Shura's Wrath Chapter 704

Chapter 704

Grievous News

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

It was now 3am. 

The tightly-shut bathroom door finally opened, and Ling Chen softly walked out. His steps were slightly shaky, and his arms were down by his side. His eyes were also closed as if he was sleepwalking. He unconsciously walked towards his own room, closed the door, and began sleeping on his bed.

Following this, Qi Yue, who had put her clothes on, walked out of the bathroom towards her own room. 

At this moment, Shadissika, who was sleeping, silently opened her eyes. Within the darkness, her eyes twinkled like stars without a trace of sleepiness within them. She sat up and looked at Ling Chen, who had collapsed next to her, and stretched out her hand, placing it on his chest. Following this, a colourless light invisible to the eye was slowly released.


A red-pink crescent moon mark slowly appeared it was the Enchanting Moon that Qi Yue had left on his body.

A serious look that Ling Chen had never seen before appeared on Shadissikas tender, snow-white face. After maintaining that posture for a while, she brought her fingers together in that instant, the mark on Ling Chens chest suddenly jumped. It then strangely left Ling Chens body, as if guided by a mysterious power, and then travelled to Shadissikas hand. Shadissika immediately tightly closed her hand, and as a colourless light shone out, the pink mark was turned into countless tiny pink motes of light and scattered in the air before disappearing.

Enchanting Moons effects on Ling Chen have disappeared, but its effects on you will never disappear. Thats your punishment for trying to scheme against him, Shadissika muttered in a low voice. When the dots of pink in the air disappeared, she lowered her head and looked at the Ling Chen sleep. Her gaze became gentler, and she moved him into a more comfortable position. She smiled, kissed his forehead, and hugged his arm before closing her eyes and going to sleep.

The next day, it was already 10am when Ling Chen woke up. Ling Chen sat up and suddenly felt a wave of powerlessness, causing him to almost fall back onto the bed.

No way! Could it be that he messed around with that demoness too much last night? Ling Chen subconsciously rubbed his eyes, feeling incredibly depressed this was simply illogical! He was Adam, who had walked out from heaven and hell! His body was essentially invincible let alone a single woman, even if he had 10 or 20 in a single night and did it a hundred times, he still shouldnt feel this tired putting the tiredness aside, he even felt incredibly weak!

Ling Chen quickly thought back to the events from the night before thats right, he had gone mad on Qi Yues body for 2-3 hours, after which he had fallen asleep?!

What the hell! Could that woman really be a demoness? Could she have learned some technique that converts a mans Yang energy into her own Yin energy?! Otherwise, how could this have happened? Back when he was only in his teens, he had done it with Fey for an entire day and night, but he did not feel this weak.

Ling Chen jumped down from the bed, and the instant he landed, a wave of dizziness passed through his head, his vision flickering these signs all told him that he had overspent himself to the point that his body had become incredibly weak.

Could it be because I havent done intense exercise in a while? That shouldnt be it! Ling Chen muttered to himself. Just as he was about to open the door, the door was suddenly pushed open as a fragrant, violet figure rushed in. It was Qi Yue with her beautiful, voluptuous body, as well as perfect S line. She seemed to be in a rush, and she almost ran into Ling Chens chest.

Little master. Seeing Ling Chen, Qi Yue bewitchingly smiled as her voice became incredibly gentle, Did you sleep well last night?

After waking up, the first person Ling Chen saw was Qi Yue. She still looked incredibly beautiful, but she seemed to have more charm about her. Being so close to her stunning face, busty chest, slim waist, and long legs, Ling Chens blood started to boil, and his bodys temperature started to rise.

Qi Yues seductiveness was simply unrivalled, and after tasting her, even Ling Chen found it difficult to control himself around her. Luckily, something even more important came to his attention. Last night you didnt tell me how to get rid of Ruo Ruos poison!

After saying this, Ling Chens face became slightly red. He clearly remembered that he had leapt at Qi Yue and gone at it madly, and then he felt that he was very tired, and after closing his eyes, he had fallen asleep it wasnt that Qi Yue hadnt said it, but that he hadnt asked! Moreover, he had fallen asleep in front of this demoness... this was simply too shameful! Too embarrassing! Hopefully she didnt think that he was actually a lightweight

Seeing him ask so bitterly, Qi Yue giggled, pursed her red lips, and said, I wanted to tell little master last night, but little master only wanted to bully me and didnt give me an opportunity to say it alright, alright, Ill tell little master. In actuality, little master doesnt need to worry about the poison in lil sis Shui Ruos body. Because shes been placed by little master into the Fairy Fountain, shes long since been completely purified by the Fairy Fountains water. Right, breakfast is on the table cute little Sha Sha has heated it up for little master many times, so remember to eat it.

After saying this, Qi Yue gave him a flirtatious look before walking out, leaving Ling Chen standing there, motionless as a statue.

