Shura's Wrath Chapter 748

Chapter 748

Shura (2)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

Xiao Hui quickly ran to where Ling Chen had thrown the Shura Emperor Sword Shard. After putting it into his bag, he ran back to Ling Chen, gently leaned against him, and nudged him. 

Ling Chen put his left arm around LengErs waist, gently hugging her, while his right hand rested on Xi Lings shoulder. His body was still trembling from his outburst of emotions before, and he had finally settled down. He knew that he would have lost control many times if it was not for Xi Ling, LengEr, and CaiEr.

CaiEr, can you sing for me? Ling Chen said in a hazy voice.

Mm. CaiEr was still a bit scared, and she hesitantly nodded her head. She lightly floated over to Ling Chen and sang a [Song of Tranquility Clear Dream In A Peaceful Night] with her ethereal voice.

The pleasant song echoed around in the darkness, travelling quite far. Slowly, the sounds of roars around them died down, causing the space to become entirely silent. All of the rampant and bloodthirsty vicious beasts settled down and silently listened to CaiErs song before falling asleep. Ling Chens raging heart rate also slowed down, and his breathing was no longer erratic. He continued to kneel on the ground, his arms tightly hugging Xi Ling and LengEr. After breathing out, he slowly closed his eyes.

I need to be calm be calm only then can I find a way out!

However, he had already tried all available methods, and none of them had worked in the slightest. Back then, Xiao Feng Chen and Qi Yue had said that the only method to leave the Lunar Sky Hell was to use a Spatial Stone. By striking the Spatial Stone, its spatial energy would leak out. Because the energy from the Spatial Stone was formed by nature and contained the purest spatial energy, the spatial cracks it created could ignore all barriers but if that was the only method, where could he find a spatial stone? In the Forgotten Continent, they were already incredibly rare. If there were any within the Lunar Sky Hell, how could these powerful beasts be trapped here for so many millennia?

Could it be that he really had to spend the rest of his life in here?

If he couldnt go out, Tian Tian, Sha Sha, Dia Wu, and the others would be incredibly worried and grieved every day, and they might experience pain and despair even greater than what he was experiencing. Meng Xin, SuEr, and Qi Qi would feel incredibly lost and devastated, while Fey, Gui Ya, Bing Yao, Ying, and Xi they would never be able to rest at ease

No! I have to make it out of here! No matter what, I have to get out! No matter what the cost is I have to leave!!

How can I, Ling Tian, be trapped in here and die here?! But how can I get out? Is there anything I havent tried yet? Even if I have to pay an incredibly heavy price, as long as Im able to leave, Im willing to do it. Even if I have to lose all of my equipment except the Lunar Scourge, lose all of my professions, and for my level to fall to 0, I wont care at all!

On the face of things, Ling Chen seemed much calmer with his eyes closed. However, within his mind, he was still loudly roaring, trying to use all of his mental power to find a way to escape. The mental anguish he felt was no less excruciating than what he had felt in Heaven at least, in Heaven, he could just grit his teeth and desperately hang on, using his extraordinary willpower to keep himself alive. However, in here, even if he was incredibly powerful and had a strong will and mental energy, they were completely useless. He was trapped in a cage, but he could not even find the boundaries of this cage how could he escape?

What should I do someone tell me what I should do!!

Ling Chen inwardly roared again and again. These days, he had repeated these words in his mind millions of times. Every second of every minute of every day was spent thinking about this, causing him to become more and more erratic and frantic.

Can you hear me, little master?

Within the silence, a soft and enchanting voice appeared in Ling Chens mind. Ling Chens eyes flew open and he shot to his feet this was Qi Yues voice, because apart from Qi Yue, there was no one else who could make his entire body and spirit feel numb from just hearing their voice. He looked around him and hurriedly said, Qi Yue, is it really you? Where are you?

Im in the Lunar Scourge

But arent you in the real world? How did you come in here? Ling Chen gritted his teeth, forcefully quelling his emotions. Even though he was always on his guard against Qi Yue, he couldnt help but admit that her knowledge and expertise in the Mystic Moon world were far superior to his. Perhaps she could think of a way to escape the Lunar Sky Hell, even if it was an extreme method.

Qi Yues voice came again, filled with anxiousness and exhaustion, After seeing that little master has not come out of the game for such a long time, weve all been worried to death. I guessed that little master had been locked into the Lunar Sky Hell only this place would make it impossible for little master to log off for such a long time. As such, I spent a long time and used a special method to awaken a trace of my remnant spirit in the Lunar Scourge to contact little master looks like I was right little master really is in the Lunar Sky Hell.

