Shura's Wrath Chapter 715

Chapter 715

Sha Sha and Tian Tians promise

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

The Isrock Disease was created by the nuclear and magnetic radiation released during wars and the pollution that has gathered for thousands of years. Humans are greatly reliant on nature, but they are taking care of it less and less. If this continues, even if there werent anymore nuclear battles, the Isrock Disease would have developed regardless. It isnt wrong to say that the Isrock Disease is natures revenge.

What I gave Ling Chen is something that can cause the Isrock Disease to disappear from the world, but if the world continues to destroy nature like before, something more terrifying than the Isrock Disease will appear soon.

Shadissika looked out at the water as she spoke in a calm but melancholic tone, saying things that a girl of her age should not be able to say.

Ling Chen looked over at the girl beside him in shock and nodded his head, then shook his head. Sha Sha, youre completely right. Humans realised this, so we signed the Hundred Year Armistice Convention. However, there are more and more people on earth, and no matter how we control it, its impossible for us to slow down the destruction of nature. Something like the Isrock Disease is fated to appear once again in future.

Ling Chen, this is for you. Shadissika suddenly stretched out her hand, and within it was a small, metallic chip the size of a fingernail.

This is a memory chip? Ling Chen held it in his hand, looking at Shadissika with curiosity. This was a very ordinary memory chip. Although it was incredibly thin, with the 31st centurys technology, this memory chip was able to store 300 terabytes on it.

On this are ways that the earth can use to avoid things like the Isrock Disease from appearing again. Ling Chen just needs to give it to big sister Xiao Xue shell know what to do, Shadissika said as she smiled.

Really?! Ling Chen was once again greatly shocked. The shock at what Shadissika had just said greatly surpassed how he had felt when she had given him the bottle that could save everyone who was infected with the Isrock Disease. He was unable to remain calm anymore, and his eyes widened as he asked, Just whats inside this? Where did you get it from? Is it really as amazing as you said?

Mm! Shadissika vigorously nodded, then lowered her head and said in a softer voice, If, if I had just met Ling Chen, I would just say that these things are in my head and that I dont know how I knew these things. However, now, now I dont want to lie to Ling Chen but I really cant answer I

Shadissika looked so flustered that Ling Chen could only shake his head and say, Its fine. Sha Sha doesnt need to tell me. I know Sha Sha has an important reason why she cant tell me, and I believe that Sha Sha not telling me is for my own good. Ill give this memory chip to your big sister Xiao Xue tomorrow.

A sweet smile reappeared on Shadissikas face. She happily nodded. Mm! I knew that Ling Chen was the best, best person in the world alright, Im going to sleep then.

Ling Chens words made Shadissikas burdened heart feel at ease, and her mood became much better as she more or less skipped away. Watching her leave, Ling Chen held the bottle and memory chip in his hands, unable to quell the massive waves within his heart.

Sha Sha just who are you

Shadissika lightly returned to her room. Just as she closed the door, she saw Tian Tian rubbing her eyes, asking sleepily, Sha Sha, where did you go eh, wheres big brother?

Ah? I couldnt sleep just then, so I went out for a bit. Big brothers still outside; hes probably too excited to sleep. Shadissika smiled as she returned to the bed.

Oh Tian Tian replied before kicking the blanket. Im so sleepy. Sha Sha, hurry and sleep.

Shadissika pulled over the blankets, covering half of her small body, but she did not lie down. She silently looked at Tian Tian for a while, her gaze flickering as she suddenly said, Tian Tian, if you had to leave Ling Chen for a long time to do something very important, would you be willing?

Of course not! Although she was quite sleepy, Tian Tian answered without any hesitation. The more time she spent with him, the more she became attached to him. This was especially so after they had lost Shui Ruo the trauma she had suffered made it so that she did not want to be separated from Ling Chen for even a day. As such, she automatically gave this answer in response to Shadissikas question.

Then doesnt Tian Tian miss her mummy? And doesnt she want to go back to the place called the Xiya Star? Shadissika softly asked as she looked at Tian Tians partly-opened eyes.

