Shura's Wrath Chapter 631

Chapter 631

Fairy Tree

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Hmm, these 3 words should be referring to a specific place, and they sound like quite a scary place. Seeing Ling Chens reaction, SuEr hesitantly asked, Big brother Ling Tian, have you been there before?

No, Ling Chen shook his head, but Ive heard of this place before, and I more or less know where it is.

Really? Thats great. SuEr let out a small breath and smiled.

Although Ling Chen knew where the Underworld Blood Lake was, he frowned and didnt seem happy. Back then, when he had bought the Seven Leaved Grass, Psychic Flower, and Underworld God Mysterious Blood Metal from Qian Gun Gun, he had also encountered the name Underworld Blood Lake. Because it related to the 3 requirements to revive the Demon Emperor, Qi Yue had told him about that place.

The Underworld Blood Lake was situated in the innermost region of the Underworld, and it was one of the Underworlds 3 forbidden areas. Unless the Underworld King personally allowed it, no creature, either living or dead, could go near it. The Underworld Blood Lakes existence preceded that of the Underworld itself, and countless remains were buried there, filling the Underworld with the energy of countless souls and spirits. After 10,000 years, not even the Underworld King knew how many bodies had been buried there and how much energy had been accumulated. It was evident just how terrifying such a place was.

Then big brother Ling Tian, are you going to leave to find that Underworld Blood Lake? SuEr sadly asked while looking up.

Mm, Ling Chen nodded.

Will you be gone for a long time again? SuEr asked in a small voice.

I dont know. Maybe Ill be gone for a short time, and maybe Ill be gone for a very long time but I promise I wont turn off my communication device again, so youll be able to contact me whenever you want. Plus, I have Spatial Orbs, so Ill be able to come back whenever I want, Ling Chen said as he smiled. However, he knew that finding this Orb would be more difficult than the ones in the past because it was the Underworld, a place that even the 3 Moon Goddesses didnt dare to casually enter. Moreover, the Underworld Blood Lake was in the innermost region of the Underworld, and it was even a forbidden area. If he wanted to reach that place, he would have to pass through the entire Underworld it might be even more difficult than climbing to the summit of the Godchild Peak.

After finding out where the next Lunar Scourge Orb was, Ling Chen didnt want to waste any time. He didnt tell everyone that he was going to leave, and he instead went to where the Fairy Clan was and found the little Fairy CaiEr.

CaiEr, can you take me to the Fairy Realm? Ling Chen asked. After the Fairy Clan had moved out of the Fairy Realm in order to prevent other creatures from entering, Granny WItherwood had set up a Fairy Barrier. Only Fairies, or those accompanied by Fairies, could pass through this barrier.

What does big brother want to do there? CaiEr asked curiously.

I want to see Shui Ruo Ling Chen said in a daze. It had been a long time since he had seen Shui Ruo, and her voice and smile were things that he always dreamed about. However, after putting Shui Ruo in the Fairy Fountain, he hadnt seen her it wasnt that he didnt want to, but that he didnt dare to. This was because seeing Shui Ruos lifeless form would make him feel an agonising pain in his heart.

At this moment, however, he couldnt resist his desire to see her. At the same time, he needed Shui Ruo to give him the willpower to pass through the dangerous Underworld.

After returning to the Fairy Forest and passing through the Bewildering Formation and the Fairy Barrier, Ling Chen entered the Fairy Realm. As his heart madly thumped, he floated above the Fairy Fountain, looking down with trembling eyes. Finally, he saw the figure that he dreamed about every night.

She didnt look like she was dead, but she looked like she was peacefully sleeping. And even though she was sleeping, she still looked just as beautiful. Lying there, she looked like a princess of the sea who had been cursed to a deep sleep, waiting for her prince to wake her up.

Ling Chen silently stared at her until he completely spaced out, and his eyes seemed to forget how to blink. Just like that, he continued to gaze at her. CaiEr floated beside him, her gaze alternating between looking at him and the sleeping girl in the Fairy Fountain, and she did not make any noises. It was just that when she looked at Ling Chen, she felt a sense of sorrow that she had never felt before.

While above the Fairy Fountain, Ling Chen couldnt feel time passing, and after a very long time, he finally closed his misty eyes

Ruo Ruo, wait for me, Ill wake you up soon wait for me

As he closed his eyes and turned around, a tear fell from his eyes, silently falling and landing within the still Fairy Fountain, causing a small ripple.

