Shura's Wrath Chapter 760

Chapter 760

Blood Of The Moon Goddesses (2)  

Translator: Mr Voltaire  

Editor: Modlawls123  


White Snow was a Moon Goddess, but she was also a woman. Her status as a Moon Goddess only made her even more embarrassed when completely exposed to a man.  


You let me go let me go dont White Snows voice, which had remained calm all this time, started to contain a tone of pleading. She felt so embarrassed that she wanted to die, but her pride as a Moon Goddess didnt allow her to show any panic. She gave up trying to threaten Ling Chen, hoping that his revenge towards them would end there she desperately wished for everything that had happened today to only be a nightmare. After all, how could a Moon Goddess like her be defiled by a human?  

Let go of White Snow! Otherwise, even if I have to give up my life, Ill seal you into the Purple Moon God-Sealing Formation!!  

No! Hurry up and go away! Youre a bad person, a demon! White Snow even said you were not an evil person youre even worse than the Shura from 10,000 years ago!! If you continue to assault White Snow, Ill  


Purple Dress and Blue Heart continued to shriek when they suddenly heard a sob-like moan from White Snow  

The holy Moon Goddess blood flowed out of White Snows body, showing that this generations Goddess of Fates chastity was no more. At the same time, it signified the birth of the first Moon Goddess who had been tainted by a man none of their voices or gazes could make Ling Chen stop or hesitate, and he unhesitatingly took White Snows virginity. Ling Chen did not forget to stretch down his hand, allowing the holy Moon Goddess blood to fall onto the Lunar Scourge, after which it disappeared into it.  

In that instant, Blue Heart and Purple Dress became completely dumbfounded, feeling as if an explosion had gone off within their hearts. All of the Moon God Representatives and Moon Ladies stared, feeling as if their hearts had been crushed from their rage and sorrow. They wanted to close their eyes, not wanting to see their Moon Goddess defiled by a human man, but because of Eternal Moon Shadow, they could only stare. They were unable to even look away or even blink, making it so that they could not miss a single second.  

White Snows eyes lost their focus, and she felt as if her entire world had collapsed. Her dignity and will had been completely shattered, and tears started to form in her eyes following this, she felt her body being completely ravaged by this man, making her feel like a small boat being tossed and turned within a massive ocean  

White Snow White Snow wuu Blue Heart sobbed. She and all of the Moon God Representatives and Moon Ladies wanted to close their eyes, but none of them could do so, and they could only watch in anguish.  

Ling Tian! You demon! Youll definitely receive the cruellest punishment in the world! The worst judgment!! Purple Dresss gaze was cold to the extreme as if it was an ice shard that was going to pierce through Ling Chens body. She had not even hated the Shura from 10,000 years ago this much.  

Until now, none of them dared to believe that this was real no matter when, the Moon Goddesses had always been the highest existences in the Mystic Moon world, and they had been worshipped by countless beings. Let alone defile or commit blasphemy against them, no man had ever touched their sacred bodies before. To the humans, the Moon God Representatives were godlike existences, and even humans who had reached the peak of power would not dare to even think about defiling a Moon God Representative, let alone a Moon Goddess.  

However, this terrifying nightmare was, in fact, reality.  

Dont worry, itll be your turns soon. If we have enough time, I might even show some of my favour to some of your Moon God Representatives. After all, Im quite a generous person.  

Underneath him was a Moon Goddess who everyone worshipped. Just the thought of this alone made Ling Chen feel so pleasurable that he almost lost his senses. His mind was not taken over by the Shuras power, but his temperament was no doubt affected by it. Otherwise, even if the Moon Goddesses had locked him into the Lunar Sky Hell before, he would not have felt guiltless like he did now.  

You demon! Our Moon God Clan has always been protected by the heavens; youll definitely suffer the heavens wrath!! Purple Dress roared in fury and anger.  

Ling Chen smirked heavens wrath? The heavens had already displayed its wrath the instant he became a Shura, and the heavens had once again tried to punish him after he summoned the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear but so what? Not a single hair on his head had been harmed. He got off White Snows completely limp body, which was red from climaxing again and again, and he smiled as he walked over to Purple Dress. Looks like the beautiful Goddess Order cant wait anymore. Since its like that, how can I bear to make you feel disappointed? Come, let me see if your gaze and voice will still be as cold when youre under my body.  

D-Dont come over here!  

Ling Chen cast another [True lucky Hand], instantly stripping Purple Dress of her clothes. A completely flawless body like White Snows was revealed, but it instead gave off a cold aura like an icy jade sculpture.  

Ah Purple Dress! Blue Heart cried out in fear.  

