Shura's Wrath Chapter 702 5

Chapter 702.5

The Missing Godchild

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

An unknown space.

The lighting was quite dim, and fog swirled around. Neither the sky, the earth, nor end could be seen in this space. Only a gigantic, light-blue crystal ball giving off a dreamy blue light, providing the only source of light in this space, could be seen. The crystal ball was about 1 metre in diameter and had fog swirling around within it, making it impossible to clearly see what it contained. The crystal ball slowly gave off blue motes of light, making it seem as if there were blue fireflies dancing in the air, painting a dream-like world.

All around the crystal ball was darkness, and no living or dead creatures could be seen.

Suddenly, a grey orb of light silently appeared above the blue crystal ball, forming a persons figure. However, it was too hazy, and only the rough outline could be seen, making it so that no features of the persons body or face could be seen. As this figure appeared, the space seemed to freeze, and the blue motes of light stopped moving around. After a short pause, they started to tremble as if they were afraid of something.

After countless years of hiding and thousands of years of waiting, the power of a god will once again descend this is a world created by gods how could those lowly creatures be the sovereigns!

The grey figure looked down at the blue crystal ball as it spoke in a low and hoarse voice. The voice had an unpleasantness to it, and it sounded as if the figure was using a fake voice.

The blue crystal ball slightly shook as if it was trembling in terror after hearing this voice.

At that moment, tens of metres in front of the crystal ball, another grey figure appeared. This figure was also humanoid, but it was much taller and bigger than a normal humans. It also had 2 sharp and thick horns protruding off of its head. As soon as he appeared, he subconsciously looked up to the figure above and knelt on a single knee in terror. I greet your majesty! I wonder why your majesty has summoned me and what orders he has.

As he spoke, 2 other figures appeared next to the crystal ball. One was of medium-height but was incredibly wide, while the other was incredibly small and skinny, looking like a hunch-backed skeleton. They also knelt on one knee as they paid their respects to the figure above. I greet your majesty.

The grey figure in the air slowly looked over the 3 people and said calmly, Rahu, how have the plans for the destruction of the Pegasi Star and Galois Star come along?

The tall figure called Rahu immediately replied, Replying to your majesty, after the Earth Flame Plan and Galois Plan were completed, I immediately set about the destruction of the Pegasi Star and Galois Star. The Pegasi Star has been completely destroyed without even a remnant left, and the Galois Stars core has been destroyed and is currently collapsing. In another 2 months, it will be completely destroyed.

Very good. The figure in the air nodded. Youve never disappointed me before. Mad Scientist, how is the Mystic Moon Plan going?

Heheheh A sharp, hoarse, and incredibly unpleasant peal of laughter sounded out from the short and skinny person. Rest assured, o great King, the Mystic Moon Plan is going very smoothly. Even with tens of billions of humans, they wont be able to escape my hands. The Mystic Moon Plan has been 70%  completed, and in a year and a half, Ill be able to perfectly complete it.

Hmph, The figure in the air coldly snorted. Mad Scientist, Ive never doubted your powers before, but Im unable to be at ease with your personality. I heard from Rahu that while going about the Mystic Moon Plan, you also simultaneously carried out other experiments. You should know how important the Godchild Plan is to me; I hope that you wont allow any mishaps to occur!

Heheh After being rebuked by King, the short and skinny did not seem to mind at all, and he instead strangely laughed. Rest assured, your majesty, this genius experiments will not affect the Mystic Moon Plan at all, nor will they drag out the Mystic Moon Plan. Instead, the experiments might just bring your majesty a great surprise, heheheh

Hmph, do as you will. Wan Chong, how is the Burning Heavens Plan going? King turned to look at the incredibly wide and stout figure.

The figure referred to as Wan Chong hurriedly lowered its head as it replied, Replying to your majesty, the Burning Heavens Plan has nearly reached its end, and the Xiya Star has completely fallen into my hands. Although the Xiya Stars population is only one-tenth of that of Earths, the Xiya Stars people are much more powerful than those from Earth, especially the queen. She possesses the bloodline of an ancient god clan, and the Xiya Stars peoples faith in her has caused them to continuously struggle. As such, it will take some more time to obtain all of the Xiya Stars peoples souls. However, rest assured, your majesty, all they will be able to do is struggle. In 2 years at most, the Burning Heavens Plan will be perfectly completed.

