Shura's Wrath Chapter 617

Chapter 617

The Crowded Ling Tian City (1)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

Theyre asking us to pay 50 gold coins to go through the teleportation channel? Fudge! Is this a joke?!

Is Ling Tian City that desperate for money?!

Goddamit! Its their first time building a city and theyre all mad! They should be begging for players to go right now, and yet theyre asking for money! Fudge! This elder was going to visit the new city to give you some face, but 50 gold coins? Pshaw! Even if you beg me, I wont go anymore!

The teleport scrolls for each of the main cities and the Royal City only cost 5 silver coins, and yet theyre asking for 50 gold coins? Its 100 times more expensive! Which idiot thought of this idea? This is simply chasing away all of the players who were going to give them some face and visit. Fudge, Im not going anymore!

You want us to pay to support you? Go screw yourself! 

With this teleportation fee, if the new city can really develop, Ill run around the Forgotten City naked 3 times!

The Azure Dragon Citys Central Plaza was filled with cursing. After seeing the condition to go through the teleportation channel, the entire China Region exploded with discussions as threads flooded the forums. The reason was very simple Were going to the new city to support you and give you face! And yet youre charging a fee! A ridiculously expensive fee! How can you be so shameless?! Only idiots would go to Ling Tian City!

All of the major media outlets immediately reported this matter. Countless experts, professors, and teachers all concluded that Ling Tian City was desperate to recover their investments, resulting in them thinking of this ridiculously stupid method. They all criticised Ling Tian City and called on Ling Tian City to immediately cancel the teleportation fee, saying that it was bringing ruin upon itself.

In response, Ling Tian City did not change anything at all, preparing for the first day of the new citys opening.

There were more than 1 billion players in China, and although they were all infuriated by the high price of the teleportation fee, there were some who could not hold back their curiosity. Even if it was just to satisfy their curiosity, they decided to pay the teleportation fee. Finally, some fairly rich players unhappily paid the 50 gold coins.

A white light flashed as the first wave of players arrived at Ling Tian Citys Central Plaza. After looking around, they all stood there, transfixed, unable to believe their eyes.

This was a players city? This was really a players city?!

How could this be a players city?!?!?

The size of the Central Plaza couldnt compare with that of the Forgotten Citys, but it was no smaller than the Azure Dragon Citys. The Central Plazas revival stone hovered in the air, giving off a mysterious light thats right! It was a revival stone! A players city had a revival stone, something only main cities normally had! This meant that if players set their revival point here, they could revive at Ling Tian Citys Central Plaza!

To the Dwarves, as long as they had the materials, making a revival stone was as simple as eating.

The ground at the Central Plaza looked as if it was created from precious jade, and the light reflected off it was brilliant. However, it was not slippery at all. Next to the revival stone were giant magic screens. The nearest screen detailed the layout of Ling Tian City the Business District, the Player Trade District, the Administrative District, the Entertainment District, the Public Leisure District, the Battle District, the NPC District, the Residential district, the Alliance District there was even a Class Change Hall. The layout was extremely clear, and had almost everything.

No matters where the players looked, there were looks of shock on their faces. There were countless structures around them, and the style of these structures were quite similar. However, they had never seen such buildings before. From these buildings and structures, the players truly understood what grandeur was. The players were not allowed into the Administrative District in the north, but the mighty and awe-inspiring buildings gave off an imposing air, striking a sense of respect into the players.

As for the structures in the east, they were beautiful and elegant, and they were delightful to look at. In the south, the buildings in the Business District gave off an air of temptation. From the map displayed on the screen, there was essentially every type of shop: Equipment Shop, Item Shop, Potion Shop, Tailor Shop, and Smithy. Apart from a Pawn Shop, it had everything that a main city had.

A look of confusion appeared on the faces of the players who had arrived players cities normally couldnt have Player Trade Districts, much less Business Districts which belonged to main cities. Could it be that, just like main cities, they could sell equipment, items, and potions? Surely that was impossible? Alright if they bought them in large quantities from main cities and then sold them here, it was possible but what was the point of that?

The crowd of players, who had come here out of curiosity, went to the nearest district, the Business District, and walked into the Equipment Shop.

Welcome, distinguished guests. A middle-aged Dwarf smiled politely as he stood up from his chair. My name is Kaidi and I am the manager of this Equipment Shop. You can buy LV40 to LV60 Gold grade equipment here. No matter if its weapons or protective equipment, theyre only 600 gold. Earrings, necklaces, and rings are a bit more expensive at 1400 gold. What would you like?

Before Kaidi could even finish speaking, the players who had entered to just take a look were dumbfounded. After staring in shock, they started to stutter, W-W-W-W-What did you say? Gold grade equipment 600 gold?? What sort of joke is this? Do you think were idiots?

