Shura's Wrath Chapter 686

Chapter 686

The Emperor Who Fled 

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

The emperor of the Forgotten Continents humans? Protected by the Moon God Clan? Ling Chen once again coldly laughed, his killing intent not weakening at all, Anyone who dares to attack Ling Tian City and kill Ling Tian Citys people, regardless of whether theyre a bullshit emperor or the emperor of heaven, will die!!

As Ling Chen spoke, the Forgotten Emperors pupils contracted. Ling Chen simultaneously activated Soul Sacrifice and War Gods Fury, and his aura became more powerful by more than 10 times, causing the Forgotten Emperor to fall on his bottom. Ling Chen gave a low roar and jumped up, sending 2 Heaven-Destroying Slashes towards the Forgotten Emperor in his strongest state, if these 2 attacks hit, they would deal more than half of the emperors HP.

Stay your hand!!!

A loud roar came from the air. White Eagle took one of Greenwoods attacks with his back and used the force of the blow to escape from Greenwood. He moved as quickly as he could towards the Forgotten Emperor, and while still in the air, a silver, 3 metre long, crescent-moon shaped sword light swept towards Ling Chen like a meteor

If Ling Chen continued to attack the Forgotten Emperor, he would definitely be hit by the sword light. If he didnt want to be hit, he would have to give up on attacking and retreating. Ling Chen detected the cold aura shooting down from above, but he completely ignored it, and he instead sped forwards even faster


The sword light precisely sliced into Ling Chens head, and the Evil Gods Mask glowed with its red light, furiously roaring. The sword light reacted as if it had hit a reflective mirror, and it was reflected back at White Eagle, who was completely unprepared. He flipped 3 times in the air, while Ling Chens heavy attack smashed down onto the Forgotten Emperors shoulder.


His cry of pain was sharp and piercing, and a 10 metre wide, many metres deep crater appeared in front of Ling Chen. The Forgotten Emperors body was buried within the crater, and his face was twisted from the extreme pain. All the Forgotten Emperor could do was stare at Ling Chen with despair.

Nightmare, this was definitely a nightmare 100,000 elite soldiers and many commanders, a force that could sweep through everything under the heavens, had been destroyed by a tiny players city!! How could such a terrifying Undead army exist?! And a beast that could release golden flames simply didnt exist in the Forgotten Continent!! And that player he was only a player, so how could he be so powerful?! As the Emperor of the Forgotten Continents humans, how could he lose? This was definitely a nightmare!! Definitely!!

Unfortunately, it was not up to the Forgotten Emperor to decide whether this was a nightmare or not. Ling Chen coldly smiled as he looked down at the Forgotten Emperor, and he raised both of his weapons if he really killed the emperor, the consequences would be incredibly severe. Just as the Forgotten Emperor had said, it would cause all of the humans in the Forgotten Continent to hate him, and even more seriously, it might bring the retribution of the main cities of the Forgotten Continent and the Moon God Clan. The Emperor of every continent was appointed by the Moon God Clan and was protected by the Moon God Clan and their Moon God Representatives. Killing a continents emperor was equivalent to killing someone from the Moon God Clan, which would undoubtedly raise the Moon God Clans fury. The consequences would be unimaginable.

However, none of these things were within Ling Chens mind. He even dared charge into the Long familys residence alone in the real world; what was there so significant about killing an emperor in a virtual world? Just as he had yelled, even if it was the emperor of heaven, anyone who dared to touch his bottom line would be killed without mercy.


A berserk gust of wind suddenly erupted from ahead of them, reaching Ling Chens body in an instant. This wind did not have any attack power, and it instead brought with it a massive force. Ling Chen held his breath, and he was pushed back 10 or so body positions. At that moment, the ground next to the Forgotten Emperor burst forth as a man in black jumped out. It was the Wind God, but this Mage God, who was usually majestic and awe-inspiring, was in a sorry state. His hair was in complete disarray, and he had dirt and mud all over his face and jet-black magic robe. Most of his clothes and equipment had been severely damaged by Dark Samsara, and he looked worse than a beggar. He did not say anything as he quickly grabbed the Forgotten Emperor and continuously teleported as he ran as fast as he could. 

In the air, White Eagle also recovered and rushed to the Forgotten Emperors other side, joining Black Demon in helping the emperor escape.

If it was just White Eagle and Black Demon, even if it was just for their pride as Mysterious God grade experts, they would have stayed to fight with Ling Chen. Moreover, if they worked together, Ling Chen had no hope of winning without Xi Ling and CaiEr. However, they had seen Ling Chens terrifying attack power, which caused them to feel deeply shocked and fearful. Although they had misjudged Ling Chens overall strength, the most important thing was saving the Forgotten Emperor. Even if they could defeat Ling Chen, they couldnt guarantee that the emperor would survive.