Mummy? Tian Tian repeated this strangely, and her eyes suddenly opened wide as she stared at the ceiling, as if she was trying to remember something. After a while, she turned to look at Shadissika with a hazy gaze. Mummy Xiya Star did they really exist or was it just a dream I dont know why, but I cant remember them anymore. Mm, forget it, lets not think about it anymore. Sha Sha, lets sleep.

So it was like this Shadissika inwardly thought. Her memories were scattered due to the crash, but they should have recovered a long time ago. However, Ling Shui Ruos death dealt a massive blow to her mind, making her feel that she could never leave Ling Chen. As such, she subconsciously suppressed those memories from surfacing because she was afraid that she would have to leave Ling Chen if she remembered... however, her power will awaken sooner or later, as will her memories. Even she wont be able to stop that. When that time comes

Shadissika gently placed her hand on Tian Tians eyes and came closer as she smiled and said mysteriously, Tian Tian, Ill give you a present.

Present? What present? Hearing the word present, Tian Tian felt much more awake.

Shadissika mysteriously smiled and stretched out her hand. She then drew a line around Tian Tians snow-white neck before taking her hand off Tian Tians eyes and saying, Look.

Without the lights on, only some dim light came in from outside. Tian Tian excitedly sat up, and she immediately saw the dim violet light in front of her chest. Her eyes instantly lit up, and she held it with her hands as she cried out, Wow! Its so pretty!!

In front of Tian Tians chest was a beautiful crystal pendant, which hung from her neck by a thin, transparent string. Although it was evening, it gave off a dreamy, violet light.

Seeing how cute Tian Tian looked, Shadissika happily laughed, This isnt just any ordinary pendant; it also contains a mysterious power.

A mysterious power?

Mhmm! Tian Tian, you need to remember my words. Shadissika held Tian Tians hands, which were cupped around the pendant, and her gaze became serious. Looking at Shadissika, Tian Tian tilted her head curiously.

Tian Tian must wear this pendant every day, and you must never take it off. This is even when Tian Tians showering or sleeping.

Okay! Since its a present given to me by Sha Sha and its so pretty, I would never have taken it off anyways, Tian Tian confidently promised before Shadissika finished speaking.

Mm. Shadissika nodded, and her expression became even more serious as she said, What Im about to say next is even more important one day, if you face danger and big brother and I are not around, you just need to put this violet pendant in your mouth okay?

Eh? Tian Tian looked quite confused. Sha Sha, what youre saying is so strange. Big brother will never leave me, and I wont let myself get into any danger. Plus, even if there is danger, why do I need to put it in my mouth? Its not a lolly.

Shadissika knew that no one would be able to understand her words. She couldnt explain it, so she grabbed Tian tians small hands and said earnestly, Of course, I understand how Tian Tian feels, so lets just treat it as a promise between us, alright? Just a small promise between us that doesnt need any reason alright?

Tian Tian still looked quite confused. Alright, even though it sounds very strange, since thats what Sha Sha wants Ill listen to Sha Sha then. This is Sha Shas present for me and my promise with Sha Sha, so Ill definitely keep it.

As expected from my best big sister Tian Tian. I like you so much! Shadissika said in a cute voice and hugged Tian Tian as she laughed.

Hehe what a pretty pendant. I like it so much. In the future, Ill also give Sha Sha a pretty gift yaawn~ As Tian Tian spoke, she yawned and then said with drooping eyelids, Its already so late, and Im so sleepy. Sha Sha, lets sleep.

Mm. Sha Sha covered both of them with the blanket and lay down and closed her eyes. Sleep time!

Soon, Tian Tian was sound asleep. When she fell asleep, Sha Sha, who was not intending to sleep at all, opened her eyes and looked up at the ceiling.

Only that method is able to cause the Isrock Disease to vanish from this world, but that will allow them to easily find me however, this is his greatest wish, and this is the only way I can achieve it.

Tian Tian, if that day comes, protect Ling Chen for me.

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