Shura's Wrath Chapter 670

Chapter 670

Leo, Capricorn (2) 

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When they arrived above the centre of the Underworld Blood Lake, the light on Xiao Huis horn became incredibly bright. Ling Chen looked down at the peaceful lake and thought: Su Sus information has never been wrong before. Just then we coincidentally obtained a Shura Emperor Sword Shard, so this time it should be an Orb.

LengEr, well have to trouble you again.

LengEr lightly nodded and once again sank into the Underworld Blood Lake. Half a minute later, she rose up with something in her hands. This time, the Lunar Scourge on Ling Chens wrist suddenly let out a piercing silver glow.

You found it! Ling Chen cheered. This was the reaction that the Lunar Scourge gave when an Orb was nearby! He quickly pulled LengEr over and saw the silver-white orb in her hands. Its shape, colour, and faint light that it gave off meant that it was definitely one of the Lunar Scourges Orbs.

Ling Chen immediately took it into his hands - this was now the tenth Lunar Scourge Orb that he had found. Finding the Lunar Scourges Orbs had seemed like an impossible task, but in less than a year, because of various factors and a lot luck, he had come closer and closer to achieving it. Ling Chen brought the orb in front of him and looked at its stats:

[Leo Orb]: Type: Energy Orb, Grade: Mysterious God, Attributes: Fire. Equipment Requirements: Can only be socketed in the Lunar Scourge. Effects: Physical Attack Power+100% for user and pets.

Ling Chen marvelled silently.

The lion was the king of beasts, and it represented might and vigour. Its powerful battle abilities allowed it to stand above hundreds of other kinds of animals, so it was not surprising that its effects were to increase Physical Attack Power. Qi Yue had told him about this before, but the amount it gave still shocked Ling Chen. An 100% increase to Physical Attack Power meant that his Physical Attack Power would be doubled! And this was not only for himself, but also for his pets as well!

This Orb boosted his and his pets Physical Attack Power to a whole new level!

Ling Chens attacks were dependent on his Physical Attack Power, and in his strongest state, his Physical Attack Power was incredibly terrifying to the point that it had reached the Mysterious God grade level! With the Leo Orb, his Physical Attack Power was now close to the Saint Destroyer grade! It was as if he had shed his mortal body and exchanged his bones.

After happily looking at the Leo Orb, Ling Chen took off the Super Strength Crystal and prepared to socket the Leo Orb. However, at that moment, Ling Chen noticed something else in LengErs hands. It was the same size and shape as the Leo Orb, and it glowed with the same light. The only difference was that the symbols on them were different, causing Ling Chens eyes to widen.

Ling Chen stared at the Leo Orb in his hands and then gulped as he stretched his hand out and put the other object next to the Leo Orb, dumbly staring at the 2 Orbs in his hands that LengEr had found.

Could it be that this was also

[Capricorn Orb]: Type: Energy Orb, Grade: Mysterious God, Attribute: Water, Equipment Requirements: Can only be socketed in the Lunar Scourge. Effects: Magic Attack Power+100% for user and pets.

Ling Chens jaw dropped as he stared for a whole 3 seconds before dumbly saying, Goddamn this is incredible!!

The Leo Orb and Capricorn Orb 2 orbs!! He had found 2 orbs at once within the Underworld Blood Lake!

Obtaining each of the Lunar Scourges Orbs was incredibly dangerous and difficult. Each step he had taken to restore the Lunar Scourge was incredibly arduous. However, he had never thought that he would suddenly take 2 steps in one go this time!

Whats more, the Leo Orb and Capricorn Orb had similar effects: one greatly increased Physical Attack Power while the other greatly increased Magic Attack Power, and they both affected his pets as well. Now that he thought about it, it was only fitting that they appeared together.

The Capricorn Orbs boost was only useful for Ling Chens [Thunder Gods Bulwark], but it was incredibly useful for his pets. Out of his 5 pets, CaiEr, LengEr, and Xi Ling were all pure Magic Attack types. The Capricorn Orb greatly boosted their healing, crowd control, and attack abilities. Snow Cherrys Physical Attack Power and Magic Attack Power werent weak either, and she also benefited greatly.

The simultaneous discovery of 2 orbs was an extremely pleasant surprise for Ling Chen, making him feel incredibly happy. He kissed LengErs soft, pink face and then socketed the Leo Orb and Capricorn Orb onto the Lunar Scourge.

Ding the Leo Orb has been successfully socketed, Physical Attack Power+100% for you and your pets.

Ding the Lunar Scourges unique lunar skill [Eternal Moon Shadow] has been unlocked.

Ding the Capricorn Orb has been successfully socketed, Magic Attack Power+100% for you and your pets.

After socketing the 2 orbs, he had also unlocked a new lunar skill. Now, out of the 12 Mysterious God grade Orbs, he had found 11 of them. Apart from the socket for the Aries Orb, which still had a Super Speed Crystal, all of the other sockets had a Mysterious God grade Orb within them. Ling Chen looked at the Lunar Scourge before excitedly looking at the new lunar skill

[Eternal Moon Shadow]:  Creates a shadow that can cover all creatures under the bright moonlight. When the moonlight is integrated with the Lunar Scourges Moon Shadow, it causes all beings to fall silent.

