Shura's Wrath Chapter 766

Chapter 766

The 3 Moon Goddesses Counterattack  

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7 days later, Ling Chen reached the southeast of the Forgotten Continent, a place that was covered with mountains, had rugged terrain, and had overgrown land. The places where the ancient demon beasts had resided were devoid of any civilisation in the surrounding 100 kilometres, and after finding this sort of place, Ling Chen was able to slightly relax. This meant that he was getting closer to the location of the final ancient demon beast.  

It should be near here. LengEr, can you sense the origins of the Darkness aura? Ling Chen asked as he looked around from the peak of the small mountain that he was on. There was a faint Darkness aura around here, and it was an evil aura that belonged to the Demon Beast Clan. The Sky Demon Beast was definitely hiding around here.  

A cold, evil breeze blew over, and LengEr subconsciously hugged the doll in her arms tightly, her dark eyes looking forwards before pointing downwards. There  

Looking down to where LengEr had pointed to, Ling Chen could see a steep cliff that was tens of metres wide. There, the cliff split the land into 2, creating a gap that was difficult to cross.  

Are you saying it is below the cliff? Ling Chen asked. The ancient demon beasts liked dark places, and the abyss was completely dark, making it a good place for the Sky Demon Beast to reside.  

LengEr stared ahead for a while before replying, Mm.  

Alright, lets go Snow Cherry!  

After flying at an extreme speed for 2 minutes, Snow Cherry stopped beside the cliff. Ling Chen looked down and could only see darkness; he could not see the bottom at all. However, he could smell an incredibly dense Darkness aura. Ling Chen grinned, Ive finally found you, the last ancient demon beast  

Now that he was going to have all 10 Demon Jade Hooks, Ling Chen became slightly excited. He lightly breathed in and covered LengErs ears as he explosively roared, Sky Demon Beast get the hell out here!!  

His roar sounded like a thunderclap in this incredibly peaceful place, causing the surrounding air to flow away from him. The 10 ancient demon beasts were undoubtedly powerful, but the demon beast Darkness power caused their natures to become quite wild and arrogant. Ling Chen was sure that it would definitely appear before him by naming it and yelling at it like this unless it wasnt here. 

As expected, before Ling Chens yell had finished echoing, a berserk and fiendish Darkness aura rushed up from the depths of the abyss. Following this, a dark fog quickly condensed in front of Ling Chen, revealing a demonic figure with 8 pairs of jet-black wings holding a demon pitchfork.   

Oh? A human Seeing Ling Chen, the Sky Demon Beasts fury greatly decreased, then it wildly laughed, It was actually a human who dared to call out this demon hahahaha, silly human, are you here to seek your death? A low-grade being like you isnt even worthy of being this demons minion!  

This designs pretty good Ling Chen stared at the Sky Demon Beast. He couldnt help but admit that the 8-winged Sky Demon Beast holding a dark pitchfork looked quite cool, making him want to take its things and put it on himself. That sort of equipment was wasted on a demon beast.  

Since youre the boss of the 10 ancient demon beasts, Ill give you some face, Ling Chen said. He stretched out his hand and said with a benevolent look on his face, Ill give you 5 seconds to run away; I definitely wont chase you within those 5 seconds.  


The Sky Demon Beast stared before unpleasantly and extremely wildly laughing, Hahahaha 


Hahaha, ignorant and laughable  


Human, do you know  


Who youre talking to? This demon  



A meteor-like light flashed through the Sky Demon Beasts body, causing it to swallow the words it was about to speak and instantly clearing out its HP. The most powerful of the 10 ancient demon beasts, the Sky Demon Beast, also could not take a single blow from a Shura, and it had not even been able to cry out before it died. It turned into a black fog and disappeared from the air above the cliff.  

At least say some meaningful last words; what a load of nonsense. Ling Chen curled his lips in disdain and rushed downwards, catching the black jade hook that was falling to the depths of the abyss.  

[Demon Jade Hook?Sky].  

Seeing the jade hooks name, Ling Chen happily laughed. He held the jade hook firmly in his hand as if he was afraid that it would vanish because these Demon Jade Hooks contained his hope in reviving Shui Ruo.  

Now that I have the 10 Demon Jade Hooks, if I put them together and bathe them in the Underworld Blood Lakes water, Ill be able to summon the Demon Emperors soul Ive obtained the Moon Goddesses blood and Im about to retrieve the Demon Emperors soul. The Shuras tear is something that I can obtain at any time, and the Lunar Scourge is only missing the 2 final Saint Orbs Ruo Ruo, wait for me, wait for me youll be able to see me and Tian Tian soon.   

Ling Chen put the hand grasping the Demon Jade Hook against his chest and closed his eyes as he silently muttered. Now that he had obtained all 10 Demon Jade Hooks, Ling Chens aim was very clear: head to the Underworlds Underworld Blood Lake.  

