Shura's Wrath Chapter 671

Chapter 671

The Forgotten Citys Soldiers Arrive

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

The Underworld Royal Citys streets were filled with different types of Undead. All of them looked at the red sky in the west, their faces filled with shock and fear. Because of the shocking scene developing in front of them, none of them even detected the Underworld King when he came beside them. 

Underworld King, whats going on with the Underworld Volcano that you were talking about? Ling Chen asked as he looked towards the sky in the west. When he had first come to the Underworld Royal City, he had felt quite strange about the redness in the sky. This was because the sky he had seen was dark-grey from the east of the Underworld to the Underworld Royal City, while the sky to the west of the Underworld Royal City was a strange red colour. Furthermore, the temperature at the Underworld Royal City had been much higher than all of the other places he passed, which he had thought was linked to the red sky in the west. However, since Undead feared fire, how could there be such a hot place near the Underworld Royal City?

By now, the sky in the west was no longer dark-red but a shocking crimson-red colour, and it looked as if it was burning. Looking over, one would find that there was a pillar of fire that extended to the sky quite some distance away that was spiralling around like a gigantic dragon. It was this that caused the Underworld Royal Citys temperature to rise.

Ai, this is the Underworlds fate. No matter how we run, we cant escape from it, The Underworld King said as he gave a long sigh. About 10,000 years ago there was a large explosion around 400 kilometres away from the Underworld Royal City that could be heard even from the Underworld Royal City. I personally went to have a look and found a crater. Within the crater was something that shouldnt exist in the Underworld lava.

Undead fear fire, and because the Underworld Royal Clan possesses the power of death, we also fear fire. With the dense deathly aura in the Underworld, its extremely strange that lava would appear in the Underworld. However, I didnt pay it much heed back then because the lava of unknown origin soon disappeared. Because it was quite hot there, I quickly ordered people to seal off that region to prevent Undead from going in and being harmed, and I subsequently forgot about it.

Not only did the lava not disappear, but it also silently grew. 10 years later, a large fire erupted from there, and the temperature of the flames were simply terrifying, melting the surrounding ground and mountains. After the fire started burning, it was never extinguished, and it gradually spread more and more. It was only tens of metres at the start, but now its a sea of flames over 200 kilometres long and has become the Underworld Volcano.

Undead are naturally fearful of fire and can be seriously injured by fire. Moreover, that fire isnt any ordinary fire, and it has extremely high temperatures. Even the 8 Underworld Gods are unable to go near. Not only this, but the fires never die down, and Ive tried countless methods to suppress the fire. I even used my Underworld King power to suppress it, but I was only able to stop it temporarily. Soon after, it started to spread quickly again. In the end, there was nothing I could do, so I just let it be. I told the 8 Underworld Gods to stand guard at places near the Underworld Volcano in order to monitor it every day.

The Undead residents in the West have all been relocated. It looks like the Underworld Volcanos eruption this time will be even more intense than in the past 10,000 years looks like well have to also move the Underworld Royal City, The Underworld King deeply sighed, feeling quite reluctant. Although Im the Underworld King and dont fear any of the experts in this world, I dont have the power to fight against nature. However, we dont know what the source of this fire is even to this day. If it continues to grow, in less than 10,000 years no place in the Underworld will be safe for Undead.

Its that serious? Ling Chen felt quite surprised. He never thought that the mysterious and terrifying Underworld would be in such a large crisis.

The Underworld King waved his hand at him. Forget it, you shouldnt be concerning yourself with such matters. Go do what you need to do, and well figure some way to handle it. Unless the situation is incredibly dire, we wont move the Underworld Royal City if it really comes to that, well just create a new Underworld!

When Ling Chen saw the deep frown on the Underworld Kings face, he knew that creating a new Underworld wasnt as easy as he had made it sound.

At that moment, Ling Chen felt a restless stirring within his mind, and he called out, Xi Ling, whats wrong?

Master, where are we? Xi Lings voice came from the Pet Dimension.

Were in the Underworld Royal City. We havent left the Underworld yet, Ling Chen replied.

Underworld so why Xi Ling sounded quite confused.

Did you discover something? Ling Chen asked.

I can feel something calling me in the west, and my heart has been beating incredibly fast, Xi Ling said hazily with some hesitation.

Hm? Ling Chen looked at the crimson-red sky in the west and suddenly asked, Xi Ling, are you able to put out fires?

Put out fires?

Like  for example, a large sea of flames. Are you able to absorb those flames or extinguish them in any way? Ling Chen asked.

