Shura's Wrath Chapter 692

Chapter 692

Underworld God Cannon

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

When the Underworld King appeared, his aura felt as if it could cover the sky and hide the sun, completely suppressing the Forgotten God Representatives aura as if it was not there. The Forgotten Emperor, White Eagle, and Black Demon were almost knocked out of the sky by the amount of power he radiated. In their shock, when they heard the Forgotten God Representative cry out Underworld King, their jaws almost hit the ground.

Underworld King?! This person was the Underworld King?

What sort of character was the Underworld King? He was one of the peak existences in the Mystic Moon world, and no matter if it were his power or status, he stood on the same level as the Moon God Clans 3 Moon Goddesses! In fact, even the peerless Moon Goddesses were slightly inferior to him. In front of him, the emperor of the Forgotten Continents human world was worth less than a fart.

To a human like the Forgotten Emperor, being able to see a Moon God Representative with his own eyes was the greatest blessing on his life, and seeing an existence on the level of the 3 Moon Goddesses like the Underworld King was something that he didnt even dare to think about. However, since the words Underworld King had come from the Forgotten God Representatives mouth, how could she be wrong? Furthermore, the Underworld Kings aura felt as if it could shake the heavens and the earth, and it was many times more powerful than the Forgotten God Representatives. The Forgotten Emperor stared at the legendary Underworld King with respect and fear, and he did not dare to even breathe loudly, much less speak. He couldnt understand why this super-legendary figure had come to the tiny Forgotten City, and he seemed to be furious also, what did he mean by son-in-law?

Ling Chens mouth widened, staring at the Underworld Kings giant frame holy crap, why did his father-in-law come all the way here? Something big was going to happen!

Thats right, your elders the Underworld King! Hearing the Forgotten God Representative call out his name, the Underworld King glared at her as he said, From how this little girl is dressed, she is from that Moon God Clan, right?

There were very few people in the Mystic Moon world who would dare to call a Moon God Representative little girl and casually speak about that Moon God Clan. In front of him, the Moon God Representative had no choice but to retract her aura and speak levelly, Lord Underworld Kings fame precedes him. It is my honour to see you today. I wonder why Underworld King has come here?

What the hell do you think?! This Underworld Kings son-in-laws going to bullied, so how could I not come?! The Underworld King said furiously. His eyes suddenly widened as he roared at the Forgotten God Representative, Since youre from the Moon God Clan, the person who was saying that they wanted to seal this Underworld Kings son-in-law into the Lunar Sky Hell was you?!

Your son-in-law? The Forgotten God Representative stared in surprise for a moment before looking over at Ling Chens body, and her eyebrows jumped could the son-in-law he be referring to no! Absolutely not! How could a player from another world be the Underworld Kings son-in-law? Moreover, this player hadnt even been in the Mystic Moon for a year; how was this possible?

The Underworld King turned and patted Ling Chens shoulder as he raised his chest and said loudly, Son-in-law! Was it this girly who said she wanted to throw you into the Lunar Sky Hell? Dont be scared to speak; Ill give you the justice you deserve! Goddammit, this Underworld King has stayed peaceful for just a few thousand years, and a tiny little Moon God Representative wants to bully this elders son-in-law? Preposterous! Even if the Moon God Clans 3 women came, this elder is going to get justice for you!

When the Underworld King addressed Ling Chen as son-in-law, the Forgotten Emperors body trembled and his face instantly went pale. If it wasnt for White Eagle and Black Demon supporting him, he would have fallen to the ground. Now, the Forgotten Emperor almost felt like crying... what the hell, Ling Tian? If you had such a powerful backer like the Underworld King, why didnt you get him to come out earlier? If I knew that you were the Underworld Kings son-in-law, even if someone begged me to offend Ling Tian City, I wouldnt have done it just what the hells going on?!

The Forgotten Emperors intestines were green with regret, and looking down at how pitiful the Forgotten City looked, he wanted to cry and wail. Before, when the Moon God Representative had appeared, he had been incredibly pleased, and he had thought not only would the city be saved, but also Ling Tian would receive an extremely heavy punishment. Who would have thought that although he had the Forgotten God Representative as a powerful backer, Ling Tian had the Underworld King. In front of the Underworld King, the powerful Moon God Representative was simply dust. Even the Moon God Clan wouldnt offend the Underworld over the Forgotten City.

If there was a pill that could turn back time, even if he had to sell all of his assets, the Forgotten Emperor would buy one.

Hes a player from another world; how can he be your son-in-law? Could it be that youve got the wrong person? The Forgotten God Representative asked in shock. She simply couldnt accept that a player was the Underworld Kings son-in-law. Moreover, it seemed like the Underworld King greatly favoured this son-in-law of his, and he had come out for him from her memories, the Underworld King had not come to the Forgotten Continent in many millennia.

Wrong person? Bullshit! Do you think your elder is an idiot? Do you really think I would be mistaken about my son-in-law? The Underworld King roared. His loud voice, mixed with his aura, threatened to collapse the space around him.

