Shura's Wrath Chapter 659

Chapter 659

LengErs True Awakening

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

However, Ling Chen did not hear any sizzling nor did he see any damage figures appear. Most importantly, there were not any changes to LengErs body or expression. As Ling Chen stared in shock, Lenger slowly pulled out her finger from the water. Her finger was covered with the dark-red water, but in an instant, the water strangely disappeared from her finger no, more precisely, it silently entered her finger.

This Ling Chen felt quite surprised. He had just witnessed how terrifying the Underworld Blood Lake was, and its effects should apply to both living creatures and the Undead because it was created by devouring Undead. However, LengEr evidently seemed fine.

It feels so nice and warm LengEr muttered as she looked at her finger. She then looked down at the blood-red water as a look of desire appeared within her dark eyes. Finally, she put away the doll that was in her embrace as her body continued to descend. Her cute feet in their black shoes entered the lake followed by her legs her entire lower body chest and she was finally completely submerged in the Underworld Blood Lake.

The Underworld Blood Lake continued to bubble, and Ling Chen continued help but continue to stare at where LengEr had descended, not sure what to think.

When he had touched the Underworld Blood Lake, he had taken a massive amount of damage. And yet, when LengEr had touched it, she had said that it was nice and warm. Just what was going on? Why did she enter the Underworld Blood Lake? Could it really be that the water was so inviting to her?

While Ling Chen was confused, a stream of system announcements rapidly sounded out in succession:

Ding because of unknown reasons, your pet LengErs dormant power has awoken, Magic Attack Power+107.

Ding because of unknown reasons, your pet LengErs dormant power has awoken, Darkness Resistance has been increased 110%.

Ding because of unknown reasons, your pet LengErs dormant power has awoken, Water, Fire, Wind, Lightning, Earth Resistance+

Ding because of unknown reasons, your pet LengErs dormant power has awoken, Magic Attack Power+260

In the span of a few seconds, a number of system announcements rang in Ling Chens ears, causing him to feel quite shocked. He quickly looked down at the lake, and he found that it looked exactly the same. There was nothing different or special where LengEr had descended, but the system announcements continued to wildly sound out

Ding because of unknown reasons, your pet LengErs dormant power has awoken, MP+563.

Ding... your pet LengErs dormant power has awoken, skill [Summon Undead] has been levelled up to LV3.

Ding... your pet LengErs dormant power has awoken, skill [Darkness Spike]s maximum level has been increased to LV10, and she has received the evolved skill [Darkness Touch].

Ding... your pet LengErs dormant power has awoken, skill [Darkness Spike] has been levelled up to LV8, [Darkness Touch] has been levelled up to LV4.

Ding because of unknown reasons, your pet LengErs dormant power has awoken, Magic Attack Power+439, Movement Speed+17.

Ding... your pet LengErs dormant power has awoken, skill [Sin Lock] has been raised to max level.

Ding... your pet LengErs dormant power has awoken, skill [Soul Lock] has been raised to max level.

Ding... your pet LengErs dormant power has awoken, and she has unlocked the darkness destructive skill [Deathly Moon].

Ding because of unknown reasons, your pet LengErs dormant power has awoken, MP+1,069, Magic Attack Power+227, Movement Speed+12, Darkness Resistance has been increased to 138%, Water Resistance has been increased to 62%, Fire Resistance has been increased to 70%, Wind Resistance has been increased to 68%, Lightning Resistance has been increased to 59%, Earth Resistance has been increased to 66%.

Ding... your pet LengErs dormant power has awoken, darkness destructive skill [Deathly Moon] has been levelled up to LV5, unique undead forbidden skill [Eternal Death] has been unlocked.

Ding... your pet LengErs dormant power has awoken




Before one system announcement had finished, the next one would begin. They soon became so dense that Ling Chen couldnt even hear the contents of the system announcements properly. He knew that after descending into the Underworld Blood Lake, many of LengErs stats and abilities had crazily increased, and her dormant power was quickly awakening

The Underworld Blood Lakes water not only did not harm LengEr, but it also helped her quickly become more powerful. Surprisingly, this water, which had devoured countless Undead, could not devour LengEr, and it seemed as if its power was being devoured by LengEr!

The system announcements continued to chaotically mix with each other, and Ling Chen temporarily forgot about finding the Orb as he hesitantly looked down at the Underworld Blood Lake, worrying that something might happen.

5 minutes later, the system announcements finally stopped, but LengEr still did not come out of the water.

LengEr! LengEr!!

Ling Chen started to call out, and after calling out about 7 or 8 times, he did not receive any response. He tightly frowned, praying that nothing had happened to LengEr. He then opened LengErs stats page to see how much stronger she had become over the past 5 minutes. 

As soon as Ling Chen took a glance, he felt incredibly shocked.

