Shura's Wrath Chapter 738

Chapter 738

The Moon God Clans Offer 

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

Purple Dress, are you sure that it was a Time Domain? Moon Goddess White Snow asked. It was her voice that Fey and Ling Chen had heard before. Her voice was soft to the extreme, making ones bones and soul feel soft and numb. Perhaps even the most beautiful voice in the world could not compare to it at all.

At such a close distance, Fey felt intoxicated for a moment hearing this voice even as a woman. However, she quickly came back to her senses, her eyebrows tightly furrowed. Just her voice alone had such an allurement to it; just how terrifying would her strength be?

Whats more, the Moon Goddess White Snow was only one of the 3 Moon Goddesses! In terms of strength and authority, she was the most superior out of all of them.

Yes. Purple Dress only said a single word while coldly staring at Fey. Her looks were incredibly beautiful, but anyone who saw her face and gaze would feel a chill within their hearts.

Aiya! Who would have thought that theres someone else who can control time in this world apart from Purple Dress? Even we were frozen by it. Hehe, this little sister is so strong!

A look of curiosity and excitement appeared on Blue Hearts face. Her thin eyebrows curved upwards as she smiled, her eyes twinkling like stars. As she spoke and giggled, a cute pinkness appeared on her face. Her features were exactly the same as White Snow and Purple Dresss, but the expression on her face was completely different. White Snows expression was like warm sunlight and gentle wind; Purple Dress expression was like cold moonlight; Blue Hearts expression was like a refreshing fountain, seeming like a not-yet mature girl.

Not only is it time energy, but its also very powerful. Just then, that Time Domain covered 4 kilometres, and it would have lasted for more than 7 minutes. Even for me, creating such a domain would be my limit, Purple Dress said coldly. Apart from her coldness, there was no other emotion in her voice. Time energy was different from anything else causing time to stop within a range of 1 kilometre was much more difficult than causing a large disturbance using normal elemental essence within a range of 10 kilometres. She knew that she had only been able to cancel out the Time Domain because it had already lasted for a while before she arrived. As such, there was not as much energy left within it. Otherwise, even as the Goddess Order, she would have been unable to complete destroy the Time Domain.

White Snows lips parted and said in a dreamy voice, Shes not very powerful; its impossible for this sort of strength to affect time. In that case, shes most likely using a powerful piece of equipment. Theres only 1 piece of equipment in the Mystic Moon worlds records that can control time in such a large area

The silent item of the gods, Lachesis! Purple Dress slowly looked up, her gaze piercing towards Feys right hand.

Eh? Lachesis?? Blue Hearts mouth widened, making an incredibly cute, surprised expression. But didnt the Lachesis completely fall silent a long~ long~ time ago? Even the last generation of Moon Gods were unable to awaken its power. Afterwards, it disappeared, and I almost even forgot its name. How could it be the Lachesis? 

Only now did Fey speak. She stood straight and raised her right hand, showing her 3 rings to White Snow, Blue Heart, and Purple Dress. She wasnt surprised that the 3 Moon Goddesses would recognise the Lachesis because the Sea Emperor Helos had also recognised it at a glance. She smiled as she said, Little sister, Im indeed using the Lachesis.

Wow! Red, yellow, blue the number of rings, the colour of the rings, and the feeling it really seems to be the Lachesis ehhhh, wait. What did you call me? L-Little sister?! The slow-witted Blue Hearts beautiful eyes widened, her mouth hanging wide open, diverting her attention from the Lachesis to her being called little sister.

She, a powerful and majestic Moon Goddess, had been called a little sister?!

Thats right, because you look like a little sister. Feys smiled grew wider. Even though Blue Heart was a Moon Goddess, her temperament, gaze, and voice all made her seem like a pure and nave young girl. If she hadnt appeared together with White Snow and Purple Dress, Fey might not have even thought that she was a Moon Goddess.

Little sister? Ahhhh! How could I be a little sister? Im a Moon Goddess; a super, super powerful and mighty Moon Goddess! Youre the little sister! Even your grandmas grandmas grandmas grandmas grandma would be a little sister to me!! Blue Heart, who had never been called a little sister in her life before, almost went mad. However, seeing how cute and desperate she was as she waved her hands and yelled, she completely looked like a little girl throwing a fit.

Seeing Blue Hearts un-Moon-Goddess-like behaviour, White Snow and Blue Heart did not react at all evidently, they were used to her acting like this. Even though they were triplets, were the same age, and had the same face and body, the difference between their personalities was like the difference between the heavens and the earth. Perhaps this was related to them inheriting their Moon God power. White Snow was the Goddess of Fate, and she had a forgiving and merciful personality. Purple Dress was the Goddess of Order, and she had a controlling and judging personality. Blue Heart was the Goddess of Freedom, and she had a lighthearted and spirited personality.

