Shura's Wrath Chapter 696

Chapter 696

Perfectly Resolved

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

Before Ling Chen had finished speaking, Feys hand already begun glowing with a faint yellow light. The Forgotten God Representative, who was just about to say something, suddenly froze. Her expression, gaze, hair, and clothing all froze without any movement at all. As time passed, this strange scene persisted.

The entire world seemed to fall silent.

Fey retracted her hand and looked at Ling Chen expectantly. Including where we are, time has stopped flowing in the surrounding 20 metres. Because of that, everything has fallen silent  apart from us of course. Our bodies, as well as the things on our bodies, still experience time the same. However, I can only maintain this for 15 seconds; Im unable to use a Time Barrier with a large range that lasts for a long time for another month. So, what are you going to do?

 Ling Chen stared for a whole 3 seconds the world had fallen silent, and apart from Feys voice, there was not a single sound. The air had completely stopped moving, and in front of him, the Forgotten God Representative was not moving at all. Her eyes were like lifeless crystals and were just as bright and sharp as before, but they were not moving at all time had really stopped. However, his thoughts and actions were unaffected.

What a terrifying ability!! Freezing things in place for 5 seconds was already incredibly overpowered, and this sort of time ability was even more terrifying! Ling Chen was certain that even the 3 Moon Goddesses didnt have the ability to affect time. Living beings could control elemental essences, affect space, and could even defeat Nature, but they could never resist time. Even the True Gods of the ancient times didnt have such a heaven-defying ability.

However, Eve, or Fey, had actually demonstrated such a terrifying ability before him. What she had wasnt just an item left behind by gods but a forbidden item that shouldnt exist!

Ling Chen didnt dare to waste those 15 seconds. He looked at the motionless Forgotten God Representative, and as he met her eyes, his pupils dilated, and a strange light wildly erupted forth. A strange energy shot out from Ling Chens eyes into the Forgotten God Representatives mind

Thats right! It was the Soulstealing Curse!!

The Forgotten God Representative had discovered that he had the Lunar Scourge, so one way to stop her from telling the Moon God Clan was by killing her let alone the question of whether he and Fey would be able to do it, if they really killed her, it would enrage the Moon God Clan. After finding out that the deed had been committed by Fey and him, the consequences would be the same as the Lunar Scourge being exposed. Even the Underworld King would not be able to protect him.

In that case, the only other method was to make her completely obedient so that she would never tell the Moon God Clan. Only he could do such a thing.

This was the second time Ling Chen had used the Soulstealing Curse. He had used it the first time on the Cherry Blossom God Representative, resulting in receiving Snow Cherry as a pet. This second time, he would be using it on another Moon God Representative. However, the difference was that when he used it last time, the Cherry blossom God Representative was on the verge of death and had no way to resist, making it easy for Ling Chen to succeed. However, he was now facing the Forgotten God Representative in her peak state. The Soulstealing Curses success rate was much lower than normal Feng Chen Curses, and facing the powerful Mysterious God grade Forgotten God Representative, the chances of it succeeding were less than 10%. Moreover, if it failed, he would receive harsh penalties. However, Ling Chen had done this not because he was gambling on that 10% but because he was more than 90% sure of success!

This confidence came from Feys ability to stop time!

Under normal conditions, the chances of Ling Chens Feng Chen Curses working against the Forgotten God Representative would be incredibly low. Part of this was because the Forgotten God Representatives overall strength was much stronger than Ling Chens overall strength, and she also had mental defenses as well. If she was frozen in place, although her body would be unable to move, her mind and mental defenses would still be active. However, freezing her in time was different this froze everything!

After being frozen in time, no matter if it was the Forgotten God Representatives mind, soul, will, or strength, all of them were completely frozen, making her look like a corpse. There was not even a bit of power coming out from her, nor did she have any mental defenses. Ling Chens Soulstealing Curse easily entered into her soul of course, even in this state, Ling Chens chances of success were not 100%. 

If the other partys mental energy was not weaker than his by much, there was a large possibility of failure. An ant could not move a mountain, but a skinny person could push over a fat person if they were unprepared and unbalanced. Although the Forgotten God Representatives mental defenses were low, her mental energy could still resist Ling Chens curse. If the one frozen was not the Forgotten God Representative but Fey, Ling Chen definitely wouldnt have dared to do such a thing because Feys mental energy was about on par with his own. However, facing the Forgotten God Representative, Ling Chen felt much more confident. His overall strength was much inferior to hers, but in terms of mental strength, he wasnt inferior to anyone in the world!

