Shura's Wrath Chapter 618

Chapter 618

The Crowded Ling Tian City (2)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

These potions were extremely powerful and extremely cheap. Upon seeing them, the players felt like they were being blinded.

The importance of powerful recovery potions was something every player knew about. They gave players the right to challenge higher levelled monsters and to easily kill powerful Bosses. They could greatly increase a players survivability, and allowed players to overcome differences in strength in PVP battles. The potions in front of them were so powerful that they had never even heard of a potion with such effects before. They should have been potions that only Bosses dropped in extremely small quantities. They should have been worth an astronomical fortune. However, these heaven-defying potions in front of them had an unbelievable price! Moreover, they could buy as many as they wanted!

Give me 1000 drops of each!!

With these potions, itll be difficult to die even if we wanted to! Ill buy 2000 drops of each! Fudge! I dont have enough gold Ill immediately go and exchange some; please dont sell them all before I return!!

Hurry and come to Ling Tian Citys Potion Shop! The potions theyre selling are incredibly heaven-defying! And the prices theyre selling them for are essentially giving them to you for free! Remember to bring enough gold; if they sell out youll have to cry yourselves to death!!

Hall master, hurry and notify the alliance and tell all our brothers and sisters to come to Ling Tian Citys Potion Shop!!!

The Equipment Shop and Potion Shop were momentarily flooded with people when a countless number of players charged into the shops like mad bulls. There were various shops in the Ling Tian Citys Business District, and the Equipment Shop and Potion Shop were merely the beginning. When the items being sold in each shop were broadcasted to the rest of the world, the Chinese players all went utterly mad, while players from other countries became completely flabbergasted.

Incredibly important information! Ling Tian Citys Crystal Shops lowest quality Crystals are Advanced!! And they even have various Super Crystals! Advanced Crystals are only 1200 gold goddamnnit! Theyre even cheaper than the Forgotten Citys Intermediate Crystals! And the Super Crystals are only 2000 gold!!

This information is simply unbelievable! Ling Tian Citys Smithy can add at least one bonus stat to any equipment! And you dont need to bring materials yourselves! Adding a low-grade stat only costs 200 gold, while a high-grade stat costs 800 gold!! Holy crap and theres a 100% success rate for equipment of Celestial grade or below! You really dont have to bring your own materials!

My god! Ling Tian Citys Tailor Shop is simply heaven-defying! The clothes they sell actually give bonus stats!! Its completely true! No matter if its upper garments, lower garments, cloaks, or shoes even the masks have at least one stat!! These are clothes that can be worn outside of normal equipment, and they dont count as equipment! They also all look incredibly good. The key thing is the prices theyre only 500 gold! Theyre cheaper than any normal equipment in the Forgotten City by more than half!

The criticisms and cursing towards Ling Tian City for charging such a high teleportation fee completely disappeared. More and more players desperately rushed towards the teleportation channel to Ling Tian City. 600 gold for equipment, super potions for 1 gold under that sort of temptation, the 50 gold for the teleportation fee was nothing!

Just like Li Xiao Xue had said, even if she raised the teleportation fee to 500 gold, players would still fight to use it. The number of players entering the city did not decrease at all.

The vast Business Street was completely filled with people, and only ants would be able to crawl through. Gold grade equipment, which most people could only dream about, could be bought with a normal white collar monthly salary and multiple of them at that. The super potions that only mega tycoons could afford could be bought in almost unlimited quantities here this was simply blessings falling from heaven! All of the players madly fought to buy items and equipment because they couldnt help but worry that these things would be sold out. If that happened, they would only be able to cry.

Those who had just gone to the Forgotten City and bought LV50 White grade equipment and potions felt like crying and almost died from regret. LV50 White grade equipment from the Forgotten City cost about 800 gold on average, while Ling Tian Citys LV50 Gold grade equipment only cost 500 gold White Potions from the Forgotten City that restored 2300 HP instantly cost 2 gold, while Ling Tian Citys potions could recover 3000 HP instantly and only cost 1 gold. Whats more, it was stackable with the super potion that restored 500 HP every second the Intermediate Crystals from the Forgotten City cost 1500 gold while the Advanced Crystals in Ling Tian City cost only 1200 gold

The players who had just bought a whole haul of things from the Forgotten City could only weep to themselves with no one to complain to.

At the beginning, countless players swarmed into the Business Street. However, as more and more players arrived, they found that Ling Tian City was not just amazing for its Business District.

In the gigantic Gourmet Plaza, those who ate the delicacies made by the Dwarves couldnt help but tear up

Delicious! Absolutely delicious! This food is world-class!

What did they use to make this the taste is so fresh and beautiful; I feel as if my souls going to fly away.

