Shura's Wrath Chapter 672

Chapter 672

Turning The Heavens And Earth Upside Down

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

Time passed second by second, and as the Forgotten Citys soldiers came closer and closer, the formless pressure that they gave off became stronger and stronger. 1,000 Fairies stood in ranks on the city walls, everyone holding a jade-green longbow. The Fairies Light Magic was focused on Healing and Buffs, and their Nature Magic was focused on crowd control. Their main source of attack power was focused on archery because every Fairy was a natural-born Archer.

In the distance, the Forgotten Citys Army finally arrived within the field of vision of those in Ling Tian City. At the front was a mass of cavalry the Knights. The Fairies raised their hands and drew the bowstrings back. Nature Arrows formed from Light energy materialised, pointing towards the evildoers who wanted to destroy their home.

The Knights stopped about half a kilometre away from the city gates, and a Knight wearing jet-black armour rushed out. He came before the city gates and yelled, His Imperial Majesty wishes to give you another chance. Will you submit or resist?

Yun Meng Xin coldly replied, Tell your Forgotten Emperor that wed rather have Ling Tian City be destroyed then for it to be ruined by him!

The Knight roared back, Very well, Ill go and report your words to my lord! Since you must obstinately pursue the wrong path, dont blame us for bringing judgment onto Ling Tian City.

The Knight returned, and soon an ear-piercing horn sounded out, signalling the Forgotten Citys army to attack. Instantly, the peaceful ground started to tremble as the 100,000 soldiers moved like a jet-black thundercloud, advancing towards the city gates that did not have a single person in front of it.

Attack show no mercy! The Fairies hated conflict, but Chief Greenwood maintained a cool expression when he gave the cruel command. They did not want to fight, but they had no choice but to fight. After all, only they had the power to protect Ling Tian City from the Forgotten Citys soldiers, who were like tigers and wolves. If they did not harden their hearts and fight, Ling Tian City would definitely be destroyed.

The densely-packed Nature Arrows fell like rain towards the Knights at the front. Against beings of about the same grade and level, the Fairies arrows were not incredibly powerful. However, their range, speed, accuracy, and precision greatly surpassed those of any other beings. 100 metres away, the thousand Nature Arrows all found their targets. Not a single arrow missed its mark, causing more than 100 Knights to crash down from their warhorses, instantly causing mass-chaos. A second and third wave of arrows then descended

However, although the Fairies Nature Arrows were powerful, there were only 1,000 of them it was simply impossible for them to stop 100,000 soldiers. If they split up their attacks, they would not be able to affect the army at all, and if they condensed their attacks, they would only be able to put pressure on a small portion of the army. The 100,000 soldiers braved the rain of arrows, roaring as they quickly came closer. Soon, they were only 50 metres away from the city, and they swept towards the city gates with great momentum.

On the city walls, Chief Greenwood finally acted. He floated down from the walls and landed in front of the city gate, coldly looking at the large army in front of him. The green light that had been gathered in his hands for a long time were sent shooting down towards the ground.

In an instant, the ground trembled as the 200 metres in front of him erupted with countless green vines. They wrapped themselves around the warhorses legs, causing the horses to scream as they fell while also heavily throwing off the Knights on their backs. The vines continued to grow madly, wrapping around warhorses and Knights alike, binding them to the ground. Within those 200 metres, thousands of Knights were thrown to the ground, and no matter how they struggled, all they could do was be killed by the Fairies Nature Arrows.

As expected from the Fairy Clans Chief, hes so strong! Xiao Qi shouted in shock, looking incredibly excited.

A Heavens End grade expert could turn the tides of a battle, let alone a Mysterious God grade expert. Once Greenwood attacked, the momentum that the 100,000 soldiers had gathered was completely stopped. Adding on the Fairies merciless rain of arrows, the Forgotten Citys army started to suffer more and more casualties.

At that moment, a white figure suddenly flew out from within the Forgotten Citys army, rushing towards Greenwood. Greenwood, whose entire body was covered with a green light, suddenly felt an incredibly sharp aura and a terrifying feeling from above him. He frowned as the green light around him became white, turning into hundreds of thick arrows of light that shot up towards the white figure that had suddenly appeared in the air. 

When facing Greenwoods attack, the white figure did not panic at all. He didnt seem to move, but a silver light suddenly appeared in front of his body, drawing a gigantic arc. All of the Nature Arrows that touched the silver light were immediately destroyed. The white figure rushed through Greenwoods attack without taking any damage at all, shooting towards Greenwood like an arrow as a cold blade stabbed towards Greenwoods chest.


The ear-piercing sound of glass shattering sounded out as the ground split. Greenwood hurriedly retreated, crashing into the city wall behind him. He then straightened his body, coldly looking at the white figure... he was only wearing very simple white clothes, and he had a face that could only be described as ordinary. However, the aura he gave off caused Greenwood to feel a massive amount of danger, and the words Mysterious God flashed in his mind.

I wont attack any of the weak humans or Fairies; my target is you, The white figure said as he looked at Greenwood without a trace of emotion in his calm eyes.

