Shura's Wrath Chapter 759

Chapter 759

Blood Of The Moon Goddesses (1)

Translator: Mr Voltaire 

Editor: Modlawls123 

What are you doing?! As a mighty Moon Goddess, White Snow had never been so close to a man before. 

What am I doing? Of course Im thanking you all; I already said it so many times. 

White Snow had incredibly white and soft skin, crystalline and deep eyes, lips like rose petals, an exquisite face, and a slender and long neck the beautiful face in front of Ling Chen was completely unstained by the world, giving off a suffocating air of beauty. This peerlessly stunning Moon Goddess was defencelessly standing right in front of him, waiting for him to toy with her; even a god who had cast away all of his desires would not be able to hold himself back. 

Ling Chen gave a wanton smile. If they hadnt killed him and sealed him into the Lunar Sky Hell, making him feel that month of despair and agony, perhaps he wouldnt have been able to bear laying his hands on them. Even if it was for Shui Ruo, he would have felt deeply guilty. However, now, with his vengeful nature, doing this was in the name of taking revenge, and he felt much more in the right, making him feel much less guilt. They had shown him no mercy, so how could he hold back against them? Ling Chen greedily looked at her incredibly enchanting body as his hands stretched towards the snow-white peaks under her white dress. 


As the proud peaks came into his hands, Ling Chen felt as if his hands were going to melt, causing him to give a pleasurable moan. This was because the woman he was defiling wasnt just a peerlessly beautiful woman but the Moon Goddess Fate, one of the peak existences in the Mystic Moon world. 


A trembling voice sounded out as terror appeared in White Snows eyes. D-Dont! Dont!! 

Ahhh!!! W-What are you doing? Let go of White Snow! Let go of her! Blue Heart yelled. 

You bastard! Get your dirty hands off White Snow! Purple Dress was like an ice sculpture, her voice filled with rage. 

After being frozen by Eternal Moon Shadow, they had been quite surprised and confused, but they had not felt any fear. After all, they were Moon Goddesses, the most powerful beings in the Mystic Moon world, and they had held all of the power in the Mystic Moon world for over 10,000 years. They had never expected that anyone would dare to show any disrespect to them, nor did they believe that any man would have the courage and strength to touch their bodies or sully their purity. 

When Ling Chens hand touched White Snows body and one of her most sacred parts White Snow reacted as if she had been struck by lightning, and Purple Dress and Blue Hearts minds also trembled. Their pupils constricted in disbelief, and they even felt dizzy, unable to believe what was happening. 

Around them, the Moon God Representatives and Moon Ladies who had also been frozen by Eternal Moon Shadow clearly saw this scene as well, but they were unable to make any sound. Their pupils also contracted, and their hearts beat many times faster. They simply could not believe or accept this the leader of the 3 Moon Goddesses was being defiled and sullied by a human. 

None of this stopped Ling Chens actions or emotions at all. With his mental energy, how could anything affect him? Not only did he not stop, but he smirked smirked, rubbing and grabbing her large peaks even more vigorously. He enjoyed the feeling of her supple breasts to his heart's content, unwilling to let go. Even though the white dress was between her breasts and his hands, he could still feel how soft and tender her breasts were. If he touched them directly, the feeling would be even better. 

Beautiful Moon Goddess, you dont need to look so terrified. Im showing my gratitude, so Ill do my best and use all sorts of positions - no, ways - to send you up the peaks of pleasure that youve never experienced before and show you a true heaven. Only then will I be able to thank you for locking me in the Lunar Sky Hell for a month! 

Ling Chen wildly laughed as he enjoyed the feeling in his hands. Since he had made this decision, he would not stop. The Eternal Moon Shadow could last for 30 minutes, and within those 30 minutes, the 3 Moon Goddesses could not move at all, nor could any other beings move within the surrounding 3,000 metres, so he could do as he wished. 

By now, how could the 3 Moon Goddesses not know that Ling Chen was not thanking them, but rather taking revenge for sealing him into the Lunar Sky Hell. 

It was just that they naturally would not think that the main reason he was doing this was to obtain their blood to revive Shui Ruo. 

Stop your evil acts immediately White Snow could no longer maintain her calm and elegant tone; her voice was now trembling and filled with fear. Otherwise, all creatures in the Mystic Moon world will become your enemy, and therell be nowhere for you to stay in the entire Mystic Moon world. 

According to the Mystic Moon worlds rules, if a female is assaulted by a male, they could summon lightning to punish the male; the worse the offense, the crueller the punishment. However, against Ling Chen, who did not fear lightning, the frozen White Snow had no way to protect herself. 

