Shura's Wrath Chapter 711

Chapter 711

The Ineffective Fairy Fountain Water 

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It shouldnt be like this!

Its not working? Qi Yue said as she turned to Ling Chen and said, The cleansing process takes time, and it wont take effect immediately.

But its already been 20 or so minutes! And they havent gotten better at all, only worse.

Oh? A look of surprise appeared on Qi Yues face as she said in a low voice, Could it be that we didnt give them enough? No with the Fairy Fountain waters cleansing properties, that amount would have been more than enough to make them completely healthy again. Why couldnt it cleanse the measly Isrock Disease?

As she spoke, Qi Yue brought out another 2 small bottles. I brought another 2 bottles in case anyone else was infected, so you can try using these 2 as well hm?

Qi Yue suddenly stopped speaking. She did not give the bottles to Ling Chen, and she instead looked at the slightly trembling contents within the bottle as her gaze flashed.

What is it? Ling Chen asked.

Qi Yue did not immediately reply. She opened the bottom and poured a drop of the Fairy Fountain water onto her palm. Instantly, an incredibly refreshing and cool feeling spread throughout her body, and Qi Yues frown deepened.

Just whats going on? Lin Chen shouted, unable to stay calm.

Ai Qi Yue slowly closed her hand and lightly sighed as a look of guilt that he had never seen before appeared on her face. Little master, I miscalculated. I thought that the Fairy Fountain water could cure all diseases, including the Isrock Disease, but I just realised that I was too nave it doesnt have the ability to cure their Isrock Disease.

Why? Ling Chen felt as if a bucket of cold water had been poured over him. Didnt you say that the Fairy Fountain water could purify everything?!

Yes, theres nothing wrong with the Fairy Fountain water. Qi Yue shook her head. The Fairy Fountain water does indeed have the ability to cleanse all sicknesses, but the Fairy Fountain water belongs to the Mystic Moon world, while this is earth.

Facing Ling Chens look of confusion, Qi Yue slowly explained, Compared to the Mystic Moon world, earths nature is too polluted, and the density of elemental essences is pitifully low. As such, no matter if its strength or longevity, earths people cant compare to the Mystic Moons people at all. At a conservative estimate, earths nature is more polluted than the Mystic Moons by more than 300 times, and the density of elemental essences is lower by more than 20 times. As soon as the Mystic Moons Fairy Water comes into contact with the earths polluted air, it will be instantly polluted and its cleansing power reduced. At most, itll make a person feel cool and refreshed. Another reason is that the aura of nature in the 2 worlds are completely different. The Mystic Moon worlds aura of nature contains far more elemental essences than earth, which is why there are many different races. In this sort of environment, once the Fairy Fountain water comes into contact with the air, it will no longer be Fairy Fountain water and will not have its powerful cleansing properties anymore.

Hearing Qi Yues words, Ling Chen fell silent for a while.

In order for one to drink this Fairy Fountain water, it was impossible for it to not come into contact with the air. This was because even if one drank it in a vacuum, there would still be air within their bodies this meant that as long as one was on earth, the Fairy Fountain water, which could cleanse all sicknesses, would be ineffective.

Then what about in the Mystic Moon world? You took Ruo Ruo there, so surely you can bring Meng Xin and Su Su there Ling Chen said as he looked at Qi Yue desperately.

Qi Yues voice became soft, Last time, I already told little master that the Lunar Scourge is only able to bring souls or inanimate objects it could bring little sis Shui Ruo because she was dead, while these 2 are still living. If we wait until theyre also dead, therell be no point.

Ling Chen did not say anything, and he returned to the quarantined room.

Seeing hope being extinguished was worse than being in despair the whole time. Because of his faith in Qi Yue and how he had personally witnessed the miracles the Fairy Fountain water could bring, Ling Chen had thought that the Isrock Disease would be perfectly cleansed, and he had confidently told everyone that he had found a way to cure the Isrock Disease. However, that was now a beautiful, shattered bubble of hope.

After returning to everyone else, his dark expression caused everyone elses hearts to sink. Looking at the unconscious SuEr and Yun Meng Xin, who barely had her eyes half-opened, his lips trembled before he dryly said, Im sorry

These 2 words crushed all hope remaining in the other people. Xiao Qi, who had confidently been waiting for a miracle, covered her mouth, soundlessly crying. Yao Ying and the others gazes all became dim they were not worried about Yun Meng Xin or SuEr but Ling Chen. He had been completely confident, but in this matter regarding the lives of Yun Meng Xin and SuEr, he had failed it not only meant that Yun Meng Xin and SuEr had lost their last hope, but that Ling Chen himself also suffered a big blow to his mind.

