Shura's Wrath Chapter 727

Chapter 727

 Fey Returns 

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Editor: Modlawls123

All of the most talented Dwarves, including Chief Dilo, were closed off from the rest of the world while earnestly studying the Underworld God Cannon.

World Boundary Scroll? Elder Dita thought for a while before slowly nodding. If we have the materials, it wont be too difficult to create a World Boundary Scroll.

Really? Ling Chen grinned before marvelling, No less than expected from the Dwarf Clan; I knew that this sort of thing would not be too difficult for you. Do you have the materials? Let me know if you need anything.

Elder Dita thought for a moment before replying, We have all of the normal materials, but the core materials Gold Pattern Scrolls can be bought at a high price, and we have quite a few Skybreak Underworld Stones from the Underworld. The only things that were missing are the precious Spatial Stones.

Dont worry; I just so happen to have a Spatial Stone, though its a bit small. As Ling Chen spoke, he took out a fist-sized Spatial Stone and handed it over to Elder Dita.

Oh! Thats enough, thats enough. The spatial energy that this Spatial Stone contains will be enough to create 10 World Boundary Scrolls. Its just that Elder Ditas expression became somewhat embarrassed. The ones who are not working on the Underworld God Cannon are not very talented and adding on the fact that creating the World Boundary Scroll is very difficult, it will take a bit longer than normal.

How long will you need?

About a month, Elder Dita replied truthfully.

A month That was quite long, but he could afford to wait. Ling Chen nodded. No worries, a month it is. Let me know as soon as its done.

Alright, no problem. Working for you is our joy and honour, Elder Dita happily replied.

After leaving the Dwarves District, Ling Chens calm expression crumbled as he moaned, A month, a whole month! *Sigh* Forget it, Ill just wait a month then.

Ling Chen took out a map of the Forgotten Continent, and after looking at it, his gaze fell on a region about 50 kilometres South of the Fairy Forest. Right there. Since I can only leave after a month, Ill level up as much as possible during this time. Ill try to reach LV80 after a month!

After making this decision, Ling Chen took out a Spatial Orb and directly went South of the Fairy Forest. As levelling up in the Mystic Moon world became more and more difficult, wanting to level up from LV62 to LV80 in a single month was simply a pipe dream to most players. Let alone LV80, even LV70 would not be possible. Whats more, Ling Chen had the Heavens Jealousy debuff, so wanting to level up from LV62 to LV80 was simply ridiculous. With his own strength, this would simply be impossible.

However, he had Xi Ling, a super pet who could instantly wipe out an entire mob of monsters with a single attack!

[Mutant Purple-Scaled Snake]: Type: Demonic Beast, Level: LV80, HP: 5000. A strangely-shaped snake that is covered with purple spots. Its body is long and thin, but it possesses incredibly powerful venom. It moves as fast as lightning, and it is feared by all creatures as a very dangerous creature.

Passive Abilities: All attacks have a 100% chance of applying [Lethal Poison], and it has incredibly fast attacks and Movement Speed.

Attack Skills: [Violet Extreme Poison Lightning], [Deadly Snake Saliva]

Weaknesses: Has weak HP and Defence, and fears Wind and Fire attacks.

[What A Big Cow]: Type: Beast, Level: LV80, HP: 66,000. A normal mountain cow that has mutated. It has always wanted to lose weight, but it has never been able to succeed, causing its personality to become violent. It will ferociously attack any animals smaller and thinner than it.

Passive Abilities: Fairly strong Defence, and its attacks have a chance to knock down the target, as well as a 20% chance of interrupting the casting of magic.

Attack Skills: [What A Big Cow], [Ten Thousand Cow Surge]

Weaknesses: Low intelligence, and it cannot attack for a while after launching an attack.

The vast map was densely populated with small purple snakes and large cows, and it was surprising to see such different monsters occupying the same space. However, within the nearest 50 kilometres, there was no other place where monsters were gathered so densely.

There would definitely be no one coming to interrupt him in territory that contained dangerous LV80 monsters. Ling Chen found a safe region and relaxedly sat on the grass as he summoned Xi Ling and Xiao Hui while waving his hand. Go, Xi Ling and Xiao Hui!

A piercing cry sounded out as Xi ling rose into the air. She flapped her wings, sending down a [Nine Inferno Heavenly Flames]. In an instant, the cloudless sky was dyed golden by the flames.

-356,000, -356,000, -356,000, -356,000

With Xi Lings terrifying destructive power, killing these normal monsters was simply a waste of her strength. In just a second, the surrounding 100 metres of purple snakes and giant cows were completely annihilated. If it wasnt for Xiao Hui devouring the corpses, Xi Ling would have used even more powerful flames to incinerate these monsters into nothing.