Effects: A super-large range freezing technique, range is determined by the size of the moon. Cannot be used when there is no moon, [New Moon], or [Crescent Moon]. Maximum range for [Half Moon] is 3000 metres, maximum range for [Waxing Moon] is 10,000 metres, maximum range for [Full Moon] is 30,000 metres, and maximum range for [Broken Moon] is 600,000,000 metres. Once activated, unless the moonlight disappears, the effects will not end. Costs 3 MP, cooldown time: 1 month.

The [Eternal Moon Shadow]s effects shocked Ling Chen.

Moon Shadows effects were incredibly powerful it was able to freeze even Mysterious God grade beings for a whole 5 seconds, making it one of the skills that Ling Chen relied on the most. When facing powerful enemies, it had been of great assistance time and time again. In fact, it could be said that if Ling Chen didnt have the godly Moon Shadow skill, it was likely that he wouldnt have been able to get where he was now in such a short amount of time.

The Eternal Moon Shadows effects were the same as Moon Shadows. However, while Moon Shadow only lasted for 5 seconds, the effects of Eternal Moon Shadow could last forever! The description had clearly stated that if the moon did not disappear, the effects would continue! Everything would remain frozen unless the moon disappeared.

This sort of skill was simply terrifying if Ling Chen used this skill, even if he were facing a Saint Destroyer grade expert, he would be able to freeze them permanently and kill them as he wanted. As long as he could cast this skill, there would be no enemy that could stand up against him. Even if he met the Moon God Clans 3 Moon Goddesses, he wouldnt have to fear them.

Every time that the Lunar Scourge received an extra orb, it became more powerful. However, although it was incredibly powerful, it was not to a level that was unacceptable, nor did it reach the invincible level that Qi Yue had talked about. However, now that Ling Chen had returned 11 orbs to the Lunar Scourge, Ling Chen saw just how heaven-defying it truly was. This shocking skill had a heaven-defying effect, yet it only had a 1-month cooldown time. 

However, it hurt to see that the Eternal Moon Shadow required at least a [Half Moon] to activate. Right now, he could only release a [New Moon], not even a [Crescent Moon]. This meant that he could look at the skill but not use it!

Ling Chen wanted to savagely curse at the Lunar Scourge: Whyd you unlock it if I cant even use it yet? Are you trying to piss me of?!

What was even worse was that after obtaining 11 orbs, the Lunar Scourge could still only release the [New Moon], and it had not upgraded to the [Crescent Moon]. Surely it wouldnt take all 12 Mysterious God grade Orbs to upgrade it to [Crescent Moon]? In that case, didnt it mean that he would need at least one of the Saint Destroyer Orbs to upgrade it to [Half Moon]?

Now that Ling Chen had obtained the 2 Mysterious God grade Orbs from the Underworld Blood Lake, his goal in coming to the Underworld Blood Lake was complete. He did not stay at the Underworld Blood Lake, and he instead used a Spatial Scroll to return to the Underworld Royal City.

Since he had achieved his goal, it was time to leave. It seemed that the Underworld King knew that Ling Chen would take LengEr and leave after achieving his goal. Perhaps that was one of the reasons why he had quickly arranged for them to be married. As such, he probably wouldnt force him to stay. 

It was just that Ling Chen decided that he should talk some business as well as take care of some other things before leaving.

Returning to the Underworld Kings Residence, Ling Chen saw the Underworld King sitting on a gigantic skeleton chair, holding an ancient text in his hands. When he saw Ling Chen and LengEr come over, he casually threw the ancient text to one side as he smiled at LengEr, but he found that he still scared her. As such, he turned his gaze to Ling Chen. Did you find what you came for?

Mm, I found it, Ling Chen replied in a straightforward manner.

That means The Underworld King paused and took a secret glance at LengEr, who was hiding behind Ling Chen, as if he didnt want to say the second half, youre going to leave with ChanEr?

Thats right, Ling Chen nodded, but dont worry with LengEr, Ill be able to come here as often as I please. If you miss LengEr, I can bring her at any time.

The Underworld King fell silent for a moment, and his expression suddenly became annoyed as he waved his hand. Whatever, whatever, if you want to leave, then you can just piss off then. This old man never said he was going to force you to stay here. My own daughter doesnt even recognise me as her father, and my son-in-law doesnt even call me father-in-law if you want to go, then go! Otherwise, Ill feel annoyed just looking at you!

Ling Chen was speechless the old Underworld Kings eyes had become red after seeing that LengEr was going to leave, and he started to chase them out.

At that moment, the sound of hurried steps sounded out as the person called out before he even entered the room, Lord Underworld King! Things are bad something big has happened!

What are you making a fuss about? The Underworld King sat with his back straight as he looked at the elderly Undead who had just rushed in.

The elderly Undead knelt before the Underworld Kings seat, breathing incredibly raggedly as he pointed outside and cried out, Things are bad! Lord Blue Darkness, who has been standing guard at the Underworld Volcano in the west, just passed on information that the Underworld Volcano has erupted

What?! When the Underworld King heard the word erupted, he shot to his feet, looking incredibly shocked.

Its 100% true! A massive flame shot into the sky from the Phoenix Mountain in the west, which can be seen anywhere within the city. Everyone in the city is incredibly scared, saying that its the beginning of the Underworld Volcano exploding. When the time comes, its possible that the entire Underworld

Before the elderly Undead had finished speaking, the Underworld King rushed out with a berserk gust of cold wind.

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