Shura's Wrath Chapter 615

Chapter 615

Emergency Mission

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Sha Sha, did you make all of this? Ling Chen asked with shock. All Ling Chen could do was raise his head and stare at Shaddissika dumbly. Only Sha Sha had been in the kitchen apart from her, who could have made this? However, Ling Chen was unable to believe that this divine meal was made by such a little girl!

Of course I made it. Is it good? Shadissika tilted her head as she asked in expectation.

Its delicious! Too delicious! Too delicious omnomnom Tian Tian mumbled as she continued to ravenously devour the food.

Its incredibly good! Ling Chen spoke with great difficulty because he simply couldnt think of how to describe it.

Really? Shadissika happily smiled, Great, then Ling Chen and Tian Tian need to eat a lot.

Ling Chen simply couldnt resist. Even if he could control himself, the gluttony within him would have caused an uprising. He didnt waste any words and started to devour the food with Tian Tian. After taking a few big bites, he heard the sound of a door opening and then Qi Yues soft and silky voice, It smells so good to the point that I cant control myself.

Shadissika hurriedly called out, Big sister Qi Yue, hurry and come eat. Its the dinner I made.

The delicious aroma that assailed her nose greatly impacted Qi Yue, making it so that she couldnt resist leaving her room. When she tasted her first dish, her reaction was exactly like Ling Chens. Her body froze, and she forgot to take the chopsticks out from her mouth.

This was made by Sha Sha? Shock was written all over Qi Yues face as she stared at Shadissika.

Mhmm! Is it good?

Qi Yue stared at Shadissika for a while before slowly replying, Its the most exquisite food Ive ever tasted.

Knock knock

Knocking sounds came from the living room door as Chao Ying and Chao Yis voices sounded out, Master, Tian Tian, can we come in?

Chao Ying and Chao Xi were dressed in seductive clothing as usual. After arriving in the living room, they immediately saw the food on the table. Even with their extremely strong willpower, they gulped down their saliva 7 or 8 times while they stood in the room.

Big sisters Ying and Xi, this is the food I made. Do you want to have some as well? Shadissika asked as she waved at them.

This was made by Sha Sha? Chao Ying and Chao Xi also stared in shock before asking in a hopeful tone, Can we really eat together with you?

Before they received a reply, they had already been drawn over to the table by the delicious-smelling food. They tightly gripped their chopsticks as they brought the food to their mouths, instantly resulting in them crying out from bliss and shock.

With 5 of them, 6 dishes should have been quite a lot putting aside the massive eater Tian Tian was, Ling Chens appetite was medium, while Qi Yue was still not quite used to this worlds food and only ate 3 strawberries for lunch. As for Chao Ying and Chao Xi, in order to maintain their figure, they did not eat too much either. And yet, the 6 dishes and the pot of rice were finished within 3 minutes and everyone was not yet satisfied, looking at Shadissika in expectation.

Oh did I make too little and everyones not full yet? Shadissika, who had cooked all of this but had not eaten any of it, weakly said as she looked at their ravenous stares.

Everyone nodded.

Then Then Ill go make some more.

Everyone nodded once again twice as vigorously as before.

Shadissika, who had just come out from the kitchen not too long, once again went back inside. She felt quite happy that everyone enjoyed eating her food so much. This time, she did not lock the door. Tian Tian and Ling Chen also went in and watched as she cooked the food because of how short she was, a lot of the time she had to stand on a stool. The 6 stoves were operated simultaneously as another 6 dishes were cooked together, and yet Shadissika did not seem flustered at all. Her movements were like drifting clouds and flowing water. They seemed as practised as that of a cooking maestro with half a century of experience. Ling Chen and Tian Tian were completely flabbergasted as they watched.

Holy crap even if she started to cook from when she was born, it should be impossible to reach such a level of proficiency!

All of the ingredients that she used were from the kitchen, the same as that which Tian Tian normally used. She didnt use any tricks at all. Apart from being quite skilful, her methods didnt look much different from what Tian Tian normally did, but when the dishes were completed, the aroma was enough to make their saliva overflow.

This time Shadissika cooked 8 dishes and another pot of rice all of this was once again completely devoured by the 5 people, leaving not even a bit of sauce. Because they had been so frantic and absorbed in their eating, they forgot to leave Shadissika any. Poor little Sha Sha could only munch on a big apple in front of the television.

