Shura's Wrath Chapter 683

Chapter 683

The Unstoppable Undead Army

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

Whats going on? Whats happening ahead?

The Forgotten Emperor, who was at the back of the army, stood up and frowned as he looked towards Ling Tian City. From the beginning until now, the plan of destroying the city had gone smoothly just as he had expected. The only unexpected factor had been that the Wind God Black Demon had been too arrogant, allowing the Mountain Giant to inflict heavy casualties by lifting the ground. However, to be able to destroy the thorn that was inside his heart, losing some tens of thousands of soldiers was just a small matter.

However, the sky in front of him was illuminated by golden fire. Rumbling and explosions rang out as screams filled the air, causing the Forgotten Emperor to have an ominous feeling. Before he could receive an answer, the middle section of his army that had been preparing to charge forwards suddenly fell into disarray as one of the commanders far away screamed in terror, Undead an Undead army came out of nowhere ahhh!!

After screaming, the commanders voice was cut off. The Forgotten Emperor was struck with shock as he roared, Immediately go and find out what happened ahead immediately support the front and middle sections of the army!!

Support? If the Forgotten Emperor had been at the front and seen the situation, he would have immediately known that to do so was simply seeking death.

With Xi Lings flames, Ling Chens berserk attacks, and CaiErs lullaby that had a massive range, in just a few minutes, most of the Forgotten City's soldiers inside Ling Tian City had been annihilated, while the rest were being quickly slain by Ling Chen. Under the influence of CaiErs Song of Tranquillity, they were all in a deep sleep, making it impossible for them to escape. Xi Ling hovered in the air, incinerating all of the soldiers who tried to approach the city gates.

When LengEr started summoning Undead, all of the corpses of the Forgotten City's soldiers instantly became powerful Undead before, LengEr could only summon in small waves, and their overall strength was quite weak and the time they lasted for was quite short. However, she could now summon an Undead army of tens of thousands with a single thought what's more, all of them were Lord grade!

What did an Undead army of tens of thousands mean? Let alone the normal soldiers, even the Wind God Black Demon, who had just crawled up, felt an immense sense of terror upon feeling the terrifying aura coming from the Undead.

Xi Lings control of fire was completely perfect, and the flames did not cause any damage to the Undead army. Within the golden sea of flames, the Undead army charged towards the Forgotten City's soldiers, bringing a cold aura and completely shocking the Forgotten City's soldiers. There were 100,000 soldiers in the Forgotten Citys army, and although there were only 2,000 soldiers in the Gold Corps, they were an incredibly powerful force. However, this army of tens of thousands of Undead had appeared in an instant. The Lord grade Undead army was able to completely suppress and destroy the army of normal Elites.

Just as the 2 forces clashed, the Forgotten City's soldiers immediately began to fall. The Undead army trampled on their corpses as they advanced, barely slowed down by the Forgotten City's soldiers. The soldiers who fell would flash with a grey light and then another Lord grade Undead would rise, causing the Undead army to become larger and larger, scaring the Forgotten City's soldiers souls out of their bodies.

Ohmygod Yolas lips were wide open, and indescribable shock was written all over her adorable face. This is too ridiculous oh heavens oh heavens

Its indeed a bit ridiculous. Alright, its quite ridiculous. The woman in red gently tapped her chin, her gaze continuously flickering around. In actuality, not just Yola but even she had been given a big shock from just then she had witnessed Xi Lings strength just 2 months ago, and even then she had been shocked. Now, Xi Lings destructive power was tens of times more powerful, and that instantly-formed Undead army was simply too cruel.

This is bad. The woman in red scratched her head in annoyance. Before, I thought that my pets were far superior to his, but it turns out not only did I not give him a surprise, but he instead gave me a big surprise first.

Hmph! I wont lose to them! The pocket-sized girl on the womans shoulder understood what she meant and unhappily pouted.

Thats right, thats right, with how strong little MoEr is, she definitely wont lose. The woman in red could only agree. She then turned to look at Ling Chen, who was chasing the fleeing soldiers. Although he was incredibly far away, she could still clearly hear the explosions from all of his attacks. Looks like hes truly furious this time. Just like you, Yola, Ive started to pity this continents emperor. Im sure that hell very soon regret everything hes done today until the day he dies

In the distance, White Eagle, who was still fighting with Greenwood, saw what was happening in Ling Tian City and instantly frowned.

Haha, Greenwood laughed incredibly happily. When he saw Ling Chen had arrived and the Forgotten Citys soldiers dying in droves, his heart was no longer filled with sorrow but with glee. The appearance of the Undead army or how powerful Ling Chen and Xi Ling had become did not shock him. All he saw was that Ling Tian City was now safe, and all of his despair and hatred became pure glee. He coldly laughed and said, Looks like the heavens arent willing to let you all succeed! Whats more, Im sure that the punishment you all deserve is about to descend!!

White Eagles expression did not change as he replied, Youre rejoicing too early. Dont forget that we have many Celestial and Heavens End grade experts within our army. Theres also the Wind God, who came along with me. Do you really think you can win?

