Shura's Wrath Chapter 626

Chapter 626

Lady of the City

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

Ling Chens sudden rebuke completely shocked all of the soldiers from the Forgotten City. They had thought that Ling Tian Citys Lady and management would have been scared witless under their immense power, and they thought that they would obediently sign an unfair contract and submit to the Royal City.

Who would have thought that a tiny, weak player would act so arrogantly and domineeringly in front of them? Moreover, what he said was completely true, causing them to go red with anger, but they were unable to say anything in return because they had indeed come here to provoke them.

Hahahaha, The Forgotten Emperor amiably smiled. He looked at Ling Chen as he slightly nodded and replied, Your fame is well-deserved! Your arrogant personality is just like what the Azure Dragons Mayor told me about. No less than expected from the player who went to the Lonely Spirit Ridge by himself and obtained the War Gods inheritance. This aura is not ordinary at all.

When everyone heard that Ling Chen had received the War Gods inheritance, their expressions immediately changed, revealing expressions of shock, and they looked at Ling Chen completely differently from before. The War God was a legend who had never been surpassed before and was the human who was the closest to the Saint Destroyer level. Over the past thousands of years, many experts had tried to obtain the War Gods inheritance through the Hall of Heroic Spirits, but none of them had ever succeeded, and yet this otherworlder in front of them had actually succeeded!

The man in white, who was standing next to the Forgotten Emperor and hadnt said anything for the entire time, slightly raised his head and calmly swept his gaze across Ling Chen before looking away, looking as peaceful as a statue.

The Forgotten Emperor flatters me, Ling Chen replied. He wasnt surprised that the Forgotten Emperor knew about him. When he had obtained the War Gods power, the Azure Dragons Mayor had already notified the Forgotten Emperor. Because of this, the Forgotten Emperor had been quite interested in him, and he had wanted to find him after he came to the Forgotten City.

Ive had an interest in you since a long time ago, and I never thought that Id meet you under such circumstances, The Forgotten Emperor said unhurriedly. Theres nothing to be said regarding your personal circumstances. I came here because of Ling Tian City. Since the Lady of the City isnt willing to come out, talking to you is the same. Since Ling Tian City is named after you, Im sure that talking to you will be more useful than talking to that girl.

Oh? I wonder what sort of ideas the Forgotten Emperor has about the development of our city, Ling Chen asked with a cold smile.

Ling Tian City is the only city that you otherworlders possess. However, do you know all of the processes and requirements for building a city? The Forgotten Emperor said with a serious expression. If you otherworlders want to construct a city, you need to first obtain a City Creation Token and then apply to the Forgotten City for registration. After receiving approval, youll be able to create a city at the place that the Forgotten City designates. Ling Tian City has completely violated these basic principles! According to the Forgotten Continents laws, I have the right to take away all of the rights you otherworlders have in this city, and I can even order this city be demolished! What do you have to say about this? 

Ling Chen coldly gazed at the Forgotten Emperor, waiting for him to finish. He wanted to know just how thick the Forgotten Emperors skin had to be to say this so seriously and righteously.

Just as Ling Chen was about to speak, a clear and elegant voice suddenly sounded out from behind him.

I can answer this question for you.

When everyone turned to look at the source of this voice, their eyes were instantly attracted to the figure, unable to look away. A young woman in her early twenties slowly walked to Ling Chens side. Her beauty was simply peerless, and she looked like a goddess who was untainted by the world, making everyone think the same thing

A goddess has descended!

All of the Forgotten Citys soldiers who were present were incredibly strong; however, all of them stared with their eyes and mouths wide open, looking soulless. Even the Forgotten Emperor stared for a while before replying, You should be the Lady of the City. 15 minutes ago, I heard that the Lady of the Ling Tian City was as beautiful as a goddess. It seems that this is true.

Meng Xin, why did you come here? Ling Chen asked in surprise. Before he went to meet the Forgotten Emperor, he told Yun Meng Xin to not come and just go about her own business.

Yun Meng Xin charmingly smiled, looking like a beautiful tree peony blossoming in the snow. Her smile could make anything seem dim in comparison. Since Ive become the Lady of Ling Tian City, I should take on the responsibilities that I ought to. I cant forever hide behind you. Su Su just said that the events today could cause disaster for Ling Tian City, so as the Lady of the City I have a duty to come here.

