Shura's Wrath Chapter 650

Chapter 650

Only Option

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

The man in azures information shocked Ling Chen, and he cried out, Youre Youre the War God!!

The person in front of him was actually the legend of the Forgotten Continent, an ultimate expert who was crowned the War God! He was publicly acknowledged to be the most powerful human in the history of the Forgotten Continent. Even after 1,000 years, there were still legends in the Forgotten Continent about him. At the same time, he was the one who had given Ling Chen his profession! Almost all of Ling Chens battle skills came from the War Gods inheritance. From this, the War God was equivalent to his master in the virtual world.

However, he never would have thought that he would face this person who had died 1,000 years ago!

Ling Chen suddenly realised why this mans voice had sounded so familiar although it contained no emotion, the voice itself was exactly the same as the War Gods spirit from the War Gods Trial Grounds.

Even after Ling Chen called out his name, the man in azure revealed no emotions. However, his response shocked Ling Chen, I am the War God, and you are also the War God.

His voice was incredibly calm, and apart from his mouth moving ever so slightly, the muscles on his face did not move at all.

How did you know? Ling Chen asked.

How could I not recognise my own power? The War God replied.

While he was the War God, Ling Chen was the person who had inherited his power. It was only natural that he would be able to tell that Ling Chen also possessed the War Gods power. However, what made Ling Chen even more shocked was that when he saw an outsider come in, he was incredibly calm; when it saw that it was a living being, he remained just as emotionless; and even though he recognised that this person was the inheritor of his strength, his expression, body, and the look in his eyes were all as still as water without even a hint of excitement or any other emotion.

Could it be that despite the fact that his body and power were revived by the Underworld Fire, his heart and emotions were still dead?

However, the War Gods next words confirmed that this was not true. He calmly spoke, Its just that I never thought that the power I left behind would only be inherited after a thousand years.

There was finally a trace of emotion in the War Gods voice. It was one of sorrow and melancholy that no one else could understand, and it also contained a hint of reminiscence. These slight traces of emotions showed that it wasnt that his heart and emotions were dead, but that his mental state had reached a point that normal people couldnt even imagine. Let alone meeting the inheritor of his power after 1,000 years, he would remain just as calm even if the sky fell and the earth shattered.

Wait he knows that hes the War God, can tell that I have the War Gods power, and remembers the inheritance. Could it be

Do you still have your memories from during your lifetime? Ling Chen asked.

When Ling Chen had first entered the Underworld and talked to the elderly Undead, he found out that powerful Undead, especially under special circumstances, could awaken their memories from when they were alive. It would be as if they had been given another life. However, this sort of Undead was so rare that they would appear only once in a thousand years. Moreover, these memories would only last in the Underworld; once they left the Underworld, they would become like normal Zombies.

From the War God Chi Xuan Wu Hens words, he evidently could remember his life before he became an Undead.

Thats right. Otherwise, I would be peacefully staying here and would instead be the Underworld Kings slave. You wouldnt understand the pain of having my memories from during my lifetime but being unable to leave this world of Undead. If I had the choice, I would rather be an Undead without my memories.

The War Gods words confirmed Ling Chens suspicions, and he revealed even more emotions. Ling Chen could understand his pain possessing his memories from his past and having many things he wanted to do, but being unable to leave to meet the people he loved not being able to know whether they were living well or not, and being unable to do what he wanted to do was an unbearable torture. It was not something that he could ever completely forget.

At this moment, Ling Chen gradually relaxed, and he thanked the heavens for helping him. It was definitely true that with Xiao Hui by his side, super lucky things would happen to him wherever he went. Although the War God in front of him was not the Forgotten Continents War God anymore but the Underworlds Undead War God, his power had been completely awakened, meaning that he could only be stronger than he was when he was alive. Facing the strongest human in history, did Ling Chen have any hope in defeating him? Absolutely not! As for killing him, that was simply a fantasy.

As such, if he had to kill the War God, Ling Chen would definitely not be able to pass through the Fire Purgatory.

