Shura's Wrath Chapter 730

Chapter 730

Sea Cat

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Right now? Ling Chen stared at her in surprise this woman was so decisive that he almost didnt know how to react!

What? Do you still need to make preparations? Fey looked at him flirtatiously.

Not really Ling Chen replied after thinking. The main thing was that he had thought that he would only be able to leave after a month, and he had forgotten about the Lachesis spatial powers. This time for set-off was much earlier than he had anticipated. Leaving now isnt too bad either. Lets go.

As he spoke, Ling Chen also equipped his equipment and walked out of the room with Fey. Outside the door, Yola was standing there, looking incredibly embarrassed. Seeing them come out, she lowered her head as a redness quickly spread from her face to her neck. Big sis, theres

Little Yola, tell Saros and the others that Im going to be leaving with Adam for a bit. It might take a long time, or it might be a short time. Even if we dont come back for half a month, dont worry about us, and dont go and do anything big. Just familiarise yourselves with Ling Tian City and the Forgotten Continent, Fey said.

Okay, big sis, Ill go let them know immediately. Yola hurriedly nodded, unable to raise her bright red face at all.

Thats right. Can you also help me tell Yun Meng Xin and the others that Ill be leaving for a while and tell the Dwarf Clans Elder Dita that I wont need the World Boundary Scroll anymore. Ling Chen smiled as he spoke to Yola. He didnt feel embarrassed at all seeing Yola like this because Yola peeping on the battles between him and Fey had become a normal occurrence. It was just that it had been a long time since the last time. At the same time, the little Yola from before had grown up, and now knew how to be shy.

I I got it.

Also, Fey suddenly grabbed Yolas little hand and whispered in her ear, next time, well let little Yola join in as well, so dont run off

Ahhh. I-I-Ill immediately go find Saros and the others

Yola covered her redder-than-red face as she rushed off.

Just like that, the journey to invade the Moon God Palace, something that others would spend 8 to 10 years preparing for, was decided upon by this man and woman in just a few short sentences, and they didnt even tell the others beforehand. This was exactly how Adam and Eve had operated in the past.

Will it really take just 3 hours? Even though Ling Chen trusted Fey, he simply couldnt help but ask.

If it takes longer than 3 hours, Ill always be on the bottom in the future! Fey said grumpily.

I see. Hmm Ling Chen nodded pensively.

Fey looked over and calmly asked, Are you thinking about how to drag it out for longer than 3 hours?

Y ah, no, no, no, of course not. Ling Chen hurriedly shook his head, saying righteously, How could such a pure and kind-hearted man like me have such shameless thoughts. I was just thinking that hmm err the weathers pretty good today.

Hmph! Fey condescendingly rolled her eyes at him and grabbed his arm, saying, Were going now. Its best that you close your eyes.

Without waiting for Ling Chens response, Fey spread out her hand, and a blue light flashed as she and Ling Chen disappeared.

A strange feeling of travelling through space assaulted Ling Chens body, and the extreme speed that they travelled caused Ling Chen to subconsciously close his eyes. When he opened them again, the strange feeling was gone, and Feys voice sounded in his ears, Were here.

Were here already? Didnt you say it was 3 hours? Ling Chen looked at Fey in surprise.

Were at the Forgotten Continents border! Fey looked at Ling Chen as if he was an idiot and then sat down, cupping her cheeks with her hands as she looked ahead of her. Looking at the sea peacefully like this isnt too bad.

Only now did Ling Chen realise that in front of him was an endless sea. Seabirds flew around them, and waves rolled onto the beach as the sound of the sea breeze resounded around them. Beneath their feet was a soft, warm sand.

Ling Chen immediately took out the map of the Forgotten Continent and found that they were at the Forgotten Continents southern sea, about 200 kilometres to the south of the Lava Purgatory. This was the southernmost part of the Forgotten Continent.

Ling Chen was completely dumbfounded in just an instant, they had travelled from Ling Tian City to the Forgotten Continents southernmost boundary. This sort of terrifying spatial ability was more than 10 times better than Spatial Orbs.

