Shura's Wrath Chapter 644

Chapter 644

Killing Heavens End 

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

At some unknown time, a massive skeleton had appeared on the ice. It had 2 large horns, a terrifying head, a gigantic body, and a pair of bony wings that seemed larger than its body when extended. There was also a bony tail that was around 10 metres long behind it. Below its body were incredibly eerie and white claws its body was made up completely of bones, and it gave off a shocking and monstrous aura.

This was evidently the gigantic skeleton dragon that only appeared in myths and legends!

And yet, this skeleton was moving, and there were 2 balls of black light in its eye sockets!

While Ling Chen was staring at this gigantic skeleton dragon in shock, an icy aura came from his left. Ling Chen quickly turned his head and saw a 10 metre-long, 1 metre-thick ice shard flying towards him. Through the ice shard he could see something completely blue breaking through the ice an ice wolf!

Ling Chen did not try to evade, and in the next instant, the gigantic ice shard passed through his body.



At that moment, the ice shard heading directly toward Ling Chen was shattered as a gigantic black figure shot out like a cannonball towards him. Before it even came close, the howling wind cut into his body, bringing about pain all over, while Xiao Hui, CaiEr, and Xi Ling were sent flying, the sensation of death rapidly approaching Ling Chen.

If he had [Moment of Elegance], evading this sort of sudden attack would not have been too difficult. However, the black figure would attack CaiEr and Xi Ling behind him if he evaded. As such, Ling Chen frowned as he instead rushed towards it.

A massive explosion sounded out as Ling Chen and the black ball-like thing collided. As a -150,000 red damage figure rose up, the black ball gave a low roar and was sent flying by the impact reflected by the Evil Gods Mask. At that moment, Ling Chen saw its full appearance as well as the 8 spikes on its back.

At the same time, information about these 3 creatures were sent into Ling Chens mind from Xiao Hui.

[Demon Skeleton Dragon]: Type: Undead, Grade: Heavens End, Level: LV66, HP: 72,000,000. An Overworld War Dragon originally from a western continent. It was killed by the Shura during the Shuras Devastation, and its corpse was obtained by the Underworld King, who used the power of darkness and death to turn it into an Undead skeleton dragon. Although it has lost its consciousness, it contains the Overworld War Dragons abilities and powers, and its incredibly powerful body and attacks make it a nightmare to all enemies.

Passive Abilities: Extremely high Physical Defence and Physical Attack Power. Immune to all abnormal statuses and debuffs.

Attack Skills: [Demon Dragon Claw], [Forest of Darkness], [Bone Spike Hell], [Darkness Breath]

Ultimate Skills: [Dragons Reverse Scale], [Demon Dragon Roar]

Weaknesses: No Elemental Resistances, weak towards Light and Fire element attacks.

[Eighth Fiend]: Type: Undead, Grade: Heavens End, Level: LV70, HP: 105,000,000. A natural-born Undead that fell into the Underworld Blood Lake but did not die, gaining tremendous power. It has 8 spikes on its back and has a cruel and war-loving personality. Any part of its body can shred through the toughest defence. Because it caused much chaos in the Underworld, it was subjugated by the Underworld King and forever sealed in the Ice Purgatory.

Passive Abilities: Incredibly high Physical Attack Damage, and its attacks have a high chance of adding a [Torn] status. Immune to all abnormal statuses and debuffs.

Attack Skills: [Spirit Spike], [Soul Awl], [Sphere Ram], [Thousand Split], [Eight Soul Life-Chasing Dance]

Ultimate Skill: [Hell Euphoria Eighth Movement]

Weaknesses: Weak Physical Defence and Magic Defence, all of its Darkness power is focused on Physical Damage, and has no long-range or Magic attacks.

[Ice Soul Undead Wolf]: Type: Undead, Grade: Heavens End, Level: LV70, HP: 99,000,000. An Emperor of the Ice Wolf Clan at the glaciers of the extreme north of the Forgotten Continent. Its corpse was obtained by an Underworld Representative and brought back to the Underworld. After being immersed in the Underworld Blood Lake, it awakened power greater than that when it was alive and became an Undead wolf that only knows to attack. Although it is an Undead, the deathly aura is only supporting its body to move, while its attacks are purely Ice type. It is the monster with the greatest Water damage in the Underworld.

Passive Abilities: It has an agile body and incredibly fast Movement Speed. It has incredibly high resistance to magic of all elements apart from Earth. Immune to all abnormal statuses and debuffs.

