Shura's Wrath Chapter 679

Chapter 679

[Underworld Royal Earrings]

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The Underworld Volcano was indeed quickly disappearing. As the final remnants of the Phoenix Gods soul dissipated, the flames lost their source and were quickly extinguished. Regardless, these were Phoenix God Heavenly Flames that covered hundreds of kilometres even if they were dying down, it would take many years for them to be fully extinguished. As such, in order to speed up the process, Ling Chen started to absorb the flames he used the [Fire Gods Bulwark] to madly absorb the Phoenix God Heavenly Flames, making him feel incredibly delighted. The Phoenix God Heavenly Flames that he absorbed would not disappear but would be forever stored within the [Fire Gods Bulwark], which he could release at any time to cause mass destruction.

The destructive power of the flames from the Phoenix God was not something that normal flames could compare to.

With Xi Lings help, all of the flames gathered towards where they were. Because of how terrifyingly fast the [Fire Gods Bulwark] could absorb the flames, Ling Chen had absorbed nearly half of the Phoenix God Heavenly Flames that had been here for more than 10,000 years after 1 hour of walking while madly absorbing. In another 1 hour or so, he had completely absorbed all of the remaining flames.

Just like that, the Underworld Volcano disappeared without even a tongue of flame remaining. All that was left was the scorched ground that was still blistering hot. It wouldnt take too long for the heat to dissipate, allowing the dirt to return to normal Underworld dirt.

In less than 3 hours, the entire Underworld Volcano had been absorbed into the Fire Gods Bulwark. Compared to the Lightning Gods Bulwark, which lacked energy, if all of the flames from the Fire Gods Bulwark were released, it would be enough to completely annihilate the Forgotten City, which had existed for thousands of years.

Ling Chen remained with Xi Ling, who was reluctant to depart, at the centre of where the Underworld Volcano had been. After a while, Ling Chen used a Spatial Orb to return to the Underworld Royal City.

As the space distorted, Ling Chen appeared at the front of the Underworld Royal City because that was where he expected the Underworld King to be. When he appeared, he heard the Underworld Royal City filled with deafening cheering. In fact, it was even rowdier than during his marriage to LengEr. Ling Chen looked around and saw dark mass of Undead, and he found that the cheering had suddenly stopped, resulting in the entire city becoming extraordinarily quiet as all of the Undeads gazes fell onto him. The passion in their gazes made him feel as if they had seen their own father come back from the dead.

Lord Son-In-Law, y-youre back, The high-grade Undead closest to him said, his voice filled with excitement. As he spoke, his eyes almost shone with light, and he leaned forward by almost 30 degrees in respect.

Following this, various other high-grade Undead acted as if they had just woken up from a dream, and words of praise flooded Ling Chens ears.

Lord Son-In-Law!! Thank you for putting an end to the Underworld Volcano. Youve saved us, the Underworld Royal City, and the whole Underworld!!

Lord Son-In-Law, youre a saviour sent by the heavens to save our Underworld!

No less than expected from the son-in-law chosen by Lord Underworld King! Hes so amazing! Right after coming, he resolved the problem that has been plaguing us for thousands of years! Before, I didnt believe that Lord Son-In-Law defeated Chi Xuan Wu Hen, and only now have I realised how foolish my disbelief was.

Lord Son-In-Law, although youre a living creature, all of us Undead will never forget your kindness.

Although Undead were all dead, they still feared death, especially high-grade Undead. When they were in the Underworld, their intellect and consciousness were akin to those of normal humans. They feared death because their consciousness would completely disappear, and they would truly disappear from the world forever. As such, they were quite similar to living creatures in that aspect. The Underworld Volcano wouldnt have made it so that there was nowhere safe within a short period of time, nor would it have harmed this generation of Undead. However, in time, it would cause the entire Underworld to disappear. Seeing the Underworld Volcano grow every day, they felt themselves getting closer and closer to despair. 

And now, the despair was completely gone. All of the Undead were delirious with joy, and they were filled with boundless gratitude towards Ling Chen.

The Underworld King strode over, and as soon as he came close, his shockingly-loud voice completely suppressed the voices of the other Undead, What are you all yelling for? Keep it down. This boy is this Underworld Kings son-in-law. For this Underworld King to give him my daughter, this is something he should be doing for the Underworld! Whats so praiseworthy about it?

The Underworld Kings tone was one of nonchalance, but his face was completely red and his eyes were bulging. Even blind people would be able to tell that he was more excited than anyone else. The Underworld King walked over to Ling Chen in 3 steps and patted his shoulder, saying, Son-in-law, not bad at all. Lets go and have a chat.

As countless Undead watched on with burning gazes, Ling Chen was more or less dragged away by the Underworld King to the Underworld Kings Residence. 

