Shura's Wrath Chapter 703

Chapter 703

Chapter 703 Enchanting Moon

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Evening, 11:55pm.

Tian Tian and Shadissika were both asleep, while Xuanyuan Dia Wu was still in the game. Normally, Ling Chen would be in the game as well during this time. However, today, he exited the game and silently walked out of his room towards Qi Yues room.

Qi Yue told him to find her at 12am only then would she tell him how to get rid of the poison within Shui Ruos body. As for why she chose this time, Ling Chen had no idea however, since it was a time chosen by thaat demoness, it definitely didnt bode well!

Ling Chen put his hand on the doorknob and gently turned it, causing the door to open. However, there was no one inside. Ling Chen stared she wasnt in her room? Could it be that the demoness wanted to play hide-and-seek?

Ling Chen glanced at the clock on the wall and saw that there was less than 5 minutes left until it was 12am. If Qi Yue really was hiding from him, he wasnt sure if he could find her within the remaining time.

However, he understood Qi Yues character she most likely wouldnt do such a thing! Ling Chen closed Qi Yues door with a bang, and just as he was about to call her name, he suddenly noticed that the light in the bathroom was on and that there was the sound of flowing water from within.

All of the others were either sleeping or within the game, while Chao Ying and Chao Xi never used this bathroom. In that case, there one was only person who could be using it

Qi Yue!!Ling Chens heart suddenly jumped.

She had told him to come and find her at 12am, yet she was in the shower!?

What was she intending to do??

As Ling Chen walked closer to the bathroom, the sound of water became clearer. In fact, he could even hear the sound of hands lathering soap on skin. Standing in front of the bathroom door, a complicated look appeared on Ling Chens face, and he knocked on the door while saying in a low voice, Qi Yue, immediately get out here!

Despite the sound of water from within, Ling Chen was certain that Qi Yue could hear his voice. However, after he spoke, there was no response from within. The sound of splashing and flowing water continued and did not stop at all it was as if Qi Yue had not heard his voice or noticed that he was outside.

Fudge! Ling Chen gritted his teeth and knocked on the door even harder. Qi Yue, Ive found you, so get out!All that answered him was the rage-inducing sound of water. Just as he was about to call out to her for the third time, a soft voice came from within, Its nearly 12am, and the little master still hasnt found me. If I dont see little maser by 12am, I will never to tell him the things about lil sis Shui Ruo poor lil sis Shui Ruo. Even if shes brought back by little master through his hard work, shell have to die so quickly again. What a pitiful and sad fate looks like theres only 1 minute left; will little master really not come? Could it be that little master has fallen in love with me to the point that he doesnt care about lil sis Shui Ruo anymore

Those words and that voice... apart from that demoness Qi Yue, who else could it be? Moreover, her muttering caused Ling Chen to gnash his teeth evidently, she was baiting him in. Without a doubt, if he really went in, he would fall into Qi Yues trap, and the consequences were evident. However, because this concerned Shui Ruo, he had to do it.

Alright, demoness, you win this time! Ling Chen glanced at the time and did not hesitate anymore. He pulled the door open, and the instant he saw what was inside, he was completely dumbfounded.

Steam filled the bathroom, and it contained a sweet fragrance, making one feel intoxicated. Water continued flowing, and a gentle light illuminated the woman in the shower. The soft light danced across her bottom, illuminating 2 flawless arcs, and in front of her chest, her proud breasts were like 2 gigantic, snowy mountains. Countless water droplets rained down from the peaks some directly fell down, while others slid across her shocking curves until they reached her feet.Because of the hot water, Qi Yue's skin glowed red, and her lustrous black hair was spread out, not at all blocking her beautiful face. Facing Ling Chen, who had suddenly come in, she did not try to hide her body at all. Instead, she smiled, narrowing her watery, upturned eyes, and looked down, giving off an incredibly seductive air as if she was marvelling at her own flawless body while at the same time allowing Ling Chen to look all over it.

Ling Chen was completely dumbfounded, and he couldnt move his gaze away no matter what. This was because Qi Yues body was not covered at all and completely revealed to him. At such a close distance, he could clearly see wherever he wanted to see

From the day he had met Qi Yue, she had continuously used her body to seduce him. However, it was all in a flirtatious manner Ling Chen was sure that she would quickly avoid him if he ever did leap on her. In other words, she was simply toying with him to mess with him, and with her scheming mind and background, how could she casually allow a human to have his way with her? And yet, although she was always wearing revealing clothing and making suggestive actions, she never revealed her most private parts to him.

