Shura's Wrath Chapter 763

Chapter 763

Shattered Moon  

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July 30, 3101 was an ordinary day until Chinas Li family financial group released a statement that shocked the entire world, causing countless countries and people to focus their attention on the Li family. On that day, the Li family used various media outlets to announce to the whole world that they had created an incredibly effective cure to the Isrock Disease that could cure it within a day.

This news caused unprecedented shock throughout the entire world because if this news was true, hundreds of millions of lives would be saved, and a terrifying nightmare that had plagued the human race for the past 100 years would be eliminated. This medicine was something that the entire human race had desperately dreamed about.

However, at the same time, this news was greatly doubted because even though the Li familys enterprises extended into the medicinal industry, their medicinal industry was not very big. There were only 20 or so private hospitals and research centres that belonged to the Li family, and most of them only served the Li family financial group. As such, most people, especially the experts who had been studying the Isrock Disease for tens of years, did not believe that this was something that the Li family could possibly create.

However, very soon, one of the foremost research groups used the samples provided by the Li family to conduct a live experiment that was broadcasted to the rest of the world the experiment was very simple: they chose 10 people who were infected with the Isrock Disease, who all consumed the medicine. 10 minutes later, it was found that the Isrock Disease within their blood had decreased by more than half, and 20 minutes later, the symptoms of the Isrock Disease had completely disappeared from their bodies. The peoples faces regained their red, healthy glow, and their minds also recovered considerably. Thats right, it only took 20 minutes for those who consumed the medicine to recover. Whats more, it seemed like there were no side effects.

This was an experiment conducted by one of Chinas most reputable research groups, and all 10 subjects were cured. After seeing this, the entire world was completely blown away. Those who had been infected with the Isrock Disease and had fallen into absolute despair, as well as their family members, burst into tears from joy upon seeing this.

The media all over the world fell over each other in their eagerness to report about this centurys medicinal miracle. In just 2 days, the news spread across the entire world, and almost everyone knew about it. The name of the Li family financial group also became known across the world, reaching unprecedented heights of fame. Soon, some bitterness began to be spread as the richest family in China, the Li family would definitely use this super-effective medicine to earn a large sum of money. There were at least 300 to 400 million people across the world infected with the Isrock Disease, and there would be many more in the future. The Li family financial group would definitely ask for hundreds of thousands of Chinese dollars for a dose, or even millions. Even if they were merciful, it would not be less than $100,000 now, it was only a matter of time before the Li family financial group became the richest family in the world. 

However, in just another few days, an even more shocking piece of news appeared: the Li family financial group had started to mass-produce the super-effective Isrock Disease medicine, and it was to the point that everyone in the world could be cured. However, because China was a peace-loving and kind country, the Li family should act accordingly and use this medicine to save everyone who was infected, as opposed to using it as a money-making tool. If they charged high prices for it, many Isrock Disease victims would not be able to be cured. As such, the Li family financial group announced that they were going to give out the medicine to the whole world for free thats right, completely for free. Anyone who was infected only needed their diagnosis to receive a dose of the medicine for free from the Li family financial groups distribution centres all over the world.

This time, no one dared to believe their ears. They simply couldnt believe why a financial group, whose sole aim was profits, would do such a selfless thing. No one could believe that such a grand financial group existed in the world. Mass-producing hundreds of millions of super-effective medicine, distributing them to nearly 200 countries, transporting them, and the management process let alone the cost of researching and developing the medicine, just the transport alone would cost a massive fortune, and whats more they were getting nothing back!

However, after a week, the Li familys actions proved to the world that this was the truth. When the first person hesitantly came to the distribution centre, he was not discriminated against or looked down on. He was instead greeted warmly, and he received the super-effective medicine for free thats right, completely free, and it didnt cost him a single cent or anything else. After the person consumed the medicine, he was fully cured, and he received a new lease on life.

From the first day to 2 weeks later, there were thousands, if not tens of thousands, of people who had completely lost hope who were finally cured of the Isrock Disease.

In front of the Li familys completely selfless and transparent actions, the entire world was shaken. The Li familys name was heard by everyone countless times every day, and the media continuously sung its praises because it had truly saved hundreds of millions of lives. The Li family had allowed the entire human race to get rid of a nightmare that had plagued them for over 100 years. Whats more, they had not asked for anything in return. The Li family financial groups name was deeply embedded in the hearts of all of the cured people and their family members hearts, and the Li Family became someone that they were determined to repay for saving their lives. In fact, some people even inscribed Li family on their jewellery and ornaments.

There had never been a family who had saved so many lives before, nor any family that had done it so selflessly. As such, the Li family was given incredible amounts of praise and attention, and their reputation and status rose to a position that no one could rival. It was evident what sort of position they would hold in the hearts of those who were cured and how many people would become worshippers of the Li family financial group.

It was just that no one knew that the one who had actually mercifully saved the world was a young girl who had not left the Bamboo Sea Wonderland and did not want to come into contact with worldly affairs.

When the Li familys name resounded in every corner of the world, they then tossed out more and more explosive news the Li family had successfully created a near-perfect solar-powered system a near-perfect environmental purifier and were currently producing them if the whole world could use them, the earths environment would be greatly improved, and Nature would no longer create things like the Isrock Disease for revenge.

