Shura's Wrath Chapter 724

Chapter 724

Eternal Hatred To The Long Family

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

A few days later, a shocking piece of news rocked the entire Chinese gaming world: the Yan Huang Alliances Alliance Master Long Tian Yun had led the entire guild and all of its subsidiaries to join Ling Tian City. Moreover, he had publicly announced that they would not receive any power and would only become a subsidiary of Ling Tian City.

This news shocked all Chinese players, including those who belonged to Ling Tian City. They simply couldnt believe it or accept it. Even though the Yan Huang Alliances strength was far below that of Ling Tian Citys, it was still a central power that had existed for more than 10 years. Whats more, it had the Long family, the family with the most power in China, backing it. Furthermore, its Alliance Master was extremely arrogant and haughty how could the Yan Huang Alliance be willing to become another powers subsidiary?

Not too long after, another bombshell had been dropped Chinas highest authority Long Zheng Yang had personally announced to media that Ling Tian City would become Chinas new central power and would represent all Chinese players on the international level.

The Chinese region was completely shaken. Those who heard about these things were completely dumbfounded. All sorts of doubts were soon dispelled when Long Tian Yun personally brought the entire Yan Huang Alliance in front of Ling Tian City, and completed the procedures to become a subsidiary. What caused people to feel the most shock was that during the entire process, Long Tian Yun had acted incredibly respectfully, not showing any of his usual arrogance at all. He obediently nodded when Ling Tian Citys people announced all of the rules, and he did not even say anything.

The only person who knew what was going on was Ling Chen.


Master, whats going on? Why is the Yan Huang Alliance joining us? Master, you never allowed us to work with them. Whats going on? The Reapers were all confused and they turned to look at Ling Chen.

Work together? Of course were not working together. I just took a new loyal dog, thats all, Ling Chen said as he smiled.

The incredibly intelligent Reapers were completely dumbfounded by his word. Gui Ya tapped his ears as he came closer and asked uncertainly, A loyal dog?

Thats right! Ling Chen nodded as he smiled, I already told him that all of you and the leaders of Ling Tian City can order this loyal dog around as you want. You can send him on errands, discipline him, curse at him, and he wont refuse or retaliate. Furthermore, dont forget about Ying Ya and Gui Daos deaths you can vent your anger on him however you like, for as long as you like!

The Reapers were all completely flabbergasted. After a while, Gui Ya finally hesitantly asked, Could it be some kind of mind control? Masters mental energy is unrivalled in the world, but master doesnt seem to have this sort of ability. Even if this sort of ability existed, wouldnt it be too ridiculous?

Heh, Ling Chen did not immediately reply, and instead strangely smiled. Long Tian Yuns coming over. If you want to vent out your anger on him, youll be able to do it soon.

After Ling Chen finished speaking, Long Tian Yun ran over. Seeing Ling Chen, he leapt over and knelt down in front of Ling Chen, giving a loud kowtow as he said with an expression full of respect that tried to curry favour, I respectfully greet master. The Yan Huang Alliance is now a subsidiary of Ling Tian City. Please check over it, master.

Even though Ling Chen had hinted at this, the Reapers all stared with wide eyes, their jaws almost dropping to the ground, when they saw Long Tian Yun laying there like a dog. This person was the high and mighty Alliance Master of the Yan Huang Alliance. He was famous throughout all of China, and put nothing in his eyes the young master of the Long family!

Well done, Ling Chen said with a look of appreciation on his face. He turned to Gui Ya and the others and said, I believe you all know about Long Zheng Yang coming to find me a few days ago. Dont worry. Long Tian Ya, who was related to the Long family, died 10 or so years ago, and was killed by them. Now, my surname is Ling, and Ill always be your Adam, not Long Tian Ya! Im not so stupid and merciful as to forget all of the pain and hatred! What they owe me, I will take back completely, regardless of why they did everything back then! I will never forget Ying Ya and Gui Daos deaths.

Ling Chen stretched out a finger and pointed at Long Tian Yun on the ground, Now, go and do what you want to this young master of the Long family. Vent all of your anger, through any means youd like, on his body heh, his life is still long, and he wont be able to die even if he wants to. You have unlimited time to torment him so dont hold back!

Ling Chens words caused all of the Reapers gazes to fall on Long Tian Yuns body, and their eyes became red.

I definitely wont let master die before me!! No, even if I die, I wont let master die!! Old bastard, dont you dare die either!!

Die, my ass! I still havent gotten a wife yet; how can I die now? Hurry up and piss off!