Why are you apologising? Yun Meng Xin lightly smiled. The Isrock Disease has always been incurable this is something that the entire world knows. Even if youre Ling Chen, theres no reason why you would be able to do it. As such, you dont need to feel guilty She paused as her dim eyes flashed with light. I thought that I would spend my entire life as a tool for the Yun family, living as a puppet not only did I escape that fate, but the value of my life also reached a height that I would never dare to imagine. The best thing was that I have such a good big brother, such good sisters, as well as you

Life is like a dream, and after experiencing so many good things, I dont feel any sadness or regret that this beautiful dream is about to end

It wont end like this! Dont say things like that! Xiao Qi rushed over and vigorously shook her head as she cried, It wont big sister Meng Xin, youll be fine both you and Su Su will be fine

Dont go near her! Yao Ying immediately rushed over and stopped Xiao Qi. Allowing her to be in this room was already the limit, and it was impossible to allow her to get any closer.

The atmosphere became filled with sorrow and grief, and from Ling Chens dark expression, everyone knew that the method he was so confident in had failed. This meant that there was no longer any way to save Yun Meng Xin and SuEr. You Yue and Han Lan simultaneously knelt before Ling Chen and said in a self-blaming manner, Master, were sorry for not protecting them properly please punish us.

Get out all of you get out! Ling Chen said in a terrifyingly calm voice while raising his head and looking at the ceiling.

Big brother Ling Tian?


Xiao Qi, Yao Ying and the others all looked at Ling Chen worriedly.

All of you get out. Yao Ying, take Qi Qi somewhere safe. Ling Chens voice was weak and filled with grief.

Yao Ying nodded and pulled the Xiao Qi away, who was teary-eyed and witless. Everyone else also left the room and gently closed the door.

Within the silent room, only Ling Chen and the 2 sick girls were left. The instant the door was closed, Ling Chens body leaned against a wall and slid down to the cold ground. He raised his hands and clutched at his hair he had not died in heaven, hell had not taken away his life, he had broken free from the Mad Scientists mental restrictions, and he had even killed the terrifying Instructor Hell he had overcome countless adversaries, but no matter how powerful he was, he could only despair in the face of the Isrock Disease

Himself, Shui Ruo, and now Yun Meng Xin and SuEr

He resented the Isrock Disease deeply why did such a thing have to exist? If this was the heavens punishment on humans for their wars, why was this cruel punishment given to these innocent girls?

They said that you wont be infected by the Isrock Disease is this true?

Yun Meng Xins soft and weak voice sounded out, causing Ling Chen to come back to his senses. He raised his head and lightly nodded, saying, Mm, because I contracted the Isrock Disease in the past, but I was healed.

Yun Meng Xin fell silent for a while as if she were shocked by what he had said or perhaps what she wanted to say took a lot of strength. Ling Chen stood up and walked to her bed, and she said in a weak voice, My family doesnt want me anymore. To them, Im just a burden that causes them terror Ling Tian will you want me

Of course, of course I will! Ling Chen unhesitatingly nodded. If this is what you want, you can stay as long as you want. Ill never chase you away.

Yun Meng Xin lightly smiled, and looked she at Ling Chen, a look of infatuation in her eyes. Ling Tian, why why do you treat me so well? Im not your relative, nor am I your benefactor, and Ive never done anything for you. Youve already fulfilled your promise to my big brother by hundreds, if not thousands of times so why do you treat me so well

Why do I treat her so well

Ling Chen stood there dumbly. He had met Yun Meng Xin because of his goal to help Yun Meng Xin, all in order to repay Yun Feng for giving him the 13223 drug. Back then, he had thought that he would withdraw from the virtual world and spend all of his time with Shui Ruo after completing the quest. However, who would have thought after she became the Lady of Ling Tian City, what he felt was not relief at him completing his quest, but joy, anticipation, and some worry that the burden would be too great for her.

After hearing that she had been infected with the Isrock Disease, he had felt just as shocked and terrified as when Shui Ruo had been infected with the Isrock Disease. At this moment, hearing Yun Meng Xins words, Ling Chen finally found his answer. He looked down at Yun Meng Xin, who was a strong, intelligent, and beautiful young woman, and softly said, Because, in my heart, Meng Xin is incredibly important to me; someone who I can never lose.

Yun Meng Xin, who had not shed tears when she found out that she had the Isrock Disease or when her family had chased her out, felt tears stream out from her eyes. Ling Chen, did you know what everything youve done for me meant did you know that the image youve left in my eyes and heart is something that I can never get rid of my heart and my soul are filled with you, and I cannot contain anyone else anymore, making me live every second, every minute, and every day with your image in my head. No matter what I do, see, or experience, all I can think of is you you met me because of your promise to my big brother, so why did I have to fall in love with you so completely

Ling Chen:

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