Shura's Wrath Chapter 721

Chapter 721

Her Name Is Gu Qing Han

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

Long Zheng Yang had thought that Ling Chen would have been slightly moved after he called out the name Tian Ya. However, Long Zheng Yang could only feel coldness from Ling Chen, and there wasnt even a trace of emotions, causing his heart to chill thats right, he had been harmed by the Long family to such an extent he only felt immense hatred towards the Long family, not emotions. 

Ling Chen stopped walking, but he did not turn around. He calmly said, I dont like wasting time on people Im indifferent towards; Ill give you 30 seconds.

People Im indifferent towards Long Zheng Yang bitterly laughed. Who else could he blame but himself for his own son treating him like this? This was what he deserved. In this sort of situation, he was unable to say any of the things he had prepared and could only say in a grieved voice, I know that you hate Long Tian Yun to the bone, and Im sure that you already know that the Isrock Disease was because of him, making you hate him more. I know you cant forgive him, but based on your blood, hes still still so no matter how you punish him, please at least leave him his life!

Thats all you have to say? Hearing Long Zheng Yangs words, Ling Chen remained calm as if he hadnt heard it at all.

Ling Chen suddenly heard something falling to the ground. He subconsciously turned around and saw Long Zheng Yang kneeling there with a look of pleading in his eyes.

You! Ling Chens heart jumped, and he subconsciously jumped away, dodging away from the direction that Long Zheng Yang was kneeling in. Long Zheng Yang was the leader of the Long family, and he was the most powerful official in China, wielding the most power in the entire country. There were countless people who knelt towards him, but apart from his parents, no one had the right to make him kneel to them. His pride and dignity simply would not allow him to kneel to anyone but his parents.

And now, he was kneeling on behalf of his son Long Tian Yun in order to plead for mercy for his son. Ling Chen never expected Long Zheng Yang to kneel, and at the same time, he felt a strange sense of terror. After all, although he did not admit it, this was his father. Seeing his father kneel to him anyone would feel as if they had been struck by a bolt of lightning.

Long Zheng Yang said with an expression of pain, I never thought that in this life, apart from my parents, the first person I would kneel to would be my s- to you. However, I should be kneeling. The sins of a child are because of his father I cannot deny responsibility for the wrongs Long Tian Yun has committed, so I am kneeling in his stead. Although I dont dare to ask for your forgiveness even if I kneel a thousand times, please at least spare his life. Even though he simply cannot be forgiven, everyone knows that hes the Long familys successor. If he dies, it will bring a great shock to society, Chinas politics will be greatly affected, and the Long familys reputation will also decline

Promise me 3 things and Ill promise not to kill Long Tian Yun! In fact, I wont even make trouble for him! Ling Chens breathing became erratic as he said in a low voice.

Long Zheng Yang raised his head and revealed and excited and grateful expression, Alright! As long as we can make it up to you, no matter what it is, Ill try to fulfil your wishes.

Number 1, immediately get up from the ground. I dont need you to kneel! Ling Chen turned around as he quickly spoke. Every second that Long Zheng Yang remained kneeling made him feel more uncomfortable. 

Long Zheng Yang stared for a moment before slowly getting up from the ground as he looked at Ling Chens back.

Hearing Long Zheng Yang getting up, Ling Chen silently let out a breath of relief, then calmly said, Number 2, I want you, in your capacity as the highest official in China, to declare to all Chinese players that Ling Tian City is the Chinese players central city!

In the past, Chinas official power was the Yan Huang Alliance. Whenever a decision had to be made on behalf of all of the Chinese players, it would always be the Yan Huang Alliance making those decisions and presenting those speeches. During international conflicts, it would also be the Yan Huang Alliance coordinating the Chinese players. This requirement was essentially asking him to take the Yan Huang Alliances brightest and proudest halo away from it.

Alright, no problem! Long Zheng Yang did not hesitate at all. In actuality, as Ling Tian City became more and more powerful, Ling Tian City had surpassed the Yan Huang Alliance in every way, and the Yan Huang Alliances lustre had dimmed. Even if Chinas government did not acknowledge it, the Chinese players already saw Ling Tian City as their core, as opposed to the Yan Huang Alliance.

Number 3, Ling Chen paused as he raised his head, a strange light flashing in his eyes. I want Long Tian Yun to come and find me at Ling Tian City within 1 hour no, forget it, I changed my mind. Tell him to wait for me at the Yan Huang Alliances headquarters within 15 minutes. There are some things that I want to say to him face to face. After saying those things, the hatred between us will more or less be resolved. In the future, let alone kill him, even if you begged me to kill him, I wouldnt do it.

Long Zheng Yang stared dumbly for a while before asking in disbelief, Thats it?

With how much Ling Chen hated Long Tian Yun, Long Zheng Yang had thought that each of the 3 things would be more difficult than scaling the heavens. Who would have thought that the 3 things were all incredibly simple to the point that he felt that what he heard wasnt real.

If youre not satisfied, I can just find an opportunity to kill him! Ling Chen coldly harrumphed.

