Shura's Wrath Chapter 649

Chapter 649

The War God Who Returned From Hell: Chi Xuan Wu Hen 

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

Since his retreat was cut off, Ling Chen could only advance. Since Ling Chen had walked in, he naturally wouldnt retreat anyways.

Ling Chen looked at the closed stone door before turning around, his expression incredibly calm. He then walked towards the Underworld Fire again.

The Fire in the name Fire Purgatory was evidently referring to this Underworld Fire. However, it was not real fire how could such an important place like the Underworld Blood Lake possess an element that the Undead were so fearful of?

The Fire Purgatory was deathly silent, and Ling Chens footsteps were incredibly loud and clear. After taking tens of steps, Ling Chen suddenly stopped. He looked through the moving Underworld Fire and saw a large door at the end. The door was jet-black, and it was particularly striking in this world of grey. In front of the door stood a tall and powerful-looking figure. The person stood as still as a statue and wore azure-coloured clothing. He also held a large, jet-black sword that seemed to be buried deep into the ground. Ling Chens footsteps echoed around the entire space, yet this person did not react at all. His eyes were closed, and it was as if he was a corpse.

When Ling Chen was about 10 steps away, he stopped and silently looked at the still figure. He looked like a grand figure, and he was dressed simply. He had a stiff and ordinary-looking face that people would forget easily but as he stood there completely still, Ling Chen felt as if he was looking at a gigantic mountain, blocking off his path. Ling Chen did not make any sounds as he gripped his weapons.

It was as if the person had finally detected that an outsider was here, and he slowly opened his eyes, revealing a pair of dim, emotionless eyes. The instant he opened his eyes, his aura, which seemed as boundless as an ocean, erupted out, causing the surrounding air to congeal. Even the Underworld Fire stopped moving, becoming still. The instant he looked at Ling Chen, Ling Chen felt as if there was a heavy mountain weighing on him, and his entire body, including his internal organs, felt incredibly heavy, breathing becoming almost impossible.

Waves of shock rolled across Ling Chens heart was this the person that Xiao Hui had been so afraid of? Just who was this person? How could he have such terrifying strength? Let alone the 3 Underworld Gods that he had met before, even the monstrously powerful War Demon Beast and Shadow Demon Beast couldnt compare to this person! Even the East Ocean Continents Moon God Representative, Snow Cherry, hadnt made him feel such pressure.

This meant that this person was stronger than the War Demon Beast, Shadow Demon Beast, and even a Moon God Representative!

Could this terrifying person be the Underworld King?!

No, that wasnt right! Why would the Underworld King personally stand guard here? However, since this person was even more powerful than the 8 Underworld Gods, why would he stand guard here in perpetuity? 

It wasnt just that this persons aura was overwhelmingly powerful. Before, the Undead Warrior had told Ling Chen that apart from the Underworld King himself, no one had entered the Underworld Blood Lake by themselves. Let alone enter, they couldnt even get through the entrance. In other words, at least in the past thousand years, no one had successfully come to the Fire Purgatory before. And yet, the person standing guard here didnt seem shocked or wary at all he remained as calm and still as a boulder, and he had not moved all this time, nor had his expression even flickered this persons mental state was strong to an unimaginable degree. It was as if there was nothing in this world that could move him.

If I die, you pass. Otherwise, you die.

The man in azure finally spoke. There was no emotion in his voice, and although he spoke, his body did not move at all, his gigantic black sword remaining motionless in his hand it was as if he was telling Ling Chen: you dont have the right for me to take the initiative to attack you.

Are you a human or an Undead? Ling Chen tightened his grip on his weapons as he asked. Beside him, Xiao Huis body was arched, looking incredibly tense.

Undead, while you are a living creature, The man in azure calmly replied. When he spoke, Ling Chen almost couldnt see his lips move, and his voice was so calm that it was like a dead person was speaking because it was impossible for a living person to speak without even a trace of emotion in their voice.

Ling Chens heart trembled as he frowned and asked, How did you know?!

It doesnt matter if youre a living creature or Undead. You either kill me, or you will be killed by me. No need to speak anymore. Come.

This was the third time that the Undead spoke, and it still contained no emotion at all. From his exchange with this person, he felt a sense of familiarity he had never heard such an emotionless voice before, so why did he feel like he had heard it in the past before?

It was definitely a misperception!

The man in azure did not reply to him, and Ling Chen did not speak anymore. The gigantic pressure weighing down on Ling Chens body felt like a ten-thousand-kilogram rock. However, he straightened his body and his gaze became colder and colder without a trace of fear in them. However, his heart beat madly if he could kill this terrifying Undead, he would be able to pass through the Fire Purgatory.

However, could he really kill this Undead who was stronger than the 10 ancient demon beasts and the Moon God Representatives?