 Bloodline of an ancient god clan? Hmph! After the gods all fell, those god clans bloodlines are merely tiny marks that the gods left behind on living creatures. With the tiny bit of divine power they have, how can they even think of comparing themselves to gods? King replied dismissively. Rahu, after destroying the Galois Star, go to the Xiya Star to help Wan Chong carry out the Burning Heavens Plan.

Yes! Rahu replied as he lowered his head.

Wan Chong instantly became excited. With boss helping, completing the Burning Heavens Plan will be incredibly easy. Those stubborn Xiya Stars people will immediately realize how foolish resisting is. With boss, I believe that within a year no! Within half a year, the Burning Heavens Plan will be completed!

At that moment, another figure silently appeared to the east of the crystal ball. Different to the other figures, this figure gave off a mysterious, pure-white light, and an extremely enchanting air. When the figure formed, it was one of a woman.

When this woman appeared, everyone fell silent. King looked at her and said, Yue, youve come.

 What is it? The woman referred to as Yue calmly replied. Her voice was soft and charming, but it contained no emotions. Not only was she not as humble as the other 3 people, she even gave off an air of impatience.

However, King was not angry at all, nor did the other 3 figures show any displeasure. Evidently, this was how this woman always acted in front of King. King did not speak too hurriedly or too slowly. I want to know how the Shura Plan is going.

Half, Yue calmly replied.

Half? Kings voice became a bit strange as he sighed, No less than expected from my good little sister. Youve actually completed half of it within such a short period of time. From the looks of things, a new Shura will be created within two years. I thought that it would take decades, if not centuries.

Ohh! Shura, what an interesting name, the skinny and short figures shrill voice sounded out. O glorious King, allow me to ignorantly ask: from what I know, the Shura Plan is to create a Shura and then use the Shuras blood to fill the Godchilds body, allowing the World Destroying Plan to begin I was wondering why the Shuras blood would have such a miraculous effect.

Shura a long time ago, I seem to have heard King mention this name King said that the Shura was what caused those god clans to fall. In the history of the Mystic Moon Star, which the Mad Scientist modified, such a being existed, and it caused a great devastation to the Mystic Moon Star, Rahu replied. King, is the Shura Plan to create another one of these creatures?

Kings voice suddenly became low and heavy, How could the Mystic Moon Stars Shura compare to the Shura from back then? The Shura is the only god among gods, and it is closer to a demon god. The Shura from back then destroyed all gods by himself thats right, it was by himself. After that, he destroyed himself, making it so that there were no longer any True Gods in the world. The Mystic Moon Stars Shura was just a merciless murderer who was stained with some of the Shuras ruthlessness and power through the Lunar Scourge! He did not deserve to be called a Shura!

Lunar Scourge? Rahus voice sounded out. According to my knowledge of the Mystic Moon Star, this item seems to have been created by a clan called the Moon God Clan. Could it be that this isnt true?

Moon God Clan? Hahahaha King wildly laughed. Now that there arent anymore True Gods, even ants dare to call themselves gods? The Lunar Scourge was the thing that the Shura treasured the most. Even though he destroyed himself, he did not destroy the Lunar Scourge because it was given to him by his beloved. Even though he became a Shura, he wore it always. Afterwards, it was contaminated by the Shuras divine power and became the evilest item in existence how could a mere Moon God Clan create it? Humans records are simply ridiculous.

However, in order to carry out the Shura Plan, only a fake Shura created by the Lunar Scourge can do. Although a fake Shura does not have the Shuras power, it has the Shuras ruthlessness and bloodlust. Not only is the newly-born Godchild powerful and incredibly intelligent, it has a pure heart. This sort of Godchild is impossible to control. However, if the Godchild is bathed in the Shuras blood before it is born, the Shuras ruthlessness and bloodlust will enter the Godchilds veins and arteries, causing it to become bloodthirsty and vicious. When that time comes, controlling the Godchild will be incredibly easy.

 So it was like this. No less than expected from King to be able to think so thoroughly, Wan Chong said in praise.

Im not interested in the Shura Plan at all. I just hope that the revival technique is not something youve made up to convince me to carry out the Shura Plan. Otherwise, even if its you, I wont forgive you! Yue said in a cold voice.