However, what allowed him to breathe out in relief was that although the person in front of him was the War God, he was his sole successor. From the War Gods words, Ling Chen could deduce that he still had his memories, that his emotions were not completely dead, and that he desired to return to the Forgotten Continent. In that case, he wouldnt try to kill his successor, right? Since the situation was like this, perhaps

Ling Chen spoke in an earnest tone, Senior War God, I can completely understand how you feel. I had the fortune of obtaining your power, and I have always felt incredibly grateful towards you. I never thought that you still existed in this world. Since Ive been blessed with your power, I should do something for you. As such, if senior War God has anything that he wishes to be done in the Forgotten Continent, please tell me, and Ill do my best to accomplish it for you.

And what would you like in exchange? The War God blandly replied.

Ling Chen stared in surprise before immediately replying, I hope that after fulfilling senior War Gods wishes, senior War God will allow me to pass through the Fire Purgatory. I risked many dangers coming to the Underworld, and I want to reach the Underworld Blood Lake because theres something I need to obtain there no matter what. As such, I hope that senior War God will agree to this.

Ling Chen had spoken incredibly sincerely, and he had not even asked the War God to immediately let him pass, but only after he fulfilled the War Gods wishes. It was impossible for Ling Chen to defeat the War God, so this was his only hope.

The War God did not move, and when he spoke again, his voice became low and heavy, the pressure on Ling Chens body becoming stronger, Let me ask you, what is the essence of a War God?

Ling Chen raised his eyebrows as he replied, Battle and power.

Thats right, its battle and power, the War God slightly nodded. This was the only action Ling Chen had seen him make this entire time, A War Gods strength is raised through going through countless battles. When theres an obstacle, one must use power to eliminate it. What a War God desires should be obtained through strength and not trickery or pleading. Otherwise, they do not deserve the War Gods power or to be called a War God.

A chilling feeling spread throughout Ling Chens heart.

The War Gods hand moved, and as he stretched out his hand, he gradually lifted the massive jet-black sword from the ground. When the sword completely left the ground, a formless sword qi swept throughout the entire Fire Purgatory like a wild gale. Ling Chens entire body felt cold, and he felt a faint pain in his face. The Chilling Star and Twilight Spear in his hands felt as if they had met the emperor of weapons, and they trembled in Ling Chens hands. Even the glow they shone with died down.

The Chilling Star and Twilight Spear were proper Heavens End grade equipment! From this, Ling Chen could tell just how monstrous of a weapon the jet-black sword was.

The War God pointed the large sword at him and spoke with his emotionless voice again, The only way for you to pass through here is for you to kill me. Otherwise, I will kill you. Today, one of us will die; theres no other option!

Either I die or you die this was the War Gods reply to Ling Chen. The relationship between them and Ling Chens offer to help him fulfill his wishes didnt matter to him at all.

The War God was a maniac who pursued the ultimate power, and he spent his entire life trying to become stronger. What he had said was the foundation of his life while he was still alive. However, although Ling Chen had obtained the War Gods power, he wasnt a true War God, nor was he a madman who desperately pursued power. As long as his methods didnt completely throw away his dignity or go against what he believed in, he would do anything to accomplish his goals.

Facing the War Gods sword, Ling Chen frowned as he asked, Senior War God, is there a possibility of me defeating you?

No, The War Gods reply was very direct. As such, it is you who will die today.

I am the sole successor of your power. If I die, the War Gods power will disappear from the Forgotten Continent forever. Is this something you want to see? Ling Chen asked as he took in a deep breath he desperately hoped that the Undead War God didnt know that players could revive after dying.

Since fate has arranged for me to kill the successor of my power, so be it. War Gods do not fear death dying in battle is the best way for a War God to die. I will use my full power to guard this place. No matter who it is, if they kill me, they can pass; otherwise, I will kill them. This is my destiny, as well as my pride and dignity as a War God. The War God slightly turned the sword, and just this simple action caused the flow of air in the entire space to change. Raise your weapon and show me your power. Fight! No matter if you live or die, do not throw away the pride and dignity of a War God!

The War Gods reply completely crushed Ling Chens hopes. He did not say anything else after all, no matter what he said, it would be futile. Ling Chen slowly raised his arms, which felt incredibly heavy, and crossed the Chilling Star and Twilight Spear in front of his body if he wanted to pass through the Fire Purgatory, he had to kill the War God, the most powerful legend in the Forgotten Continent. Apart from this, there was no other option!

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