Ling Chen knew all of this. Before he had opened the door, he had expected to see a fully-dressed Qi Yue about to tease him. However, he never thought that he would really see Qi Yue showering just how seductive was Qi Yue? Ling Chen was certain that there was no woman in the world who could drive him crazier than her. Normally, he was afraid of even being too close to her, and even with his incredibly powerful mind, keeping himself in check was difficult. Now, he had seen her entire body whilst caught off guard, and in just a few moments, his soul flew out of his body and his eyes started burning.The water suddenly stopped, causing the bathroom to fall into silence. Qi Yue seemed to only just discover him, and she raised her hand and tucked some hair behind her ear as she hazily smiled. Little master, do you want to shower with me?

Ling Chen, who had been desperately suppressing his desires while reminding himself why he had come here, felt suffocated when he looked at Qi Yues chest, his mind buzzing. Qi Yues clear eyes were simply too enchanting, and they looked as if they were covered by a smoky mist those eyes and her incredibly sexy, naked body were enough to instantly destroy any mans self-control.

Following this, Ling Chens defences crumbled.

With a naked, peerlessly beautiful woman standing in front of him seducing him, he would doubt if he was still a man if he didn't leap on her. Just as his self-control crumbled, Ling Chens eyes shot out a look of lust and greed, and he leapt on Qi Yue like a ravenous wolf. He hugged her incredibly slim waist and ran his hands up her beautiful long legs. He pressed her down on the wet ground, causing her large breasts to shake.

Ahh little master, no, Im still a aQi Yues voice was incredibly soft, and her mesmerising fragrance gently blew onto Ling Chens face. Her beautiful eyes were tightly closed, and her face incredibly red. However, she did not resist and allowed his body to press down against hers.

Ahh Qi Yue cried out, shaking her head and hair about, and subconsciously wrapped her arms tightly around the man who was pressing down on her. She endured the tearing pain, and her lips slightly parted, giving out moans that she could no longer hear. The seductiveness in her eyes slowly disappeared and was replaced by a blankness as a tear appeared at the corner of her eye.

After a while, they finally settled down.

The bathroom was in complete disarray, showing how intense their battle had been. After rampaging for half the night, the 2 people were still intertwined. Qi Yue sat against the wall with a satisfied and happy look on her face, while Ling Chen was lying on her large chest, completely motionless as if he had fallen asleep. At this moment, an abnormal red light flashed on his chest, and a crescent moon the size of a fist appeared there. After appearing for an instant, it slowly disappeared.

By now, Qi Yues eyes had become clear again. She looked at her position and Ling Chen sleeping, feeling complicated.Im sorry to me, this is the best and most direct method at the very least, its my compensation to you Ill use the thing most precious to me to compensate you Qi Yue muttered as she looked at Ling Chen. She then closed her eyes as she softly asked, Whats your name?

Ling Chen Ling Chen did not move, but his mouth gave a sleepy reply.

Where did you get that girl called Tian Tian from?

Beijing outskirts a meteor fell, then we met Tian Tian. She said that she was from a place called the Xiya Star I know she wasnt lying but just forgot many things Ling Chen said.

Xiya Star Demigod Godhood so it was Qi Yue muttered to herself. However, she did not continue to ask, and it was as if she already knew the answer and was not very interested. She fell silent for a moment before softly asking, What sort of person am I in your eyes?

Youre a very beautiful, seductive, and dangerous person, Ling Chen dreamily replied.

Then you must despise me, right? Qi Yue asked self-mockingly.I dont despise you although you feel quite dangerous, when I encounter danger, I can tell that you are truly worried for me even though I dont know your goal, you at the very least gave me hope for reawakening Ruo Ruo and even protected Ruo Ruos body for me. You also told me many things that I didnt know Im filled with gratitude towards you, so I know that even though youve been using me for an unknown goal, Im unable to stray from the path that youre leading me down because I want to reawaken Ruo Ruo, and I also want to help you fulfil your wish

QI Yues body gently trembled, and she looked up at the ceiling, feeling quite dazed.

I would rather that you only feel wariness or even just contempt, Qi Yue muttered. After a while, she raised a snow-white hand and pushed Ling Chen deeper into her chest. Its just that Im unable to have any regrets, and perhaps I wont regret. Once Enchanting Moon has been sown, unless an ancient god power intervenes, even I will be unable to remove it. 3 months after Enchanting Moon is sown, I will be able to control your body and soul, and you will be unable to resist my commands. As for me, I will only be able to have you as my man if I even touch another mans finger, Ill feel the pain of ten thousand arrows piercing through my heart"

That day will come, and this is the only way to save you

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