Ling Chen looked at her deeply and tapped his nose as he smiled and replied, Alright, let me see what you have planned then.

Ling Chen glanced at the Forgotten Emperor and took 2 steps back, his intention clear since the Lady of the Citys here, she will talk to you herself. Theres nothing else for me to do.

The Forgotten Emperor flatters me. Only now did Yun Meng Xin respond to the Forgotten Emperors praise before she slowly said, As for the problem that the Forgotten Emperor raised, youll be able to find the answer within Section 263 of the Forgotten Continents Code. If players want to construct a city within the territory of the humans in the Forgotten Continent, the process would be as you described. However, Ling Tian City was not built on human territoryinstead, the land belongs to the Fairies. The Forgotten Continent Chronicles have countless records demonstrating this, so Im sure the Forgotten Emperor knows about this. Because the land belongs to the Fairy Clan, according to Section 263, if we want to build a city here, we only need to obtain a City Creation Token and obtain the consent of the Fairy Clans Chief. We do not need the approval of the Forgotten City.

If the Forgotten Emperor has any doubts, you can read Section 263 of the Forgotten Continents Code, Yun Meng Xin said with a calm and cold voice.

These words caused the Forgotten Emperors face to redden with anger. How could he not know all this? While they were in court, the Left Chancellor had even mentioned this. However, he simply didnt expect otherworlders to know about the Forgotten Continents laws, and he thought that he would be able to scare Ling Tian City into submission. Who would have thought that this beautiful woman would have given him a gentle slap in the face.

Admit it? The Forgotten Emperor not knowing the Forgotten Continents laws would be an utter disgrace.

Dont admit it? The laws were clearly written in the Forgotten Continents Code, and anyone with eyes would be able to read them. Not only would he not be able to extricate himself from this situation, he would be called a shameless liar.

However, the Forgotten Emperor was indeed the Emperor. Without incredibly thick skin, how could one be the Emperor? He waved his hand as he said in a serious manner, Im even clearer about this than you. However, the situation can be viewed either way. Since you went through the pains of constructing this city, I did not plan to take this issue up with you. However, I did come here with the intention to bring you to account. The Forgotten Emperors expression darkened as he said with a hint of fury, The Forgotten City is the humans Royal Citythis is true for both the humans of the Forgotten Continent and for you otherworlders! Yesterday, the Forgotten City was freely opened to you otherworlders, but your Ling Tian City completely ruined this and caused massive losses to the Forgotten City! Do you not feel guilty about this?

Guilty? Why should we feel guilty? Facing the Forgotten Emperors cold and sharp gaze, Yun Meng Xin maintained her calm and elegant expression, a brilliant smile on her face that could stun anyone. Its true that large numbers of players left the Forgotten City for Ling Tian City. This is because Ling Tian City sells better items at a lower price.

We have Forging and Entertainment systems that are more advanced than those of the Forgotten Citys, and we also have more beautiful and comfortable residences. Moreover, the air here is much purer than that of the Forgotten Citys, and we can also upgrade professions we surpass the Forgotten City in almost every aspect. Its Ling Tian Citys glory to be able to supply such luxuries to players at a cheap price, and as for the Forgotten City losing players, thats something out of our control. I would like to, in turn, ask the Forgotten Emperorif you could only buy dirt in the Forgotten City but gold in Ling Tian City, what would you choose?

As for the losses suffered by the Forgotten City, as the Lady of Ling Tian City, I can only give you my apologies. However, survival of the fittest is one of the laws of nature, and is one of the laws that push a Continent to improvement. Even the Royal City is bound by such principles. As such, although you have my condolences, I do not feel any guilt, only pride.

As the Emperor of the Forgotten Continent, the Forgotten Emperor gave off quite an imposing aura. However, a weak girl like Yun Meng Xin was not suppressed by his aura and did not give in at all. The cool and elegant airs she gave off caused even these experts to respect her. Her words cut to the bone and showed no weakness at all. Ling Chen silently looked at Yun Meng Xin from behind her, marvelling inwardly.

This was only her second day as the Lady of the City, and perhaps it was only today that she realised she was the ruler of this city. When she found her place, her talent and abilities started to be displayed perhaps in the future she would become a qualified no, a perfect Empress of players.

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