Gui Daos final words sounded out in Gui Y as ears. However, back then, he never thought that those would be Gui Daos last words. During that night, Ying Ya, the youngest among them, , had trapped the Savage Tiger Corps leader in a deathly bear hug after his legs had been broken, and ignited the explosives on him. He roared, Hurry up and go! If you dont go, I wont call you guys my big brothers in the next life! After that, amidst an explosion of fire, he blew himself up along with the Savage Tiger Corps chasing after them


Ling Chens words caused the events of that night to surface in the Reapers minds. Their eyes became red with grief and hatred. They madly rushed towards Long Tian Yun, raining down blows on his body and face

You bastard! Give us our brothers lives back!!

You animal! Bastard! Ill make you wish you were dead!!

This punch is for Gui Dao this punch is for Ying Ya your life isnt worth as much as even a single strand of hair on their heads! Ill torture you every day so that their souls in heaven will feel happy, haha

You dared to kill my brothers; Ill make you wish for death every day!!

They hit Long Tian Yun incredibly savagely. Punches and kicks were unlike attacks from weapons there was no pain reduction. The damage they dealt was quite small, and their only Priest continuously healed Long Tian Yun to prevent him from dying. Even if he wanted to die and escape these attacks, he simply wasnt able to. At the beginning, Long Tian Yuns screams had been incredibly pitiful, but soon, his throat became so hoarse that he couldnt make a sound anymore.

Ling Chen clenched his fists as he watched the Reapers madly attacking Long Tian Yun. It had been a long time since that night, but he had not done anything to take revenge. He was afraid that these Reapers would be injured again or die after all, they could not fight against the Long familys strength. He knew that many of them had been heavily injured, and Gui Dao and Ying Yas deaths had weighed heavily on their hearts, making them loathe the Long family. They could now finally vent out that hatred and receive some peace.

Long Zheng Yang, did you really think that calling me Tian Ya and saying that you had secret troubles while kneeling would make me forgive all of you? Ling Chen coldly smiled. The coldness I was shown when I was younger, all your attempts to harm me, the pain I suffered in heaven and hell, Dia Wus suffering for 10 years, Shui Ruos passing, Ying Ya and Gui Daos deaths, and Meng Xin and SuErs incidents how could you pay all that back with just a few words and some kneeling?! I dont care what sort of secret troubles you had; all of the suffering in my life was because of your Long family! Ill make your Long family fall from the highest heights so that you have nothing!

Ling Chen slowly raised his head, looking up at the blue sky. When the words Long family appeared in his mind, there was no mercy in his eyes or heart at all.

Long Tian Yun was beaten up by the furious Reapers for a whole 2 hours. After venting out their anger, the Reapers all looked incredibly refreshed and at peace. They happily went to carry out their duties. Long Tian Yun, whose body had been continuously violated, lay in a tangled heap on the ground. His entire body spasmed. He could not even stand up, his face so swollen that even his own father would not recognise him. Luckily, this was in the virtual world if it was in the real world, he would have become a meat paste after all of those savage hits from the Reapers. 

Collecting this debt felt quite good. Ling Chen laughed and clicked his fingers, allowing him to come back to his senses as he said slowly, Long Tian Yun, how does it feel?

Long Tian Yuns body trembled as he regained control of his body and mind. He endured the pain throughout his body and looked at Ling Chen with his eyes that were so swollen that they could barely open. However, there was no hatred or arrogance in them: only despair and pleading. Spare me Ling Tian I beg you, please spare me please I wont offend you ever again

Hoh! Youre the high and mighty young master of the Long family, and yet you know how to beg to someone like this? Ling Chen laughed. He felt quite pleased upon seeing Long Tian Yuns appearance and felt no pity or mercy at all.

For an instant, a slight hint of animosity appeared in Long Tian Yuns eyes before transforming back to a look of deep fear and pleading. After experiencing all these things over the past few days, it was thousands of times worse than his worst nightmare. He felt as if he was living in a dark dream, making him want to die. However, although his mind was clear, he was unable to do anything he wanted, and dying was simply a pipe dream.

Ling Tian  I beg you just spare me Im your big brother Ling Tian let me go Ill do anything

Long Tian Yun desperately pleaded in despair, but Ling Chen only mockingly laughed, Aiya, how pitiful. The young master of the Long family actually fell into such straits. But why dont I feel any sympathy at all?


Ling Chen once again clicked, bringing Long Tian Yun under his control again. He didnt even bother to look at Long Tian Yun, because that would dirty his eyes. Ling Chen turned around as he said, Stop lying on the ground like a dog; go and work hard for me. Therell be many more rewards like this in future!

Yes Yes, master. Long Tian Yun looked like an obedient little dog, enduring the pain as he got up and rushed towards the Yan Huang Alliances headquarters. 

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