Shura's Wrath Chapter 691

Chapter 691

Forgotten God Representative

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

The reason the Forgotten Emperor had dared to be so arrogant in twisting right into wrong to attack Ling Tian City was because he thought that Ling Tian City was a mere players city. Players were far weaker than the Forgotten Continents residents, so in their eyes, they could do as they wished with players and players cities. After harming their interests, they could casually find an excuse to suppress or destroy the players city.

The Forgotten Emperor never thought that angering a players city would result in this sort of revenge, and neither did White Eagle and Black Demon by his side. When the Undead army rose up and flames burned the city, they finally realised just how terrifying of a person they had offended due to their greed and envy. Now that Ling Chen had suddenly appeared in front of them, a look of fear appeared on both White Eagle and Black Demons faces.

However, seeing Ling Chen, the Forgotten Emperor did not seem fearful at all, but he instead looked extraordinarily calm. He looked at Ling Chen directly, and his pale face started to regain its colour. Ling Tian! Its great that youve come! Looks like I dont have to think of ways to find you!

The Forgotten Emperors reaction caused White Eagle and Black Demon to feel dumbfoundedwhen the Undead army started to attack the city, both of them had told the Forgotten Emperor as soon as possible. With their power, they could naturally tell that the Forgotten City could not stop these 1 million Lord grade Undead. In order to protect the Forgotten City, they had suggested that the Forgotten Emperor immediately go and find Ling Tian. Even if they had to lower their heads and sign an agreement, they had to immediately move the Undead army away, otherwise it was possible that the city would be destroyed! However, the Forgotten Emperor had determinedly refused after the battle at Ling Tian City, he now felt immense fear and hatred towards Ling Tian. Whats more, he was the Emperor of a Royal City how could he lower his head to a player that even a resident of the Forgotten Continent would look down upon?

Even when the Undead army spread throughout the entire city and flames started to ravage the city, the Forgotten Emperor stayed within his palace without any signs of doing anything, much less come to an agreement with Ling Tian. After the palace started to burn, when White Eagle and Black Demon saved him, they became prepared for the possibility that the Forgotten City really might be destroyed. However, they never thought that the Forgotten Emperor, who was so determined not to meet with Ling Tian, would suddenly react like this.

The Forgotten Emperors reaction also slightly surprised Ling Chen. Just as the Forgotten Emperor stopped speaking, a massive force descended from above, locking onto Ling Chens body, making his body feel ten times heavier. This pressure almost caused Snow Cherry to fall from the sky, and Ling Chen felt as if there was something nailed to his chest, making it difficult for him to breathe.

Ling Chen felt quite shocked the strength of this aura was not at all weaker than that of the Undead War God! Ling Chen quickly sucked in a breath, trying to suppress this pressure, and looked up above and to the left, a white figure had appeared there without him noticing. The person was wearing a moon-white dress, and a white fog floated around her, making it impossible to see her figure or appearance. When Ling Chen looked at her, he felt an indescribable ethereal feeling, causing his gaze to flicker. It was an incredibly mystical feeling, and when looking at her it made one feel like she was standing atop clouds, looking down on all beings, so high that she could not be touched.

Ling Chen deeply frowned this power, aura, and moon-white dress could she be

When White Eagle and Black Demon saw the figure, they both stared before revealing expressions of delirious joy. The Forgotten Emperor started to wail, Lady Moon God Representative! Youve finally come please save the Forgotten City! Please save the Forgotten City! The Forgotten Emperor then pointed at Ling Chen. Its him! Its this mad player who brought disaster to the Forgotten City. The punishment he should receive should be the most severe punishment in the world he should be imprisoned within the Lunar Sky Hell!

Lady Moon God Representative? Ling Chens face fell, but there was no fear or panic on his face. He instead coldly laughed: The Forgotten God Representative really came?

We pay our respects to Lady Moon God Representative. Please save the Forgotten City. White Eagle and Black Demon also hurriedly bowed while earnestly shouting.

The scene of the Forgotten City being inundated with Undead while being razed was painful to look at. The Forgotten God Representative glanced at the city below, and her frown was soon filled with shock, Phoenix God Heavenly Flames!

The Phoenix Clan was unique to the Forgotten Continent, and as the Forgotten Continents Moon God Representative, how could the Forgotten God Representative not recognise the Phoenix God Heavenly Flames? However, the shock only lasted for a moment before disappearing, and she looked at Ling Chen as her voice filled with pressure entered his ears, Otherworlder Ling Tian! Why have you committed such a crime?!

Why? Youre asking me? Ling Chen did not hesitate to meet the Forgotten God Representatives gaze. After adjusting, the pressure from the Forgotten God Representative was not as bad anymore. Ling Chen pointed at the Forgotten Emperor. Why dont you ask him why? Everything I did today was because they forced me! Everything I did today was retribution for their actions Forgotten God Representative, I instead want to ask you something

Ling Chens voice became low as a savage aura erupted from him, When Ling Tian City was being attacked by them, as the Moon God Representative who protects peace and order in the Forgotten Continent, where were you? Why didnt you appear like this to stop them?

