Shura's Wrath Chapter 625

Chapter 625

Loudly Cursing

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

As the saying went, a tall tree catches the wind, and this was all the more so for Ling Tian City, which had now surpassed even the Royal City. Before the new city was opened, Ling Chen did not anticipate much, but after seeing the performance of the new city on its very first day, it was possible that it would attract the attention of the Royal City. After all, this new players city had completely suppressed the Forgotten City.

However, he never thought that the Forgotten City would have responded so quicklyit was only the second day Ling Tian City was opennor did he expect that the Forgotten Emperor would personally come! Evidently, the Forgotten City had suffered greatly, and the Forgotten Emperor was furious well, this was to be expected. Putting the economic loss aside, the Royal City of the Continent had been completely suppressed by a newly-opened players city. This would cause the Forgotten City and the Forgotten Emperor to lose an incredible amount of face. It would be strange if he wasnt furious.

The guards report stated that the Forgotten Emperor didnt come in after arriving. Instead, he asked the Lady of the City to receive him before they had even met, he was trying to assert his dominance.

The Forgotten Emperor, the figure who holds the most authority and power in the Forgotten Continent, came to see our beautiful Lady of the City. This has never happened before in virtual gaming history. However, its a pity that he doesnt bear good intentions. Li Xiao Xues eyes narrowed as she looked towards Ling Chen.

Yun Meng Xin thought for a moment before softly saying, The opening of Ling Tian City has caused the number of players going to the Forgotten City to decrease by 99%. Anyone would be furious. Moreover, the White Tigers Mayor and Vermillion Birds Mayor came to the grand opening and congratulated us, so as the Emperor of the Forgotten City, he definitely wouldnt sit still.

Lets go to the southern gate. After all, this is the Emperor of the entire Forgotten Continent, and Ling Tian City has only just opened. We cant afford to offend him, and well try to adapt to the situation, Yun Meng Xin slowly said as she frowned.

No need! Ling Chen suddenly stretched out his arm, stopping Yun Meng Xin as a cold smile flashed on his face. Ling Tian City has just opened, and it is something that we built from our mutual effortswe didnt use any despicable methods. The fact that the Forgotten City has lost players is simply because it is inferior to Ling Tian City, so we dont need to feel guilty at all.

The Forgotten Emperor is the Emperor of the Forgotten Continent, but even if he rules over the entire Forgotten Continent, he has no right to order us players around. Ling Tian City has just been opened, so if he wants to visit and congratulate us, we will welcome him. However, if hes here to assert his dominance Ling Chen coldly laughed, Why should we receive him as a guest? Meng Xin, you need to remember that youre the Lady of the City and that your decisions represent Ling Tian City. The Forgotten Emperor has arrogantly asked for you to receive him. If you really go, wont you be acknowledging that you fear him and that Ling Tian City is inferior to the Forgotten City? Could you have forgotten what you said the goal for Ling Tian City is?

The goal of the Ling Tian City was to look down on the Mystic Moon world and dominate everything under the heavens. Even if it was the Forgotten City, they would completely surpass it!

Yun Meng Xin looked at Ling Chen in surprise for a moment before slightly smiling with her cherry blossom-like lips. Thank you for your reminder, Ling Tian. I know what I should do now.

What should we do now? Should we just ignore the Forgotten Emperor but thats the Emperor of the Forgotten Continents humans, and he looks pretty strong, Xiao Qi said.

You all stay here. Ill go to meet him. Ling Chen took a step forwards as he smirked, A Vice-Lord receiving him should be giving him plenty of face!

It would be incorrect so say that Ling Chen was not wary of the Forgotten Emperor at all. However, his personality was unyielding and staunch. If someone showed him respect, he would show them respect. If anyone disrespected him, even if it was the emperor of heaven, he would throw a pile of dog dung on his face.

Youre going by yourself?

Ill be enough, Ling Chen said as he nodded. The grand opening has just concluded, and therell be masses of new players joining. There are countless things that we need to take care of, so its best to leave things like taking care of outsiders to someone like me. You can all go about your own business Dia Wu, Bing Yao, make sure you protect them.

After saying this, Ling Chen took out a Spatial Orb and crushed it, transporting him to the southern gate of the Ling Tian City.

At this moment, the southern gate was opened, and after Ling Chen walked out, he felt an incredibly heavy sense of pressure. There were 100 or so people gathered outside of the southern gate clad in all sorts of armour and with icy expressions on their faces.All of them gave off a sharp and mighty aura. Within them, there was a middle-aged man riding on  a warhorse. He was dressed in a purple-gold robe, and he had sword-like eyebrows, emanating a sense of majesty. This sort of might and majesty was not something that one could consciously emitit was the air of an Emperor that was given off with every action he did and every word he said.

However, this Emperor did not look too happy.