In just a moment, Ling Chens LV62 EXP bar greatly swelled. Xiao Hui quickly ran around, quickly devouring corpses and picking up the dropped items. Xi Ling moved around, raining down a [Nine Inferno Heavenly Flames] wherever she went.

Ling Chen looked at his rapidly-increasing EXP bar with satisfaction and nodded from this, it seemed that it would take less than a month for him to reach LV80. What should he do during this period of time?

Master, I want to listen to a story.

LengEr, who had also come out, instinctively stuck to Ling Chen and started shaking his arm. Now, not only did LengErs personality become even sweeter, but she also gave off an enchanting air. Adding on her innocent and timid nature, any mans bestial nature would be aroused upon seeing her.

However, the only one who could enjoy being with this beauty was Ling Chen. He put his hands around LengErs slim waist and gently pushed her down onto the grass as he whispered in her ear, Do you want to listen to a story or play the game?

Play the game LengEr jet-black eyes blinked as she nodded. Okay

After speaking with her tender voice, her clothes disappeared because playing the game with her master was now her favourite thing to the point that she liked it more than her dolls.

Underneath Ling Chen, LengErs naked body looked like a jade doll. Her waist was incredibly slim, and her butt was small but perky. Her small legs were supple and tender, and the pinkness between her legs was incredibly cute.

Lets start! Ling Chen pressed down with his body, his evil hands rubbing her soft chest. LengEr moaned in her cute voice, and she wrapped her snow-white arms around him, her toes clenching in excitement and anticipation.

In the air, Xi Ling continuously cried out as the countless monsters below howled as they were killed. A light breeze blew across the plains, bringing with it the sounds of a girls moans.

To Ling Chen, there was nothing more enjoyable than playing the game while rapidly increasing his EXP and LengErs favourability towards him.

These days, most of Ling Chens time was spent letting Xi Ling farm EXP for him. He spent most of his time playing the game with LengEr her cute body made it so that he couldnt stop even if he wanted to. He did it with her at least once every day, and it was to the point that it almost became part of his daily routine. Over the past few days, he tried almost every position he knew on her, and LengEr, who enjoyed playing the game, obediently did whatever she was told. Of course, he made sure that the little CaiEr was not around. Otherwise, she would be corrupted. As for Xi Ling she was most likely used to seeing it by now

10 days alter

Ding congratulations you have levelled up to LV70, HP+20, MP+20, Strength+5, Agility+1, Spirit+1.

Ding your pet Xiao Hui has levelled up to LV70, skill [Holy Spirits Aura] has levelled up to LV5, skill [Holy Spirits Pearl] has been levelled up to LV3, and a new Holy Spirits Pearl will be created.

Ding your pet Xiao Hui has created a new Holy Spirits Pearl, which has been transferred into your item space.

Ding your pet Xi Ling has levelled up to LV70 skill [Phoenix Sky Dance] has been levelled up to LV7, and she will be able to create 7 golden Phoenixes at most.

Ding your pet LengEr has levelled up to LV70 skill [Soul Lock] has been levelled up to LV3.

Ding your pet LengErs favourability towards you +2 to 69 (Infatuation).

Ding your mount-type pet Snow Cherry has levelled up to LV70 she now has 7 tails and can transform into any appearance.

Ding your pet CaiEr has levelled up to LV70, and all stats and skills have become stronger

After Xi Ling continuously insta-killed her way through the map time and time again, Ling Chen reached LV70 in just 10 days and reclaimed the number 1 ranking on Chinas Player Level Rankings.

After reaching LV70, a stream of system announcements woke Ling Chen up. He rubbed his eyes and looked at his level before muttering, Oh, Im at LV70 already. He then looked at his pets skills and stats before falling back and preparing to continue napping. Since he had decided to go to the Moon God Palace to retrieve the Moon God Orb, levelling was a must as well as resting!

Just as Ling Chen closed his eyes again, his communication device sounded out, and as soon he picked up, he heard Gui Yas excited voice, Master, its Fey! Shes back, and Yola is also back too! And Saros! Theres also Hannah, Disha, Green Eyes theyre all here!

Ling Chens eyes shot open, and he stood up with a whoosh, feeling incredibly excited as he hurriedly asked, Where are you all?

Ling Tian Citys Central Meeting Hall!

Ill be there soon!

Ling Chen immediately hung up and took out a Spatial Orb and yelled out, Xi Ling, Xiao Hui, lets go!

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