I only just found out about that, The Forgotten God Representative calmly replied. It was indeed the Forgotten City that was in the wrong, but that doesnt give you an excuse to commit such a great atrocity! Moreover, in that battle, Ling Tian City only lost 19 Fairies, and the damage to the city was limited, while the Forgotten City lost 100,000 soldiers. In terms of loss, the Forgotten Citys loss was much greater than Ling Tian Citys.

Pshaw! Ling Chen was furious and roared back, What sort of bullshit logic is that? Ling Tian City didnt offend anyone it was just that this Old Forgotten Dog was envious of Ling Tian Citys development, and he wanted to destroy Ling Tian City! No matter how many of their people died, its all on their heads! However, all of Ling Tian Citys Fairies died as innocent people! Let alone those 19 Fairies, if even 1 of them died, using the entire Forgotten City as atonement is just!

Ling Chens words were incredibly extreme. It was as if the safety of his people was more important than anything else, and even if the other side lost 100,000 people, it had nothing to do with him. The Forgotten God Representative frowned, and the Forgotten Emperor loudly shouted, Lady Moon God Representative, dont waste words with him; hes just a madman, a demon! Theres no way to forgive his crimes. Attacking Ling Tian City was indeed our fault and I will receive punishment for that, but please, Lady Moon God Representative, get rid of this evil demon and save the Forgotten City

Ling Chens words undoubtedly also infuriated the Forgotten God Representative. She looked at Ling Chen, her voice icy cold, Even if you have all the reasons in the world, that doesnt justify this great crime! Immediately stop! Get rid of these Undead and extinguish the fire, and youll have a chance to repent. Otherwise

Otherwise what? Ling Chen cut her off without a trace of fear on his face, only a cold smile. You want to save the Forgotten City? Do it then! Youre a high and mighty Moon God Representative, the protector of the Forgotten City, while Im just a tiny player who you dont even put in your eyes. Dont tell me that a majestic Moon God Representative cant resolve a problem caused by a tiny player like me. Do you need me to resolve it?

You The Forgotten God Representative became even more furious. If she could resolve the disaster, she would have done it already. However, with more than 1 million Lord grade Undead and the fact that they had spread to every corner of the city, even she could not kill them all before the Forgotten City was destroyed. Furthermore, the fire burning the Forgotten City was Phoenix God Heavenly Flames, and even her Moon God power was unable to easily extinguish it only the Moon God Clans 3 Moon Goddesses could do such a thing.

Ling Tian! This time, the calm Forgotten God Representative was completely enraged. She believed what the Forgotten Emperor had said about this player who had caused this disaster being a madman and a demon. She realised that talking to him was simply wasting time facing such a person, all she had to do was bring judgment instead of merely wasting words.

A white light flashed, and a Moon God Staff appeared in front of the Forgotten God Representatives body. Moon God power began to surge within her rage. You brought disaster to the Forgotten City, destroyed countless residents homes, and caused the deaths of countless innocents. You showed no remorse or willingness to atone for your crimes. Even the worst punishments in the world are not sufficient!

Although youre a player and cant truly die in this world, the Moon God Clan has cruel punishments for evildoers like you! Your crimes will never appear in the Mystic Moon world again; I will seal you in the Lunar Sky Hell, and you will never step into the Forgotten Continent again!

When the Forgotten Emperor heard the Forgotten God Representatives words, a look of glee appeared on his face, and his gaze towards Ling Chen became one full of pity and mockery. The Lunar Sky Hell was a forbidden area where the worst criminals were held, and it was said to be the most terrifying place in the continent. Once one entered, one would never see the light of day again. There were all sorts of demons, evil spirits, and evildoers there, and entering was like going into a terrifying hell. Those who entered would spend every day in darkness and fear until the day they died.

Oh? Is that so? Ling Chen did not reveal any fear that the Forgotten Emperor had hoped to see. Ling Chens eyes narrowed as he looked at the Forgotten God Representative, and a circle of crimson fire appeared around his body. The layer of fire was very thin, but it gave off an astonishing temperature to the point that the heatwaves made it so that White Eagle and Black Demon could not breathe, making them retreat with the Forgotten Emperor. The Forgotten God Representative frowned, and he said in deep shock, So it really was the Phoenix God Heavenly Flames! Where did you get the fallen Phoenix Royal Clans fire?

Ling Chen completely ignored her question and slowly spread out his arms as he coldly laughed, You want to seal me into the Lunar Sky Hell, right? I want to see if youll seal me first or if my Phoenix God Heavenly Flames will turn this Forgotten City into dust! Give it a go!

The Forgotten God Representatives aura violently trembled, and the Forgotten Emperors face fell. At that moment, a furious voice boomed out, Which bastard wants to send my son-in-law to the Lunar Sky Hell?!

The voice was like a peal of thunder, causing the minds of everyone who heard it to feel dizzy, and they almost fell from the sky. The voice caused everyones ears to buzz, and at that moment, the space twisted as a dense black light appeared, which contained a powerfully-built body. The figure was tall, had muscular limbs, and wore a black robe. The persons skin was ashen-grey, and he had a savage-looking face akin to that of a beasts. His rage-filled eyes were completely black without any white to be seen. What was the most eye-catching was the black crescent moon mark on his forehead, which gave off a dark light.

This persons appearance caused the Forgotten God Representative to deeply frown and look quite confused. However, when she saw the black crescent moon on his forehead, her face fell and she cried out, Underworld King!! 

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