Shura's Wrath Chapter 623

Chapter 623

The Furious Emperor

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

The Battle Alliance, Snow Moon Loulan, Disillusion Alliance, and the Skyfall Alliance all joined the new city. This didnt surprise anyone at allafter all, they had defended Ling Tian City to the death and created a miracle. However, the Dark Night joining no, from what Gui Ya had said, they were pledging their absolute loyalty, shocking everyone and terrifying all of the guilds that had attacked Ling Tian City.

The Dark Night was quite small, and it was confirmed that it had less than 1000 players. And yet, this guild, which only had a measly 1000 players, was ranked second in all of China. It was only behind the Yan Huang Alliance, but in front of the Skyfall Dynasty, which had millions of players, it was evident just how powerful and terrifying this guild was.

If one offended the Yan Huang Alliance or Skyfall Dynasty, they would be annihilated. However, if someone offended the Dark Night that would be a true nightmare! This was because everyone in the Dark Night was a deathgod in the darkness. Despite existing for so many years, no one had ever seen the true appearance of any of the Dark Nights members, killed someone from the Dark Night, or escaped from an assassin from the Dark Night.

This was a nightmarish legend that had existed for many years.

However, today, the deathgod who had always stayed in the shadows appeared in public and announced that the Dark Night would join Ling Tian City. While the crowd was shocked by these turn of events, they couldnt help but start to pity the Yan Huang Alliance and the other guilds that had attacked Ling Tian City. It was evident that after Ling Tian City was fully settled, it was more than likely that the Dark Night would take revenge for them normal assassinations from the Dark Night were already terrifying, let alone their revenge.

After announcing these positions, Yun Meng Xins voice became a bit louder when she said, The following positions take effect today. These people are Ling Tian Citys pillars. Apart from our players, we also have 30,000 Dwarf friends and 2,000 Fairy friends. They will also become our strength in developing and protecting Ling Tian City.

Ling Tian City was originally just a players city, but the entire concept of players cities has been changed by Ling Tian City. This is because our goal isnt just to make Ling Tian City the strongest city in the Forgotten Continent but also to be the strongest city in the entire Mystic Moon world! So that it can dominate everything under the heavens!

Yun Meng Xin looked like a celestial beauty on the stage, and her voice was clear and elegant, but the words she spoke shocked everyone. Even Xiao Qi, SuEr, Xiao Qiu Feng, Yun Feng, Skyfall, and the others jaws completely dropped open, looking utterly shocked.

Players city entire Mystic Moon world dominate everything under the heavens this included even main cities and Royal Cities

No one in any country or virtual world had dared to say such a thing before.

This was because no one had the capability or confidence to say such a thing... in fact, it was likely that no one had ever considered such a thing.

Yun Meng Xin was incredibly beautiful and charming, but the words she spoke were incredibly arrogant and domineering.

The Arena fell silentthere was no response. Her celestial and elegant voice reverberated in everyones ears, but the contents were so arrogant that no one knew how to respond. Laugh? If it was anyone else, laughter would have filled the Arena. However, such a breathtaking beauty had said these wordsno matter how arrogant they were, no one could bear to laugh. Agree? That was even more impossible

From within the strange silence, a loud voice sounded out from the back of the Arena, The Vermillion Bird City congratulates Ling Tian City for its successful opening, and we have brought precious gifts. We wish that Ling Tian City becomes stronger day by day until it can dominate everything under the heavens! The Vermillion Bird City wishes to forever maintain friendly relations with Ling Tian City and to also share in both good and bad times.

The crowd quickly parted as a middle-aged man, who had a red crown and a mighty air about him, walked forwards. His gaze fell on Xiao Qis face, and his eyes lit up as he gave a slight bow when the players around him saw his name and position above his head, they all sucked in a mouthful of cold air.

Vermillion Birds Mayor!!

It was the Mayor of the Vermillion Bird City, one of the 5 main cities of the Forgotten Continent! He had actually personally come to the grand opening of this players city!

This was something that had never happened in virtual gaming history! This was something that no one had ever dared to even imagine before!

The gifts formed a small mountain, and the Vermillion Birds Mayor personally came to say a few congratulatory words with a big smile on his face. Moreover, he had loudly said that The Vermillion Bird City wishes to forever maintain friendly relations with Ling Tian City and to also share in both good and bad times. It was as if they were afraid that Ling Tian City wouldnt be willing to maintain friendly relations with them, causing all of the players jaws to drop and stare in awe.

After the Vermillion Birds Mayor spoke, another loud voice sounded out.

The White Tiger City congratulates Ling Tian City for its successful opening, and we have brought precious gifts. We wish that Ling Tian City becomes stronger day by day until it can dominate everything under the heavens! The White Tiger City wishes to forever maintain friendly relations with Ling Tian City and to also share in both good and bad times.

