Shura's Wrath Chapter 707

Chapter 707

Breaking Off Ties (2)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

Yao Ying carried Yun Meng Xin into Yun Fengs car. The car was wide enough to allow Yun Meng Xin to lie on Yao Yings lap in the back seats. Following this, the car started and sped towards the Yun Familys residence.

No, I I want to go and look after big sister Meng Xin! Xiao Qi muttered to herself as she watched the car disappear. She suddenly ran back into her own courtyard, and soon a light pink Porsche 918 appeared. Xiao Qiu Feng did not stop her and instead only gave a long sigh.

When Yun Fengs car raced into the Yun familys residence, he found his home in complete chaos as well. Evidently, when he had received news that Yun Meng Xin had contracted the Isrock Disease, so had the Yun familys people. Just like in the Xiao family, everyone wore thick masks, and there were people spraying disinfectant in every single corner. 

Yun Feng stopped the car, and he almost fainted from the incredibly heavy smell of disinfectant. The smell here was much heavier than in the Xiao familys residence. He wasnt sure if he was imagining things, but there also seemed to be a burnt smell. When the attendants saw Yun Feng, some of them hurriedly ran over, Young master, youre back At that moment, the back door was opened, and Yao Ying expressionlessly carried Yun Meng Xin out. Immediately, the attendants expressions changed, and they desperately ran away as they screamed, B-Big miss

Yun Feng slammed the door shut with a bang and ignored the pale-faced attendants. He said hurriedly, Quick, take her to her room. Its over there.

Although Yao Ying looked quite weak, she was a Reaper who had walked out of hell. She wouldnt feel tired even after holding Yun Meng Xin for hours. Looking at the pale-faced and shallowly-breathing Yun Meng Xin in her arms, she did not say anything and followed behind Yun Feng. Honestly speaking, Yun Meng Xin living or dying meant nothing to her. However, she was worried about the impact it would have on Ling Chen. After all, she was one of the people who Ling Chen wanted to protect with all his might, which meant that she was important to Ling Chen within his heart.

After rushing to Yun Meng Xins small courtyard, Yun Feng suddenly stopped running before he went in, and his body became stiff. He stared ahead of him within the courtyard, the small and elegant building was gone, and it was instead replaced by smouldering ruins. The fire had evidently been burning for a long time, and everything had been burned to ashes.

Yun Fengs face became incredibly dark, and he tightly clenched his fists. How could he not understand what had happened? Behind him, Yao Ying also frowned, and a coldness flashed in her eyes.

A burst of footsteps sounded out from behind him, and Yun Feng silently turned around and looked at the people who had arrived it was his father, Yun Zheng Fan, second uncle, Yun Zheng Hai, and second aunt, Dong Fang Lan as well as his grandpa, who had just turned 70 years old, Yun Ba Fang. There were also 7 or 8 attendants behind them. Each of them was wearing a full body hazmat suit and thick masks. Only their eyes could be seen from outside.

Yun Feng, did you go to pick up Meng Xin? You said you ai! Yun Zheng Fan stared at Yun Feng, then at Yun Meng Xin in Yao Yings arms, his gaze becoming incredibly complicated.

Father, grandfather whats going on? Yun Feng pointed at the ruins behind him, suppressing the suffocating feeling in his chest.

What else could be going on? Yun Zheng Hai replied. Dont you know that Meng Xin has contracted the Isrock Disease? She slept there last night, so her room and courtyard are probably contaminated. Of course we had to burn it! What will we do if other people contract the Isrock Disease?

But thats Meng Xins courtyard! Even though shes moved out for a year, many of her things are in there! How could you just burn it all! You didnt even ask Meng Xin! Although Yun Feng was doing his best to keep himself calm, his voice was still furious. Moreover, now that youve burned it all down, where is Meng Xing going to stay?!

Hearing Yun Fengs words, Yun Zheng Fan frowned and said in a low voice, Stay? You brought Meng Xin back here because you want her to stay here? Do you know what sort of sickness shes infected with? If she stays here, she might bring disaster to our entire family!

Yun Fengs eyes widened as he gnashed his teeth and yelled, Father! What do you mean by that?! Arent you going to let Meng Xin stay here?

Yun Zheng Fan looked at Yun Meng Xin, whose eyes were closed in a deep sleep, and said sharply, Yun Feng, stop joking around! Dont you remember how your second grand-uncle died? How can she stay here? Immediately take her away.

Yun Feng was unable to suppress the flames of fury inside of him anymore, and he clenched his fists as he roared, Father! Shes my little sister and your own daughter! Now that shes incredibly sick, she needs us the most! Apart from her own home, where is she supposed to go? With our familys capabilities, even if its the Isrock Disease, well be able to perfectly quarantine it! Now that youve burned her courtyard, where is she supposed to stay Father, thats not something you should have done say something!

Insolence! What gives you the right to yell at me? Yun Zheng Fan was also infuriated, and he stepped forwards.

