Shura's Wrath Chapter 652

Chapter 652

The Undefeatable War God

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+1,500,000, +500,000.

+1,500,000, +500,000.


Every second, the War Gods HP recovered at an astonishing rate, causing the damage that Ling Chen had dealt during the 5 seconds that the War God was frozen to become futile.

While he still had [Soul Sacrifice] and [War Gods Fury], Ling Chen spread out his hands and got into position to attack again. His eyes also flashed with a strange light, sending a [Utter Despair Curse] towards the War God.

The War God slightly frowned, but that was it. His expression and his gaze did not change at all, and he calmly said, So you are also a successor of the Feng Chen Sect. Looks like Xiao Feng Chen has escaped from the Lunar Sky Hell and fulfilled his greatest wish.

Back then, Xiao Feng Chen had told Ling Chen that before he was imprisoned in the Lunar Sky Hell, he was good friends with the War God. When he heard that the War God died, Xiao Feng Chen had been extremely sad. As such, Ling Chen wasnt surprised that the War God would mention the Feng Chen Sect and Xiao Feng Chen. Ling Chen tightened his grip on his weapons although he had expected this sort of outcome, he still felt quite uncomfortable. If even the Feng Chen Curses were ineffective on the War God, it seemed that the only option he had was to kill him.

If it was from before I died, perhaps your Feng Chen Murdering Heart Curses would have worked on me. However, Ive stilled my mind for over a thousand years, and even the powerful Feng Chen Curses are unable to shake me. Perhaps this is my fortune, and perhaps this is misfortune, The War God spoke somewhat melancholically as he slowly lifted his large, jet-black sword. Everything from when I was living is like a dream. Now, my duty is to guard the area behind me and to kill anything that comes in here. If you dont want to die, use your strength to destroy me. Otherwise, prepare to be buried in the undying Underworld Fire.

I wont allow myself to die! Ling Chen roared as he rushed towards the War God again. When he was about 10 or so steps away, Snow Cherry activated her [Thousand Illusion], instantly filling the area with countless afterimages that all rushed towards the War God.


All of the afterimages disappeared, leaving behind only Ling Chens true body, which was above and to the left of the War God. This was Ling Chens full-powered strike, but he was unable to hit the War Gods body. His Twilight Spear and Chilling Star slammed down on the War Gods jet-black sword, which had suddenly appeared there, and had been solidly blocked.

A parry and a perfect one at that! Once a perfect parry was activated, the parried party would be frozen for at least 1 second.

The War Gods terrifying counterattack arrived like a flash of lightning. The jet-black sword calmly stabbed towards Ling Chens chest, and the instant it made contact, a deafening explosion sounded out.



Ling Chen and Snow Cherry were blasted into the air. The Evil Gods Mask roared as the damage that the War God dealt was reflected to him. A look of shock briefly appeared in his eyes before his gaze fell on the mask that Ling Chen was wearing.

The Feng Chen Sects Evil Gods Mask, The War God muttered to himself.

Ling Chen, who had been blasted into the air, steadied his body and almost shot out flames from his eyes. In the virtual world, he had parried countless attacks, but apart from that one time with the Sword Emperor, he had never been parried before. Moreover, that time with the Sword Emperor was because he wasnt using his full strength against her in order to test her strength. With his powerful battle sense and tactics, his attacking angle was always perfect, and with his shocking, explosive strength, it was almost impossible for enemies to dodge his attacks. At least to his knowledge, only Hell and Eve could do such a thing. Just then, not only had he used all of his strength, but had also chosen an angle that the War God could not have dodged from. He had even used [Thousand Illusion], and yet the War God had easily parried his attack perfectly!

The perfect parry completely crushed Ling Chens last hopes.

The War God a god among men; the most powerful existence in the history of humans in the Forgotten Continent. The peak at which he stood completely surpassed anything Ling Chen knew. Although Ling Chen was powerful, he was still a human. How could he stand up against an existence acknowledged to be a god?


Broken Shadow!

Ling Chen unleashed a loud roar as he activated Broken Shadow, sending his Movement Speed while mounted on Snow Cherry to shoot to 4310. This was an incredibly monstrous burst speed, a figure that should not be possible for a human. As Ling Chen charged forwards with this speed, a wild gale erupted forth in the Fire Purgatory. Ling Chen and Snow Cherry were travelling so fast that it was impossible for them to be seen clearly, and only their after images could be seen.

Bang! Bang!

Ling Chen blasted 2 furious attacks onto the War Gods body. Even the War God was unable to react to more than 4000 Movement Speed, much less parry it. In fact, he couldnt even see Ling Chens trajectory properly. After attacking, Ling Chen immediately retreated and then rushed towards the War God again, once again landing 2 heavy blows on his body he then repeated this a third time, then a fourth, then a fifth

The War God stood unmoving. Facing this sort of speed, he was unable to evade, and even if he attacked, all that he would hit would be afterimages. After Ling Chen launched 7 rounds of attacks, the War God closed his eyes, allowing Ling Chen to crazily attack as he calmly said, The Feng Chen Sects escaping abilities are indeed peerless under the heavens. If this space wasnt sealed, I wouldnt be able to stop you if you wanted to leave, much less harm you. However, within this restricted space, so what if youre fast?

