Shura's Wrath Chapter 699

Chapter 699

Temporarily Leaving

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When the Forgotten City was going through its disaster, Ling Tian City was preparing to do its post-battle repairs. Throughout this process, news related to the Forgotten City continuously entered Ling Tian City, causing everyone to feel both shocked and delighted however, they simply could not imagine how Ling Chen had made a Royal City suffer so terribly.

The Fairies who had died were unable to come back to life, but those who had lost loved ones knew at the very least that those greedy and selfish humans had been cruelly punished.

When Ling Chen returned to Ling Tian City, Ling Tian City was still quite silent. The city gates and teleportation channel were still closed, and they might not open for quite a few days. There was an air of sorrow and sadness hanging around the city, and the Fairies were all gathered together, sending off their loved ones, friends, and lovers. The Fairies, who had lived in peace for thousands of years, had seen the Fairies beside them die after coming to Ling Tian City for just a few months. This sort of grief was not something that they would get over within a short period of time. Seeing this, Ling Chen couldnt help but blame himself. He could only silently vow that he would not allow such a thing to happen a second time!

After concluding his final battle with Fey, Ling Chen returned to Ling Tian City and notified Yun Meng Xin and the others that the Forgotten City had been taught a lesson to the point that it had trembled and would not dare to offend Ling Tian City again. In fact, they would apologize and provide compensation. Afterwards, Ling Chen introduced them to someone: a woman who gave off an extremely enchanting air and had red hair and red clothes.

 My name is Fey Sharon Kapalia, you can just call me Fey. This is my little sister, Yola Shirley Kapalia. Fey gave a simple introduction, and she also introduced little Yola. Standing in front of so many people, they didnt seem awkward at all, and they instead seemed quite natural and unrestrained. Even though Fey didnt give off the sharp aura she had when facing off against Ling Chen, there was a natural sense of pride and dignity about her. When people saw her for the first time, they could help but feel inferior.

Before everyone could ask who she was, Yun Feng leapt out and pointed at Fey, almost shrieking, Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Youre Youre Eve! Eveeeeeee!!!!!!!

Very few people in the world had seen Eves true appearance before, most of which were the people by her side. Yun Feng was evidently one of the rare exceptions. This was because when he had determinedly climbed up Dark Cloud Mountain, which other players only looked at but didnt even think about climbing, he had coincidentally seen the second showdown between Ling Chen and Fey although he hadnt seen Eves face, her red hair and weapons allowed him to confirm her identity. Although it had been 4 years since he had last seen Fey, she had not changed much over the past 4 years, and Eves identity was not something that Yun Feng could easily forget. Given Feys red hair, the aura around her, and the way she spoke, apart from Eve, who else could she be?!

When Yun Feng cried out, everyone stared in shock. Who was Eve? Before Ling Tian had shocked the world, she had been the god among players! She was a peak level player who had been crowned with the title Demon Goddess! A legend who could not be surpassed or even challenged. Her name had become a synonym for ultimate player, and she was what allowed players of the west to look down on players of the east.

Now that this legendary name had been called out by Yun Feng, almost everyone present did not dare to believe their ears. They looked at Feys red hair, and everyone fell silent after all, Eves most striking characteristic was her flame-red hair.

Thats right, shes indeed Eve! No one would be able to mimic her aura, Xuanyuan Dia Wu said as she looked at Fey. During the International Mock Battles, she had faced off against Fey before. Eve had been the only person to ever defeat her apart from Ling Chen. 

Ling Chen did not find it surprising that Yun Feng and Xuanyuan Dia Wu would recognize her, and everyone elses reactions were within his expectations as well. He nodded as he said, Thats right, shes Eve. However, dont worry, shes an old friend of mine. Shes just here to meet you all, and she isnt our enemy.

Are you really Eve? The Demon Goddess Eve? Xiao Qi covered her mouth with one hand, unable to believe what she had heard. When she spoke, her eyes were filled with tiny stars. Eve was the most powerful female player, and she has been the idol and pride of countless female players.

Thats right, little sister Flame Empress Qi Qi, Fey replied with a smile. Although she was here to meet everyone, she already knew a lot about all of them.

 The legendary Eve has come to Ling Tian City; this is half a pleasant surprise and half a terrifying shock, Li Xiao Xue said as she looked at Fey before looking at Ling Chen.

The renowned Loulan Queen doesnt need to feel scared; as long as this man called Ling Tian doesnt die, well only be friends. Fey lightly glanced at Ling Chen as she smiled.

Eve, welcome to Ling Tian City. Looks like youve long since known Ling Tian, Yun Meng Xin slowly said as she took a step forwards.

Its my honour to meet you, Lady Yun Meng Xin, the most famous woman in the world right now. Youre quite right Ive known this man for a long time; over 10 or so years now, Fey said casually. After saying this, Li Xiao Xue and Xuanyuan Dia Wus expressions both slightly changed.

I can attest to that! Yun Feng jumped out and said excitedly. I dont know about before, but theyve known each other since at least 4 years ago. 4 years ago, I saw the battle between Ling Tian and Eve that was a true legend-level battle! After seeing that battle, even now I cant forget about it. After speaking, he looked over at the silent, golden-haired girl by Feys side. His pupils dilated as he once again cried out, By Eves side golden hair golden eyes could you be the Golden Eyed War God?!