Wuuu I actually ate something so delicious; I feel so emotional what if I cant eat such delicious food in the future

Another serving another one another one

Seeing the Class Change Hall, players were initially incredibly confused. Why would they build such a thing in a players city? Could they upgrade professions like in the systems main cities? When the information regarding the Class Change Hall was broadcasted, all of Chinas players were once again shocked.

Important news!! Heaven-shocking, earth-shaking, extraordinary news! Go and look at Ling Tian Citys Class Change Halls notice board it says that if you pay the Profession Trainer 100 gold, you can select a quest for a Hidden Profession!! Hidden Professions include Fairy Warrior, Fairy Shield Bearer, Fairy Marksman, Fairy Elementalist, Fairy Assassin, Fairy Paladin, and Fairy Summoner any player can accept a quest with a limit of one per day! The first person each day to complete their quest can change into the corresponding Fairy Hidden Profession! This is completely true!!

Initially, most players doubted this information. After all, only the systems main cities could change or upgrade ones profession how could a players city do this? Let alone change or upgrade ones profession, how could they give someone a Hidden Profession? However, when the first system announcement sounded out in the Ling Tian City, Chinas players were once again sent into a frenzy.

Ding Congratulations player Number 1 Chicken for completing the quest given by the Fairys Archer Elder and obtaining the Hidden Profession Fairy Marksman. Each Hidden Profession can only be obtained by 1 player per day. Players above LV50 who have not yet completed their profession upgrade can take one quest per day. We encourage players to continue working hard.

Did you hear that? Hidden Profession!! You really can obtain a Hidden Profession!!!

Get out of my way! Im going to take a quest! Ill kill whoever tries to block me!

Hidden Profession my hearts about to explode from my chest!

Wuu wuuu! Oh heavens! Oh earth! Why have I already done my profession upgrade why?!?!

Its not fair!! Why cant those who have done their profession upgrade accept a quest?! Its not fair!! Arghhhh why did I have to do my profession upgrade already! Who can tell me how to reverse my profession upgrade?!?!

Hidden Professions were incredibly tempting, and they were not something that high-level equipment and super potions could compare to. This was because Hidden Professions meant more power, potential, and prestige. A low-level player with trash equipment and a Hidden Profession would still have a sense of superiority over players with normal professions dressed in exquisite equipment.

According to the Class Change Halls notice, although almost anyone could take the quest, only one Hidden Profession for each class could be obtained every day, 7 in total. With the amount of people in China, the chances of succeeding in obtaining a Hidden Profession were like winning the lottery. However, when a player obtained a Hidden Profession, with extreme admiration and envy, everyone else also felt that they had a chance as well. As such, countless players madly rushed to the Class Change Hall under the massive temptation from the Hidden Professions, 100 gold coins was nothing.

The Fairy Clans 10 Elders outclassed the Azure Dragon City and the Forgotten Citys Class Trainers in every way. Giving players some of the Fairy Clans power and changing their profession to the corresponding Fairy profession was something incredibly easy for them. The Fairy professions were naturally stronger than normal professions, but not by too much. Under the instructions from Li Xiao Xue, the Fairy Clans elders were able to perfectly control how much power they gave to the players.

At Ling Tian Citys southside, the Residential District, there were already countless players standing outside the railings, staring dumbly.

The southside was closer to the Fairy Forest, and the air here made them feel like they were in heaven, their bodies in a state of total relaxation. Moreover, they were unable to turn their eyes away from the residential buildings in front of them the style of the buildings completely defied what they were used to, and the gardens in the air defied all natural laws. They mystically hung like a marvellous rainbow in the air, crossing paths with the island in the air as well as with the scenic elevator all of these things could only be seen in movies, but they were right there in front of their eyes. Moreover, they were part of the Residential District, meaning they could all be bought! As long as one had enough money, they could live in these magical houses!

All of these were the amazing works made by the Dwarves.

Apologies, dear friends, these houses are not for sale yet. A beautiful and pure Fairy beauty elegantly smiled as she spoke.

Then when will they be for sale?! Cant you give us a specific time?? The crowd of players impatiently asked. Some were so desperate that their faces were completely red, wishing that they could immediately buy a house and live in it.

They will be for sale after Ling Tian Citys grand opening tomorrow. Dear friends, please do not be impatient; we invite you all to come to the grand opening tomorrow, The Fairy beauty said as she smiled.

Can we sign the contract now? Money isnt a problem!! A chubby man welled out from within the crowd.

Apologies, were unable to do that right now. I believe it should be possible after the grand opening tomorrow. If you would like to pre-order a house, you can line up here. The order in which pre-orders will be taken will be based on the line, The Fairy beauty continued to smile.

As she spoke, a massive line appeared before her. Because players were all desperate to be near the front, there were hundreds of collisions every second.

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