Attack Skills: [Rain of Disaster], [Icy Fission], [Snowstorm], [Endless Ice Blades], [Ice Soul Snow Spirit], [Blizzard], [Extreme Icestorm], [Pale Roar]

Ultimate Skill: [Extreme Blue Radiance]

Weaknesses: Weak against Earth element Attacks, relatively weak Physical Defence, attacks are mainly Magic Attacks, and has weak Physical Attacks.


Within the Ice Purgatory were 3 powerful Heavens End grade beasts!

To date, Ling Chen had fought with 2 Heavens End grade beings before, one of which was the Mountain Giant. When he had first fought the Mountain Giant, it was so suffocatingly strong that Ling Chen wasnt even able to escape. In the end, because of Tian Tians death, he was able to miraculously turn the tide. The other was the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard on the Godchild Peak. It had also forced Ling Chen into a state of hopelessness, and it was only killed because of Xi Ling.

Back then, Ling Chen didnt have any strength to fight with Heavens End grade beings of the same level.

And now, there were 3 Heavens End grade monsters that were all higher level than him. Whats more, each of these 3 monsters were far more powerful than the Mountain Giant and the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard!

The 3 Heavens End grade beasts auras locked onto Ling Chen. When 3 powerful Heavens End grade beasts simultaneously locked aggro onto Ling Chen, he found it difficult to even breathe. Fight with these 3 Heavens End grade beasts? Ling Chen naturally wouldnt do such a thing. If they were 3 Celestial grade beasts it was possible, but Heavens End grade facing them directly was simply seeking death.

Ling Chen quickly thought and looked over to CaiEr as he said in a low voice, CaiEr, hurry and make them sleep! 

Just as Ling Chen moved, the 3 beasts roared. Under the might from their roars, the entire Ice Purgatory began to shake. At this moment, a melodious song sounded. The voice was soft and gentle, and it felt as if it travelled through ones ears into their heart and then into their soul, causing them to lapse into intoxication, revelling in the beauty of the song.

The 3 beasts stopped roaring, and they all paused in their attacks. Their bodies powerlessly lay on the ground and yawned before falling asleep.

[Song of Tranquility Clear Dream In A Peaceful Night]!

Even powerful Heavens End grade beasts fell asleep under CaiErs Song of Tranquility. CaiEr did not stop singing, because once she stopped, it was possible that the beasts would immediately wake up and would not be affected by the Song of Tranquility anymore. Ling Chen took this opportunity and rushed to the Ice Purgatorys exit. At the exit was a mass of grey, black, and blue light blocking the way.

[Ice Purgatory Barrier]: A special barrier created by the Underworld King from the Demon Skeleton Dragon, Eighth Fiend, and Ice Soul Undead Wolfs source energies. Only when the Demon Skeleton Dragon, Eighth Fiend, and Ice Soul Undead Wolf have died will the barrier disappear.

When he saw the barriers description, Ling Chen could only turn around and look at the 3 sleeping beasts. Once they fell under the effects of the Song of Tranquility, as long as CaiEr did not stop singing and he didnt attack them, they would not wake up. However, once they woke up, they wouldnt be affected by the Song of Tranquility anymore.

It was impossible for Ling Chen to face 3 Heavens End grade beasts, but if it was one at a time

Ling Chens gaze fell on the Demon Skeleton Dragon, which was the lowest level. After staring at it for a few moments, he gently breathed in and rushed towards its body.

CaiEr, immediately hide in a corner and keep singing!

Xi Ling, keep a safe distance and attack whenever you have the opportunity!

Xiao Hui, protect them!

LengEr err, give some words of support!

Snow Cherry, lets go!!

Soul Sacrifice War Gods Fury!

Ding the Libra Orbs effects have been activated, [Soul Sacrifice]s cooldown time has been reset.

Ding the Libra Orbs effects have been activated, [War Gods Fury]s cooldown time has been reset.

After activating his 2 powerful buffs, Ling Chens maximum HP fell by 50% and his current HP was reduced to 1 HP. However, his Basic Attack Power skyrocketed to 58,310. In his strongest state, he launched 2 of the War Gods professions most powerful skills towards the Demon Skeleton Dragon: a [Extinguishing the Heavens and Destroying The Earth Tempest] with his right hand and an [Eight Direction Annihilation] with his left!

Ding the Libra Orbs effects have been activated, [Extinguishing the Heavens and Destroying The Earth Tempest]s cooldown time has been reset.

Ding the Libra Orbs effects have been activated, [Eight Direction Annihilation]s cooldown time has been reset.


-8,163,400, -1,959,216!

