Shura's Wrath Chapter 638

Chapter 638

Heading To The Underworld Royal City

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Ling Chen could only nod in response to what the elderly Undead had just said, but he remembered where the Underworld Blood Lake was. He then looked through the things that were being sold in the shop this was one of the most remote and run-down places in the Underworld, so Ling Chen didnt have high expectations. However, he was incredibly shocked from just a single glance.

[Underworld Coffee Bean]: A coffee bean harvested from a coffee tree that was grown surrounded by deathly aura. It is incredibly bitter, and it can stimulate the consumers hidden potential through this bitterness. Effects: After consuming, -100 HP for 30 seconds and then gives 50 SP after 30 seconds. Effects cannot be stacked, and it needs to be completely swallowed in order to take effect. Price: 8 for 1 Underworld Coin. Stock: 86,000. If bought in kilograms, a 15% discount is available.

[Underworld Stone]: A stone that has absorbed large amounts of deathly aura due to existing in an environment filled with deathly aura for a long time. Can add a [Darkness] attribute to equipment. Price: 1 for 2 Underworld Coins. Stock: 65,560. If bought in tonnes, a 15% discount is available.

[Darkness Bat Egg]: Can hatch a Grade 5 Darkness Bat pet. Darkness Bats are creatures that are commonly found in remote regions of the Underworld. Although they are not Undead creatures, they like places with darkness and deathly aura, and they have Darkness attacks. After growing, they have Vampirism abilities and the ability to apply abnormal statuses. Price: 1 for 10 Underworld Coins. Stock: 9800.

[Soul-Splitting Thorn]: Created by cutting and refining a normal thorn that grew in an environment filled with deathly aura. It contains a berserk deathly aura, and it can be used for long-range attacks. However, it is useless against Undead targets. Upon hitting a living creature, it will quickly devour its aura of life, instantly causing 5000 Basic Darkness Damage. Price: 1 for 20 Underworld Coins. Stock: 28,000. If bought in baskets, a 15% discount is available.

This incredibly shoddy shop only sold 4 things, but all 4 things were enough to cause Ling Chen to stare in shock. A coffee bean that could increase SP by 50! Such an item in the Forgotten Continent would be completely heaven-defying, yet it was being sold in kilograms! Stones that could give permanent attributes were sold in tonnes! Grade 5 pet they were only a single grade below Celestial grade and would be extremely rare in the China Region, but they were being sold en masse here! 

There were even weapons that could instantly deal 5,000 damage, but what was most terrifying was that there were no prerequisites to using them! With this item, even a LV1 newbie would be able to insta-kill any player below LV50. This would completely destroy the balance of the game, and it shouldnt even exist!

The things sold in the Underworld simply were not on the same level as the items sold on the surface of the Forgotten Continent.

However, this currency Underworld Coins?

What are these Underworld Coins? Ling Chen raised his head and asked.

You can earn Underworld Coins through labour. If you dont want to work, you can also take them from low-level Undead for example, those low-level Walkers in the wilderness. As long as you have enough strength, you can legally steal and kill within the Underworld. The strong preying on the weak is the natural order here, The elderly Undead said with a stiff face.

After Ling Tian City was built, the amount of gold that flooded in every day was an astronomical figure. Naturally, Ling Chen was ridiculously rich. However, it seemed like no matter how much gold he had, he wouldnt be able to spend any of it in the Underworld because they used Underworld Coins here!

Ling Chen did not have a single Underworld Coin, so after looking around, he left the shop and walked around in this incredibly small village. The feeling of desolation and ruin was even eerier than that of a grave in the human world. He walked past a few Undead, but they were all like the first Undead he had met, and they did not even look at him as they unconsciously ambled forwards.

This was most likely the norm for the Underworlds villages. Undead were Undead. Low-level Undead did not have human intelligence, so it was unlikely that they would live like humans.

After taking out the crude map and glancing it over again, Ling Chen summoned Xiao Hui and confirmed the direction before he summoned Snow Cherry and started to fly towards the Underworld Blood Lake and the Underworld Royal City.

After flying less than 3 kilometres, grey fog suddenly appeared ahead, greatly reducing the visibility. Ling Chen decreased Snow Cherrys flying speed as he looked below, and he saw figures slowly moving through the grey fog.

[Walker]: Type: Undead, Level: LV50, HP: 7000. The lowest type of humanoid Undead. It has powerful Attack Power due to the death energy it possesses, but because of its low intellect, its judgment is extremely poor.

Passive Skills: Extremely high Attack Power and Defence, negate 70% of Darkness-element attacks.

Attack Style: Swings its arm to heavily hit its target. Once hit, deals large amounts of damage and has a certain chance to apply a [Poison] status.

Weaknesses: Fears Fire element and Light element attack, and has extremely slow Movement Speed.

