Shura's Wrath Chapter 656

Chapter 656

Dark Samsara (1)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

Mystic Moon world, Underworld, Fire Purgatory.




Ling Chens roars became more and more terrifying, and his eyes had completely become the colour of blood. The killing intent and ruthlessness that emanated out from his entire body formed a horrifying gale, making the crumbling Fire Purgatory look like a true hell. Feeling this aura, Snow Cherry subconsciously took a few steps back, and LengEr stared at him with fear with her mouth wide open because both of them felt an incredible sense of danger from him a feeling that he might go berserk and kill them!

Currently, every one of Ling Chens cells and nerves was filled with boundless killing intent, making him want to release all of the strength within his body and kill and destroy everything in sight. His boulder-like mental energy defended the last of his clarity, but under the unending killing intent, his willpower was unable to stop it and on the verge of collapse.

At this moment, a black light that no one could see appeared beside Ling Chen, revealing Qi Yues figure. She silently looked at Ling Chen and narrowed her eyes as she slowly extended her hands towards Ling Chen. When she was halfway there, however, she suddenly stopped as a conflicting look appeared on her face. After this persisted for a few seconds, Qi Yue closed her eyes and spread her fingers apart instantly, the Lunar Scourge on Ling Chens hand shone with a dark grey light, covering his entire right arm and spreading around his entire body.

Qi Yue opened her eyes and looked towards the silver light that was covering Ling Chens entire body, muttering, This is an opportunity given to me by the heavens to take so dont blame me when I attain my desire, Ill return your freedom to you and I will do everything I can to make it up to you

The silver light continued to extend, covering half of Ling Chens body. At that moment, a faint white light silently appeared above Ling Chen and within it was a small figure. This figure did not catch anyones attention, and not even Qi Yue noticed it. After appearing, the white figure stared in silence for a few seconds before releasing a completely undetectable and colourless light that fused into Ling Chens body. 

Following this, Ling Chens mind, which had almost been completely devoured, felt as if it had gone from hell to a warm heaven. It caused all of the pain to disappear, and the negative emotions quickly receded as the killing intent and murderous air around him quickly dissipated the silver light that covered more than half of Ling Chens body stopped extending further and retreated like lightning back into the Lunar Scourge.

Qi Yues body trembled and her face became incredibly pale. She then disappeared amidst a glow of black light. The white figure in the air remained there for a few more seconds before also disappearing.

Within Qi Yues room, a black light appeared and then Qi Yue reappeared. However, her face was pitifully pale, and her body swayed before finally powerlessly falling next to her bed. She held onto her head, which was threatening to split apart, as she muttered in disbelief, How could it be how could his mental energy be strong to such a degree I thought it was an incredibly rare opportunity

After a while, the pain in her soul finally began to lessen and her face regained its rosy glow. Qi Yue placed her hand on her chest as she hazily looked ahead and muttered to herself, Looks like I really have to use that method I guess I owe him

Outside the door, Shadissika was staring fixedly at Qi Yues closed door, and a trace of killing intent appeared within her star-like eyes. When she turned around, her snow-white face was once again covered with a pure and gentle smile. She called out Tian Tians name and hopped out of the hall with her swimsuit on before leaping into the man-made hot spring.

Ling Chen stood up, staring at his hands in surprise. As he thought back to that terrifying feeling, he spaced out for a while.

The first time he had used the Shuras Death Domain he had been afflicted by an onslaught of feelings of violence and destruction, and the effects of 7 Shuras Death Domains was much more terrifying. He had clearly felt that despite struggling with all he had, his willpower was still being slowly devoured, and he was only a sliver from crumbling however, all of the negative emotions that were assaulting his mind had suddenly disappeared without a trace. His mind now felt incredibly refreshed, and he didnt even feel any lethargy

It was as if everything had just been a dream.

Despite this, he felt a trace of fear in his heart. If that wasnt an illusion, the result would have been his mind being completely taken over by those negative emotions, turning him into a true demon of murder.

Snow Cherry and LengEr came over to Ling Chen and looked at him worriedly. Ling Chen patted Snow Cherry with one hand and held LengErs icy cold hand with the other as he smiled, You must have been incredibly worried just then, right? Its fine now; that was just the side-effects from the skill.