After entering the Ocean Region and continuing on for 12 nautical miles, well reach the Forgotten Continents World Boundary, Fey said as she looked ahead of her. The 12 nautical miles of sea around a continent belonged to that continent, and beyond that was the World Boundary.

From Ling Tian City to this place, it is about 1,500 kilometres even when travelling in a straight line, and yet we reached this place in an instant. In that case, traversing 33,000 kilometres wont take 3 hours; only a mere while! After think about that, Ling Chen became excited.

Fey once again looked at Ling Chen like he was an idiot as she said, Think about it with your pig-brain. Do you really think I can continuously use this sort of long-distance spatial ability into unknown regions? Even if its the Lachesis, it has a cooldown!

How long?

5 minutes.

5 minutes that doesnt sound too long. Based on the speed and distance they had travelled and the cooldown time, Ling Chen calculated that it would indeed take about 3 hours.

As Ling Chen was calculating, Fey looked ahead and said in a soft voice, I say, do you think theres a creature called a sea cat in this world?

Ive heard of things like sea lions and seagulls, but Ive never heard about a sea cat. Ling Chen looked at Fey strangely. Where did that come from?

Fey pointed ahead of them and said with narrowed eyes, If theres no such thing as a sea cat, whats with that cat in the sea?

Theres a cat in the sea? Ling Chen looked over and found a golden, fat body in the shallow area about 100 metres away from them. Its butt was twisting and turning, and it had a furry and thick tail. Its limbs were short and thick, and its paws were incredibly large. As its body twisted and turned, its face occasionally turned, and it was possible to see that it was indeed a cats face. Around its incredibly short neck was a big, golden bell.

At that moment, its 2 front paws were digging around in the sea water, creating many splashes. Evidently, it was looking for something in the sea water.

Even though its body shape was a bit ridiculous, from its face, it was definitely a cat.

However, Ling Chen did not believe that it was some sea cat because it did not live in the sea this was evidently the treasure creature Lucky Cat that he had met many times!!

Its a Lucky Cat, a Lucky Cat! Ling Chen covered his mouth, almost screaming out loud, his eyes widening as he spoke in a low voice.

Lucky Cat? Fey looked over at Ling Chen and said, A cat can evoke such a great reaction from you? Looks like its not ordinary at all.

Of course its not ordinary; its a treasure creature! Ling Chen gazed at the Lucky Cat, afraid that it was going to run away. 

Just as he was going to explain to Fey what it was, she said in surprise, Eh, your continent has these treasure creatures as well?

Hm? Youve seen them before?

Of course. Feys gaze towards the Lucky Cat became dubious as she made a gesture of interest with her hand. In my continent, we also had a treasure creature, but it was not as cute as this fat cat. I caught it many times, and each time it handed over a piece of treasure. I thought that I wouldnt be able to catch treasure creatures anymore after leaving that continent, but now it seems that I can continue with this hobby of mine.

You can catch treasure creatures? And you did it many times? Ling Chen looked at Fey doubtfully, feeling quite glum because even though he had met the Lucky Cat quite a few times, let alone catch it, he hadnt been able to touch a single fur on its body.

Of course. Oh? Could it be that the invincible Adam has never caught a mere treasure creature before? Fey looked over while smiling.

No way! Its just a treasure creature; catching it is like child's play! Im already bored from catching it! In front of women, and especially a woman like Fey, Ling Chen couldnt afford to lose any face. He stood up with a whoosh. Ill go catch it now!

After saying this, he walked neither too fast nor too slow towards the Lucky Cat.

Qi Yue had said that the Lucky Cat had incredibly sharp senses, was incredibly cowardly, and would never allow any creature that could threaten it to come within 50 metres of it. However, Qi Yue had also said that after he was above LV50, catching the Lucky Cat would not be so difficult. This was because after he passed LV50, the range of Moon Shadow would increase above 50 metres, allowing him to fix it in place despite being further than 50 metres away. Now, he was LV70, meaning that he would be able to use Moon Shadow from 70 metres away.

Ling Chen came closer and closer, and soon, he was around 70 metres away. The Lunar Scourge on his right wrist shone with a mysterious silver light as he smiled delightedly. Heheheh, Lucky Cat, lets see how you get away this time!

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