her emotions as she asked.

Li Xiao Xue silently nodded.

In that moment, Gu Qing Hans expression became indescribably complicated excitement, delight, sorrow, confusion, pained these emotions, which shouldnt be able to be experienced at the same time, all chaotically appeared on her face. She then waved her hand as she choked out the words, Everyone leave and close the doors. Without my orders, no one is to come within 50 metres.

Gu Qing Hans words carried the highest seniority in the Gu family, and upon hearing this, everyone within the hall immediately complied and quickly left. The hall doors were closed as footsteps could be heard walking away.

Gu Qing Han sat down in front of Ling Chen and Li Xiao Xue, instantly regaining her composure. She looked up and down Ling Chen slowly before she spoke softly, You must be Ling Chen. Take off your hat. You can treat this place as your home, so you dont need to make yourself uncomfortable.

Gu Qing Hans gaze made Ling Chen feel slightly awkward, but her gaze warmed his heart and he simply couldnt refuse. He took off his hat, showing his face as he looked at Gu Qing Han. You can call me Ling Chen or Ling Tian. Thank you for your help in yesterdays battle for the new city, Gu familys leader.

Ling Chen got straight to the point. Evidently, he wanted to turn the conversation to what he thought was the reason for todays meeting. However, Gu Qing Han did not seem to be in a hurry and seemed to ignore what Ling Chen was trying to say. She continued to stare at Ling Chen. Calling me Gu familys leader is simply too awkward. Just call me Aunty Gu like Xiao Xue.

Yes, Aunty Gu, Ling Chen replied unreservedly.

Mm. Gu Qing Han slightly smiled and calmed her breathing as she spoke calmly and elegantly, Ling Chen, before getting to the main topic today, lets talk about some things about you that Im very curious about. Of course, I wont tell anyone else even a little bit about what we discuss here.

Before Ling Chen could speak, Li Xiao Xue cut in, Of course. Aunty Gu can ask whatever she wants. She then turned to Ling Chen as she blinked. Did you know that Aunty Gu likes you quite a bit. Youre the first young person shes taken favourably to - quite an achievement.

Then, what would Aunty Gu like to ask me? Ling Chen could only ask that. Facing Gu Qing Han, he felt that she was quite different to what the rumours said the Gu Qing Han he heard about always had an icy expression and would speak with a mighty and severe tone. She was cold-hearted and emotionless, and no one had even heard about her smiling before. And yet, the Gu Qing Han in front of him, no matter if it was her gaze, tone or expression, was like a gentle and warm breeze. She didnt seem high and mighty at all, and instead seemed like a gentle mother facing her own son.

Were the rumours wrong? Or was it because she was close with Li Xiao Xue? But that didnt quite seem right.

Because I was quite curious about you, Ive tried to investigate you. Can you tell me who your parents are? Gu Qing Han leaned forward as she asked with a hint of anticipation. She realised that her question seemed quite sudden, so she added, Im just curious what sort of parents could raise such an excellent child.

Ling Chen didnt feel like this question was very strange and calmly replied, I dont have a father. Although hes still alive, he is dead in my heart and has never existed. As for my mother shes already dead.

Dead? Gu Qing Hans expression flickered.

She died when I was born, Ling Chen expressionlessly replied, so I never met her. She only left me a name.

Tian Ya? Gu Qing Han softly said.

Yes. Ling Chen nodded. For Li Xiao Xue to be able to discover his name while in the Long family, he wasnt surprised that Gu Qing Han knew of it too.

But you said that youve never met your mother, so how are you sure that shes dead? Perhaps her death was a lie told to you by others. Perhaps she didnt die, but had to leave you for some reasons out of her control. Maybe Maybe have you considered that your mother might still be alive? Gu Qing Han spoke emotionally. She immediately realised that her reaction had been too exaggerated as she explained, I just feel like if youve only heard something and havent confirmed with your own eyes, you shouldnt fully believe it. This is especially so for things relating to family.

Ling Chen stared in shock for a moment he had never considered the possibility that his mother was still alive. However, since he was capable of conversing, he had been told that his mother was dead and that she had given him the name Tian Ya before she died. For him, who grew up being told this, how could he, as a child, have thought any differently?

However, immediately after, Ling Chen calmly smiled. Aunty Gus right without seeing it with my own eyes, I wont be able to confirm this, so perhaps the possibility Aunty Gu suggested might be the truth. However, no matter if its the truth or not, its not important to me. When I was younger, I admired other children for having mothers. As I slowly grew up, I became used to this, and the concept of a mother disappeared from my mind. She gave me my life, but I have no emotions connected to her. Even if shes still alive, the only connection I have to her is my blood in other words, we would just be strangers with the same blood.

Moreover, when I was 9 years old, I should have died. I only have my current life because 13 years ago I determined that I would live on for Dia Wu. As such, the current me has no father or mother.

While saying this, Ling Chens face was expressionless, looking terrifyingly calm.

On the other hand, tears were flowing out of Gu Qing Hans eyes.

Li Xiao Xue was about to say something, but decided to stay silent and only lightly sighed.

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