He had been worried for an entire day, yet the answer he received was that the poison within Shui Ruos body was long gone. He wasnt sure if he should be happy or depressed. Happy because after he brought Shui Ruo back, she would be fine; depressed because he had been completely toyed with by that demoness!


Last night, he had really done that demoness

It actually happened

In actuality, Ling Chen never thought that it would actually happen. The fact that she was a character from a game was not important. However, he was certain that Qi Yue had always been plotting against him and using him. In more direct terms, although Qi Yue always called him little master, she was always just using him. Since he was a tool, how could she allow him to do it with her?

And yet, that had actually happened last night. Whats more, she was the one who had initiated. What made it even more difficult for Ling Chen to stay calm was that she was actually a virgin.

Ling Chen felt a bit hazy if she was just using him, why would she do that? Yesterday, she was still a virgin, which meant that even though she was incredibly seductive, she definitely wasnt an easy woman.

Ling Chen simply couldnt understand, but the way he felt about Qi Yue completely changed. Although she had been using him this entire time, she had willingly given herself to him last night, allowing him to be her first man. As such, no matter what her goal was, she didnt want to harm him at the very least, most of his worries were unnecessary.

After thinking about that, Ling Chen silently let out a breath. When relaxed, a mans nature would naturally be revealed. Thinking back to Qi Yues naked body, a lascivious light shone in Ling Chens eyes before, he could only endure it and suppress it, but now, that demoness was his woman! What did he need to endure for anymore? Yesterday was definitely an anomaly after he was full after eating, he would show that demoness his strength at night!!

After thinking about that, Ling Chens eyes became much clearer, and he marched right to the dining table.

Around dusk, Ling Chen received news from Gui Ya. Just as he had expected, she had left for the Yun family in the afternoon to be at her grandfathers 70th birthday banquet. She, who had been used as a tool for the Yun family, would cause a massive disturbance by going back.

You have to protect her safety. Especially so because Long Tian Yun has been silent for too long; this isnt consistent with his personality. Hes definitely looking for an opportunity to take revenge, so you have to be very, very careful, Ling Chen said.

Yao Ying and Qian Mo will be right by her side, while Gui Shou, Leng Feng and Leng Mei will infiltrate the Yun family and protect them from the shadows, so please rest assured, master oh, SuEr also came. She most likely knew that Yun Meng Xin would go, so she went with her father.

SuEr? Ling Chen thought for a moment before saying, All in all, just be careful and dont let down your guard. Yun Meng Xin will most likely spend the night at the Yun familys residence, so tell Yao Ying and Qian Mo to stay in the room with her.

After hanging up, Ling Chen frowned. With Yao Ying and Qian Mo by her side, as well as Gui Ya protecting her, it was essentially impossible for anything to happen to Yun Meng Xin. However, there was still an ominous feeling within his heart.

Is it because Im thinking too much about SuErs words? Ling Chen muttered before shaking his head.

Yun Meng Xins grandfathers birthday banquet went quite late, and everything had gone quite smoothly. After seeing off the guests who were not staying, it was about 10pm. Yun Meng Xin would naturally stay overnight after all, this was her home.

SuEr did not go back, and she instead went to find Yun Meng Xin, and the 2 sisters slept together in Yun Meng Xins room.

At night, everything was peaceful in the Yun family. Yun Meng Xin and SuEr talked on the bed for a long time before sleeping. Gui Ya and the others did not sleep at all the entire night, remaining incredibly tense. Soon, a whole night passed, and nothing had happened.

In the morning, Su Hong Cheng personally came to take SuEr home, and Yun Meng Xin refused the Yun familys requests to stay behind and left the Yun family. Although she was born into the Yun family, it was not a place where she wanted to stay. After all, in that family, profits were more important than feelings, and she didnt want to become one of them.

Was I really just thinking too much? After SuEr went home, Yun Meng Xin returned to the Xiao familys residence. From the previous day to today, nothing out of the ordinary had happened. After receiving a report from Gui Ya, Ling Chen was able to finally relax.

Su Hang was too far from Beijing, and Meng Xins status was too special. Since she wasnt willing to return to the Yun family, what about coming here? She would at least be completely safe here

As Ling Chen was thinking, his phone started ringing. Ling Chen looked at the screen and saw that it was Gui Ya, who he had just gotten off the phone with.

What is it?

Master! We dont know why, but Yun Meng Xin suddenly fainted, Gui Ya said in a cold voice.

She fainted? Why? Ling Chens eyebrows jumped.

We dont know. Yao Ying and Qian Mo are currently checking up on her, but it shouldnt be anything serious. Perhaps its because shes been working too hard lately Gui Yas voice was suddenly cut out by a womans scream, and Ling Chen heard Qian Mos shocked voice, I-Isrock Disease!!


Ling Chens body swayed and his phone fell heavily to the ground. 

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