How long have I been in here for? Ling Chen hurriedly asked.

1 month, Qi Yue replied.

1 month 1 month  That amount of time was not very long, but it was not short by any means either. For him to have been lying there like a corpse for 1 month, Ling Chen could not even begin to imagine how worried everyone has been.

Ling Chen clenched his fists and gritted his teeth as he said, Qi Yue, tell me how I can leave here. Since youre so familiar with the Moon God Clan, Im sure you know a way. 

Qi Yues answer came quite quickly, I already told you last time the only way is using a Spatial Stone.

But I dont have any Spatial Stones, and its impossible for there to be Spatial Stones here! Ling Chen vigorously shook his head. Are there any ways apart from using a Spatial Stone?

No, Qi Yue clearly replied. Spatial Stones are the only weakness of the Lunar Sky Hell, and this was something that the Moon God Clan purposefully did when they created the Lunar Sky Hell. Apart from this, theres no other way of getting out. Even the 3 Moon Goddesses can only seal living creatures in and not bring them out. After the Lunar Sky Hell was created, apart from last time when little master and Xiao Feng Chen were able to escape using the Spatial Stone, no other living creatures have ever escaped. This not only includes the Celestial, Heavens End, and Mysterious God grade vicious beasts but 11,000 years ago, there was even a Saint Destroyer grade vicious beast that was sealed in here, and it has never seen the sun again.

Ling Chen clenched his fists even tighter even a Saint Destroyer grade beast that was a peak existence in the Mystic Moon world could not escape from this place. In that case, was there really no chance of him leaving here without a Spatial Stone? Ling Chen shook his head and said in a low voice, I dont believe it! There has to be another way! There is no such thing as absolutes in this world! Qi Yue, Im sure you still know of other methods any method is acceptable as long as I can escape from here!

Qi Yue fell silent for a while as if she was hesitating before she slowly said, Little master, Im sure that youve walked around for a long time after being locked in here for so long. However, youve never found a boundary, right?

Ling Chen:

Qi Yue continued and said, The Lunar Sky Hell looks incredibly strange and mysterious, but its true structure is completely worthless. The entire Lunar Sky Hell is a sub-dimensional space.

Sub-dimensional space? What do you mean? This was the first time that Ling Chen had heard of such a thing.

A sub-dimensional space is a secondary space within normal space. They are invisible and formless, and they have no size or weight. To normal people, theyre simply undetectable and impossible to find. If you forcefully tear open a spatial crack, create a space within it, and seal the spatial crack, then the space within the spatial crack will be covered, and no one would be able to come into contact with that secondary space a sub-dimensional space. Thats what the Lunar Sky Hell is. Little master, let me ask you this, How can you escape from such a place with normal means?

Ling Chens lips moved, but he could not say anything, a look of shock appearing on his face.

Creating a spatial crack is already incredibly difficult, and with little masters current abilities, its simply impossible. Moreover, after a spatial crack appears, it will disappear in a moment. Creating a space within that moment is almost impossible. Even the 3 Moon Goddesses working together would not be able to do such a thing. The Lunar Sky Hell was something that the highest authority in the Moon God Clan made tens of thousands of years ago with the holy item [Moon Heart] and the divine item [Lachesis]. 3 years after the Lunar Sky Hell was completed, that Moon Goddess died from her power completely drying up, and the divine item Lachesis also fell silent. The only thing that remained was the [Moon Heart].

Lachesis? Did you say Lachesis? Ling Chens eyebrows jumped.

 Thats right! Oh? It seems that little master seems to be familiar with this name. However, even though part of the Lunar Sky Hells creation was because of Lachesis power, even if little master really had Lachesis, you would not be able to leave here. This is because the Moon Goddess was afraid that the Lachesis might fall in the hands of evil after she died, who would use Lachesis to destroy the Lunar Sky Hell, releasing countless ferocious beasts and spirits. If that happened, the consequences would be unimaginable. As such, she set a special reflecting seal on the Lunar Sky Hell using Lachesis; if Lachesis power comes into contact with the Lunar Sky Hell, it will be reflected away. Even Lachesis will not be able to undo this reflecting seal. As such, apart from Spatial Stones, the Lunar Sky Hell that the Moon God Clan created using [Moon Heart] and [Lachesis] has no gaps.
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