Ling Chen did not immediately leap onto Purple Dress body. Instead, he looked over at Blue Heart. Beautiful Goddess Freedom, looks like you cant wait either. Aiya, this is quite a pain Ive only got one body hmm, lets do this then.  

Ling Chen cast a third [True Lucky Hand], making it so that Blue Heart became completely naked like White Snow and Purple Dress. Within their boundless embarrassment and despair, Ling Chen moved Purple Dress and Blue Heart so that they were facing each other, their breasts touching, after which he grinned lustfully and leapt onto them.  

Werent the Mystic Moons 3 Moon Goddesses all high and mighty and worshipped by all creatures in that case, he would play with 2 at once this time and see how they were different to normal women!  

The Moon God Clan did not wake up from their nightmare. Instead, that nightmare became even darker. As Purple Dress moaned and Blue Heart sobbed, the blood of the Goddess Order and Goddess Freedom flowed out onto the Lunar Scourge and were absorbed inside.  

The Moon God Representatives and Moon Ladies could not make any sounds, and they could only inwardly cry. The 3 Moon Goddesses had actually been defiled by a man within the same day. Now, even if they killed this person, they would not be able to change the fact that the 3 Moon Goddesses had lost their chastity.  

Now, Ling Chen had obtained the blood of all 3 Moon Goddesses. Back then, he had never thought that the first thing he would obtain out of the 4 ingredients would be the blood of the Moon Goddesses. Now that he had fulfilled his goal, all that was left was to enjoy himself. He completely agreed with what Qi Yue had said these were the incredibly dignified and beautiful Moon Goddesses; wasting even a second with them was an unforgiveable crime.  

Dark clouds filled the sky, continuously booming as if even the heavens were deeply enraged by this. However, even the heavens were unable to stop Ling Chen. Ling Chen was definitely the first, and only, person who dared to and had the power to cause such chaos within the Moon God Palace. Even he believed that this was definitely something that no one had ever done or would ever do again.  

The [Moon] could only last for half an hour, and in order to make the most of his time, Ling Chen used his abundant experience and techniques to the extreme. He used all of the methods and positions he knew on White Snow, Purple Dress, and Blue Heart, causing these Moon Goddesses, who had maintained their vows of purity for 18,000 years, to feel like normal women for the first time in their lives.  

Finally, the [Moon] in the sky started to flash, and just as it was about to disappear, Ling Chen stopped his bestial actions and put on his equipment while satisfyingly whistling. Only then did he saunter off. However, even he did not realise that he did not feel any guilt or shame at all after doing all of this apart from feeling incredibly pleased and refreshed. In fact, he even subconsciously thought that he had turned these 3 Moon Goddesses, who had lived for 18,000 years for nothing, into real women and that they should be thanking him.  

This was partially due to Ling Chens mental energy explosively increasing after the Mad Scientists mental restriction was destroyed, and it was also partially due to the arrogant and aloof nature of the Shuras power, which ignored all virtues and morality.   

One of the 4 ingredients for resurrection, blood of the Moon Goddesses: obtained!  

After leaving the Moon God Island, Ling Chen checked the Moon Goddess blood that Qi Yue had collected then logged off. He knew that Tian Tian and the others were definitely worried sick after he had not logged off for a month.  

As expected, when he opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was Tian Tian, her face covered with tears and filled with weariness. He felt a slight pain in his heart and gently hugged the stunned Tian Tian, saying apologetically, Im sorry Tian Tian for making you worried again.  

Only then did Tian Tian truly believe that Ling Chen had returned, and she stopped worrying that she was hallucinating. She dove onto his body and burst into tears. Feeling the tears drenching the front of his shirt, Ling Chen deeply breathed in and tightly hugged Tian Tian during that 1 month in the Lunar Sky Hell, his mind had become more and more agitated primarily because he was worried about Tian Tian. He really didnt know what Tian Tian would do if he couldnt leave the Lunar Sky Hell and was sealed in there forever.  

Hehe, I told you Ling Chen would come back today, right? Behind Tian TianShadissika lightly smiled as a mysterious light glimmered in her star-like eyes.  

Ling Chen, in my heart, no matter what you do, it wont be evil. Youll forever be someone who is imprinted on my soul.   

Its just that the sinful and dirty me do I really deserve to stay by your side?  

If, one day, you found out the truth, would you still look at me with such a warm and loving gaze  

Looking at Ling Chen, Shadissika gradually felt more and more sentimental, and soon, she also leapt up and tightly hugged Ling Chen, burying her face in his embrace and breathing in that smell that she had missed, remaining silent for a long time  


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