[LengEr]: Type: Humanoid Pet, Level: LV62, Grade: None, Owner: Ling Tian. An irregular girl from the Eerie Castle at the heart of the Forest of Bones. Her background is unclear, and she only has half a spirit and an illusory body. She was not willing to leave the Forest of Bones, and she is always carrying around a doll. She has a terrifying love for dolls. Stimulated by an unknown power, the dormant power within her body has started to awaken, and her dormant memories have also started to recover.

[Relationship with master]: A connection created by a Soul Sacrifice Contract, which cannot be terminated. Does not need to obey her owners commands, and the damage taken by her will be transferred to her owner. Her level will always be equivalent to her owners, and she will live and die with her owner.

[Favourability to owner]: 42 (Liking) [Note: -100: Irreconcilable Hatred, -80: Hatred, -60: Despising, -40: Loathing, -20: Distrusting, -10: Disliking, 0: Neutral, 10: Closeness, 20: Trusting, 40: Liking, 50: Affectionate, 60: Infatuation, 70: Adoration, 80: True Love, 90: Together Forever, 100: To Death Do Us Part.]

Stats: HP: ????, MP: 132,800, Physical Attack Power: 1, Magic Attack Power: 35,600, Defence: 500, Critical Chance: 0, Pierce Chance: 0, Movement Speed: 290, Elemental Resistances: Water: 75%, Fire: 75%, Wind: 75%, Lightning: 75%, Earth: 75%, Light: -50%, Darkness: 200%.

Passive Ability: 1. Illusory body: Ignores all physical attacks and Darkness attacks. Immune to all abnormal statuses and stat debuffs. Can float up to 100 metres high.

2. ???? (Strength insufficient, unable to unlock)

3. ???? (Strength insufficient, unable to unlock)

Special Attributes: Owner can choose whether she is visible or invisible. When she is visible, LengEr can be seen and heard by other beings. When she is invisible, only her owner or beings with extremely high magic or spirit can see or hear her. Moreover, only her owner can come into contact with her body.


[Summon Undead]: Current Level: LV3, Highest Level: LV5, Requirements to level up unknown. Uses the death energy from corpses as mediums to summon medium grade Skeleton Soldiers from the Underworld. The Skeleton Soldiers assume the profession of the corpse, have the same level as the summoner, and have grades of 2 Star Elites. The Skeleton Soldiers will fully obey all commands from the summoner. Every corpse can only be used to summon 1 Skeleton Soldier. Every summon costs 50MP, and multiple Skeleton Soldiers can be simultaneously summoned from multiple corpses. There is no limit to the number of Skeleton Soldiers that can be in existence. Every Skeleton Soldier lasts for 20 minutes, and it will immediately disappear once killed.

[Darkness Spike]: Current Level: LV10, max level. A Darkness element attack that uses Darkness elemental energy to create 2 Darkness Spikes within 50 metres around the caster. Silently and stealthily pierces towards a target or targets. Base attack damage is Magic Attack Power x 500%. Upon being hit, the target has a 5% of instant death. Costs 30MP, no cooldown.

[Darkness Touch]: Current Level: LV10, max level. A skill unlocked from the [Darkness Spike], releases an eerie Darkness energy to entangle multiple targets within 30 metres, causing an explosion of Darkness energy to cause massive Darkness element damage. Base attack damage is Magic Attack Power x 300%, and it can be used on 12 targets maximum. Has a 10% chance of adding a [Darkness] abnormal status for 5 seconds. Costs 60MP, no cooldown time.

[Darkness Lock]: (no change)

[Underworld Lock]: (no change)

[Sin Lock]: Current Level: LV5, max level. Uses Darkness energy to surround the 50 metres around the target and attack the targets spirit, causing them to release the hidden evil side in their hearts and enter the Berserk status for 20 seconds, attacking everything around them furiously. Costs 300MP, cooldown time: 60 seconds. 

[Soul Lock]: Current Level: LV5, max level. Uses dark underworld power to bind a single targets soul within 50 metres, allowing you to completely control their mind and soul for 30 seconds. Base rate of success is 35%. Consumes 320MP, cooldown time: 60 seconds.

[Deathly Moon]: Current level: LV5, max level. Uses deathly aura to create a moon, mercilessly devouring all light and life. Effects: Deals Magic Attack Power x 1500% Darkness element damage to all targets within 100 metres, turning the damage dealt into HP and MP for the user, master, and other pets. Has a 100% chance to add a [Darkness] abnormal status for 5 seconds. When casting, the entire region falls into complete darkness. Costs 8300 MP, cooldown time: 10 minutes.

Ultimate Skills:

[Doll Grenade]: No change.

[Eternal Death]: Darkness Forbidden Skill, cannot be levelled up. Summons deathly aura from hell, dispelling all holiness and auspiciousness. The moment the demonic eyes are opened, a misfortune from the abyss will descend on the mortal realm. Effects: All targets within 3000 metres, regardless of level or grade, are afflicted by a [Curse] abnormal status for 3 minutes. Costs 120,000 MP, cooldown time: 1 month.

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