Shura's Wrath Chapter 689

Chapter 689

Ling Chens Furious Revenge (3)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

Ling Chen was the first person in history to have dared to call the Forgotten Emperor Old Forgotten Dog, and in public at that! When Ling Chens voice travelled through the city, it evoked countless cries and gasps while also simultaneously revealing his position. Within the palace, a white figure rushed out and appeared in front of Ling Chen in an instant, glowering at Ling Chen as he hovered in the air. The silver sword in the white figures hands looked completely ordinary. Ling Tian! You dared to scare the entire city, and now you dare to act so disrespectfully towards the Forgotten Emperor! Do you really think that this is a place where you can do as you wish?

Act disrespectfully? Ling Chen coldly laughed, looking at the Mysterious God grade expert condescendingly, Im not just going to act disrespectfully towards him even if I cant kill him today, Ill make him feel so much pain that he wishes he was dead!

Insolence! White Eagle also coldly laughed. You think that just because you beat back our 100,000 soldier army that you have the right to be arrogant here? The Forgotten City has existed for thousands of years; how could a tiny player like you do anything to it? The Forgotten City has countless experts, and destroying a player like you will be as easy as flipping our palms over. You wont be able to touch even a hair on his imperial majestys head.

Ling Chen looked down at the densely-gathered players and then casted a side-glance towards White Eagle. Come to think of it who the hell do you think you are? Scram to one side and tell your Old Forgotten Dog to get the hell out here! If he does that, Ill be lenient towards the Forgotten City and wont make it as painful when he dies if I have to find him myself, death wont come so easily.

You!! White Eagle was completely furious. As a Mysterious God grade expert, who had ever dared to talk to him like this? He flicked out with his right hand as the silver sword suddenly exploded with light. He laughed in anger, and his Mysterious God grade aura locked onto Ling Chen, Very well! I want to see how youll cause a disaster for the Forgotten City and harm his imperial majesty!

Are you sure you dont want your Old Forgotten Dog to come out? Ling Chen looked towards the palace where the Forgotten Emperor was as he spoke expressionlessly. He did not put this Mysterious God grade expert, who was at the peak of all humans, in his eyes at all. In that case, dont blame me for not giving you all a chance.

White Eagle was about to explode with rage. Just as he was going to launch a fatal attack towards Ling Chen, he suddenly heard wild clamouring from below. He subconsciously looked downwards and saw an incomprehensible scene.

He had no idea when so many players had gathered, but the Forgotten Citys Central Plaza was filled to the brim. These players were all of different professions, but they were all wearing Gold grade equipment and had the same symbol on their arms White Eagle could remember that it was Ling Tian Citys symbol. At that moment, all of the players took off all of their defensive equipment, leaving only their Gold grade weapon in their hands, and started to madly attack each other. Whats more, as soon as they started, they used their most powerful ultimate skills.

These sudden turn of events made everyone at a loss as to what to do, and it also completely shocked everyone. All of these players belonged to Ling Tian City and were all apart of the Skyfall Dynasty, yet they were all crazily attacking each other they had taken off all of their defensive equipment and were using their strongest weapons to launch their strongest attacks, causing them to quickly die. Before anyone could even tell what was happening, nearly half of the players had fallen to the ground. The players who had not died continued to kill each other, and even Priests joined in on the killing frenzy, none of them using their healing skills. As everyone stared, dumbfounded, all of the Skyfall Dynastys 1.2 million players had died within 30 seconds. They did not choose to revive, and they instead continued to lay on the ground across the Forgotten Citys Central Plaza, forming an unending sea of corpses.

1.2 million players dying meant that 1.2 million players had gone down in level! This would greatly reduce the Skyfall Dynastys overall strength, causing an unimaginable loss to the Skyfall Dynasty. The surrounding players and residents stared at this incomprehensible scene blankly, unable to make heads or tails of the situation. All they could think of was that Ling Tian Citys people had gone mad completely mad! Only a madman would do such a thing.

Heh However, Ling Chen was laughing, and quite strangely at that, Then enjoy this present!

As Ling Chen spoke, he activated Broken Shadow. White Eagle, who could launch lightning-fast attacks, was left standing there by himself, staring at where Ling Chen had just been.

This revenge plan had been organised by Ling Chen, but he would not administer it personally he didnt have time to fight with the Forgotten Citys Mysterious God grade experts. After easily leaving White Eagles line of sight and aggro, Ling Chen appeared in one of the alleyways near the Central Plaza. LengEr came out from behind him, and the black crescent moon once again appeared on her forehead, revealing a mysterious, dark light

In that instant, the 1.2 million players bodies were enwrapped by a grey fog. Following this, a grey light rose up from their corpses, a light so dense that it blocked out the sunlight. Within the grey light, dark figures began to slowly stand up one by one, letting out low roars that could cause anyones heart to tremble.