CaiEr, lets go.

Just as Ling Chen spoke and before CaiEr could reply, he felt an abnormal airflow around him as a jade-green light suddenly shot out from the Fairy Fountain into the sky.

Ahh!! What Whats going on? Why did it suddenly let out light? The sudden appearance of the beam of light frightened CaiEr, causing her to cry out in shock.

If even CaiEr didnt know what was happening, Ling Chen was even more so in the dark. As Ling Chen and CaiEr stared in shock, the originally still Fairy Fountain suddenly started rippling, and an unnatural sound came from beneath the Fairy Fountain as if there was something moving.

Could there be something living under the Fairy Fountain? Ling Chen asked in surprise. The rippling of the water became more and more intense, making it impossible for him to see what was under the water and obscuring Shui Ruo from his sight.

No No way, how could there be something under the Fairy Fountain Ahhh!! Whats going on? CaiEr was much more alarmed than Ling Chen because the Fairy Fountain was the most important and holy thing to the Fairy Clan.

With a pop, a jade-green tender shoot broke through the water, appearing within Ling Chens and CaiErs vision, causing their jaws to drop.

What is that? CaiEr yelled as she pointed at the young shoot.

How am I meant to know?! Ling Chen inwardly yelled. He frowned as he looked at the abnormal Fairy Fountain, and his gaze locked onto the young shoot that had just broke through the water but this was just the beginning.

After the shoot broke through the water, it grew at an unbelievable rate. It grew from being just a few centimetres long, to more than 10 centimetres long, then half a metre, 1 metre, 2 metres as it grew, it started to sprout branches where tender leaves began to grow. There were only a few leaves at the beginning, but soon they became quite densely packed. Following this, the trunk took shape, becoming thicker and thicker. As the green tree grew, the beam of green light also became denser and wider.

Ling Chen and CaiErs jaws completely dropped, watching the tree grow taller and taller Ling Chen had seen this sort of scene in movies before, but seeing such a thing happening just 50 metres in front of him caused him to become completely dumbfounded.

Ling Tian City.

All of the Fairies seemed to simultaneously feel something, and they all looked back towards the Fairy Realm. The younger Fairies seemed quite confused, while the bodies of the older Fairies trembled, feeling that mysterious aura of Nature and seeing the jade-green light in the sky.

This This This Could it be

Granny Witherwood, who never appeared in front of humans, stared towards the Fairy Realm, tears gathering in her eyes. Greenwood rushed over, excitedly yelling, Mother, this feeling could it be

Lets go!!

Granny Witherwood raised her walking stick and a green light flashed as she teleported back to the Fairy Fountain with Greenwood.

By the time Granny Witherwood and Greenwood had returned to the Fairy Fountain, the jade-green tree had finally stopped growing. It was 1 metre thick and about 10 metres tall. The abundant and exuberant leaves covered most of the Fairy Fountain, preventing almost any light from getting past. The jade-green light disappeared, but the tree trunk and branches gave off a dreamy jade-green glow. Green motes of light would also float up from the branches and leaves, surrounding the green tree and floating above the Fairy Fountain, giving off a beautiful and dreamy feeling.

The waters of the Fairy Fountain stilled, and Shui Ruo was still peacefully sleeping underneath and had not been moved at all. This allowed Ling Chen to let out a sigh of relief, and he started to look up and down this gigantic tree in shock. He looked towards CaiEr, and found that there was a jade-green light around her body exactly like that of the jade green trees. Moreover, CaiErs expression was extremely strange. She stared at the jade-green tree with a hazy look in her eyes.

Fairy Tree its really the Fairy Tree!!

Granny Witherwoods walking stick fell to the ground as she let out an emotional cry, and she knelt to the ground, tears pouring out of her eyes. Beside her, Greenwoods fists were tightly clenched as his body shook, his eyes fixed on the large jade-green tree. His gaze was extremely emotional, as if he had seen the god of nature descend.

Fairy Tree? Ling Chen looked at the large tree, feeling even more confused. Seeing Greenwood and Granny Witherwoods reactions, the Fairy Tree should be quite important to the Fairy Clan at least as important as the Fairy Fountain. It seemed that the Fairy Clan had been waiting for the Fairy Tree to appear all this time but why did this tree suddenly grow?

 Could it be because of him?

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