Shura's Wrath Chapter 681

Chapter 681

The Underworld Kings Promise

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

The Underworld King thought for a moment before calmly replying, The Underworld God Cannon is the Underworlds greatest treasure and strongest defence. With the Underworld God Cannon, not even the Moon God Clan dares to do anything against us. The Underworld God Cannon is also a stabilising force for all Undead if we lost the Underworld God Cannon, it would cause mass panic and chaos. As such, it is impossible to give you the Underworld God Cannon, but it would be fine to lend it to you for a short while.

No, Ling Chen shook his head. You dont need to lend it to me. All you need to do is allow some of Ling Tian Citys Dwarves to come and take a look.

I understand your intentions, but this is the Underworld. If they enter this place, even though my Underworld King power can protect them to some degree, I cannot guarantee their safety. The more people enter, the more that this is true. After all, there is a soul contract between you and ChanEr, which can perfectly protect you from the deathly aura and miasma, but Im unable to do this for other people. It would be best for me to deliver the Underworld God Cannon to Ling Tian City so that all of the Dwarves can have a look themselves after all, this is one of the greatest accomplishments of their ancestors. It was because of the work of their ancestors that our Underworld has been protected so well for more than ten thousand years this way, Ill be able to somewhat make it up to the Dwarves for back then.

Ling Chen understood what the Underworld King meant by making it up there were various clans that had forced the Dwarf Clan into despair, and the Underworld was one of them.

In actuality, the Underworld God Cannon is always being carried on my person because that is where it is safest. How about this: since ChanErs Underworld King power has awoken, theres a special connection between us. Ill know once you return to Ling Tian City, and Ill personally bring the Underworld God Cannon to you.

The Underworld King coming to Ling Tian City? And bringing the Underworld God Cannon with him? Ling Chen couldnt help but anticipate that event. Ling Chen naturally had no reason to refuse, so he nodded, Alright.

When will you go then? The Underworld King asked.

Right now.

Sure. The Underworld King did not try to keep him here. You must have many things to do, and you have already accomplished your goal in coming here. If you ever need my help in the Forgotten Continent, just speak into the Underworld Royal Earrings that I gave you or ask ChanEr to send me a message, and Ill come as fast as possible.

Now, let me send you off. In the future, Ill come to Ling Tian City with the Underworld God Cannon, so tell the Dwarf Clan to prepare for that Finally, the Underworld King said in a low voice with a tone of reluctance, With ChanEr following you, I can be at ease.

As the Underworld King spoke, a grey spatial formation appeared beneath Ling Chens feet, and as it spun, Ling Chen disappeared from where he had stood.

One could go through any Underworld Door in the Forgotten Continent to enter the Underworld, but leaving was not so easy. This was because the Underworld only had clear entrances but not exits. If he had not become acquainted with the Underworld King, Ling Chen might have been stuck in the Underworld forever.

As black light flashed in front of his eyes, Ling Chen appeared where he had been before he had entered the Underworld the Ghastly Grounds. As he appeared, the Zombies wandering around all started to amble towards him. However, after coming closer, they started to give out unpleasant sounds of terror and started to escape in all directions.

Ling Chens journey in the Underworld had finally concluded. After leaving the Underworld, Ling Chens mind and body felt much more refreshed, and his mind and vision became clearer. It wasnt that big of a deal for him to have found 2 of the Lunar Scourges orbs or to have obtained numerous Heavens End grade equipment and 3 pieces of Mysterious God grade equipment but it was a big deal that he had gotten married! And the person he had been married to was LengEr Ling Chen felt as if everything he knew was crumbling.

In all honesty, there wasnt much of a marriage ceremony, nor did it have any legal effect on him. Whats more, apart from the Underworlds Undead, no one else knew but that was still a marriage! He was now a married man! LengEr had become his wife! And

Ling Chen hurriedly shook his head, unable to continue thinking about it anymore. He did not go anywhere, and instead he logged off he had not logged off for an entire day and night, and now that he had finally left the Underworld, it was time to tell Tian Tian and the others so that they wouldnt worry.

As soon as Ling Chen logged off, he heard Tian Tian and Sha Shas laughter. Ling Chen yawned and walked into the living room. When he entered, he saw Tian Tian and Shadissika happily playing on a dance pad together. Qi Yue was lazily lying on the sofa while reading a magazine. After entering the real world, she had been interested in this worlds fashion the most. In this aspect, she was not much different from any other woman.

When Tian Tian and Shadissika saw Ling Chen walk out, they both cried out and rushed over to Ling Chen. They started to lecture him about being online for so long and not resting, as well as how bad it was for his body. However, because this sort of thing was not uncommon for Ling Chen and because he was someone who would still be fine after playing for so long, they only lectured him for a bit before letting him off.

You finally bothered to come out? Qi Yue looked up at him before lazily continuing to read her magazine. She then adjusted her sitting position, causing her large chest to ripple, which caused Ling Chens eyebrows to jump.