Greenwood coldly laughed, A Mysterious God grade expert appears within the humans about once every 300 years on average, and even the most powerful humans dont live past 2,000 years. In other words, there are never more than 10 human Mysterious God grade experts. With your power, you can rank within the top 10 in the Forgotten Continent, so as a peak-level expert, why would you give up your dignity and support this shameless robbery?

The white figures expression did not change as he calmly replied, Dignity cannot be thrown away, but the Emperors will must be obeyed. Dont worry, I wont attack anyone else my duty is only to tie you down. After all, if I can tie you down, there wont be any hope in defending Ling Tian City however, I cant say whether that other person will be as principled as me.

Just as Greenwood was about to ask who this other person was, he saw the white figure suddenly raise the longsword in his hands, instantly slashing tens of arcs towards him. Greenwoods pupils contracted as he flashed away, and with a chi, tens of 2 metre long gashes appeared on the city walls. Every single one of them had completely passed through the city walls.

The white figure continued to launch lightning-fast attacks. He pointed with his longsword as 3 silver arcs flew out, instantly traversing tens of metres and cutting towards Greenwood from 3 different angles. Greenwood was forced to continuously defend and retreat not only were the white figures attacks incredibly sharp, but once he moved they seemed to be completely flawless like flowing water, making Greenwood fall into a passive state. He had been suppressed to the point that he couldnt even retaliate, let alone worry about the other attacking soldiers.

Without Greenwoods power, the vines were quickly cut by the Forgotten Citys soldiers, who rushed towards the city gates with anger in their hearts.

Crap! They also had Mysterious God grade experts! Li Xiao Xue said in a low voice as she frowned.

The Fairies power is focused on healing and protecting, and attacking definitely isnt their strength. Although theyre both Mysterious God grade, Chief Greenwoods battle strength is definitely inferior, Yun Meng Xin anxiously said, looking at Greenwood who was being fiercely suppressed. Greenwood had continuously retreated against the white figures attacks, and he was moving further and further away. They both knew that Greenwood was intentionally leading the white figure away so that he couldnt harm Ling Tian City once their Mysterious God grade power was completely unleashed, it could easily destroy a large city.

The city gates were right in front of the Forgotten Citys soldiers, and if they could destroy the gates, they would have completed the first step in taking down Ling Tian City. 100,000 soldiers rushed over like a great flood.

At that moment, a shocking yellow light appeared.

The powerful yellow light seemed to tear the sky, kicking up a gigantic, yellow sandstorm, and it rushed towards the Forgotten Citys soldiers with an air of destruction.

W-What is that?!

Countless Forgotten City's soldiers cried out with shock and fear, and they were swept into the nightmarish yellow sandstorm. Their expressions and movements instantly froze the yellow colour spread from their feet to their chests and then to their heads, turning them into earthen-yellow statues, and they were then blown into nothing by the sandstorm

When everyone on the city walls and the Forgotten Citys soldiers saw this terrifying scene, they all deeply breathed in a mouthful of cold air.

Behind the yellow sandstorm, a 100 metre tall figure slowly appeared. The 2 eyes on its head gave off a piercing, white light, and yellow light surrounded its body. It raised its arms and its booming voice echoed to even 100 kilometres away, Evil intruders, become the dirt beneath my feet!


The Mountain Giants arms fell and stabbed into the ground as the yellow light from its body rushed into the ground. With a boom, the ground started to violently tremble, causing the thousands of soldiers at the front to fall to the ground and roll around, unable to stand up again. At the same time, a gigantic sandstorm started to blow, causing stones and sand to smash into their bodies, decreasing their HP, and making it so that they could not open their eyes.

Thats the the Mountain Giant?! The 3 Heavenly Kings looked up at the gigantic rock giant, their eyes nearly popping out of their sockets. They had heard Yun Meng Xin talk about how powerful the Mountain Giant was, but they never thought that it was to such a degree.

With such a large body and such monstrous strength, its simply a meat grinder on the battlefield! If it were to attack players, even 10 Yan Huang Alliances would be completely trampled by it, Skyfall said with shock as he stared with wide eyes.

No wonder why they didnt allow any players to participate in this battle. With such destructive power, we wouldnt even have the right to be cannon fodder if we joined in! As Yun Feng spoke, his teeth were chattering.

The Mountain Giant was like an immovable mountain blocking the Forgotten City's soldiers, sending them into complete chaos and inflicting serious losses. Some of the soldiers who had rolled over to the Mountain Giants foot used their weapons to fiercely attack, but their attacks only made clanging sounds and were unable to harm it at all. The Mountain Giant raised its foot and stomped down, sending thousands of soldiers who hadnt been killed by the sandstorm flying, killing a third of them instantly.

Beautifully done! Yun Feng cheered. However, seeing Yun Meng Xin frowning next to him, he hurriedly asked, Meng Xin, whats wrong? The battles going quite well for us! Even though Chief Greenwood is tied up, the Mountain Giants so powerful, and with it standing guard in front of the city, the attackers wont be able to attack at all.

Yun Meng Xins frown became deeper and deeper as she said worriedly, When the Forgotten Emperor came yesterday, they saw the Mountain Giant. Back then, the white figure tying up Chief Greenwood was also present, and with his Mysterious God grade power, he should be able to determine the Mountain Giants strength. Im afraid that since theyve come, they have some way of dealing with the Mountain Giant I just hope that Im overthinking things.

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