Right after entering, the Underworld Kings faade of calmness completely disappeared. He stared fixedly at Ling Chen as if he was going to devour him, giving Ling Chen the urge to escape. The Underworld King suddenly started laughing maniacally, Hahahahaha!!! Hahahahahaha well done, well done. No less than expected from this Underworld Kings son-in-law; this Underworld King made such a good choice, hahaha

Ling Chen couldnt help but roll his eyes was this Underworld King happier about me or more pleased with himself?!

After much delirious laughter, the Underworld King finally came back to his senses. He stretched out his hand and patted Ling Chens shoulder as he earnestly said, Son-in-law, this was all thanks to you. Not only did you bring back my daughter, but you also resolved a problem that has been plaguing us for 10,000 years and even threatened the existence of the Underworld. Perhaps you really are, like those Undead say, a saviour sent by the heavens.

This I think youre making this a bigger deal than it is, Ling Chen said in embarrassment.

Come to think of it, just what did you do to make the Underworld Volcano disappear so quickly? From how I see it, such a thing is impossible. Let alone me, even the Moon God Clans 3 Moon Goddesses working together wouldnt be able to do such a thing, the Underworld King said as he stared at Ling Chen with a burning gaze. He knew more than anyone else just how terrifying the Underworld Volcano was, and he knew that it was impossible for it to have been completely extinguish within 3 hours.

Ling Chen fell silent, wondering how he should reply to the Underworld King. However, the Underworld King shook his head. Forget it, theres probably a secret within this that you cant tell anyone else, so dont worry about it. Just this conclusion is enough for me after finding ChanEr and seeing the Underworld Volcano extinguished, Ive never felt so relaxed in 10,000 years Good son-in-law! Good son-in-law!

After praising Ling Chen, the Underworld King looked down as if he was contemplating something. After a few moments, he made a decision and took off the dark-grey earrings that he wore, putting them into Ling Chens hands. Son-in-law, although were family, Im unable to rest easy without giving you a reward for this great deed. These are the [Underworld Royal Earrings] that Ive carried for tens of thousands of years, and now theyre yours. As long as you wear these [Underworld Royal Earrings], not only will you have more powerful lifeforce and spirit, but youll also be able to command any of the Underworlds Undead at will! Though, I trust that any Undead will be willing to follow your orders regardless after hearing about how you extinguished the Underworld Volcano. Take it. Since Ive given you even my daughter, theres no reason for me not to give you these earrings."

Ling Chen took them and felt a wave of excitement. He had personally seen the Underworld King take them off the earrings of the Underworld King, who stood on the same level as the Moon Goddesses, would definitely not be an ordinary item. It would definitely be Heavens End grade if not Mysterious God grade.

[Underworld Royal Earrings]: Type: Earrings, Grade: Mysterious God, Equipment Requirements: Any person approved by the current Underworld King. Current person approved to use them: Ling Tian. A pair of earrings passed down from the ancestors of the Underworld Royal Clan. It contains boundless Underworld King power, and it creates an irresistible compulsion for nearby Undead to obey the wearers commands, making them submit out of terror.

Effects: Constitution+1,000, Spirit+1,000, Darkness Resistance+50%, no Undead are able to attack the wearer.

Hidden Effect: The symbol of the Underworld Royal Clans power; those who wear them can command the Underworlds Undead at will.

Mysterious God grade! It was indeed a pair of Mysterious God grade earrings!

Although [Lachesis Tear] was Mysterious God grade, it had strange effects. However, [Underworld Royal Earrings] truly demonstrated the might of Mysterious God grade equipment! Putting aside its effects, just its stats alone gave him 2,000 points worth of stats! It was much more than the stats of all of his current equipment combined!

Whats more, the most powerful aspect of the earrings was that no Undead would be able to attack the wearer as well as the ability to command all of the Underworlds Undead! This was authority on par with the Underworld Kings it was so powerful that it was simply out of control!

A true Mysterious God grade equipment this was a true Mysterious God grade equipment from the legends that could dominate everything under the heavens!

Ling Chen did not hesitate to put on the earrings in front of the Underworld King, and he unequipped the Fairys Blessing earrings. In that instant, Ling Chens HP rose to nearly 130,000! Ling Chen now had more HP than both Snow Cherry and Xiao Hui! Even without the Evil Gods Mask, he would be able to survive a normal attack from even a Heavens End grade Boss. Moreover, his MP also broke through to 70,000.

How is it? Are you happy with those earrings? The Underworld King asked in a pleasing tone when he saw Ling Chen put on the earrings. For some reason, he didnt feel any pain within his heart when he gave his son-in-law, who he had only known for 2 days, the pair of incredibly important earrings.

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