You want to run? Haha Ling Chen coldly laughed and activated Broken Shadow again, shooting out like a rocket behind them. He pointed Dark Samsara forwards as he roared, Final Samsara!!

As Dark Samsara slashed down, a dark light exploded forwards, reaching the Forgotten Emperors back in an instant. White Eagle and Black Demon thought that teleporting a few times would be enough to throw Ling Chen off, and just as they had breathed out in relief, they felt a terrifying aura closing in on them from behind. They simultaneously looked back and saw the jet-black light right behind them.


White Eagle furiously roared and turned around. His hands blurred as tens of sword lights slashed out towards the Final Samsara. Beside him, a green light exploded out from Black Demons body, quickly becoming a Wind element protective screen that defended with White Eagles sword light.

Ss all of the sword light was devoured by the Final Samsara

Ping the Mysterious God grade Wind element protective screen, which had Absolute Defence for the few moments that it had been active, was shattered as the Final Samsara came into contact with it

Chi the Final Samsara pierced through White Eagles body

Chi the Final Samsara pierced through Black Demons body following this, like a jet-black sword of judgment, it pierced through the Forgotten Emperors body.

Two grunts and a scream sounded out. The 2 Mysterious God grade experts defensive skills and bodies did not stop the Final Samsara at all. From the massive impact from the Final Samsara, the 3 people flew away in 3 separate directions. The Forgotten Emperors HP fell to less than one-third, and in his pain, he madly waved his arm as he hoarsely roared, Use that hurry up and use it!!

After being hit by the massive force, White Eagle became semi-stunned, and he only came back to his senses after hearing the Forgotten Emperors roars. He stretched out his hand and took out an item, after which he immediately crushed it with all of his strength. A ball of piercing silver light suddenly flashed in the sky, bringing the Forgotten Emperor, White Eagle, and Black Demon into the sky, causing them to disappear.


Ling Chen rushed over with great winds trailing behind him, but the Forgotten Emperor and the others were gone. He deeply frowned and immediately summoned Xiao Hui to detect where they were, but he could not find them if even Xiao Hui could not find them, that meant that the Forgotten Emperor and the others were gone. Just then, that light was definitely from a spatial tool one that could be used even if one was in battle!

Ling Chen had been reluctant to give up the chase, and he had maintained a certain distance from them, using his aggro to lock onto the Forgotten Emperor. He didnt think that it was possible for the Forgotten Emperor to escape because of Broken Shadow. However, he never expected that they would have that kind of spatial item. Looking at the empty space in front of him, he felt quite downcast.

Xi Ling, LengEr, and CaiEr all came over to his side. In the distance, Greenwood hovered in the air, staring at where the Forgotten Emperor had disappeared. There was an abnormal peacefulness in his eyes, but there wasnt even a trace of joy after beating back the enemies.

Ling Chen lightly sighed and adjusted his emotions before coming over to Greenwood. Facing Greenwoods expression, he wasnt sure what to say, and he could only dryly ask, Chief Greenwood you are you alright? Right now, theyre all at the east gate, and they are safe.

Greenwood slowly shook his head without any joy or sorrow on his face. He looked over towards the Mountain Gian and said, Im fine, but the Mountain Giant seems to have been sealed by some sort of barrier. For you, who could even break apart the Fairy Realms barrier, Im sure youll be able to do something about it, right?

Ling Chen slightly nodded and did not say anything as he walked over to the Mountain Giant. He looked at the silver barrier that had sealed the Mountain Giant, and he raised his weapons. Ling Chen simultaneously activated Soul Sacrifice and War Gods Fury, and he sent out an Eight Directions Annihilation and a Nirvana Samsara towards the barrier.

The 2 powerful attacks smashed into the silver barrier, creating a storm of energy that was enough to ravage the surrounding land again. The point where they hit the barrier twisted, but after that, the barrier returned to its normal state in the air, the woman with red hair shook her head as she said in a low voice, This barrier cant be broken through with brute strength.

As she spoke, the blue ring on her ring finger flickered, and many thin cracks suddenly appeared on the barrier. These cracks quickly extended, and they soon covered the entire barrier. With a ping, the barrier shattered into nothing.


The Mountain Giants raised foot finally descended to the ground, and it fell silent. Although its movements had been sealed, it had still been conscious the entire time, and he had seen everything. After falling silent for a long time, it said in a low, rumbling voice, Im not worthy of being a guardian.

Dont say that. Ling Chen shook his head. You have a kind and just heart, and you are perfect for being Ling Tian Citys guardian. It was just that the enemies were too powerful.

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