Shura's Wrath Chapter 765

Chapter 765

The Approaching International Mock Battles  

Translator: Mr Voltaire  

Editor: Modlawls123  


As a Moon God Representative that controlled the order of an entire continent, there were very few people in the entire continent who even dared to meet Moon God Representative Moon Cherrys gaze; when had she ever been treated like this before?  

Shock, fury, humiliation, helplessness and pitifulness. The current Moon God Representative Moon Cherry did not have any of the majesty that a Moon God Representative did, and she instead seemed like a normal young woman. However, the only difference was that as a powerful and noble Moon God Representative, she had to fight back the tears of weakness.  

Moon Cherry!  

Moon God Representatives Jade Flower and Spirit Heart quickly rushed over, standing in front of Moon God Representative Moon Cherry. Despite their brave front, the Moon God weapons in their hands slightly trembled.  

Just then, Ling Chen had not held back when grabbing their chests, and even now, there was a numb feeling on their breasts, and their humiliation assaulted their minds. Moon God Representatives Jade Flower and Spirit Heart had never thought that they would ever be bullied like this by a man. In their hearts, the strongest hatred and killing intent they had ever experienced started to grow, causing their chests to heave. However, the man in front of them could easily destroy their attacks, and his movements were incredibly fast. In just a few bouts, they were sufficiently convinced of how much stronger Ling Chen was. In front of him, their power could not take a single blow.  

L-Ling Tian! Youll Youll definitely suffer the cruellest punishment! Moon God Representative Moon Cherry shrank back behind Moon God Representatives Jade Flower and Spirit Heart and bit her pink lips as she angrily yelled. 

Heheh, is that so? Ling Chen grinned. Ive heard the 3 Moon Goddesses say similar things to me, but I, this big evildoer, have been wandering around the Forgotten Continent for more than a month, but Ive been completely fine. After saying this, Ling Chens eyes flashed and the Lunar Scourge released a weak silver light.  

Moon Shadow!  

As Moon Shadows light was released, the 3 Moon God Representatives who were unable to react in time at all were frozen in place. Ling Chens body flashed over to the completely naked Moon God Representative Moon Cherry and didnt hesitate as he stretched out his left hand and grabbed a handful of white flesh. As he squeezed, the white flesh filled his hand, while his other hand stretched in between her tightly closed legs. When he pulled it out, there was a transparent liquid on his fingers.  

Ling Chen slowly wiped the liquid on Moon God Representative Moon Cherrys lips, an evil light dancing in his eyes. Go back and tell your sisters that they can come find me at any time if they want to enjoy this sort of treatment. I wont disappoint them, heheheh  

Ling Chen grinned and tightly squeezed with his left hand, her flesh almost spilling out of his hand after that, Ling Chen finally let go and turned around, flying away like a flash of lightning and disappearing in the blink of an eye.  

Moon Shadows effects ended, and Moon God Representative Moon Cherrys breast, which no longer had Ling Chens evil hand on it, sprang back into shape, and it had a red handprint on it. Moon God Representative Moon Cherry desperately held back the tears in her eyes, her arms wrapped around her chest. Her matchlessly beautiful face alternated between pinkness and whiteness, feeling so humiliated and enraged that she could not utter a single word. Moon God Representatives Jade Flower and Spirit Heart also stood still instead of chasing after Ling Chen. After experiencing how powerful and evil he could be, they did not have the courage to chase after him any longer because they would simply be seeking humiliation.  

After [Broken Shadow]s effects ended, Ling Chen slowed down and turned around, but he did not detect the 3 Moon God Representatives chasing after him. Ling Chen smiled in satisfaction and smelled the remaining smell on his fingers. This time, they probably wont be stupid enough to deliver themselves into my hands again hmm? Why do I feel a bit disappointed? Come to think of it, how great would it be to have a few beautiful celestial-like Moon God Representative little sisters to play with every day?  

Everything went as Ling Chen expected no, even better than he had expected. In the next month, Ling Chen was no longer chased down by the Moon God Clan; not even a trace of the Moon Ladies, Apprentice Moon God Representatives, and Moon God Representatives, who had been searching for him, could be found. Ling Chen even released the Shuras aura a few times on purpose and waited for a while, but no Moon God Representatives appeared. During that month, Ling Chen found the Wind Demon Beast and the Rage Demon Beast and insta-killed both of them. In his most powerful state, anyone could feel his fiendish Shuras aura from a hundred kilometres away, but no one from the Moon God Clan appeared. This caused Ling Chen to feel quite strange.  