King fell into silence and then slowly said, Since it was left behind by the ancient god clans, it should be true. However, Yue, you dont need to be so obsessed about this. After all, shes

Dont say any more! Yue cut King off. I only know that shes my mother! You can disregard everything to become a god, but Im not like that. No matter how ordinary she is, shes still my mother. If one gives up his or her humanity, what point is there in becoming a True God?

King was speechless.

 If theres nothing else, Ill be going now.

After saying this, without waiting for a response from King, the figure vanished.

Revival technique? Does such a thing really exist? Even the True Gods who died wont be able to be revived this is one of the natural laws of the universe, Rahu said in confusion.

Hmph, its just a legend. If its true, then good. If its false, then no matter. Since shes so determined, let her do as she wants. All I want is for her to produce a Shura, King coldly replied.

Kings body slowly descended and came closer to the blue crystal ball. Looking at the crystal ball, Kings figure started to slightly tremble. This mysterious aura can only come from a True God! The God Clan that was destroyed by the Shura will once again appear, and it will rule over this vast universe.

King stretched out his hand and gently pressed it against the crystal ball. After the Mystic Moon Plan and Burning Heavens Plan are completed, the Godchild will mature. Before this happens, we need to keep the Godchild asleep and fully seal her power and consciousness. Otherwise, the Godchild Plan will be much more difficult if the Godchild wakes up. Its time to seal her power again; thats why I personally came here today.

As King spoke, his hand gave off a blinding light. However, the light suddenly vanished and Kings body violently trembled. A berserk aura swept through the entire space, followed by Kings mad screams, Arghhh!!! Why is it like this!!! Why is it like this?!

Kings sudden outburst caused Rahu, Wan Chong, and the Mad Scientist to all feel incredibly shocked, and they asked, King! What happened?

Ive been played! Ive been played by the Godchild!! King roared as the grey light around him twisted in a berserk manner. The Godchilds not in there anymore! Shes escaped! Shes escaped!!

Kings words caused Rahu, Wan Chong, and the Mad Scientist to feel greatly dismayed. They had been planning for countless years, and they had finally created the Godchild. Kings words caused all of them to feel as if they had been struck by lightning, and King even more so felt like the sky had collapsed on him. After all, the Godchild was what he had put everything into. Rahu came up and said shakily, King could it be that theres a mistake? Hasnt the Godchilds power and consciousness been sealed by you? How could she escape? Moreover, this crystal ball is the forbidden god space that King spent countless years creating. Even if the Godchilds consciousness and mind werent sealed, it would be impossible for her to escape!

No! She played me; she played me!! King continued to roar. I underestimated the Godchilds intelligence. Even though shes only a youth, shes still the Godchild! She tricked me and used some method that I was unable to detect to escape. She then created a clone of herself that looked asleep, and what I saw before was her lying to me the entire time! Shes unable to escape from the forbidden god space, but this space only restricts humans, while other creatures can freely enter and exit. She must have used her newly-awakened divine power to open a gate to here from elsewhere to guide a creature in here to take her out! Thats the only possibility! Ahh!! This crafty Godchild! She played me! I was too careless too careless!!!

Rahu, Wan Chong, and the Mad Scientist looked at each other and asked fearfully, King, what should we do now then?

What should we do? Of course its to look for her! The Godchild is still in her youth, and her power has only just awakened, so Im still able to suppress her. After she matures, no one will be able to control her anymore, and the Godchild Plan will fail! We need to find her immediately Ill personally go to find her!! Even if she escapes to the edge of the universe, Ill bring her back. Continue with the Mystic Moon Plan and the Burning Heavens Plan. No matter what you have to do, within 1 year no, finish it all within half a year!

Yes! We wont disappoint your majesty!

Mad Scientist, tell Yue to cancel the Shura Plan! Now that the Godchild has woken up, the Shuras blood will not be able to affect her we need to find the Godchild immediately!!

All of the figures disappeared in an instant. Cracks slowly began to spread along the blue crystal ball, causing it to shatter. A white fog slowly floated out from within it, and after it completely dissipated, all that was left was shattered blue glass shards. The thing that had been within it was long gone 

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