Shura's Wrath Chapter 714

Chapter 714

Blessing The World

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

Just like that, a massive crisis had been averted by a method no one had expected. Everyone thought that Ling Chen had used the mystical Fairy Fountain water to save Yun Meng Xin and SuEr from the Isrock Disease. The massive joy in seeing Yun Meng Xin and SuEr come back to life caused the girls to forget all of the pain and grief in their hearts, replacing them with laughter and much chatting.

Dad, uncle, aunty, Im fine now. Look, Im completely fine. The Isrock Disease in my body is completely gone it was big brother Ling Tian who saved big sister Meng Xin and me!

Although it was late at night, how could Su Hong Cheng and Su Yi Cheng fall asleep? After receiving the video call from SuEr, they saw SuEr with a rozy complexion smiling and jumping, and they almost couldnt believe their eyes. Following this, the 2 men of iron could not help but weep. After confirming many times that SuErs Isrock Disease was completely gone, they alternated between laughing and crying like 2 mad men.

Thank you, Ling Tian, thank you we are assured with SuEr by your side. Please take care of her for us.

This was Su Hong Chengs voice, filled with deep gratitude. Even though he had only thanked Ling Chen and asked him to take care of SuEr, those few sentences had decided SuEr and the entire Su familys future.

Yun Meng Xin also immediately told Yun Feng, who had not been able to sleep at all, causing him to become so excited that he screamed like a demon. Following this, words of worship towards Ling Chen flooded out of his mouth with no end.

It was nearly dawn, and the girls, who had been mentally tortured for a whole day, were now able to relax. They talked and messed around for a long time before sleeping. However, Ling Chen was unable to sleep at all. After the girls had all gone to sleep, he got up and went to the courtyard. Ling Chen stood beside the man-made lake, spacing out. He replayed the words Shadissika had said to him, as well as the bottle she had given him.

Indeed, it was that bottle that Sha Sha had given him that had saved Yun Meng Xin and SuEr. Apart from that, there was no other possibility. However, just what did that bottle contain? Where did Sha Sha get it from? It had actually completely cured the worlds most terrifying disease so quickly, and it had completely restored Yun Meng Xin and SuEr. Back then, after Shui Ruo had taken the 13223 drug, it had taken her a whole month to recover!

Could it really be that the Fairy Fountain water just needed some time to take effect? Qi Yues voice sounded out from behind him. He had no idea when the sexily-dressed Qi Yue had appeared behind him.

Even though Im completely amazed, it looks like thats the only explanation, Ling Chen said as he turned around. After all, the Isrock Disease couldnt have disappeared by itself, right?

You should know that saying that the Fairy Fountain water took some time to take effect is completely illogical. However, it seems that little master is feeling quite confused. Qi Yue tapped her snow-white chin, and her eyes narrowed as if she was thinking about something. She definitely didnt believe that the Fairy Fountain water just had delayed effects because it would no longer be Fairy Fountain water the instant it came into contact with the air, and it would no longer be able to do anything to the Isrock Disease. However, she was even more doubtful that Ling Chen was hiding some method from her. She had felt all of his emotions from before, and if he really did have some sort of method, he would have used it immediately.

However, Qi Yue didnt believe that this had nothing to do with Ling Chen. After Yun Meng Xin and SuEr had recovered, she had been observing Ling Chen the whole time, and his reaction was simply too strange. Within his shock and joy, there was a haziness and uncertainty in his eyes that was impossible to identify.

Ling Chen smiled with a baffled look on his face. Thats what I thought too. Apart from that, I cant think of anything else. Oh? Qi Yue, could it have been you?

Qi Yue raised an eyebrow as she looked at Ling Chen, unimpressed. Looks like little master doesnt want to tell me. Forget it, Im going to go and rest in order to avoid annoying little master little master should rest soon as well.

After saying this, Qi Yue elegantly walked off.

He wasnt sure if it was a coincidence, but just as Qi Yue left, a soft patter of footsteps sounded out from behind him. Without turning around, Ling Chen already knew who the footsteps belonged to.

Ling Chen, why arent you sleeping yet? Shadissika stood beside Ling Chen, holding onto his hand with her 2 small hands in a natural manner.

Sha Sha Facing Sha Sha, Ling Chens heart couldnt help but beat faster. He deeply breathed in and said lightly, Thank you.

This word of thanks was quite heavy because this pure-white girl, who had walked into his life, had just saved Yun Meng Xin and SuErs lives.

Shadissika smiled as she shook her head. I dont need Ling Chen to thank me because Ling Chens the most, most important person to me. I did what I did because that would make Ling Chen happy.