White Snow slowly spoke with a warm look, Human, even though I dont know why you secretly entered our Moon God Palace and why theres a bloody smell on you that has gathered after a long time, theres no evil aura about you, nor do you have any ill intent towards us. Adding on the fact that the Lachesis recognised you as its master, even though you committed a taboo, we wont harm you, so please dont worry.

Oh? You wont harm me? Because of the Lachesis? Fey asked in surprise.

Thats right, thats right, little little sister! As revenge for Fey calling her little sister, Blue Heart proudly called her a little little sister, and she also put on an extremely cute face. Because the Lachesis last companion was our ancestor. However, our ancestor was only a companion of the Lachesis and not its owner. It gave our ancestor the ability to control time and space. Thats right, thats right, Purple Dresss spatial and time powers come from our ancestor, which means that theyre from the Lachesis. Eh? Ahhhh youre actually able to wear the Lachesis? Could it be that the Lachesis recognised you as its master? How could it be like this? Even our ancestor was unable to make the Lachesis recognise her as its master.

White Snow, Purple Dress, look! She seems to have been recognised by the Lachesis as its master! Blue Heart yelled, but White Snow and Purple Dress did not react at all. Their gazes all fell on the Lachesis, a deep sense of shock within their hearts with how slow-witted Blue Heart was, how could they only realise it after hearing Blue Hearts words?

What Blue Heart said was true Purple Dresss ability to control space and time came from the Lachesis, but even their ancestor was unable to make the Lachesis recognise her as its master. However, this human in front of them could equip the Lachesis, meaning that she had become its master!

Human, can you tell me your name? White Snows voice remained incredibly soft. Even though Fey had intruded into their territory and had cast a massive Time Domain, there was no hostility within White Snows voice.

Fey, Fey calmly replied. She had been desperately thinking about how to keep the Moon Goddesses attention on her, but now, it seemed like the 3 Moon goddesses attention had been attracted by the Lachesis without her having to do anything. Since the situation was like this, the chances of their success increased by a bit more.

Can you tell us where you found the Lachesis and why it recognised you as its master? Of course, you dont have to answer. A smile appeared on White Snows face, making her seem so beautiful that the heavens and earth seemed to pale in comparison. Her mesmerising voice also made it almost impossible to resist her request.

Fey did not refuse to answer because she felt that this information wasnt that big of a secret. She calmly replied, In order to kill a ferocious sea beast, I entered the ocean. However, I was faced with a terrifying rip current. I was swept to the bottom of the ocean, and I thought that I was going to die without a doubt. However, just as I was about to die, a mysterious power brought me to the coast. Fey spread out the fingers on her right hand as she said, It was the Lachesis that saved me. By the time I realised I was safe, it was already on my hand. As for why it chose me to be its master, I have no idea.

Feys reply completely surprised the 3 Moon Goddesses. After falling silent for a while, White Snow slowly said, After our ancestor passed away, the Lachesis power fell dormant, and it was unable to be reawakened. Before our ancestor passed away, she said that the Lachesis was waiting for its fated master, and it seems that the person is you. Even though its current power is quite weak, it will gradually recover until it returns to its peak condition by being with you. When that happens, perhaps youll be invincible under the heavens.

Thats right, thats right; the Lachesis is super powerful. After all, it was left behind by the ancient True Gods. The only item left behind by the gods that can rival the Lachesis is the Lunar Scourge, Blue Heart said.

Can you tell us why you entered the Moon God Palace? I can feel that you possess no hostility towards us, and weve never met before. Can you tell us your reason? White Snow asked as she smiled.

The reason? Fey laughed. Because I was bored, and I thought that it would be fun. I just wanted to see if the Moon God Clan was as powerful as the legends say you are.

Youre lying! Purple Dress coldly said.

White Snow shook her head and said in a soft voice, Forget it, Purple Dress. At the very least, she doesnt possess any hostility or enmity towards us. Moreover, since the Lachesis has recognised her as its master, shes definitely not an evildoer. Perhaps shes the reincarnation of one of the ancient True Gods thats the most logical explanation for the Lachesis choosing her as its master. Regardless, because of our ancestors instructions, since she has the Lachesis, we shouldnt harm her even though she committed a taboo.

 Following this, she turned to look at Fey and said, Fey, what do you think about staying in our Moon God Clan? Even though youre an otherworlder and weve never accepted one before, you possess the Lachesis just this alone is enough for us to change our rules. As long as youre willing to stay, well give you the Moon God Clans blood and power. When that happens, your strength will greatly rise, and even your lifespan will be extended to tens of thousands of years. In the future, when the Lachesis power matures, youll become the fourth Moon Goddess.
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