Time continued to pass, and Ling Chen continued to stare at the Forgotten God Representative without looking away. The time freeze finally ended, and the Forgotten God Representative, who didnt know that 15 seconds had just passed, widened her eyes as she looked into Ling Chens eyes she didnt know why Ling Chens eyes were suddenly looking into hers, but she felt that there was a formless attractive force that prevented her from looking away or close her eyes.

Moreover, that feeling spread to the deepest parts of her soul, making her feel completely powerless to stop or resist it. Suddenly, the Forgotten God Representative felt her vision becoming hazy, and her body became light. She felt like her body did not exist anymore, and only Ling Chens eyes remained within her mind. They seemed as if they contained a boundless universe, slowly drawing her in, causing her to tumble around within them

Ling Tian Ling Tian The Forgotten God Representatives eyes lost their focus, and she muttered Ling Chens name. As she muttered his name, Ling Chens name and image were deeply imprinted onto her heart, as well as the relationship between them. All of the negative emotions she felt towards him silently disappeared completely, replaced with an overwhelming sense of closeness and worship. There was a sense that she relied on him so much that nothing could replace him, making his image much bigger than anyone elses. His everything was more important than her own life

Ding Soulstealing Curse has succeeded! Target Forgotten God Representatives soul now has your mark imprinted on it, and she will view you as the most important person in her life and will be absolutely obedient.

Ding remaining uses: 4/6.

Whew The moment that the system announcement sounded out, Ling Chen let out a breath. After fighting back against the slight dizziness in his head, he delightedly smiled. If it wasnt for Fey and Yola beside him, he would have leaned back and laughed heartily for 3 minutes.

Success! He had actually succeeded! He had obtained yet another Moon God Representative! From now onwards, this Forgotten God Representative, just like Snow Cherry, would view him as the most important thing in her life and would be completely obedient to him!

Whats your name? Ling Chen edged closer and asked the Forgotten God Representative. 

Facing Ling Chens question, the Forgotten God Representatives expression seemed a bit hazy before becoming one of nervousness and delight. Her voice also became incredibly soft as if she was shyly talking to a lover, My real names Mu Cai Ling, but I havent used that name in a long time

Are you going to tell the Moon God Clans people about me having the Lunar Scourge? Ling Chen asked as he smiled.

A look of fear appeared on the Forgotten God Representatives face, and she hurriedly shook her head. No that will cause you harm; I would never do such a thing please forgive me for my earlier offences, I dont know why I would do such an unforgiveable thing in the future, Ill definitely be obedient and do whatever you tell me to do, and I will do whatever you tell me to do if youre still angry, then then punish me.

The Forgotten God Representative lowered her head, and there was self-blame written all over her face. It seemed like she was unable to forgive herself for almost telling the Moon God Clan about Ling Chen having the Lunar Scourge.

Hearing the discussion between the 2 of them, Yolas mouth fell wide open, unable to be closed, while Fey tapped her chin, falling completely silent.

W-What did he do? How come shes like this? Heavens Yola covered her mouth, her cute eyes wide open.

It should be some sort of mind control, Fey said with great interest. She had also been greatly shocked.

Ling Chen and the Forgotten God Representatives mind-blowing conversation was still going on.

Very good. Ling Chen nodded his head in approval. In that case, do your best to make sure that the Moon God Clan never finds out that I have the Lunar Scourge, alright?

A faint look of struggle flashed in the Forgotten God Representatives eyes. She was, after all, a Moon God Representative of the Moon God Clan, and betraying the Moon God Clan was one of the greatest crimes. However, now that Ling Chens mark had been imprinted on her soul, she was completely subservient to Ling Chen, and this struggle only lasted for an instant before it was quashed. Yes, I wont let you down.

Also, try to take care of Ling Tian City as much as possible and favour them whenever you can. If Ling Tian City faces any danger, do your best to protect it, Ling Chen said.

I definitely will, the Forgotten God Representative replied without a hint of hesitation.

Ling Chen nodded in satisfaction In that case, go and do what you need to do thats right, give me something that I can use to contact you and summon you with. 

Hearing that Ling Chen was telling her to leave, a look of reluctance flashed in the Forgotten God Representatives eyes, but she did not refuse. Instead, she obediently took out a hairpin from within her hair and gently put it into Ling Chens hands before turning around and leaving she was so cute and obedient that ones heart couldnt help but ache.

Ling Chen turned and waved the hairpin at Fey and Yola, happily saying, Perfectly resolved! 

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