Heheheh. Ling Chen squeezed, causing White Snow to moan. Youve already threatened me with that just then; dont you have something new to say? I dont even fear your Moon God Clan, so what else would I fear? Heh! Dont be too hasty, beautiful Moon Goddess; the real thanks has only begun! 

Half an hour was a bit short, so Ling Chen did not dally anymore and placed his hands on White Snows hips, pulling her to him and falling to the ground. White Snow seemed to realise something, and her eyes became completely horrified, unable to even make a sound. At that moment, Ling Chen grabbed White Snows white dress and vigorously pulled 

Which was when he experienced a problem. 

In the Mystic Moon world, when someone put on equipment, only they could take it off. Even if they stood there without moving, it would be impossible for someone else to pull off their equipment and clothes. White Snow was wearing a long dress, and unless White Snow took it off, he would not even be able to lift it up, much less rip it off like in the real world. If that was the case, all Ling Chen could do was grope around her body on top of her dress; obtaining her blood would be impossible. 

White Snow seemed to realise this, and the terror in her eyes lessened. Just as she was about to say something, she saw that Ling Chen did not seem disappointed or frustrated at all, and he instead started to strangely smile. 

Do you think I dont have a way around this? As Ling Chen spoke, he took out a [Holy Spirits Pearl] from his bag. Currently, Xiao Hui had created 3 of these pearls: one of them had been used on [Soul Demise], and he had not used the other 2 yet. Today, it was finally time to use them. 

Ling Chen opened his skills page and evilly smiled, using the Holy Spirits Pearl on [True Lucky Hand]. 

The LV5 True Lucky Hand was already incredibly cruel, and even the treasure creature Lucky Cats True Lucky Hand was only LV5. If he used the Holy Spirits Pearl, its maximum level would increase by 20%, and it would be instantly raised to max level in that case, what sort of effects would a LV6 True Lucky Hand have? Something that even the Lucky Cat did not have? 

Ding the Holy Spirits Pearl has been successfully used. Your skill True Lucky Hands maximum level has been increased to LV6 and has been raised to max level. 

[True Lucky Hand]: Current Level: LV6, max level. The evolved version of [Lucky Hand], a godly skill that comes from the treasure creature Lucky Cat. Anyone who obtains this skill will receive world-dominating theft skills that will cause people to shudder at the sound of their name. Upon use, the user can use an unseen hand to steal any item from the target. Legends say that a pinnacle True Lucky Hand can instantly steal everything a target has. However, it is said that training to the pinnacle is as difficult as reaching the heavens, and even the Lucky Cat has not been able to unleash such power. With the Holy Spirits Pearl, its might has been raised to the extreme. Within a certain range, the user can steal gold, items, or equipment, whether they are being used or not. The user can choose whether to take a single thing or everything. Ignores level or grade and has complete certainty of success. It will also not be discovered by the target. Costs 50 MP, and because of how terrifying the skill is, it can only be used 5 times per day. 

This did not disappoint Ling Chen at all. No, it was much more shocking that he had expected! After the Holy Spirit Pearl raised it past its limit, the LV6 True Lucky Hand allowed him to take everything away from his target, regardless of level and grade with complete certainty of success!! 

In other words, if Ling Chen had levelled [True Lucky Hand] up to LV6 earlier, when he entered the Moon God Island, he could have instantly stripped the 3 Moon Goddesses! 

This sort of effect was simply cruel to the extreme! Let alone using it 5 times per day, even once every 5 days would have been too much. At the very least, he knew that even the invincible Shura would have had to avoided anyone who had this sort of skill. 

However, since this skill had appeared on him, it was simply too brilliant! 

As the 3 Moon Goddesses watched on, Ling Chens smile became dangerous. He let go of White Snows dress, then 

None of the Moon Goddesses, Moon God Representatives, or Moon Ladies saw what had happened, nor did they see what Ling Chen did. In an instant, all of the clothes on White Snows body her Moon Goddess Dress, the Heart-Protecting Divine Mirror in front of her chest, White Moon Celestial Shoes, Moon Goddess jewellery all of her equipment completely disappeared. 

Snowy-white skin and a pair of large, soft breasts appeared before Ling Chen. Ling Chens eyes lit up, a look of intoxication and passion within them. The exposed flesh was incredibly supple and tender, and her long, slim legs and feet looked like they were sculpted out of jade, beautiful enough to make one feel dizzy. 

Ling Chen almost couldnt control his hands, and he started to move them around her body. At this moment, White Snow let out a shocked cry that she had never let out in over 10,000 years 



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