During this period of time, the 2 names that the world paid the most attention to were the Li family financial group and Ling Tian City. Moreover, the Li family financial group was linked in countless ways to Ling Tian City, causing both of them to become incredibly famed and powerful figures in both the real and virtual worlds. Yun Meng Xin and Li Xiao Xue both became people who the world paid great attention to, and they were reported on by countless media outlets. In fact, many media outlets started to boldly announce that Chinas time had come.  

After obtaining the Rage Demon Beast and Wind Demon Beasts Demon Jade Hooks, Ling Chen now had 9 Demon Jade Hooks, which was even faster than he had expected. As long as he could find the Sky Demon Beast and obtain the final Demon Jade Hook, he would be able to go to the Underworld Blood Lake to summon the Demon Emperors soul.  

Ding World Announcement! Because 100 million players worldwide have reached LV70, the World Boundaries have been opened. Now, all barriers around the various regions have been removed. Anyone who has more than 1000 Fame can go to other continents. However, if a player dies in another continent, they will receive double the death penalties and will be sent back to their own continents main city, and they will not be able to travel to another continent within 2 weeks.  

Ding in 2 months, the Mystic Moon worlds first International Mock Battles will be held at the central island in the Mystic Moon Ocean. All Regions are required to make registration preparations. Each Region can send 6 people at most to fight. There are individual battles and group battles; further details will be provided in future.  

The system announcement rang loud and clear throughout the entire Mystic Moon world, instantly attracting all players attention the World Boundaries were finally being opened, and the much-anticipated International Mock Battles were going to formally begin in 2 months.  

The player world once again became lively and bustling. The World Boundaries being opened meant that disputes in the real world could be settled with International Wars, and one of the virtual worlds biggest meetings was about to take place.  

The World Boundaries being opened means that many ambitious countries will set their eyes on Ling Tian City. If I were them, I would definitely ally together in order to suppress it and conquer it before it can develop. Otherwise, by the time Ling Tian City has fully developed and adding on the fact that the China region is becoming stronger, they wont have a chance, Ling Chen muttered and narrowed his eyes as he comfortably lay next to an ancient tree. He occasionally took in long and short breaths, and he would lightly inhale LengEr lovably lay between his legs, blinking with her pure eyes, her head moving in sync with Ling Chens breathing  

As for the International Mock Battles, thats not interesting at all. Since Feys interested, she can go and participate; shell be enough to sweep away everyone else mm  

Ling Chens body lightly spasmed and he hurriedly stretched out his hand and put it against LengErs head and tilted his body back after a while, he finally exhaled.  

Whew alright, LengEr, well stop playing the game for today. We should go and find the Sky Demon Beast.  

Hearing his words, LengEr obediently floated up, her innocent, jet-black eyes filled with more and more infatuation towards him. A bit of white, hot liquid dribbled out of her cherry-petal-like lips, but she immediately stretched out her little pink tongue, licking it up.  

The Sky Demon Beast was the strongest out of the 10 demon beasts, but Ling Chen held absolute certainty in defeating it. The only issue was finding it. The Sky Demon Beasts power was more focused on physical attacks, so its Darkness aura was not as strong. Adding on the fact that it was purposefully hiding, finding it would be much harder than finding the other 9 ancient demon beasts.  

Thats right, Qi Yue said that the 10 ancient demon beasts would gather once every 100 years, but with all the changes that have happened in the past 100 years, how do they know exactly where and when to meet up? Before, the Ice Demon Beast went to the west to find the Tyrant Demon Beast to tell it about me having the Lunar Scourge how did it know where the Tyrant Demon Beast was? Could it be that they have a special way of sensing each other?  

Ling Chen thought for a while and squatted down, taking out the 9 Demon Jade Hooks. He placed them on the ground and silently stared at them for a while. At this moment, Xiao Hui suddenly ran over and picked up one of the Demon Jade Hooks with his mouth.  

Xiao Hui? Ling Chen raised his head in surprise and carefully observed Xiao Huis actions this sort of reaction from Xiao Hui most likely meant that he had detected something with his peerless senses.  

Xiao Hui moved the Demon Jade Hook forwards, and when he put it down, the inside curve was pressed against the back of another Demon Jade Hook. Following this, Xiao Hui picked up another Jade Hook and placed it behind the first one, and he repeated this soon, Xiao Hui had ordered the Demon Jade Hooks in a circle, with a gap missing for the final Demon Jade Hook.  

Whats this?  

As Ling Chen stared on in surprise and curiosity, the circle of Demon Jade Hooks suddenly lit up with a faint black light, and it started to slowly move. It stopped after making 2 rotations, and the black light disappeared with the empty space pointing towards the southeast.  

Xiao Hui ran over to the gap and barked towards the southeast. Ling Chens eyes immediately lit up how could he not understand what this meant? He quickly picked up the Demon Jade Hooks, summoned Snow Cherry, and hugged LengEr as he sped towards the southeast.  


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