Ling Chen did not expect there to be so many people. Those who came with the Emperor from the Forgotten City were undoubtedly experts among experts. Ling Chen thought for a moment before he grinned wildly as he strode over and said in an excited voice, Aiya, aiya! I heard that the esteemed Forgotten Emperor came to congratulate our Ling Tian City on our opening. Were simply in awe, and we are extremely grateful. Come, come, come, please enter!

Ling Chens excited expression and passionate voice caused the Forgotten Citys soldiers to stare in surprise. When Ling Chen walked forwards and looked at the soldiers carrying things on their backs, his eyes lit up and he smiled as he continued speaking, Wow, look at you. You even brought gifts? Youre too kind. Those gifts look pretty heavy, and you all must be tired from carrying them. Hurry and put them down, and Ill get some people to take them in.

The face of the soldier in golden armour closest to Ling Chen twisted, and he suddenly had the urge to spit in his face they were all carrying attack or escape items of the highest grade in order to protect the Forgotten Emperor against any unexpected circumstances. What gifts?! Moreover, the Forgotten Emperor was here to assert his dominance, not to give gifts.

Gifts? Hmph, his imperial majesty coming here is already giving you immense face, and yet you want gifts? Keep dreaming! One of the gold-armoured soldiers couldnt help but mock. They had come here to shake Ling Tian City, so he did not speak courteously at all.

Theyre not gifts? Ling Chens face, which was filled with excitement and passion, instantly became cold as he spoke in pretend-shock, Are you joking? When the Vermillion Birds Mayor and the White Tigers Mayor came, they all brought gifts. This is just the normal human way. Your Forgotten City rules over the Vermillion Bird City and White Tiger City, and yet you dont know something so simple? Thats way too stingy. If this spreads, you might become the greatest laughingstock under the heavens.

The aggressive soldiers stared in shock as rage began to bubble inside them. They had come to make Ling Tian City pay, and yet, before they had even started, they had been criticised by this young man! What the hell was this? Moreover, this brat was speaking so arrogantly in front of the Emperor! What gives?

However, the Forgotten Emperor did not become angry, and he looked at Ling Chen with interest as he asked, Who are you? Where is the Lady of your city? Your Lady should be a young woman.

My name is Ling Tian, and Im the Vice-Lord who has this title but doesnt involve himself with the management of the city, Ling Chen stated his name and position. As for our Lady, since the Ling Tian City was just opened, shes been quite busy. As such, she doesnt have time to receive the Forgotten Emperor, so Im here to do that.

After Ling Chen said this, the expressions of the Forgotten Citys soldiers changed. Who was the Forgotten Emperor? He had graced them with his presence, and yet Ling Tian Citys Lady had no time to meet him and only a single person had come to receive them!

How dare they! To date, who had ever dared to receive an Emperor in this way?!

Insolent! The heavily-armoured soldier behind the Forgotten Emperor roared, His imperial majesty coming here is Ling Tian Citys glory! Hurry up and tell the Lady of your city to receive Him! If you continue to be so disrespectful, dont blame us for taking action against you!

Oh? Disrespectful? The smile on Ling Chens face disappeared as he glanced at the soldier and calmly said, Then let me ask, why is our Lady not receiving you being disrespectful? Why does our Lady need to personally receive you at all?

What nonsense! His imperial majesty is the Emperor of the Forgotten Continent, the Emperor of all humans in the Forgotten Continent

Thats right, youre completely correct. The Forgotten Emperor is the Emperor of all humans of the Forgotten Continent, Ling Chen cut him off, not seeming to care at all as he said in a leisurely manner, But what does that have to do with us players? Were from another world, and we dont belong to the Forgotten Continent. The Forgotten Emperor belongs to your Emperor, but he has nothing to do with us players, and he has no right to rule over us or control us. Comparatively speaking, our Ladys status is much higher than the Forgotten Emperors. By receiving you myself, as a Vice-Lord and as someone who is worshipped by countless people, we are already giving you enough face.

The heavily-armoured soldiers body quivered with rage as he yelled, What an arrogant and ignorant otherworlder! You dare to look down on his imperial majesty? Are you trying to provoke all humans of the Forgotten Continent?

Provoke? Hahahaha Ling Chen laughed coldly. Suddenly, his expression became extremely icy. You came without invitation and immediately demanded for our Lady to receive youwhos provoking who here? You came here with ill intentions and acted so arrogantly, holding weapons in front of Ling Tian Citys entrancewhos provoking who here? I came to receive you, and yet you said such arrogant and mocking wordswhos provoking who here?

Moreover, all I did was speak the truth, and yet you say that Im provoking you. What a joke! Could it be that the way you people from the Forgotten City act is always so arrogant and despicable? Ling Chen coldly laughed.

Despite facing the Emperor of the Forgotten Continent, his words were incredibly sharp, and he did not intend to take even half a step back.

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