Of course I can. I excel in controlling Fire elemental essence. No matter if its creating fire or extinguishing fire, I can do it easily, Xi Ling confirmed.

Good Ling Chen slowly nodded. Then lets go to the West and see if we can find whos calling Xi Ling.

Ling Chen then said to the Underworld King, Underworld King, how about you let me go to the Underworld Volcano to have a look. Perhaps Ill be able to find the source of the fire.

You? The Underworld King looked and him before waving his hand. Absolutely not! Thats not a place you can go! Youre underestimating the Underworld Volcano the flames there arent ordinary flames, and they can melt even the ground and mountains. Even I dont dare to get too close. Going would just be throwing your life away.

Dont worry. Ling Chen patted his chest. My body doesnt fear flames; there are no flames that can harm me.

What Ling Chen said was true. After Xi Ling reached the Mysterious God grade, she gave Ling Chen and all of his other pets the heaven-defying status of not fearing flames. Because Xi Lings body simultaneously contained the Golden Crow, Phoenix, and Vermillion Birds flames, she was undeniably the sovereign of all flames. With Xi Lings protection, Ling Chen would not have to fear any flames in the world. However, these words sounded completely ludicrous to the Underworld King, and he instantly roared, What a load of nonsense! Do you think youre the ancient Phoenix or Golden Crow? You dont fear flames? Even those 3 women from the Moon God Clan dont dare to say such arrogant words. Dont think that youre invincible just because you killed Chi Xuan Wu Hen; even I, your father-in-law, wouldnt dare to touch those flames! Youll be turned into dust if you go! 

Ling Chen smirked and did not say anymore. He summoned Snow Cherry and jumped onto her back as he flew towards the West. Underworld King, wait for my good news if I cant do anything about it, Ill immediately leave and wont cause any harm to your daughter.

Oi! Where are you going? Fudge, are you crazy? Goddamn hes really going!

Snow Cherry was simply too fast, quickly becoming a white dot in the Underworld Kings sight. He stamped his feet, his beard bristling. This brat is simply too unruly! Mm although he has a good heart. Looks like I didnt marry my daughter to the wrong person.


All of the city gates and teleportation channels were tightly shut. Even the Revival Point was closed, and the bustling streets of Ling Tian City were completely empty, making Ling Tian City look like a dead city.

The atmosphere in the Central Meeting Hall was extremely grave.

Big miss Li, can you honestly tell us what our chances are? Skyfall asked while frowning deeply. They could not participate in this battle because they simply didnt have the right to participate. Only the Fairy Clan had the power to stop the Forgotten Citys soldiers. However, not many people were familiar with the Fairy Clans power, but from Yun Meng Xin and Li Xiao Xues serious expressions, anyone could tell that the situation was quite grim.

We dont have a chance at all we can only make a bet, Li Xiao Xue slowly replied, Within the Fairy Clan, Chief Greenwood is at the Mysterious God grade, there are 14 Fairies with Heavens End grade power, and there are 103 with Celestial grade power. There are also 900 other Fairies who are able to fight and are also quite strong. After speaking, Li Xiao Xue lightly sighed, If we purely compare the Forgotten Continents humans power to the Fairies, humans are unable to fight against the Fairies at all. However, all of the soldiers are the Forgotten Citys elites, and not only do they have superior numbers, but they might even have peak-level experts who are also at the Mysterious God grade. The difference in strength between the elite soldiers and the Fairies was already quite far apart, and theres also a massive difference in numbers.

Our only hope is if the other side does not have any Mysterious God grade experts. If thats the case, Chief Greenwood may be able to keep the situation under control with his power so that we at least wont be broken through within a short period of time. Adding on the Mountain Giants help, its possible that well be able to successfully defend the city. However, if the other side also has Mysterious God grade experts who can tie Chief Greenwood up

Li Xiao Xue did not continue to speak, but everyone understood the implications if the other side also had Mysterious God grade experts, there would be no hope in protecting Ling Tian City. 

However, even if they couldnt save the city, they wouldnt give in to the Forgotten City. Even if they lost, they wouldnt give up their dignity!

An urgent sound came from Li Xiao Xues communication device. She quickly glanced at it and frowned, saying in a serious tone, Theyre coming.

A minute later, everyone gathered on the West gates walls, looking at the Forgotten Citys army that was quickly advancing from 10 kilometres away. The Forgotten Emperor had evidently guessed what Yun Meng Xins reply would be and had brought his army of 100,000 soldiers. It was split into 3 columns with roughly 30,000 soldiers in each. Their levels and professions were all evident from their attire.

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