The crowd once again parted as a middle-aged man wearing a cloak covered with purple runes hurriedly walked to the front, his name and position making the players feel as if they had been blinded.

White Tigers Mayor. 

The White Tigers Mayors face was glowing red with joy. After Ling Chen had gone to the White Tiger City, the chaos had completely subsided and everything became peaceful again. The White Tigers Mayors worries were gone, but it was incredibly difficult to deal with the White Tigers Representative. Since the White Tigers Representative was Ling Tian Citys Vice-Lord, how could he not personally come to say congratulatory words and present gifts?

The gifts from the White Tiger City also formed a small mountain, and the White Tigers Mayor went up and said all types of blessings all of the players fell completely silent, feeling as if their eyes were going to pop out.

Just what was going on

How could Ling Tian City be so heaven-defying?!


A place forgotten by players.

The Forgotten City, the largest of the 5 main cities on the Forgotten Continent as well the only Royal City, was the centre of the Forgotten Continent. It contained the highest power in the Forgotten Continent as well as the most wealth and authority. It was also the starting point for players in the middle stages of the game.

The previous day, the Forgotten City had finally been opened to everyone, much to the excitement of players. The instant it was opened, countless players flooded in, making the Forgotten City incredibly lively.

However, this had lasted for only less than 45 minutes

Currently, if anyone looked into the Forgotten City, they would not believe that it was a recently-opened Royal City.

A newly-opened Royal City was almost always completely filled. This was because here, players could buy high-levelled equipment, potions, and items. Currently, however, it was almost empty.

The owner of the Equipment Shop, which had been flooded for those first few minutes, closed his eyes as he sat back on his chair. He had been like this for the past 3 hours, and not a single player had come in. There were only a few birds pecking at the entrance of the widely-opened doors.

The owner of the Potion Shop stared at the entrance of his shop while continuously yawning, looking incredibly bored. The Item Shops owner was lying on the counter, fast asleep as he loudly snored.

There would occasionally be a few players visiting the Forgotten City coming to these shops, and the dialogue would be like such:

What? Your LV50 White grade Knives cost 900 gold? Ling Tian Citys LV50 Gold grade equipment only cost 600 gold! Are you trying to scam me?

What? Your potions that only recover 2300 HP cost 2 gold? Ling Tian Citys super potions only cost 1 gold! Are you trying to rip me off?

What? The highest grade Energy Crystals you have are Intermediate? And theyre 15 gold each? Ling Tian Citys LV50 Advanced Energy Crystals are only 12 gold! Are you trying to fool me?

What? Youre actually so shameless to sell such crap? Stop trying to trick me!

What? This trash is for sale? Are you trying to swindle me?

What? Youre so ugly, and yet you still dare to come out and sell things? In Ling Tian City, the men are handsome and the women are beautiful..



Centre of the Forgotten City, Emperors Imperial Residence.

The Lord of the Forgotten City, who was also the Emperor of the human world in the Forgotten Continent, was furious and his face was incredibly dark. He thought that the opening of the Forgotten City would be incredibly living and earn him a large sum of money. However, who would have thought that the current situation would be so bleak?

Who can tell me just what is going on with that Ling Tian City? If an otherworlder wants to build a city, they need to come here to request for land and register it, and all of this requires my approval! How come I didnt know about this at all?! The Forgotten Emperor was outraged.

Please quell your anger, your imperial majesty, An elderly man with a white moustache said. Your humble servant has already investigated Ling Tian City. Ling Tian City was constructed around 4 months ago. If it was built on your imperial majestys land, according to the rules, they would require your imperial majestys approval to build the city. However, Ling Tian City was constructed north of the Fairy Forest and south of the Azure Forest Village. With the Azure Forest Village as the boundary, it stretches to the southern side of the Fairy Forest. This lot of land does not belong to humans, but the Ancient Fairy Clan. If one wishes to build on that land, one only needs to obtain the City Creation Token and the Chief of the Fairy Clans approval. There would be no need to notify us your humble servant simply cant understand why the Fairies, who have disappeared for so long, would suddenly reappear and work with those low-level otherworlders.

Nonsense! The Forgotten Emperor furiously flicked his sleeve. Otherworlders are also humans! They should be under our reign! How can they construct a city without my approval?!

Yes, yes, your imperial majesty is correct. Their actions are simply disgraceful and rebellious. The Ministers could only agree with the Emperor, but he inwardly sighed after all, these people were otherworlders and were not humans who belonged to the Forgotten Continent. As long as they didnt enter the human territories of the Forgotten Continent, they were not under the rule of the human emperor.

 And those Fairies and Dwarves! The Chronicles say that in the past they were the humans best friends, but they vanished without a trace hmph! And now those 2 clans have come out like ghosts. Not only have they not come to establish connections with us, but theyre also helping those otherworlders! And now the Forgotten City has fallen into a crisis! The Forgotten Emperor became more and more enraged.

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