The Forgotten God Representative kept herself calm and spoke as steadily as she could, I dont dare to doubt the Underworld Kings words. However, you should know that your son-in-law brought 1 million Undead into the Forgotten City and used Phoenix God Heavenly Flames to burn the entire city, bringing a massive disaster to the Forgotten City

You want to send this Underworld Kings son-in-law to the Lunar Sky Hell over this little city? What gall! His booming and coarse voice cut off the Forgotten God Representative. The Underworld King looked absolutely furious, and he waved his right hand. A black light flashed, and a jet-black item that was as tall as his body appeared in front of him. It was a large cannon without a stand, and the Underworld King held the ordinary-looking cannon under his arms, pointing it towards the Forgotten City. Do you believe that your elder wont blast this goddamn city to kingdom come right here and now? I dare you to seal me into the Lunar Sky Hell!!

When this jet-black cannon appeared, the Forgotten Emperor, White Eagle, and Black Demon did not feel much, but the Forgotten God Representatives expression suddenly changed. Shock suddenly appeared on her calm face, and even her voice started to tremble, U-Underworld God Cannon!!

Hearing the words Underworld God Cannon, the Forgotten Emperor, White Eagle, and Black Demons hearts trembled, and their bodies weakened, almost pissing themselves on the spot.

Very few humans in the Forgotten Continent knew of the name Underworld God Cannon, but as the emperor and peak level experts of the Forgotten Continent, the Forgotten Emperor, White Eagle, and Black Demon clearly knew what it was. It was a forbidden weapon that was called the God-killing Cannon, and it was publicly recognised to be the weapon with the most powerful destructive abilities. A single blast from the cannon was enough to destroy the heavens and annihilate the earth, and it could turn a mountain into flatlands. Even True Gods would fear such a cannon. If this cannon blasted the Forgotten City, the entire Forgotten City would disappear with not even a speck of dust left.

The Underworld was much weaker than the Moon God Clan, but the Moon God Clan had never dared to offend the Underworld precisely because of this terrifying Underworld God Cannon. If the Underworld was truly angered and blasted the Underworld God Cannon towards where the Moon God Clan was, the entire Moon God Clan would suffer a calamity.

Now, not only had the Underworld King taken out the ultimate weapon that could strike fear into True Gods, but he had also pointed it towards the Forgotten City. Let alone the Forgotten Emperor, even the Forgotten God Representatives face went pale, and she subconsciously retreated she could barely maintain her composure before the Underworld King, but she couldnt help but fear the Underworld God Cannon in his hands.

She had long since heard that the Underworld King was extremely short-tempered, but she didnt know that it was to this degree. Not only had he appeared for this son-in-law of his, he had even taken out the Underworld God Cannon!! A madman!! An absolute madman!! Both of these people were madmen!!

Please calm down, Underworld King. We did not want to offend your family, nor did we want to make you angry. Facing the Underworld God Cannon, the Forgotten God Representative couldnt help but back down, and she spoke in a pleading tone, Please put away the Underworld God Cannon this matter Ill naturally give you a satisfactory outcome.

Thats right, thats right. Father-in-law, youre too emotional. Were all cultured people here, and we should talk things out. Using violence and brute strength cant solve problems!

Ling Chen spoke out at an opportune moment, and he said those words with a face full of compassion. At the same time, his eyes were fixed on the Underworld God Cannon this was the legendary Underworld God Cannon? Its appearance simply didnt do its reputation justice! This incredibly lacklustre and plain exterior was something that even Ling Chen could create.

Youre a man of culture? You talk things out? Using violence and brute strength cant solve problems? Not just the Forgotten Emperor but even the Forgotten God Representative felt like throwing dog crap onto Ling Chens face. Who was it that just summoned 1 million Undead to cause chaos within the Forgotten City? Who had just burned the Forgotten City down with Phoenix God Heavenly Flames? How had said that they wanted the entire Forgotten City to be destroyed as atonement for the fallen Fairies? How thick did his face have to be to say such words?!

In actuality, Ling Chen had never planned to actually destroy the Forgotten City. Otherwise, he wouldnt have only sent 1.2 million players from Ling Tian City, and he wouldnt have used the Phoenix God Heavenly Flames so sparingly. If he wanted to destroy the entire city, all he had to do was ask Xi Ling to use [Dazzling Red Lotus], [World Burning Heavenly Flames], and [Heavenly Wrath of the Nine Suns], and he would have been able to accomplish that easily. However, in the end, there were simply too many innocent people within the Forgotten City, and he didnt want himself and Xi Ling to commit such a grave crime. If it was just himself, he wouldnt have minded if he just destroyed the Forgotten City. However, there was also Ling Tian City and Ling Tian Citys countless players and NPCs. If he really destroyed the Forgotten City, the Moon God Clan would be enraged, and they might retaliate against Ling Tian City.

Now that the Underworld King had appeared, Ling Tian couldnt allow himself to destroy the Forgotten City either. That would create great enmity between the Moon God Clan and the Underworld, and it might even result in a large war. Angering the Moon God Clan simply wasnt a wise decision.

However, not only had the Underworld King appeared, he had even taken out the Underworld God Cannon to scare the Moon God Representative. As the Underworld King, he naturally knew what the potential consequences could be. However, since he had done this, Ling Chen felt incredibly touched, moving him to call the Underworld King father-in-law willingly after all, it didnt cost him anything to address the Underworld King as such. 

The words father-in-law made the Underworld King feel as if a flower had blossomed within his heart, and his rage was greatly quelled. He straightened his back and coarsely roared, Then son-in-law, what do you say we should do? We cant just let them bully you for nothing.

Youre being bullied? This time, the Forgotten Emperor really was about to burst into tears just who was bullying who? The Forgotten City was in ruins, yet your son-in-law was perfectly unharmed!!

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