Kaidi rolled his eyes and didnt bother to say anything as he directly showed them the trade window:

[Sword of Glory]: Type: Double-Handed Sword, Grade: Gold, Equipment Requirements: Warrior professions above LV50 Price: 600 gold.

[Lacasiros Protection]: Type: Upper Light Armour, Grade: Gold, Equipment Requirements: Archer professions above LV50 Price: 600 gold.

[Golden Storm]: Type: Boots, Grade: Gold, Equipment Requirements: Any profession above LV50 Price: 600 gold.

[Earrings of the Sage]: Type: Earrings, Grade: Gold, Equipment Requirements: Magic professions Price: 1400 gold.

The list of equipment was densely packed to the point that their eyes blurred. From LV40 to LV60, except for Masks and Lunar Chains, there was equipment for every level and profession. Whats more, all of the equipment was Gold grade!!

Let alone White, there were no Iron, Copper, or Silver grade equipment they were all Gold grade! All of them!!

Apart from the jewellery equipment, all of the Gold grade equipment were only 600 gold!!

600 gold!!!

No one could forget that during the first auction, a mere LV15 Gold grade Earrings was sold for 8 million gold while a Gold grade Lunar Chain was sold for 50 million gold! Gold grade equipment was no longer as rare as it had been during the early stages of the game, but it was still a rare luxury. If a player had a single Gold grade equipment, even if it was just Gold grade gloves, they would still be incredibly proud. Wherever they went, they would always be followed with stares of jealousy and admiration. The preciousness of Gold grade equipment was no less than that of a sports car in the real world.

And now, right in front of them were LV40 to LV60 Gold grade equipment. No matter if it was weapons or defensive items, they were all 600 gold! 600 gold!!!

It was like seeing the sportscar of your dreams right in front of you and being told that it cost only $600

After a deathly silence, all of the players who had entered the Equipment Shop madly rushed up

I want that Sword of Glory and those Golden Gauntlets Helmet of Pride Cape of Purple Runes Ring Earrings all of them, I want all of them

I want the entire LV52 set for Berserkers including all of the jewellery equipment. The whole set!!!

Dont push! I came first! I was here first! Whoever pushes me, Ill kill their entire family!

Ol 7!! Ling Tian Citys Equipment Shop is selling Gold grade equipment from LV40 to LV60, they have everything!! And its unlimited! All of them are 600 gold! Screw you! Youre the crazy one; your whole familys crazy!

Alliance master! Ling Tian Citys Equipment Shop is selling Gold grade equipment all levels, all professions, and all types. All of them are just 600 gold! Im absolutely sure! Hurry and tell the rest of our alliance to come Alliance master, please believe me! If Im lying, you can kill my entire family!!

There were very few players in the first wave that came to the Ling Tian City only 200 or 300 people. However, when the news was spread from these 200-300 people that Ling Tian City was selling Gold grade equipment for 600 gold, it sent waves across all of China.

This news was simply too shocking and unbelievable!!

Initially, the players who heard this only had a single response: Youre mad!

When this news was confirmed by more and more players, all of the players who heard this news went crazy they completely disregarded the Royal City and immediately returned to Azure Dragon City, rushing towards the teleportation channel that was completely inundated with people in the face of 600 gold Gold grade equipment, the teleportation fee of 50 gold was nothing.

Next to the Equipment Shop was the Potion Shop. When the players walked in, their eyes lit up. This was because the manager of this shop was a young Fairy woman. Any woman from the Fairy Clan was an absolute beauty, and the male players could only stare as they salivated. When they looked at the list of potions, their eyeballs almost fell to the ground.

[Fountain Water of Dawn]: Pure fountain water that contains some Dew of Dawn. After consumption, regain 500 HP every second for 10 seconds. Price of 1 drop: 1 gold.

[Fountain Water of Dusk]: Pure fountain water that contains some Dew of Dusk. After consumption, regain 500 MP every second for 10 seconds. Price of 1 drop: 1 gold.

[Water of Dawn]: Natural water that contains some Dew of Dawn. After consumption, regain 3000 HP instantly. Cooldown time: 5 seconds. Price of 1 drop: 1 gold.

[Water of Dusk]: Natural water that contains some Dew of Dusk. After consumption, regain 1000 MP instantly. Cooldown time: 5 seconds. Price of 1 drop: 1 gold.

Note: Fountain Water and Water can be used together.

[Water of Nature]: Fountain water that has been purified by the Fairies Nature energy. After consumption, increases maximum HP and MP by 2% for 1 hour. Price: 5 gold.

[Water of Light]: Fountain water that has been given warm Light energy by the Fairies. After consumption, instantly removes all debuffs. No cooldown time. Price: 5 gold.

 [Super Water of Nature]: Fountain water that has been imbued with even more Nature energy. After consumption, increases maximum HP and MP by 4% for 1 hour. Price: 20 gold.

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