The black figures spread out from where Ling Chen was, who was in the north, towards the south. In a mere 10 or so seconds, a dark figure stood beside each of the corpses. Their roars seemed to have come from hell, and a ghastly aura descended upon the Forgotten Citys Central Plaza, causing the once bustling Central Plaza to turn into an eerie hell.

In 10 seconds, 1.2 million Lord grade Bosses had risen up this was LengErs most outrageous summoning to date. The 1.2 million Undead  looked like an endless black sea, completely filling the Central Plaza. Under LengErs command, they deeply roared and raised their weapons, dispersing in different directions.

In that moment, countless screams of fear and panic erupted from all directions 

What did 1.2 million Lord grade Undead mean? Back at the East Ocean Continents Sunrise City, LengEr only had LV1 Summon Undead, and she could only summon 10,000 low-grade Undead in an hour. And yet, that was already enough to strike fear into everyone in Sunrise City. And now, there was a whole 1.2 million of them! Whats more, each and every one of the Undead had Lord grade power, and they were tens, if not hundreds, of times more powerful than the ones LengEr had summoned back then! Whats more, they would not disappear after a certain time, and they would remain forever unless they were killed or called back by LengEr. 

If 1.2 million players had invaded the Forgotten City, they would not be worried at all. If it were 1.2 million normal Undead, the Forgotten City would still be able to deal with them easily. However, if it were 1.2 million Lord grade Undead, let alone a single Forgotten City, even 3 Forgotten Cities would find it difficult to stop them!

Lord grade monsters were extremely powerful beings! Within the Forgotten City, the only unit formed completely of Lord grade soldiers was the Gold Corps. They were at the top of the hierarchy in the Forgotten Citys army, and they were the super unit that only the Forgotten Emperor could order. They were powerful, and their number was not small either within the Forgotten City, there was a whole 9,000 of them! If these 9,000 Gold Corps soldiers fought together, they would be an unstoppable force, able to defeat hundreds of thousands of normal soldiers.

9,000 Lord grade soldiers was already a terrifying number, and the Forgotten Emperors goal had always been to expand the Gold Corps to 10,000 soldiers. As for 100,000, that was something that he did not even dare to dream about.

But right now, Ling Chen or more precisely, LengEr had momentarily summoned 1.2 million Lord grade Undead!  Their strength was essentially equivalent to 1.2 million Gold Corps soldiers! This army was so terrifying that there were no words for it.

Whats more, this army did not attack the Forgotten City from the outside, but it  had appeared in the Central Plaza, the heart of the Forgotten City. The Forgotten Citys nightmare immediately descended.

The hellish roars from the Undead and screams from residents and players sounded out from all around the city. The Undead had no compassion or mercy, and they simply followed LengErs orders. They destroyed everything in sight, and they attacked anything that could be attacked.

By the time the Forgotten Citys guards had gotten to the Central Plaza, they were completely shocked stiff by the unending Undead army. Following this, they suppressed their fear and terror and raised their weapons, attacking the Undead. However, their deaths were proof of just how terrifying this Undead army was before the battle between the Undead army and the city guards even began, it was over. The Undead army directly faced the city guards attacks, and they bulldozed into the city guard army. Their powerful bodies and Undead strength made it so that the city guards could not retaliate at all. Any casual attack from a Lord grade being could take away droves of lives, and even multiple city guards were unable to stop a single Undead normal city guards facing Lord grade Undead was completely impossible in fact, it couldnt even be called a battle: it was a massacre.

The battles between the Undead army and the city guard army erupted in every District of the city, but in front of the massive Lord grade Undead army, the city guard army was completely useless, and they were easily passed by after being killed. The Undead army quickly spread throughout the entire city, and they started to enter the Business District, Entertainment District, Residential District, Administrative District, Guild District there was also a force of 100,000 Undead that marched towards the palace, stepping over the city guards bodies in order to get there.

When White Eagle and Black Demon simultaneously appeared, even these Mysterious God grade experts faces paled and their hands and feet started to feel cold when looking down at the massive Undead army. They could estimate that there were roughly 1 million Undead, causing cold sweat to erupt all over their bodies.

They had just experienced how terrifying these Undead were. And now, 1 million of these Undead had suddenly appeared within the Forgotten City this was simply the most terrifying nightmare in the world!

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