Shura's Wrath Chapter 666

Chapter 666

The Princess Grand Wedding

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

The ordinarily quiet and heavy atmosphere in the Underworld Royal City became raucous and bustling because a shocking piece of news had spread throughout the city in half a day the Underworld Kings daughter, who had been lost for 10,000 years, was back!

Just this alone would have caused the entire city to celebrate for 3 days and 3 nights, but that wasnt all not only had the Underworld King found his daughter, but he had also found a son-in-law, and the wedding was going to be today at the Underworld Kings Residence!

Even the stupidest and slowest Undead would feel that this was a bit too sudden! They had been separated for 10,000 years, and now after finding her, he was immediately arranging a marriage?! Many Undead wondered whether it was that they had become unfamiliar with the times or if the Underworld King was a bit too hasty!

No matter what, the marriage of the Underworld Kings daughter was set in stone. Right after noon, the entirety of the Underworld Royal City was filled with glowing lights, and there were people hurrying around the Underworld Kings Residence, hurriedly making preparations, creating a bustling scene. Moreover, the Underworld King had personally given the order that all preparations were to be ready by 7pm even if all the high-grade Undead were to be used as labourers as well, or the consequences would be dire.

This was no laughing matter!

However, as the other main character of this event, the Underworld King did not care about Ling Chens opinion at all, and he had completely ignored it.

Underworld King! This is an incredibly important event for your daughter! How can you rush through it like this? Ling Chen yelled at the Underworld King.

Its because shes my daughter that Im in such a hurry! Otherwise, why else would I go through all this hassle? The Underworld King roared back.

Fudge! When has there ever been a father who throws his daughter at another man? Even if you dont feel bad about this, I feel bad about it!

Who cares if you feel bad! You have the Soul Sacrifice Contract, and ChanEr wont ever be able to leave you. Apart from you, who else can she marry? Its going to happen sooner or later, so I might as well make it happen sooner! That way, ChanErs soul and body can be restored earlier! I dont want to wait even an extra second! Can you understand the feeling of having your daughter in front of you but not able to recognise you? Can you?!


The hell are you still saying but for?! Theres no way to get rid of the Soul Sacrifice Contract; could it be that you want my Underworld Kings daughter to follow you for life without even officially having a title? If you continue to try to push this off do you think I wouldnt dare to tell the Moon God Clan that you have the Lunar Scourge?! 

How did you know?!

Of course its from seeing ChanErs memories! Even if she doesnt recognise the Lunar Scourge, do you think I wouldnt recognise it?

Ive already announced my daughters marriage to the Underworld, and everyone knows about it. All of the Mayors and Underworld Lords are hurrying here, and the Underworld Royal City has long since started preparing. Even the bridal room has been prepared! If you dont marry my daughter, what will happen to my face as the Underworld King? How will I continue to stay in the Underworld?! Even if the sky falls, you and my daughter will still be getting married tonight!!

Ling Chen could only give up. If he continued yelling at the Underworld King, it would all be futile.

Ling Chen found that he couldnt talk any sense into the Underworld King in front of him, and he had seen all of the preparations in the Underworld Royal City. Even if he still felt conflicted, all he could do was cry to himself. He hadnt agreed to this whole thing, nor could he agree. However, the Underworld King didnt even need him to agree, and he had announced the matter to the entire Underworld, and everyone had started making preparations. Now, even if Ling Chen wasnt willing, there was nothing he could do. If he continued to refuse, he would cause the Underworld King to lose face in front of the entire Underworld, and it would make the situation much, much worse.

Forgetting that this was within the virtual game and in the Underworld, the other party was LengEr how could he do this?

On the other hand, LengEr silently sat next to Ling Chen obediently, hazily and curiously looking around the Underworld Royal City and the Underworld King Residence. She couldnt understand the words being said between Ling Chen and the Underworld King at all, and she didnt know that she had just been given away by her father who she had been separated from for 10,000 years.

Sitting in one of the rooms in the Underworld Kings Residence, Ling Chen could only plead, Underworld King, can I leave for a bit?

He was unable to contact the outside world in the Underworld, and the outside world was unable to contact him. He hadnt logged off for a whole day, and he should probably log off to at least meet with the others for a while. However, before he could finish his sentence, the Underworld King furiously roared back, No way! Youre not allowed to go anywhere! If you go, my ChanEr will leave with you. If you dont make it back for the wedding, what will we do? Absolutely not! Before ChanErs able to remember me as her father, I wont allow you to take even half a step outside the Underworld Kings Residence!

As such, Ling Chen could only obediently stay inside. Fight? How could he fight the Saint Destroyer grade Underworld King?! Run where could he run? And even if he got away, the Underworld King would be completely infuriated, and running would cause him to lose great face. The consequences would be unimaginable. The old fellow was evidently using this to give him pressure.

Although the Underworld King was in a rush to help LengEr recover her memories, this old fellows actions were evidently pushing him to screw his daughter! It simply didnt feel right!

Very soon, it was 7pm, and as Ling Chen was still desperately thinking of ideas, the time for the wedding arrived. The process in the Underworld was completely different to what Ling Chen was used to. Once it was time, he was pushed by a smiling Undead granny into a large hall, and LengEr was also naturally by his side.