Within the grey fog, there were dark figures walking extremely slowly. Their skin was a shocking black colour, and they were wearing incredibly tattered clothing. Most of their bodies had rotted away, and some even had eyeballs hanging out of their sockets. They were walking so slow that they would only take a step around once every 2 seconds. These were evidently the Walkers that the elderly Undead had referred to, and they were quite similar to the Zombies outside the Underworld Door. Although they were the lowest-level type of humanoid Undead in the Underworld, they were much higher level and much stronger than the Zombies outside. 

Ling Chen thought for a moment before he and Snow Cherry shot down like a rocket. He gripped Chilling Star in his right hand and the Twilight Spear in his left hand, sending out 2 Boundless Desolations.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang

As the upgraded version of Ling Tian Burst, Boundless Desolation not only dealt more damage, but it also now had a range of 10 metres and had more powerful shockwaves. With a Boundless Desolation on his left and right, the 2 arcs of energy mercilessly swept out, causing 10 or so of the Walkers to horribly scream without even seeing what had hit them as they fell to the ground.


Ling Chen seemed to hear something metallic fall to the ground. He came to the sides of the Walkers that had fallen, and after looking for a while, he found 2 cold, grey coins that were similar to gold coins.

[Underworld Coin]: The currency used in the Underworld. It is unknown what material it is made of.

After killing 13 Walkers in an instant, he had obtained 2 Underworld Coins. With Ling Chens 28 Luck, this drop rate was absurdly low. However, Ling Chen did not feel that this was too little because the prices in the shop in the village were incredibly low: a single Underworld Coin could buy 8 Underworld Coffee Beans, which amounted to 400 SP in total! These 2 Underworld Coins in Ling Chens hands were worth 800 SP! This was a figure that could cause almost all players to go crazy.

It was just that from the Underworld Coffee Beans description, they seemed to be very, very bitter. However, in order to obtain that 50 SP, bearing with that bitterness seemed worth it.

That was what he had initially thought.

Some time after when he tried the Underworld Coffee Bean, he finally understood that was why the cheap Underworld Coffee Bean gave so much SP for free!!

With the War God professions newly upgraded skills as well as his 2 pieces of LV60 Heavens End grade equipment, Ling Chens overall strength greatly increased. He could even easily insta-kill normal monsters that were 10 levels higher than him, let alone these Walkers which were lower level than him. After casually clearing out a few waves of the Walkers and collecting 10 or so Underworld Coins, Ling Chen became quite bored and returned to the air, continuing towards the Underworld Royal City. He wanted to quickly reach the Underworld Blood Lake and find the Orb after all, that was his goal in coming to the Underworld.

LengEr silently floated ahead of Ling Chen, her small feet lightly touching Snow Cherrys back. After entering the Underworld, LengEr had been incredibly calm and silent, not saying anything at all. She continuously stared ahead as if she was looking for something. Evidently, this had to do with the Underworld after all, LengEr was a type of special Undead, so she probably felt like she had returned to where she belonged.

After flying for 10 or so kilometres, everything Ling Chen had seen could be described as eerie, desolate, and murky. The entire Underworld seemed to permanently have a feeling of oppression and darkness, which seemed to be what the Undead liked. At this moment, LengEr, who had been silent the entire time, came over and looked at Ling Chen as she spoke slowly in her tender voice, Master, story.

Ling Chen instantly felt a headache coming telling stories, then even more stories after being with LengEr for such a long time, he told LengEr a few stories every day as long as he was in the game. LengEr had obviously turned this into a routine, and her favourability towards him gradually increased. As such, he had told her almost all of the Grimms Fairy Tales, Andersens Fairy Tales, Mars Gravitys Fairy Tales, Mars Gravity Stories, Mars Gravity Complete Works etc. How could he have so many stories to tell her?!

Hmm wait! There were still some fable stories!

Mm, alright! Ling Chen immediately warmly and lovingly smiled. Ill tell LengEr a fable today then.

A fable? LengEr, who had never heard of fables before, repeated the word in confusion.

Ling Chen said in a serious tone, Fables are a type of story used to explain a principle. Not only are they fun to listen to, but they can also teach LengEr all sorts of things. Hmm the first one is called Guarding a tree stump, waiting for rabbits!

LengEr blinked, eagerly listening.

 Ling Chen calmed himself down and started telling the story, A long time ago, there was an uncle farmer. One day, he was ploughing his fields when he suddenly saw a rabbit run over and crash into a tree stump, killing itself. The farmer picked up the dead rabbit and happily went home. From then onwards, the farmer stopped doing tiresome farm-work and instead sat at the tree stump every day, hoping that more rabbits would run into it and kill themselves. In the end, he was rewarded with hemorrhoids after waiting 88 days.

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