Shura's Wrath Chapter 740

Chapter 740

Fighting 3 Moon God Representatives 

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

Ling Chen had no idea what had happened over at Feys side. He ran as fast as he could, and soon, he exited the Seventh Shrine and entered the Fourth Shrine. Soon, he was quite close to passing through the Fourth Shrine. Because of Feys reveal, most of the Moon God Representatives and Moon Ladies had gone to where she was, and they were trapped there by her. As he ran, Ling Chen did not see a single Moon God Representative or Moon Lady, making his passage incredibly smooth.


A wild gale blew past as Ling Chen passed through the Fourth Shrine. With Broken Shadow activated, it had only taken him 10 or so seconds to make it this far. However, when he reached the area where the First Shrine should have been, he could only see a massive pool with no Shrine to be seen.

Seeing the beautiful to the extreme pool made Ling Chen feel incredibly surprised. In his hurry, he suddenly realised something, and he looked up. There, low in the sky, there was a cloud, and on it was the Shrine.

It was there!

Go up, Snow Cherry!

Snow Cherrys body immediately turned into a white blur as she rushed upwards. Just as Snow Cherry reached the same height as the Shrine, 3 dangerous auras descended from above.

Ling Chen felt quite shocked, but he did not panic. He did not retreat, and he instead charged at the 3 auras head-on.

Bang! Bang! Bang!!

3 white lights containing the might of the Mysterious God grade slammed onto Ling Chens body, and they were reflected by the Evil Gods Mask. Suddenly, 3 incredibly beautiful women wearing Moon God Light Dresses appeared before him.

Starry Moon God Representative! Mercy Heart God Representative! Spirit Dream God Representative!

How dare you, you thief! You dare to intrude into the Moon God Palace? Hurry and surrender!

If it was under normal circumstances, Ling Chen would have assailed them with obscenities when he saw these 3 goddess like beauties even if they were Moon God Representatives. However, right now, every second was desperately bought by Feys efforts, so he couldnt waste a single second.

Ling Chen roared as his body began to glow with light:

[Soul Sacrifice]!

[War Gods Fury]! 

[Disdaining The Heavens and Scorning the Earth, I Am Emperor]!

Ding the Libra Orbs effects have been activated, [Soul Sacrifice], [War God Fury], and [Disdaining The Heavens and Scorning the Earth, I Am Emperor]s cooldown times have been reset.

Ding the Aries Orbs effects have been activated. [Soul Sacrifice] and the [War Gods Fury]s consumption costs and negative effects have been nullified.

In an instant, Ling Chen rushed at the 3 Moon God Representatives in his strongest state like a ferocious tiger.

Youre seeking death!

The 3 Moon God Representatives frowned as anger filled their eyes. They gathered their powerful Moon God power and attacked Ling Chen simultaneously. An explosion sounded out as Ling Chens body was hit by the 3 rays of Moon God power. However, with [Disdaining The Heavens and Scorning the Earth, I Am Emperor] activated, he did not receive any damage, nor was his charge stopped in the slightest. He savagely slammed into the Moon God Representatives, who were completely unprepared, and rushed towards the entrance of the First Shrine. However, his body was suddenly blocked by an invisible wall, and he was blasted backwards.

Before Ling Chen had come, the Moon God Representatives had set up a temporarily defensive barrier together!

The Moon God Representatives immediately attacked from behind Ling Chen, but these attacks were completely ignored by Ling Chen, allowing the attacks to land on his body. He roared as he charged towards the invisible barrier, raising his Chilling Star and Dark Samsara and smashing them onto the barrier.

[Eight Directions Annihilation]! [Extinguishing the Heavens and Destroying The Earth Tempest]!

Ding the Libra Orbs effects have been activated. [Extinguishing the Heavens and Destroying The Earth Tempest] cooldown time has been reset.

Boom! Boom!!!

2 massive explosions sounded out as two 1 metre long cracks appeared in front of him.

In his strongest state, Ling Chens 2 strongest attacks were able to deal monstrous damage. However, he was facing a barrier created by the power of 3 Moon God Representatives. To be able to create 2 cracks in a single attack was already quite incredible, and it greatly shocked the 3 Moon God Representatives. However, to Ling Chen, this was far from enough. He started to continuously land attacks on the barrier; barrages of Heaven-Destroying Slashes rained down on the invisible shield, creating extraordinary explosion sounds.

More and more cracks grew on the barrier, and they started to extend.

Hurry and protect the barrier!! 