As soon as he entered the hall, an extremely dense deathly aura flooded towards him. The Underworld Kings face was red and ruddy, and he sat in the highest position. There was also countless other high-grade, powerful Undead gathered. When Ling Chen and LengEr appeared, the hall burst into noise, filling with cheers, praising, and flattering

Congratulations Lord Underworld King for finding the Princess and a suitable suitor. These two simultaneous happy events are a blessing to the Underworld!

The heavens blessed the Underworld by bringing our lost Princess back. What a wonderful occasion! I wish the Princess every happiness!

Lord Underworld King is wise and mighty, and the Underworld will forever be at peace! I wish the Princess and Lord Son-In-Law to be eternally in love!

Lord Son-In-Law err, although your deathly aura is quite weak, you still look like an extraordinary fellow! Congratulations Lord Underworld King for finding a son-in-law!

Hearing these words, the Underworld King waved his hand as he laughed, saying, My son-in-law doesnt have much deathly aura because hes not an Undead but a regular human. Although he looks quite young, hes quite extraordinary. The matter with the Fire Purgatory collapsing was because of him, and even Chi Xuan Wu Hen died at his hands. Otherwise, how could this Underworld King allow him to marry my daughter? Hahahaha.

The thing that had caused the Underworld King to be incredibly furious was now something he boasted greatly about. A useless son-in-law and a son-in-law who could defeat the Undead War God were completely different. Once the Underworld King said that, the way that the Undead looked at Ling Chen completely changed the Undead War God Chi Xuan Wu Hen was more powerful than even the 8 Underworld Gods, and he was second only to the Underworld King in the entire Underworld. It wasnt too surprising that the Underworld Kings son-in-law was a human after all, the Underworld Kings wife had been a human too. However, this human looked so young and weak, yet he had defeated the Undead War God?

Many of the powerful Undead who knew how powerful the Undead War God was felt quite doubtful, but since the Underworld King had said so, that was that. Instantly, a new wave of praises burst forth:

As expected from Lord Underworld Kings son-in-law! Not only is he handsome and heroic-looking, but he's also so accomplished at such a young age! Hes simply shocking and incomparable!

Only such a person is good enough for our Princess!

Congratulations Lord Underworld King for obtaining such an excellent son-in-law! The days ahead for the Underworld look bright!

Ling Chen stood there like a puppet while listening to the cacophony of voices. Looking at the hall full of high-grade Undead, Ling Chen found that they were just like living humans. Although they were Undead and were incredibly powerful, they would still flatter and try to curry favour with their overlord.

However, this wasnt too surprising. After all, high-grade Undead had an intellect that was not inferior to normal humans. In that case, the way they did things was most likely quite similar to the human worlds way of doing things. It was just that the process for this wedding made Ling Chen almost cough up blood.

This was how the Princesss Grand Wedding went:

The first step was for the Underworld King to use his thunderous voice to announce that his daughter, Ming Xiao Chan, and the Forgotten Continents Ling Chen were now married.

The second step was to loudly declare for them to be taken to the bridal room!

Following this, the marriage ceremony came to a conclusion.

All that remained was for the Undead to wildly celebrate, none of which concerned Ling Chen and LengEr. When Ling Chen was pushed into the bridal room by the Undead granny, he desperately wanted to rush over to the Underworld King and roar into his face, How the hell is this a wedding for the Princess of the Underworld? Could you make it even simpler? It ended before it even goddamn began!!!

In actuality, this was already quite complex for an Underworld marriage. This was because everyone within the Underworld was an Undead, and although there were both males and females, they didnt have the passions and desires that living beings had. Very few high-grade Undead had those sorts of desires, so marriages were quite rare. In the entire Underworld Royal City, many years would pass by without even a single pair of Undead getting married. As such, the wedding ceremonies had become Underworld-ised. The first step was to declare the wedding to the public with enough Undead bearing witness, and the second step... there was none.

There seemed to be some sort of noise-sealing barrier in the room because even though the Undead outside were incredibly loud, they couldnt hear their voices anymore once they entered the bridal room. The instant they entered the bridal room, Ling Chen stared in shock while LengErs eyes lit up, dumbly staring at everything in the room.

It was a very large bedroom with a very large bed and many, many dolls.

The dolls all looked quite old, and they were not very aesthetically-pleasing, but they were arranged nicely without even a speck of dust on them. The different types of dolls seemed to fill every corner of the room, and walking into here made one feel as if they had walked into a world of dolls.

So many dolls so many LengEr softly muttered as she looked ahead of her. However, she did not rush over to touch and hug them. Instead, she just stared, her eyes looking quite hazy because a feeling told her that it wasnt the first time that she had seen this bedroom and all of these dolls.

This was the Princesss room in the past, and no one has lived in here for over 10,000 years, The Undead granny said. All of the dolls here are part of the Princesss collection, and theyre all still here. Over the past 10,000 years, Lord Underworld King would come here every few days and use his power to maintain the room and everything inside it so that none of the dolls would decay. Over the years, the Underworld Kings Residence has gone through hundreds of renovations, but Lord Underworld King would never allow anyone to touch this room, much less the things inside it, nor has he allowed anyone to enter.

After speaking, the Undead grannys eyes misted up. Lord Underworld King has missed the Princess so much over the years. He hasnt been happy for a whole 10,000 years.

As she wiped her tears, the Undead granny left and closed the door. Within the peaceful room, only Ling Chen, who was filled with melancholic feelings, and LengEr, who continued to stare around her, were left.

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