After speaking, Ling Chens gaze became serious, and he looked up at the person standing in front of him the War God that still had not fallen.

Although he still had not fallen, Ling Chen was 100% sure that he was dead. After taking 7 [Extinguishing the Heavens and Destroying The Earth Tempest] and 7 [Shuras Death Domain], which were all miraculously boosted by the Stone of Resentments 0.1% chance of activating the 10 times damage multiplier, the War God had definitely died from such an attack. The only reason that he was still standing was that his willpower did not allow his body to fall down just yet.

The Shuras power

The Undead War Gods mouth moved as he rasped. His eyes had lost their focus and he hazily stared towards where Ling Chen was, but it seemed as if he could not see him.

As well as the Eyes of Extermination from the legends Youre actually

I did not die unjustly

The War God stopped speaking as countless cracks spread out along his body. A breeze blew past, and the War Gods body seemed to turn into stone. He was gradually blown away, bit by bit, by the wind only the jet-black sword, which had kept him company for over a thousand years in the Underworld remained, remained, and it fell to the ground with a clang.

Ding you have successfully killed the LV96 high-tier Mysterious God grade Boss [Chi Xuan Wu Hen], Fame+1,920,000, SP+1,920,000.

Ding congratulations you have levelled up to LV52, HP+20, MP+20, Strength+5, Agility+1, Spirit+1.

Ding congratulations you have levelled up to LV53, HP+20, MP+20, Strength+5, Agility+1, Spirit+1.

Ding congratulations you have levelled up to LV61, HP+20, MP+20, Strength+5, Agility+1, Spirit+1.

Ding congratulations you have levelled up to LV62, HP+20, MP+20, Strength+5, Agility+1, Spirit+1.

Ding your pet Xiao Hui has levelled up to LV59 

Ding your pet Xi Ling has levelled up to LV62

Ding your pet LengEr has levelled up to LV62

Ding your pet Snow Cherry has levelled up to LV62

Ding your pet CaiEr has levelled up to LV62

After using the Shuras Death Domain, Ling Chen had lost 9 levels and 30 of each of the basic attributes. However, for singlehandedly killing a LV96 high-tier Mysterious God grade Boss, the amount of EXP, Fame, and SP he received was gigantic. Even with the Heavens Jealousy debuff, Ling Chens level rose by 11, and he had received almost 2 million Fame and SP!

When the system announcement notified him as to how much Fame and SP he had received, Ling Chens heart almost exploded in shock. This was too goddamn much it would take him a lifetime to spend it all!

The War God had died. The War God, who had died 1,000 years ago, had died again. This time, he had died permanently. Under the might of the [Shuras Death Domain], the War Gods body and soul had been completely annihilated without even a trace left. After silently looking at where the War God had been, a feeling of sorrow passed through Ling Chens heart on the very first day that he had entered the Forgotten Continent, he had heard of the War Gods legend. He had then entered the War Gods Trial Grounds and inherited his power. It was because of the War Gods power that he became invincible within this world. As his profession grew, Ling Chen became more and more shocked as to its power, and he felt more and more admiration towards the War God.

However, he had never expected that he would meet the War God and that he would have to use his trump card to kill him.

Fates arrangements were always unpredictable. Thinking back over all of this, Ling Chen felt as if all of this had been a dream.

The War Gods death meant that Ling Chen had passed the Fire Purgatory. However, even if the War God had not died, he wouldnt have been able to stop Ling Chen from entering the Underworld Blood Lake. This was because the entirety of the Fire Purgatory had been destroyed by the Shuras power. After wallowing in melancholy for a while, Ling Chen did not stay any longer. He was sure that the massive commotion caused by the Fire Purgatory being destroyed would have definitely alerted the Underworld Gods standing guard, and it was possible that someone might perhaps investigate the worst case scenario would be the Underworld King using the special teleportation channel to directly appear at the Underworld Blood Lake. As such, there was very little time for Ling Chen to search for the Orb at the Underworld Blood Lake.

Snow Cherry, lets go!

Ling Chen sat atop Snow Cherry as they sped across the desolated ground. When they passed where the War God had stood, Ling Chen suddenly stopped and looked down at the gigantic, jet-black sword on the ground.

This was the only thing that the Undead War God had dropped after falling.

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