Big brother, Yun Feng, you should both calm down, Yun Zheng Hai hurriedly said as he stopped Yun Zheng Fan. He then tried to console Yun Feng, Yun Feng, I know that you care about Meng Xin deeply, and as her family, none of us care about her any less than you do. Your fathers not being cruel; rather, Meng Xin is his only daughter, and hes feeling sadder than anyone. Hes doing all of this for our family. Your second grand-uncle died because of the Isrock Disease once someones infected, not even a god is able to save them. If we keep her here, its possible that more people in our family contract the Isrock Disease

Hahaha Yun Feng coldly laughed. Ill say it again our family has the ability to completely quarantine the Isrock Disease. I dont believe that none of you know this! Even if we cant those with even a little bit of familial love would rather take that risk and take care of her than burn her courtyard and throw her out! I know exactly what youre all thinking! Before, Ive always hated those who abandoned their family because of the Isrock Disease. In order to keep themselves safe, they not only threw away their family but also their hearts. What I never expected was that my family would be that sort of family!

You! Yun Zheng Fan was completely enraged, and he stepped forwards and slapped Yun Feng.

Since he was young, Yun Feng had been slapped by Yun Zheng Fan many times, but he took it obediently each time. However, this time, he tilted his head, making Yun Zheng Fans slap miss. Yun Feng didnt even look at him, and he turned to look at Yun Ba Fang, calmly saying, Grandfather, are you going to say anything? Yesterday was your 70th birthday, and Meng Xin, who hadnt come back in an entire year, came back must to see you. You were so happy that you even praised Meng Xin for an entire evening, saying that she was a genius who could only be found once every hundred years and that she was the Yun familys hope and pride. You even said that the Yun family would always be her shield, and that she shouldnt forget the Yun family you must be feeling a great deal of heartache; surely youll let her stay here to be looked after, right?

There was something else that he hadnt said, but he trusted everyone knew Yun Meng Xin contracted the Isrock Disease last night when she had attended Yun Ba Fangs birthday banquet. If she hadnt come to the banquet, everything would have been fine.

Last night at the banquet, Yun Meng Xin had indeed been the centre of attention. The light around her was simply too eye-catching, and if she helped the Yun family, the Yun family would have been able to rise to a whole new level. As such, the Yun family, which had once chased her out, took this opportunity to re-establish its relationship with her, and Yun Ba Fang used all of the praises he knew on her. However, who would have thought that the Yun familys hope became someone who was doomed to die after a single night. Not only could they not obtain any benefits from her, she had also become a burden to their very lives.

Yun Ba Fangs old eyes flickered for a while before deeply sighing and saying, FengEr, take Meng Xin to Yan Huang Hospital. Ill arrange for the best doctors to look after her around the clock until she ai.

Yun Ba Fangs words completely chilled Yun Fengs heart. He slowly looked at each person, and for some reason, the people who he was so familiar with all became strangers. He couldnt help but sadly think that if it was him who had contracted the Isrock Disease, he most likely would have been treated this way as well. If that happened, he might have naively thought that he would be taken care of at home, spending his remaining time with his family.

I understand. Yun Fengs expression became incredibly dark, and his heart fell to its lowest depths. At this moment, a weak voice sounded in his ears, Big brother lets go I dont want to stay here

Yun Feng suddenly raised his head, looking at Meng Xin, whose eyes were half-opened as she lay in Yao Yings arms. Her face was even paler, turning almost grey, and there was not a bit of light in her half-opened eyes. Yun Zheng Fan and the others realised that Yun Meng Xin hadnt been sleeping this entire time and had heard all of their words. No matter how thick their skin was, they couldnt help but feel ashamed. Yun Zheng Fan sighed helplessly, Meng Xin, dont blame us; its not that we dont want you to stay here but that we cant allow anything to happen to the family anymore dont worry, well find the best doctor for you.

No need! We dont need the Yun family! If the Yun family wont take her, we will!

A furious voice yelled out from behind them. Everyone turned around and saw Xiao Qi angrily standing there, her beautiful eyes almost shooting out fire. She directly pushed through Yun Zheng Fan and the others and came to Yao Yings side as she said to Yun Feng, Yun Feng, dont send Meng Xin to some hospital. Just go to my place. My dad and big brother wont turn their backs on her, and neither will I Ill take care of her after all, I wont be able to be at ease with anyone else taking care of her. Even if Im infected with the Isrock Disease, it doesnt matter. Big sister Meng Xin, Su Su, and I are the closest sisters in the world, and we said that we would live and die together.

Qi Qi Yun Meng Xins lips softly parted, a tear forming in her eyes.

These words caused Yun Zheng Fan, Yun Ba Fang, and the other seniors to feel extremely uncomfortable, and all of their faces flushed red with embarrassment.

Theres nothing else to say. Lets go, Yao Ying said as she calmly glanced at Yun Zheng Fan and the others and brought Yun Meng Xin to where Yun Fengs car was.

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