Greenwood stopped speaking, and his attacks became even sharper and more ferocious. Before, it was White Eagle keeping him tied up, but now it was the opposite now that Ling Chen was back, the Forgotten Citys army was quickly crumbling. As such, what he needed to do was keep this Mysterious God grade expert occupied so that he couldnt help the Forgotten City's soldiers.

Within Ling Tian City, the final one of the Forgotten Citys soldiers died under Ling Chens wrath. It immediately turned into a powerful Undead and rushed towards the outside of the city, preparing to join the Undead army. From when Xi Ling had appeared, no more soldiers were able to enter Ling Tian City, so there was not a single soldier left within the city. Looking the ravaged buildings and streets, Ling Chen raised his face to the sky and deeply breathed in. by the time he lowered his head, his gaze had become even darker and colder. He did not say anything as he turned and ran towards the outside of the city.

The Undead army marched towards the Forgotten Citys army like a gigantic bulldozer, and with every step they took, their ranks increased. By the time the Forgotten Emperor finally saw the massive Undead army, he stared for a full 5 seconds before screaming in a trembling voice, W-Where did these Undead come from? Hurry up and attack! Get rid of them immediately!

If the undead army was so easy to get rid of, the Forgotten Citys army wouldnt have been completely suppressed like this.

The soldiers within the city were completely wiped out, so CaiEr came out with Ling Chen. She changed her song to [Song of Passion A Brave Heart]. As she sang, all of the Undeads Physical Attack Power and Magic Attack Power were greatly boosted, causing the pressure on the Forgotten Citys army to increase, sending them retreating even faster.

At the back, the Celestial grade and Heavens End grade commanders who had been protecting the emperor all rushed up. Their strength was naturally something that the ordinary soldiers could not compare to, and under their assault, droves of Undead continuously fell. However, those commanders immediately found that although they could quickly destroy waves of Undead relatively quickly, the numbers of Undead did not decrease but instead continuously increased. Their ranks continued to increase, and the aura from the Undead army became more and more terrifying. Even with the commanders joining the fight, the Forgotten Citys army was unable to stop the onslaught of the Undead army. Very soon, even the commanders were surrounded by the Undead army, and although they were powerful, they were completely suppressed and on the verge of being killed.

The Forgotten Emperor stared ahead, and he was so shocked that his entire body began to tremble. He roared, Black Demon! What are you doing?! Hurry up and destroy them!!

After enduring the soul-burning pain from Xi Lings flames, it took Black Demon a long time to recover. During this period of time, he had continuously attacked and killed hundreds of Undead, but he had not affected the army at all. When he heard the Forgotten Emperors yells, Black Demon gritted his teeth and rose to the sky. He held his short staff across his body and chanted in a low voice as a green whirlwind spiralled around his body, becoming more and more ferocious. About 10 seconds later, he roared, and a massive tornado rose up in the 1,000 metres around him, covering the entire Undead army.

Instantly, the area in front of Ling Tian Citys city gates became incredibly dark. Sand and stones filled the air as the tornado lifted up almost all of the Undead into the sky. They were brought tens of metres into the air, and the sound from the wind felt as if it could tear eardrums. Countless -500,000 damage figures chaotically mixed together, and the Forgotten Citys army, which had been completely suppressed by the Undead army, could finally breathe out in relief as they looked at the countless Undead howling in the air.

Chi Chi Chi Chi Chi

The tornado persisted for 10 or so seconds before stopping, and all of the Lord grade Undead rained down the from sky, crashing into the ground. However, they were, after all, Lord grade Undead. They all had powerful lifeforce, and after falling, more than 90% roared and stood up again. The 10% that were killed by the tornado were the ones that had done most of the fighting beforehand.

It was just that all of the Undead had critically low HP most had less than 20% of their HP. As such, they were no longer a threat to the Forgotten City's soldiers, and when their commanders gave the order, they furiously roared as they charged towards the Lord grade Undead.

At that moment, the song in the background suddenly changed from one of passion to one of gentleness. The instant the song changed, six-figure green numbers rose up from all of the Undeads heads, causing their HP to greatly rise. In the next second, another green figure rose up, bringing all of the Undeads HP to roughly half. In the following seconds, the Undead continued to regain HP until they were at full health again.

The [Song of Healing Drizzle At The Light Of Dawn] was not very powerful to players because most players had relatively low HP. As such, the 20% recovery every second was not as effective as [Natures Light], which could instantly bring them back to full HP. In fact, it might not even be as effective as ordinary healing spells from Priests. However, when used on targets with large amounts of HP, the effects were shocking.

5 seconds in a mere 5 seconds, all of the damage dealt by the Wind God Black Demons 10 second tornado had been completely negated. The Forgotten City's soldiers, who had wanted to attack the Undead while they were weak, were all dumbfounded, and their legs started to tremble. In the sky, Black Demons face became as black as the bottom of a pot, and he almost coughed up a mouthful of blood. 

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