Shadissika had said similar things to him the entire time she had been with him. Ling Chen also smiled and held Sha Shas small hands before saying earnestly, Sha Sha, can you tell me what was in that bottle? I really want to know what saved Meng Xin and Su Sus lives.

He desperately wanted to know what that bottle contained. He couldnt help but think that if Sha Sha had come earlier, perhaps Shui Ruo

Facing Ling Chens question, Shadissika slightly lowered her head and shook her head, saying in a small voice slowly but resolutely, Im sorry I cant say After saying these words, she suddenly became afraid that Ling Chen would get angry, and her voice became anxious, I-Its not because I dont want to say or because Im trying to lie to Ling Chen, but but I really cant, I

Seeing that she was anxious to the point of tears, Ling Chen felt an ache within his heart, and he hurriedly said, Its fine, everyone has their own little secrets. This is Sha Shas secret, so she doesnt have to tell me. Its fine; I wont get angry because Ive always believed that Sha Shas a little angel sent to me from heaven that will only make me happy. Im sure Sha Sha would never do anything thats bad for me.

Ling Chens words caused Shadissika to raise her face. She stared at Ling Chen for a while before sweetly smiling and vigorously nodding. Mm! Sha Sha will never, ever do anything bad to Ling Chen. However, I know that Ling Chen wont be happy about me not telling him, so I prepared a present as compensation. Looking at Ling Chen, Shadissikas crystal-like eyes seemed to light up.

Present? Ling Chen bent down, looking quite curious. Not only had she saved Yun Meng Xin and SuEr miraculously, thus dispelling that nightmare, but she had also prepared a present as compensation for not telling Ling Chen how she had done it. It would be difficult for anyone not to love this pure-white girl.

Its this! Shadissika put her hands behind her back, and when she brought them out again, there was a small bottle within them it was another of the bottles that had contained Fairy Fountain water.

What is this? Looking at the bottle in Shadissikas hands, Ling Chen seemed to guess something, and his expression became excited.

Shadissika looked up as she said earnestly, Ling Chen told me that the Isrock Disease is the most terrifying thing in the world and that there are many people in the world who have died from it. There are almost 200 million people infected with it across the world, and it is what everyone on earth fears the most. Even big brother Ling Chen hates and fears it. Before, even big sister Meng Xin and big sister Su Su almost as such, I dont want to see this happen anymore, and I dont want Ling Chen to feel scared of this Isrock Disease.

Shadissika raised the bottle higher, and under the moonlight, the liquid gave off a faint light. The water inside is the same as what we gave the 2 big sisters. However, if its just to get rid of the Isrock Disease, you dont need all of it. It wont be a problem even if you dilute it 1 billion times.

Ling Chens hands, which were about to take the bottle, violently trembled.

Dilute 1 billion times even if it was diluted 1 billion times, it would still be able to cure the Isrock Disease!!

There were currently 200 million infected by the Isrock Disease, so in other words this tiny bottle could rid the entire world of the nightmare that was the Isrock Disease! In other words, it could completely eradicate the Isrock Disease from this world!!

Sha Sha is this true? Ling Chens voice trembled. If this was true, Sha Sha would save 200 million no! If the Isrock Disease continued to spread, countless people would die! It was a terrifying disease that could bring down the whole world! This was a blessing not just to those who were infected but to the whole world!

Of course its true. I would never trick Ling Chen. After putting the bottle in Ling Chens hands, Shadissika smiled as she nodded.

Sha Sha! Although Shadissikas words were incredibly shocking, Ling Chen did not doubt them at all. Yun Meng Xin and SuEr had been miraculously healed, giving him no reason to doubt her words. He tightly gripped the bottle that could save hundreds of millions of lives as he said, Im starting to believe that you really are a little angel not just mine, but the entire worlds

Hehe, but Sha Sha only wants to belong to Ling Chen, Sha Sha laughed.

As long as you dont secretly run off, no one will be able to steal you from my side. Ling Chen put his arms around her slim shoulders as he smiled. The gratitude within his heart flooded through his entire body and soul. Shadissika was a girl who he had brought out from a strange place in the virtual world. Who she was, what her background was, and what secrets she had none of those things mattered he felt himself grow more and more attached to this girl even though he had only known her for 2 or 3 months, he was as attached to her as he had been to Shui Ruo, who he had been with for more than 6 years.

 He had already decided where the bottle would go Li Xiao Xue. With the Li familys finances, power, and influence, there was no better place for it to go. 
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