As Xiao Huis Eye of the Holy Spirit activated, the man in azures information was sent to Ling Chens mind:

Chi Xuan Wu Hen: Type: Undead, Grade: High-Tier Mysterious God, Level: 96, Profession: Undead War God, HP: 3,200,000,000. A descendant of the Forgotten Continents Chi Xuan family while he was still alive, and he fell in love with martial arts. He became the strongest being in the world, and he went through countless battles and life and death experiences. In the end, he was undefeatable, and he was given the title of War God in the Forgotten Continent. He was the closest human in the Forgotten Continents history to reach Saint Destroyer grade. He is a legend who no one has ever been able to come close to. The Underworld King obtained his corpse a thousand years ago and brought it to the Underworld, using the undying Underworld Fire to bring out all of his power from when he was still alive, becoming an extreme Undead that is second only to the Underworld King. However, it is unwilling to be with other Undead, and it would rather stand guard in the Fire Purgatory, never to see the sun or moon in a thousand years.

Passive Abilities: 1. Has incredibly powerful Attack Power; 2. Has incredible battle senses and abundant experience; 3. Has a 50% Critical Chance and Pierce Chance when attacking; 4. Attacks have powerful impact and chances of slashing; 5. Attacks contain a powerful Destruction effect; 6. Attacks ignore pain reduction; 7. Extreme proficiency in using swords; 8. Will not be knocked back, knocked over, or knocked flying by any attacks; 9. Immune to all abnormal statuses and debuffs; 10. Immune to Darkness attacks.

Special Ability: Because he has remained in an environment filled with Underworld Fire, recovers 1,500,000 HP and 500,000 MP every second. Effects vanish if he leaves Underworld Fire.

Attack Skills:

[Extreme Heaven Destroying Slash]: The extreme form of the Heaven Destroying Slash. Releases the incredibly powerful War God power to attack all targets 5 metres in front of the user, causing an energy explosion that can destroy mountains and split stones. Deals a large amount of damage, and it has a chance of destroying the targets equipment. Damage is equal to 800% of normal attacks, Critical Chance+30%, 15% chance to stun the targets for 3-5 seconds, and 10% chance for the targets Defence to fall by 60% for 5 seconds. Costs 320 MP, Usage Frequency: Unknown.

[Extreme Eight Direction Annihilation]: The extreme form of the Eight Direction Annihilation. Uses the War Gods power to create a powerful storm of destruction within 100 metres of the user, sending targets into an abyss of death. Damage is equal to 2000% of normal attacks, Critical Chance+70%, and 100% chance to knock back targets. Costs 980 MP, Usage Frequency: Low.

[Extreme War Gods Fury]: The extreme form of War Gods Fury. In Extreme War Gods fury, the burning fury is transformed into boundless power. After activation, Physical Attack Power+150%, Attack Speed+150%, Defence reduced to 0, and Evasion reduced to 0. All attacks will have [Absolute HIT], [Absolute Critical], and [Absolute Pierce], lasting for 3 minutes. Activation requirements: Unknown. Usage Frequency: Low.

[Extreme Heaven Wind Battle Light]: The extreme form of the Heaven Wind Battle Light. Fuses the War Gods power into his weapon, creating a golden battle light. The battle lights attack capabilities are the same as the weapon, and the battle light greatly increases the range of normal attacks and skills to a maximum of 30 metres. Can be activated and deactivated at will. Costs 2000 MP per second, and it will be deactivated when there is no more MP.

[Boundless Sword Light]: A powerful killing move created by fusing the War God Chi Xuan Wu Hens sword intent and the War Gods power. Upon activation, it will release countless beams of sword light from the sword in his hand, slashing everything within 300 metres into fragments. Can only be used with a Sword. Damage is equal to 500% of normal attacks. Costs 1900 MP, Usage Frequency: Low.

[Heaven-Splitting Dragon-Slaying Art]: An extreme killing move comprehended by the War God Chi Xuan Wu Hen during his later years. Shoots out the golden battle light formed from the War Gods power, piercing through an area of 3 metres by 1000 metres in front of him. Has [Absolute Pierce] and a large chance of destroying the targets equipment. Damage is equal to 600% of normal attacks. Costs 1600 MP, Usage Frequency: Low.

Ultimate Skill:

[War God Domain Qilin]: The War God Chi Xuan Wu Hens unique domain. Turns the 50 metres around him into his own domain. Within the domain, Physical Attack Power+90%, Movement Speed+90%, Enemy Physical Attack Power-40%, and Movement Speed-40%. Lasts for 10 minutes and can only be used once per day.

[God-Murdering Heaven-Punishing Slash]: An extreme killing move comprehended by the War God Chi Xuan Wu Hen during his later years. Legends say that it can kill even True Gods and rend the heavens once released. Single target attack, damage is equal to 12,500% of normal attacks, and it applies a stun for 3-5 seconds. Costs 35,000 MP, activation conditions: Unknown. Usage Frequency: Extremely Low.

[Blue Sky Extermination]: An extreme killing move comprehended by the War God Chi Xuan Wu Hen during his later years. 3 years after comprehending it, his lifeforce ran dry, and he never used it. As such, its power is unknown. Activation conditions: Unknown, Usage Frequency: Extremely Low.

Forbidden Skill:

[War Gods Final Mystery Moon Break]: ??????

Weaknesses: No Physical Defence, Light element Resistance: -100%, Fire element Resistance: -50%.

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