A massive explosion sounded out, causing the surrounding layer of ice to fracture as countless shards of ice were lifted into the air, turning into a rain of ice fragments. The Demon Skeleton Dragons body was blasted away and landed heavily on the ice, forming a large crater. This caused the Demon Skeleton Dragon to wake up, and the 3 seconds that the [Extinguishing the Heavens and Destroying The Earth Tempest] should have applied did not take effect. It stood up and roared with ear-piercing fury.

However, Ling Chen did not immediately attack again and instead stared at the 2 slowly fading damage figures.

Each of those skills had dealt more than 1 million damage!

And one of them had nearly dealt 10 million damage!!

Ling Chen continued to stare, feeling completely dumbfounded after upgrading his War Gods profession and obtaining 2 pieces of Heavens End grade equipment, this was the first time he had gone all out in a fight. Moreover, he had used 2 of the most powerful skills of the War Gods profession, dealing so much damage that he almost gave himself a fright. He couldnt believe his own eyes.

Although he was facing a high level Heavens End grade monster, he had dealt almost 10% of its HP in a single attack this should be impossible!!

Ling Chen only came back to his senses when the Demon Skeleton Dragon roared and charged towards him as bone spikes fell towards him like rain. Ling Chen didnt bother to look at the bone spikes falling towards him he charged up with a [Moment of Elegance] and activated [Moon Shadow] as he fixed the Demon Skeleton Dragon in place, unleashing 2 Heaven Destroying Slashes on it. From a distance, Xi Ling mercilessly shot out a [Solar Laser] at the Demon Skeleton Dragon.

-816,240, -815,998, -1,085,400!

Under Ling Chens current state, even the Heaven Destroying Slashes, which were almost normal attacks to him, dealt nearly 1 million damage, which was close to how much Xi Lings Solar Laser had dealt. At the same time, the [War Gods Fury] not only increased his Physical Attack Power but also his Attack Speed as well. With the Chilling Star, Ling Chens Attack Speed was 120, which was doubled to 240 with the War Gods Fury, meaning that he could unleash 5 rounds of attacks in 2 seconds!

As Ling Chen rapidly attacked, the Chilling Star and Twilight Spear became 2 blurs, the Demon Skeleton Dragons HP rapidly fell under the repeated attacks from Ling Chen and Xi Ling. By the time Moon Shadow had ended, the Demon Skeleton Dragons HP had fallen to less than half. Ling Chens eyes flashed as he sent out another [Extinguishing the Heavens and Destroying The Earth Tempest] and [Eight Direction Annihilation].

-8,160,008, -1,963,500!

With Moon Shadows effects gone, the Demon Skeleton Dragons body once again flew away like a gigantic sandbag. With such massive damage and force, let alone a Heavens End grade beast, even a Mysterious God grade beast would be sent flying. Ling Chen did not stop, but instead he chased after it like a bolt of lightning. The instant it landed, Ling Chen aimed the Twilight Spear towards its back as a colourless light flashed.


Powerful Bosses all had powerful ultimate skills, and this was much more so for high grade Bosses. Those ultimate skills often only activated when their HP fell below a certain amount, and the lower their HP was, the more terrifying their ultimate attacks would be. This was something that Ling Chen was incredibly familiar with, especially when a Boss HP fell below 10%. The damage that their ultimate skills dealt would be able to destroy the heavens and annihilate the earth. However, Ling Chen no longer had to worry about Bosses becoming insanely powerful after falling into critical HP. No matter how powerful his target was, if their HP fell below 36%, they were as good as dead to him.

After being upgraded by the [Holy Spirits Pearl], [Soul Demise] dealt 36% of a targets maximum HP instantly!

Ding you have successfully killed the LV66 Heavens End grade Boss [Demon Skeleton Dragon], Fame+66,000, SP+66,000.

Ding congratulations, you have levelled up to LV58, HP+20, MP+20, Strength+5, Agility+1, Spirit+1.

Ding your pet Xiao Hui has levelled up to LV58

Ding your pet LengEr has levelled up to LV58

Ding your pet Snow Cherry has levelled up to LV58

Ding your pet Xi Ling has levelled up to LV58

Ding your pet CaiEr has levelled up to LV47

Ding your pet CaiEr has levelled up to LV48

Ding your pet CaiEr has levelled up to LV50

The system announcement in his ears signified the end of this battle. After watching the Demon Skeleton Dragon fall and not get back up, Ling Chen found that there was a large pile of equipment and items around it.

It was finished it was finished? Just like that, he had killed a LV66 Heavens End grade beast?

Staring at the Demon Skeleton Dragons body, Ling Chen felt as if his world was tottering.

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