Everyone was staring at Fey, while Skyfall had been staring at Yola the entire time with a look of suspicion in his eyes. When he heard Yun Feng cry out Golden Eyed War God, he jumped up as if he was stabbed by a needle, and he uncontrollably yelled, Fudge!! Y-Y-Y-Y-Youre the Golden Eyed War God?! Youre a female player? And a girl at that?!

Everyones gaze fell on Yola, causing her face to become slightly red. Seeing that everyone was staring at her, she lowered her head and protested in a small voice, Isnt Chinas Sword Emperor also a female player.

Yolas reply confirmed that she was indeed the Golden Eyed War God. Everyone lapsed into shock again, and Skyfall almost fell to the ground. He covered his face and screamed, How could it be like this my goal my motivation heavens

Apart from Ling Chen, who had a look of confusion on his face, everyone knew why Skyfall was reacting like this. In the last International Mock Battles, Skyfall had been defeated by the Golden Eyed War God in just 3 attacks. Back then, no one had known or expected that the Golden Eyed War God was actually a female player what was even more outrageous was that Yola currently only looked about 17 or 18 years old, so she would have been 15 or 16 years old when she had annihilated Skyfall

This almost caused Skyfalls entire world to crumble back then, he had been unresigned in his loss, and he had vowed to wash away his shame with blood only now did he know that his opponent back then had been a 15 or 16 year old girl!

In the last International Mock Battle, the Number 1 player was naturally Fey, and the Number 2 player was Yola. Although Yola was the youngest, even Gui Ya would not be able to defeat her. This was because Yola grew up beside Adam and Eve and spent the most time watching them fighting. She only ever fought against the 2 of them, and adding on her frightening talent, her strength grew at a monstrous rate. At the same time, Adam and Eve were the 2 people she relied on the most back then when they separated, she was the one who had cried the most.

Since weve gotten to know you all, we should be going, Fey took Yolas hand as she calmly looked at Ling Chen.

Ling Chen slightly raised his eyebrows, but he did not say anything.

Go? Youre Ling Tians friend, so youre Ling Tian Citys friend. Why are you going right after youve come? At least give us a chance to show our hospitality. No one thought that the famous Eve would come and go so suddenly, and Yun Meng Xin spoke out to ask her to stay.

Thank you, Lady Yun, but I still have many other important things to do, so I must leave now. Im sure that well spend a lot of time together in the future as such, goodbye. If anyone knew what sort of person Fey was, he or she would know just how rare it was her to even come here in the person. Fey was already a proud person, and adding on her natural arrogance as a woman, Fey was even prouder than Ling Chen. Very few people could make Fey speak so courteously, and after speaking, she turned and vanished along with Yola. During this entire period of time, Ling Chen did not try to ask her to stay at all.

Whew Eve!! It was actually Eve!! We actually met such a legendary person, and she says shes friends with us! Against The Sky and Judging Sky said excitedly, with a look of disbelief on their faces. Even people like them held deep respect towards the name Eve.

Big brother Ling Tian, Eve said youve known each other for more than 10 years; is this true? How did you meet each other? Why is she so powerful? Xiao Qi asked curiously.

Xuanyuan Dia Wus eyes slowly became dim 10 or so years ago was right when she and Ling Chen had been separated. The Eve in the virtual world was indeed that Eve no wonder she was so powerful just like Ling Chen, she had gone through a cruel baptism that no ordinary human would be able to survive she had been turned into a non-human monster.

Mm, Ive known her for around 13 years. Back then, she was just a 10 year old girl, but she was much stronger than normal girls. When I first met her, she was on her dying breath but her eyes scared me, Ling Chen slowly said as he thought back tot that time.

I feel very curious shes evidently a player from the west, so why did she come here? What makes me feel even more curious is why she especially came over here to meet everyone? Li Xiao Xue asked.

Ling Chen replied, About 7 years ago, we made an agreement to battle every 18 months in a best out of 3. We coincidentally met before and had our final battle. Just then, she was carrying out her obligations. 

What? You just fought? Yun Feng rushed over, asking in anticipation What was the result? Who won?

 Err Ling Chen tapped his chin and said calmly, I didnt win.

What? Didnt win? Even if its Eve but youre so powerful; how could you not beat her? Yun Feng exclaimed in shock. Everyone else also looked dumbfounded.

Ling Chen rolled his eyes before replying, I never said I lost in that last battle, we had 3 rounds. She won the first one, I won the second one, and we tied for the third won. Moreover, before we fought, we agreed that no matter what happened, there would only be 3 rounds so no one won nor lost.

So it was like this. Yun Feng nodded blankly. Compared to being defeated by Eve, he could accept this result. No less than expected from Eve even against you, your battle resulted in a tie.

Heh Ling Chen suddenly mysteriously laughed, Even though it was a tie, the final victory was mine.

Eh? Everyone felt quite confused.

Youll all see soon, Ling Chen said as he laughed. He did not explain what he meant, but the scene of their final battle appeared in his mind

 Fey, since theres nothing keeping you there, come to where I am.

It was a tie after those 3 rounds, so why should I come to where you are?

Because I need you

Is this reason not enough? Fey Yola

Take me to see your friends

Fey still brought Yola away, but Ling Chen did not feel disappointed. He was instead filled with passion and anticipation. He was sure that Fey would be back soon and bring many more people. 

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