No, its just that this resolution is much better than anything I had expected. Long Zheng Yang slowly shook his head, finally able to put down the heavy weight in his heart. He was sure that Ling Chen wouldnt go back on his word. Out of the 3 things, the first 2 were trifling matters and the third was simply a meeting in the virtual world, so he didnt have to worry about him harming Long Tian Yun. Long Zheng Yang thought that it was him kneeling had made an effect before coming here, he knew that with Ling Chens hatred towards the Long family and especially Long Tian Yun, normal ways would not work. His only choice was to use extreme methods, so, in order to protect Long Tian Yuns life, he had chosen to use his status as the highest authority in China and as a father to kneel down to Ling Chen.

The results were thousands of times better than he had expected.

I know that you cant forgive him, nor does he have the right to ask for your forgiveness; however, I thank you on his behalf for sparing his life. I promise that in the future, he will never do anything to harm you or your friends.

Ling Chen still did not turn around and said, Remember, 15 minutes. If I dont see Long Tian Yun in the Yan Huang Alliances headquarters within 15 minutes, then pretend I didnt say anything today. If theres nothing else, I wont be keeping you company. With Chief Longs status, there are countless things you need to think about every day. Im sure you dont have much time to waste on a national fugitive like me.

Long Tian Yuns gaze became bitter, and he helplessly sighed, Alright, I should be going. However, theres something I should tell you. When you were younger, I told you that your mother died when you were born. However, that was a lie your mother is still alive.

Ling Chen:

The Long family has greatly wronged you, and Ive made great mistakes. However, your mother has done nothing wrong before you were born, all of the doctors said that she might not survive if she gave birth to you. She had a very prestigious and important identity, and her life was more important than anyone elses, so no one wanted to see her risk her life to give birth to you. However, she, who was incredibly mild and gentle, was incredibly resolute about this and was adamant about giving birth to you. After you were born, she walked the boundary along life and death. If it wasnt because of our Long family having a secret technique, she would have died that day.

Although she kept her life, in the following 3 years, she was unable to even walk, and there were many ailments left in her body. Even now, when dusk falls and it rains, she experiences a terrible soreness and numbness in all of her limbs. Shes already endured this sort of pain for 20 or so years.

Hearing this, Ling Chens chest heaved.

You never saw her after you were born not because she abandoned you but because of an incomprehensible reason that made it so that you had to separate, and the further apart the better. Otherwise, she could have died at any moment.

What was the reason? Ling Chen coldly interjected at this moment.

Long Zheng Yang gave him a deep look and said helplessly, Perhaps youll find this reason laughable. This was because when you were born, an elder with special powers said that you had a Fortune of Great Calamity, one that had never been seen before. After she gave birth to you, some deathly aura remained within your mother, and if she was too close to you, the chances of that deathly aura growing would increase. As such, she had to be separated from you for at least 10 years, after which the deathly aura within her would be gone. Speaking to there, Long Zheng Yang bitterly laughed. I know what I just said sounds incredibly ridiculous and foolish the Long familys leader actually believed in fortune-telling. However, the person who said these things had extraordinary power and status, and he had never been wrong before. For her life, I could only make this decision.

Ling Chen did not say anything, but his gaze uncontrollably trembled.

Back then, before he had gone to the Lava Purgatory, he had met the Heavens Secrets Sect Leader, Daoist Tian Qing. Under Xiao Feng Chens urging, Daoist Tian Qing had looked at his fortune, but the result had caused Daoist Tian Qings expression to change and his forehead to be beaded with sweat. Afterwards, he had said that he was unable to tell his fortune. Ling Chen did not ask any further, but with his intelligence, how could he not tell that Daoist Tian Qing had definitely seen something? However, there must have been reasons for him not saying anything.

Afterwards, SuEr had succeeded him as the Heavens Secrets Sect Leader, and he had jokingly asked SuEr to look at his fortune. SuEr did not refuse, and her reaction was exactly the same as Daoist Tian Qings. Afterwards, under his persistent asking, SuEr only mentioned the words Fortune of Great Calamity. 

Back then, he had only laughed about it. SuEr had forced a smile and said that the fortune was something illusory and vague and should not be taken too seriously.

And now, Long Zheng Yang had uttered the words Fortune of Great calamity. Whats more, this fortune had been predicted when he was born by a mystical person.

Although your mother was separated from you, she thought about you day and night. Because of her excessive longing, her body, which should have healed in 3 or 4 years, took many more years to recover. Both her and I bitterly waited for 10 years to pass so that you could be reunited with her. However, who would have thought that before you turned 10 after she heard the news, she suffered a great illness, and from then on, she hated me and the Long family to the bones. 

Even her personality greatly changed, and it was said that after that day, no one ever saw her smile again. She threw herself into restoring her family, and she united the alliance in the south. I know that she did all of this to retaliate against the Long family. I owe her too much, and I have no face to meet her. Otherwise, how could I have allowed an alliance that threatened the Long family to continue existing? The hatred she felt towards me and towards the Long family was all because of her motherly love for her child. I cant help but say that I treated you so coldly back then because of secret troubles, and all of the things you faced were because of me. However, your mother did nothing wrong. If she knew that youre still alive, she would be so happy.

Her name is Gu Qing Han.

Ling Chens breathing paused, and he raised his head as he took in a deep breath, coldly saying, Tell Long Tian Yun to wait for me at the Yan Huang Alliances headquarters he only has this one chance! 

After saying this, Ling Chen did not stop and quickly departed.

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