Sha Sha, where did you learn to cook? Ling Chen couldnt help but ask as he sat next to Sha Sha. He knew where she had come from, and he was sure that she definitely wasnt a chef or some world-class chefs daughter. She was a mysterious figure from the game someone who came from ancient times and had lost most of her memories!

I dont know either. Just as Ling Chen had expected, Shadissika shook her head and said hazily, When I thought about dinner, I suddenly felt that I could make it, so I tried it out and seemed to succeed.

Ling Chen marvelled inwardly seemed to succeed?! I almost swallowed my tongue!

Sha Sha, youre simply a genius! Youre so amazing! Youre clearly very young, and yet your cooking skills are better than even big sisters! Tian Tian, who had eaten till she was satisfied, looked at Sha Sha with an expression of adoration. Her eyes flashed as she grabbed Sha Shas hands and earnestly said, Ive decided that Im going to learn to cook from Sha Sha in the future, so that I can cook just as well as Sha Sha ah! Sha Sha, youll definitely continue to stay here, right? If you leave, we wont be able to eat all that yummy food again!

Of course Ill stay here, Shadissika nodded without any hesitation. As for teaching Tian Tian cooking although I dont know how to teach, Ill do my best.

Awesome! Its a promise then! Then can we start now?

Mm, okay!

The 2 girls ran and jumped into the kitchen. Seeing that there was no one around, Ling Chen licked his lips Sha Shas dinner was so delicious that he felt as if he was going to die. Compared to the dinner he just had, all of the delicacies he ate in the past were simply tasteless.

The construction of the new city had reached its final stages and would be completed by noon the next day. What he needed to do after the official completion of the construction was to ask the Azure Dragons Mayor to set up a permanent teleportation channel to the new city. That was all he was required to do.

There was a saying that those who are well-fed and well-clothed will have their lust aroused. After eating until he was incredibly full, Ling Chen stood up and swaggered out as he muttered, Ying, Xi, prepare to do an emergency mission!

The location of the emergency mission was in the nearby bamboo forest, and was very, very intense. It was much more intense than the previous times, the reason for which was Qi Yues arrival.

Qi Yue, that demoness, had acted flirtatiously in front of him time and time again. Although Ling Chen had successfully resisted her each time, the flames of desire built up within him. He did his best to resist Qi Yue, but when he couldnt hold back anymore, he released his pent-up lust on Chao Ying and Chao Xi. Within the empty bamboo forest and under the cover of night, the 3 of them were wildly entangled. Chao Ying hugged Ling Chen from behind, rubbing her large breasts against his back. Ling Chen groped Chao Xis supple breasts, vigorously pounding into her as Qi Yues figure repeatedly appeared in his mind. Chao Xis snow-white legs were tightly wrapped around his waist as she uncontrollably moaned. Her snake-like waist twisted as her bottom shook rapidly. The loud colliding sounds, as well as tantalising moans, filled the surrounding bamboo forest with a sense of lust.

After Chao Xi was Chao Ying, then Chao Xi again. The 3 of them battled for many rounds, moving around chaotically. By now, they had moved 10 or so metres from where they had begun. At first, Chao Ying and Chao Xi were like a swarm of mad bees, but at the end, they could only beg for mercy. After Ling Chen released all of his lust on them, the 2 women pretended to faint multiple times.

The emergency mission was finally over the sounds stopped as Ling Chen looked around. He put on his clothes as he leaned against a bamboo tree, appreciating the beautiful scene of the 2 women under the moonlight. Chao Ying and Chao Xi were both naked as they hugged each other, a red glow over their bodies, and a blissful and hazy expression in their eyes. They looked incredibly seductive, and their eyes, which were tantalising to begin with, seemed even more erotic as they were filled with lust. There was not a bit of energy left in their bodies, and they had more or less lost consciousness. Their eyes were unfocused as they lay there.

After Sha Sha and Qi Yue had moved from the virtual world into the real world, Ling Chen felt like his life in the real world had changed. However, regardless, his life was still incredibly blissful.

Xiao Qi was safe and well, and Dia Wu had returned. Meng Xins new city was nearly completed, and the only thing missing was Shui Ruo. If Shui Ruo could return, everything would be perfect, and there would be nothing more he desired.

He was sure that day would come and that it would be soon in the future.

Ling Chen turned and gently kissed Chao Ying and Chao Xi on their cheeks as he lustfully smiled, Well done you two beauties, this mission was executed perfectly. In the future, you can moan a bit louder and not hold it in; they wont be able to hear you.

 After rubbing their breasts simultaneously, Ling Chen got up and happily walked away.

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