You dont look too well, Ling Chen said casually. He felt like the seductive red blush on Qi Yues face was gone and had been replaced with a paleness.

After not seeing little master for a day, Ive been unable to eat or sleep; how could I look well? Qi Yue looked over as she spoke in a soft and enticing voice.

Ling Chen rolled his eyes and ignored her. He looked towards Xuanyuan Dia Wus room and looked at the clock, feeling slightly confused. Normally, Xuanyuan Dia Wu would not be in the game at this time. As such, he asked, Tian Tian, Sha Sha, wheres your big sister Dia Wu?

Shes also in the game and hasnt logged off for a day or night either, Tian Tian replied.

Shadissika continued, Yesterday, after receiving a call from big sister Xiao Xue, big sister Dia Wu went into the game and hasnt come out yet. Tian Tian and I tried to call her twice, but we were unable to get through. It looks like something important has happened, so we were afraid to disturb her and did not call her anymore.

A day and night? Ling Chen once again looked at the time and frowned before saying, Im going back into the game to have a look. If Im not back by evening, just eat by yourselves and dont wait for us.

Eh? Oh, got it.

Ling Chen turned and quickly walked back into his room, returning to the virtual world again.

After returning to the Ghastly Grounds just 3 minutes after he had left, Ling Chen immediately crushed a Spatial Orb and returned to Ling Tian City.

After resting for a while, the woman with the red hair had mostly recovered. Below her, Ling Tian City was still deathly silent, still frozen in time. The woman opened her eyes and slowly rose up from the three-coloured pterosaur, and after looking down, she lightly sighed, The Time Barrier is about to run out.

What do we do? Where did that guy go? Its been so long, but hes still not back yet, Yola said worriedly.

Evidently, hes at a place in the game where he cant freely come out or contact the outside world. Its incredibly difficult for ordinary players to go to such places, but with his strength, its normal for him to be in such a place, the woman with red hair replied. She would often go to such places, and she knew how special and dangerous they were.

Looks like well have to act this time. After all, this city was created because of him, and it would be a pity for it to be destroyed MoEr, prepare to enter into your battle form.

As the woman with red hair spoke, the three-coloured pterosaur beneath her spread its large blue wings, creating a shocking gust of wind. At that moment, the Time Barrier below them finally disappeared


The silent scene beneath them became incredibly rowdy again. The Forgotten City's soldiers flooded into Ling Tian City, causing destruction wherever they went. In the distance, Greenwood roared furiously and put all of his strength into each attack, but he was unable to escape from the white figure. Under the Forgotten City's soldiers and the Wind God Black Demons continuous assaults, the Fairies defensive line was completely broken through, causing multitudes of injuries. However, Yun Meng Xin and the others were relatively safe with Xuanyuan Dia Wu and Xiao Qi protecting them, even with tens of thousands of players attacking, they could not be harmed. Despite this, because of the large gap between the peak experts of the Forgotten City and them, although they were able to protect themselves, they were unable to protect many others. If it wasnt for Ying Xue continuously protecting them, they would have long since died.

The woman with red hair stretched out her right hand and looked down at Ling Tian City, locking onto target after target. The blue ring on her ring finger flashed, and as she waved her finger, countless rays of light that were so thin that they were undetectable by the naked eye rained down, covering Yun Meng Xin and the others, as well as the Fairies, both living and dead

In that instant, they all vanished without a trace. Only Greenwood, in the distance, was left. The Forgotten City's soldiers who had been fighting with them were dumbfounded and looked around themselves, wondering if there was something wrong with their eyes.

At the east gate of Ling Tian City, thousands of thin rays of light descended, forming a curtain of blue light. After the light disappeared, the players and Fairies who had disappeared from the west gate appeared there.

In the sky, looking down at the players and Fairies who had been safely transported, the woman with red hairs eyes became cold and cruel. She stretched out her middle finger as the red ring glowed with a strange light, and she muttered, MoEr, prepare to battle. Destroy or let live as you wish oh? MoEr, looks like we wont have to fight for now. Change back into your normal state.

As the woman with red hair spoke, the three-coloured pterosaur quickly turned back into a pocket-sized girl and flew onto the womans shoulder. The red rings light stopped expanding outwards, and the 3 rings simultaneously flashed. The woman in red turned to look towards the North as the coldness on her face disappeared and her expression became more relaxed, and she elegantly smiled as she said, Yola, hes so late, so why did he have to come at this moment? If he came another 2 seconds later, at least one-fifth of Ling Tian City would have been destroyed by MoErs power. Since hes come, I wont have to commit this sin; hell have to take responsibility for this situation.

When Ling Chen returned to Ling Tian City, the sound of fighting in the west and Greenwoods roars caused his heart to tremble. Looking below, the normally bustling streets were completely empty, and all of the structures doors were tightly shut. At a glance, the city seemed completely dead, and an ominous feeling filled his heart. Without even thinking, he used a Spatial Orb to teleport to the west gate, and the sight that greeted his eyes almost caused them to burst in rage.

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