Shura's Wrath Chapter 698

Chapter 698

Final Battle

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Where did you get this from? Ling Chen asked as his face twisted.

I wanted to ask you where you got that ring from? Fey rubbed her forehead.

I asked you first!

From a monster and you?

Also from a monster.

I obtained the Lunar Scourge, and you obtained the Lachesis! I obtained the Lachesis Tear, and you obtained the Sacred Moon fudge! Could this be even more ridiculous? Ling Chen felt like he was going to go crazy. This was like a ridiculous drama!

Its useless for you to get all angry at me; Im also quite shocked. Could it be that you were acting so confidently before because of this? Fey was completely speechless. Seeing the [Lachesis Tear] and [Sacred Moon] in the other persons hands, their battle intent was greatly reduced. Ling Chen never thought that the Lunar Scourge would have a perfect counter, and Fey never expected the Lachesis to have a counter either. After staring at each other for a while, both of them felt quite frustrated.

 Looks like were really bound by fate. After staring at each other for a while, that was all Ling Chen could say, his voice full of wonder. They had met in heaven, and they had both survived. One had become Adam, the other Eve. They had supported each other through heaven and hell, and they viewed each other as their only rival. And now, in this world called Mystic Moon, their experiences had been so similar as well.

Are we still going to fight? The sharpness in her tone was almost completely gone.

Looks like the heavens dont want us to fight. However, we still havent had that final battle, and since weve dragged it out for so long, we need to have a conclusion. Its just that this is the virtual world, so there are many things that wont be fair if we use the things in the virtual world. My Lunar Scourge is useless against you, and your Lachesis is useless against me. Its almost as if were being told that we shouldnt be using things from the virtual world to settle this final match, but a fairer method, Ling Chen slowly said as he slowly raised his chest. Evidently, he had thought of some sort of idea.

Are you talking about that? Feys gaze also became strange. When she mentioned that, she didnt seem to mind either.

Of course its that. To us, that is the fairest way. We havent battled each other in quite a while, so do you dare? A provocative look appeared in Ling Chens eyes.

Fey smiled back, Its not like this is the first time weve used that; why would I not dare? However, Adam, dont forget about the consequences for losing.

Ling Chen raised his eyebrows as he suddenly asked, Fey, back then, you wanted to go back to your hometown to find your mother. Did you find her in the end?

Hearing Ling Chens words, Yola looked at Fey worriedly.

Fey did not immediately reply, but the slight smile on her face slightly disappeared, and she softly said, I did. It was 2 months after you left, but by then, she was on her dying breath. A month later, she died. Even though Liz and Cassandra were with me and I had some of the Mad Scientists equipment, they were unable to do anything.

Ling Chen frowned and felt that he had asked something that he shouldnt have asked. He cautiously asked, What happened to your mother? Why was she on her dying breath?

Fey closed her eyes, going back to that memory that she did not want to touch again. Apart from Ling Chen, if anyone else had asked her, she would not have answered them, Back then, when I was taken to heaven, mother was completely heartbroken, and she looked for me every day. She blamed herself for my disappearance everyday she never gave up looking for me for 7 years because she believed that I was still alive. Perhaps this is a sense of maternal instinct. It was just that because of all of the effort, tediousness, self-blame, tears, and despair that she endured over the 7 years when I found her and when she found me, her mind and body had withered like that of a person who was 100 years old. I stayed with her day and night for an entire month, and I could only watch as she left me. 

Ling Chen:

However, that was also good. She suffered so much, so she deserved to rest. At least, during that 1 month, she was very happy. Up until she departed, she always had a gentle and warm smile on her face. After that, I no longer had any regrets, and I brought Yola and the others to find their family. At the same time, I expanded our power and protected those who we wanted to protect and killed those who we wanted to kill.  After speaking, Fey opened her eyes, looking completely expressionless.

Ling Chen stared for a few moments before saying, Your mother its good that shes able to rest now. Im sure shes in the real Heaven now.

Fey slightly smiled and said softly, All mothers in the world are more or less like that. A mothers love towards her children is not something that anything else can replace. These years, what Ive admired most are those who still have mothers because they can at the very least still see their mothers and feel their mothers love. They still have an opportunity to treat them with filial piety and protect them. What I hate most is seeing children who abandon their mothers when they need them the most. I always kill such people when I see them! Those sorts of people dont deserve to continue living forget it, to someone who lost his mother when he was born, the concept of a mother doesnt mean much, and you wouldnt understand.

Ling Chen blankly stared ahead of him with a stiff expression on his face, and he did not say anything for a while.

Oh? Whats wrong? From your expression, you seem quite touched, Fey said half-teasingly.

Ling Chen shook his head, feeling incredibly complicated. He settled his emotions down as he replied, You answered my question, so I should tell you about some things as well 7 years ago, Hell didnt die.

Oh? Feys eyebrows leapt up, and Yola cried out. Following this, Fey calmly replied, I dont know why, but I dont feel that surprised. After all, Instructor Hell wouldnt die so easily.

He was saved by the Mad Scientist and was modified to become a terrifying half-cyborg. Half a year ago, he found me and tried to kill me. After becoming a half-cyborg, his mind was twisted, and he was no longer the Instructor Hell who had no openings. However, he became much more powerful to the point that I almost couldnt fight back, and I was almost killed by him however, afterwards, he died in front of me. I felt that it was me who killed him, but even now, I have no idea how I killed him. However, hes completely dead this time his body has been completely shattered, and even the Mad Scientist would not be able to bring him back. After speaking, Ling Chen let out a light breath. Whenever he thought back to the scene of him fighting with Instructor Hell, he always felt a chill within his heart.

Half-cyborg? The Mad Scientist actually created something so movie-like? Fey was also quite shocked. After Instructor Hell died, the only person who made her feel true fear was the Mad Scientist. He wore white-rimmed glasses and was so hunchbacked that he stood at almost a 90 degree angle with his thin, skinny body, which looked so strengthless and yet, he deserved the title of demon no, he was even more terrifying than a demon.

 Ive also been looking for the Mad Scientist all these years.

If he could be found so easily, he wouldnt be the Mad Scientist anymore, Ling Chen replied.

Thats right. After so many years, Ive found nothing, but even if its the Mad Scientist, he cant be completely flawless all the time. One day, Ill find him. If he doesnt die, my heart will never be at ease. Im sure you feel the same, Fey said seriously.

Ling Chen nodded in complete agreement. After mentioning the Mad Scientist, the atmosphere became a bit gloomy, and Ling Chen said, After talking about so many other things, its time to get down to business same rules: the final battle will be decided by 3 rounds.

This was suggested by you, so dont regret it! A dangerous look appeared within Feys eyes.

In that moment, the peaceful atmosphere once again became tense. Both of their eyes became as sharp as knives, and 2 shocking waves of killing intent spread out, causing the surrounding temperature to drop.

As their icy-cold killing intent collided, Ling Chen and Fey inched towards each other from 30 or so positions away to just 10, then to 5 then to 3

By the side, Yolas heart was rapidly thumping. Back in hell, she would see Ling Chen and Fey fight almost every day, so she could immediately tell what they were about to do: heavens! They were going to use this sort of method to determine victory? Who would win? She felt so nervous

When the 2 of them were just 1 metre away from each other, the air suddenly froze. Both of their weapons disappeared, and they stared at each other, raising their arms as they shouted simultaneously:

Scissors, paper, rock!

Scissors, paper, rock!!

Scissors, paper, rock!!!

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