The attacks from the 3 Moon God Representatives were still unable to deal any damage to Ling Chen, and they could not affect him in the slightest. They finally realised that Ling Chen must have used some sort of incredibly powerful defensive skill, and they gave up on attacking. Instead, they appeared before the defensive barrier and started to pour their power into the barrier.

Immediately, the cracks that Ling Chen had created started to close. In less than 5 seconds, all of the cracks had disappeared. Every time Ling Chens powerful attacks created a crack, it closed after half a second.

If this was a barrier created by a single Moon God Representative, even if that Moon God Representative used all of her power to sustain it, Ling Chen would definitely have been able to destroy it with enough time. If it was 2 Moon God Representatives, it would be almost impossible for him to destroy the barrier. And now, there were 3 each of these Moon God Representatives were Mysterious God grade experts! In a direct battle, he would not be able to defeat any of them.

Ling Chen finally stopped attacking because attacking would simply be wasting his time. If he attacked the Moon God Representatives, he would not have any chance in making it into the First Shrine in time. Ling Chen frowned as he roared, Snow Cherry!

As Ling Chen roared, Snow Cherry raised her head, gathering her bloodlines power. The 7 tails behind her spread out, looking like 7 white flames.

Sky-Toppling Dance!! With no other choice, Ling Chen activated Snow Cherrys limited-use ultimate skill!

Snow Cherrys body immediately shone with a piercingly-bright light, instantly enveloping everything. Even the 3 Moon God Representatives closed their eyes. Within the white light, Snow Cherrys body slowly rose up, and her 7 tails waved as they shot out 7 lights towards different directions, turning into images of Snow Cherry.


In the next instant, the white light disappeared as if it had been blown away by a gale. In front of the barrier was no longer just 1 Ling Chen and Snow Cherry but 8 of them!

They had the same equipment, weapons, expressions, and gazes even their auras were the exact same. The Moon God Representative stared in surprise, having never seen such a thing before. The 8 Ling Chens simultaneously raised their weapons, landing 16 Heaven-Destroying Slashes on the invisible barrier.


The might of 16 attacks seemed to shake the heavens and the earth, and 10 or so criss-crossed cracks appeared on the barrier. The Moon God Representative were shocked back to their senses, and they continued to pour all of their power into the barrier, causing the cracks to quickly fade.




Each round of attacks became heavier than the last, and more and more cracks started to appear. If 1 Ling Chen could not break through the barrier, what about 8?

As Ling Chen furiously attacked, he soon found that he was not able to damage the barrier faster than it was restored even with 8 of him attacking simultaneously.

Ling Chen became completely furious. All 8 Ling Chens raised their hands and gathered power

[Extinguishing the Heavens and Destroying The Earth Tempest]! [Nirvana Samsara]!

The 8 Ling Chens simultaneously released the most powerful skill from the War Gods profession and from Dark Samsara. This was the most devastating attack Ling Chen could release, and it contained all of his hope.


As the 8 Ling Chens roared, the attacks landed on the 3 Moon God Representatives barrier


The explosion that rang out sounded as if the heavens had collapsed, causing the space around all of them to violently tremble. The 3 Moon God Representatives cried out, and they were blasted back, their faces becoming as pale as a sheet. The invisible barrier was now completely covered with cracks, looking like a piece of fractured glass

Thats right, it was fractured but it had not been completely destroyed!

S-Stop him!!

The 3 Moon God Representatives quickly reacted, and they once again sent their power into the barrier. Ling Chen spaced out for a moment, before savagely attacking again.

Final Samsara!!

Heaven-Destroying Slash!

Chilling Star Cosmos!

After releasing his most powerful skill, the Libra Orbs effects did not take effect. Otherwise, if he had casted it again, it might have been enough to destroy the barrier. Ling Chens buffs had not disappeared yet, but his current attacks could not compare to his 2 strongest skills. As he rapidly attacked, the barrier trembled, but the number of cracks did not increase. Instead, it started to decrease

Ling Chen had used the Sky-Toppling Dance and the Shuras ultimate skill, [Shuras Death Domain] to defeat the Undead War God. How would he take down these 3 Moon God Representatives, who, together, were more powerful than the Undead War God?!

Ling Chen had destroyed the Fairy Realms barrier with the [Shuras Death Domain], and he had defeated the Undead War God with that skill again. If he could use that skill again, a single Ling Chen would be able to destroy these 3 Moon God Representatives barrier. However, the [Shuras Death Domain] could only be used twice, so it could not be used anymore.

Looking at the barrier, which was rapidly being repaired, Ling Chen felt a chill within his heart. At this moment, he heard Feys weak voice, Have you retrieved it yet? I cant hold on any longer the Dimensional Domain will only last for another 10 seconds or so! 

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