Following this, the Li family financial group started broadcasting experiments, completely shocking the worlds most reputable and famed scientists if the Li family could really produce the things displayed, the entire world would be changed by the Li family.

Northwest of the Forgotten Continent, beneath the Firecloud Mountain.

This was a desolate area, and no people or plants could be seen. The ground was a dark red colour, and it gave off a scorching air, the temperature terrifyingly hot. Even though it was not as bad as the Lava Purgatory, it was not a place that normal creatures could safely enter.

In front was a massive, weirdly-shaped rock. Ling Chen stopped walking and slightly raised his eyebrows as he calmly said, Flame Demon Beast, come out.

As Ling Chen spoke, his surroundings became deathly silent, following which a hot gale blew out, bringing with it ear-piercing laughter.


As the ghastly laughter sounded out, a gale brought with it intense flames that spiralled in front of Ling Chen, forming a terrifying, fiery figure. Seeing this human, its laughter became even more arrogant, Hahaha! Who would have thought that a tiny human would go through all of this trouble to seek his own death by calling on a demon who hasnt left this place for 10,000 years. You were even able to call out my name looks like my great name hasnt been forgotten. Hahahaha thats right, this demon is one of the Demon Emperors 10 ancient demon beasts, the Flame Demon Beast. Did you come here to become this demons servant?

Not at all! Ling Chen shook his head, a harmless smile on his face. He raised his right hand and flashed 5 hook-like black jades. Im here to send you to see your companions; the Forgotten Continent doesnt quite suit you.

Seeing the 5 Demon Jade Hooks in Ling Chens hand, the flames on the Flame Demon Beasts body started to violently twist and turn, and its face became savage. War, Darkness, Ice, Tyrant, Light those are their Demon Jade Hooks! Why do you have them? What did you do to them?!

Ling Chen grinned. What do you think?

No! Impossible! Impossible!! The Flame Demon Beast uncontrollably roared, its crimson flames flaring up to more than 10 metres high. Impossible! Youre just a tiny human! How could you how could you!!

Whether I can or not will be evident to you soon. Ling Chen flipped his hand and the Demon Jade Hooks disappeared, replaced by the Shura Emperor Sword and the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear. At the same time, he activated [Burning Heart Blood Massacre] and [Heavenly Judgment Demonic Flames]. Dark clouds instantly rolled out across the sky, causing the silent air to become berserk as it was filled with a cruel and violent aura. A faint scent of blood and gore filled the region they were in, and the Shuras power was like a wild gale, rushing around, completely dispelling the Flame Demon Beasts powerful aura.


After countless generations had passed, most creatures had forgotten about the Shura, but the Flame Demon Beast, which had existed 10,000 years ago, would never forget the terrifying Shura. When the blood-red flames burst forth around Ling Chens body, its pupils contracted, and when the Shuras power locked onto it, it was finally certain what power it was. In that instant, boundless terror filled its mind.

I-I-Impossible the Shuras dead how could it be the Shura impossible

The Flame Demon Beast uncontrollably trembled as it retreated, the flames around its body chaotically moving around. It was the powerful Flame Demon Beast, and it normally looked down on all creatures, but in front of the Shuras power, it only felt boundless fear. It did not have even a single thought about retaliating, and it almost couldnt control its body because of how badly it was trembling.

Arghhh!!!!! It did not beg for mercy because it knew that Shuras were the most merciless beings; begging for mercy from a Shura was incredibly stupid and laughable. The Flame Demon Beast howled as a ball of crimson-black flames that was about 10 metres wide shot towards Ling Chen, while it rushed off in the opposite direction.

Haha, the same reaction as when I killed the Light Demon Beast, Ling Chen coldly laughed and raised the Shura Emperor Sword and Lunar Scourge Divine Spear

Shattered Moon!

A moonlight-like power gathered at the spearhead of the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear and then shot out in a ray of light towards the escaping Flame Demon Beast.


The bright moonlight shot into the Flame Demon Beasts back in an instant, bursting into a brilliant glow amidst a splattering of blood.

-10,401,728,400, -10,401,728,400!


Under the 8 times pain, as well as the Flame Demon Beasts fear, a scream tore through the air, causing the air to quiver.

The might of [Shattered Moon] was enough to split the sky and crack open the earth, and adding on [Peerless], its might was even more devastating. This blow from him in his most powerful state was enough to insta-kill the Flame Demon Beast many times over. The 10 ancient demon beasts that had made him taste despair before were now just like the rabbits he had encountered in the Novice Village noob monsters that could be easily insta-killed.

Ling Chen walked over to where the Flame Demon Beast had been destroyed. There, an incredibly deep crater had been formed. Ling Chen jumped into the crater, and by the time he came out, he was holding a jet-black jade hook.

[Demon Jade Hook?Flame]: Jade that the Flame Demon Beast carries. It is said that it was given to it by the then Demon Emperor. Unable to determine what material it is made of and its use.

6 pieces. Ling Chen muttered after putting away the new Demon Jade Hook and summoning Snow Cherry, flying towards the south because he had just used the Shuras power, if he didnt quickly leave, a large wave of Moon God Representatives would soon rush over.

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