The War God opened his eyes and held his sword straight ahead of him. As he activated his skill, Xiao Hui, who had been watching the War God this entire time, sent a piece of information into Ling Chens mind. This caused Ling Chen, who was about to launch his eighth round of attacks, to feel immense shock as he looked at Xi Ling and CaiEr, roaring out, Dodge it!!

However, it was too late. Moreover, where could they escape to within this restricted space?

Countless streams of dark sword qi rushed out from the War Gods sword, flying in all directions. In just an instant, every part of the Fire Purgatory was filled with sword qi, and Ling Chen, Xiao Hui, Snow Cherry, Xi Ling, and CaiEr were all pierced by the sword qi. Ling Chens Evil Gods Masks cooldown time had just refreshed, and LengEr, who was not affected by physical attacks, was safe and sound. However, Xi Ling and CaiErs HP were instantly cleared out.

Ding your pet Xiao Hui has suffered fatal damage. The skill [Holy Spirits Shield] has been activated, and his HP has remained at 1 HP.

Ding your pet Xiao Huis skill [Holy Spirits Sacrifice] has been activated, and he has died in Xi Ling and CaiErs place.

Ding your pet Xiao Hui has died.

Ding your pet Xiao Huis skill [Holy Spirits Shield] has been activated, and he has revived with full HP.

The War Gods [Boundless Sword Light] covered the 300 metres around him. This meant that no matter where they were in the Fire Purgatory or how fast they were, they were still bound to be hit.

[Soul Sacrifice] and [War Gods Fury]s effects ended at the same time, and Ling Chens Attack Power returned to its normal state. Under CaiErs [Natures Light], his HP returned to its maximum. However, he wouldnt be able to deal more damage than the War God could heal in this state.

[Disdaining The Heavens and Scorning the Earth, I Am The Emperor]!

All of the power within Ling Chens body furiously gathered and burned as the formless War Gods power formed a layer of colourless light on Ling Chens body. He once again rushed towards the War God and attacked.


If Ling Chens attacks in even his strongest state could be parried, it was even more so for Ling Chen in his normal state. The War God casually swung out his sword, easily parrying Ling Chens attack. However, despite being parried, Ling Chen was not affected by any attack delays, and he instead roared as he immediately followed with a second attack. He used all of his strength in his body to stab towards the War Gods chest, hitting him solidly. However, the War Gods expression did not change at all. His sword sliced through the air and hit Ling Chens body with an [Extreme Heaven Destroying Slash], the War Gods power exploding outwards. However, Ling Chen did not retreat, and he did not even take any damage. His gaze was ruthless as he attacked incredibly quickly, ignoring all of the War Gods attacks.

Is this the unique War God skill that you comprehended? There was a faint sense of disappointment in the War Gods voice. He stopped counterattacking and allowed Ling Chen to attack as he wished because Ling Chen was evidently invincible during this period of time, Even though the War Gods power is in battle and strength, youve used the strongest portion of the strength to defend extremely foolish.

10 seconds later when [Disdaining The Heavens and Scorning the Earth, I Am The Emperor]s effects ended, the silent War God suddenly raised his black sword like an awoken Demon God, slashing out with a meteor-like attack.


An explosion rang out, and after being hit heavily by the War Gods attack, the Evil Gods Masks effects once again activated, reflecting the damage back at the War God. However, as someone who knew about the Feng Chen Sect and knew Xiao Feng Chen extremely well, how could the War God not know the Evil Gods Masks effects? That first attack was merely to activate the Evil Gods Mask, and his true attack swept towards Ling Chen while the Evil Gods Mask was in cooldown. Just like that, an oppressive air that could flip mountains and overturn oceans covered Ling Chens body. Ling Chen was just about to retreat, but the War Gods oppressive air froze him in place. He felt as if Mount Tai was weighing down on him, and he couldnt budge and inch.

Within Ling Chens eyes, he could see the War Gods jet-black sword coming closer and closer. Ling Chens eyes widened and gathered all of the strength in his body to raised his arms, meeting the War Gods sword with his Chilling Star and Twilight Spear.


The War Gods sword did not land on Ling Chens body, but it was instead tightly resisted by Ling Chens weapons. However, this only lasted for an instant. In the next moment, Ling Chen grunted as the massive force that travelled through his arms smashed into his body like 2 massive hammers, sending him flying off Snow Cherrys back.

Although he had successfully parried the attack, how could he completely negate all of the force from the War Gods attack?

Evidently, the War God hadnt expected Ling Chen to parry his attack, and a look of surprise appeared within his eyes. However, this look became icy as his sword then stabbed towards Ling Chen, giving off a 30-metre-long golden glow that pierced through Ling Chens body. A wave of immense pain spread throughout Ling Chens body the War Gods attacks ignored all pain reduction, so when Ling Chen was cut by his sword, he felt as if he was really being cut by a real sword.


Ling Chen heavily fell to the ground, and his arms were so numb that he couldnt feel them. An [Ice Soul Heart-Protector Pearl] shattered before disappearing.

 Ding your weapon [Twilight Spear] has been moderately damaged, and it has lost 40% Physical Attack Power and 30% of all other stats. All bonus skills have disappeared.

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