Just as he was preparing to move, his eyebrows suddenly twitched and he paused, looking up into the air. In the next moment, 3 holy white lights appeared above him, revealing 3 beautiful, celestial figures. At the same time, 3 ocean-like waves of Moon God power locked onto Ling Chen, causing even him, who possessed the Shuras power, to feel suffocated in that instant.  

Goddess Fate White Snow, Goddess Order Purple Dress, and Goddess Freedom Blue Heart!  

Ever since he had savagely toyed with the 3 Moon God Representatives, who had tried to take him down, the Moon God Clan had stopped trying to hunt him down, and he had not seen any Moon God Representatives after that. What he did not expect after this period of silence, however, was that the ones to appear before him would be the 3 Moon Goddesses!  

After seeing Ling Chen again, the 3 Moon Goddesses, whose bodies had been tainted and their pride and dignity shattered, were unable to remain calm. Boundless fury caused the surrounding air to become extremely chaotic, and their gazes were so sharp that it was as if they could turn Ling Chen into shreds.  

Ling Tian! You big, big, big, big, big evildoer! Weve let you wander around freely for so long, but todays the day of your judgment! Goddess Freedom Blue Heart gnashed her teeth and clenched her fists as she spoke as savagely as she could.  

Ling Tian, your crimes cannot be forgiven even with a hundred deaths! Purple Dresss words were like ice and bone-piercing knives.  

Ahem, wait, wait, wait, wait. Ling Chen hurriedly waved his hands and said with an innocent tone, 3 beautiful Moon Goddesses, I wont say anything else, but since weve been so intimate before and there are still many of my liquids in your bodies, were not strangers, right? Since were not strangers, shouldnt we be happy after meeting again? Why must you be so fierce and savage?  

You shut your mouth! The Freedom Goddess White Snows face became red. Ling Chens words had uncovered the humiliation in her body and mind, causing even her, who was normally cool and level-headed, to be unable to remain calm. Her chest heaved as she roared, What do you mean were not strangers? There will forever be irreconcilable hatred between our Moon God Clan and you!  

Ahh alright, alright, even if were not so intimate, were at least friends, right? Even if were not friends, we can at least be friends with benefits, right? Ling Chen said with a fearful look.  

White Snow, Purple Dress, what are friends with benefits? Blue Heart asked.  

I dont know but its definitely not something good! Blue Heart, this is our only chance. Think about the crimes hes committed; we dont need to show any mercy Blue Heart, Freedom Barrier!  

Ah alright, got it! Blue Heart nodded, the atmosphere around her becoming one of determination. She looked down and cried out as a orb of white light condensed around her body and then exploded out, turning into red, yellow, orange, green, blue, indigo, and violet lights, forming a large rainbow that grew bigger and bigger, spreading in all directions.  

White Snow, Fate Barrier!   

A light similar to the white light from Blue Hearts body condensed around her body. Following this, it exploded like Blue Hearts light, but it turned into 3 similarly-sized orbs of light. One remained inside White Snow while the other 2 flew to Purple Dress and Blue Heart, attaching to them and causing a white layer of light to appear around their skins surface.  

At this moment, the rainbow light from Goddess Freedom Blue Heart scattered hundreds of metres away in all directions, then continuously grew. By the time it stopped, it formed a 1 kilometre wide rainbow ball, sealing Ling Chen and the 3 Moon Goddesses inside.  

A rainbow barrier? Ling Chen looked around him and indifferently smiled in this world, there were no barriers that could stop a full-force strike from him. Even if it came from the Goddess Freedom, it was useless in front of him.  

However, after Xiao Hui looked at the rainbow barrier for a while, he started to give unsettled barks. This caused Ling Chen to slightly frown, following which information from Xiao Hui flowed into his mind.  

[Goddess Freedoms Absolute Wall Rainbow Glass Barrier]: An ultimate sealing barrier from the Goddess Freedom Blue Heart the Moon God Clans ultimate barrier. It can separate everything inside from anything outside, including light and sound, making it impossible for anything to escape no matter how powerful the being. It is created from Moon Goddess Blue Hearts source energy, and unless Moon Goddess Blue Heart dies, it is impossible to be destroyed or passed through. Moon Goddess Blue Heart can only use it once every 30 years, and every time she uses it, she needs to gather her Freedom Moon Goddess power for at least 1 month. The barrier will last for 6 hours and cannot be removed.  

[Goddess Fates Perfect Song Heavenly Heart Mirror]: An ultimate interference skill from the Goddess Fate White Snow. It can be used within the [Rainbow Glass Barrier] and cast on targets within the [Rainbow Glass Barrier]. Those who the [Heavenly Heart Mirror] is casted on will reflect 3 times the damage when attacked, and this condition cannot be affected or cancelled by any other powers. The reflected damage cannot be dodged or reduced. Moon Goddess White Snow can only use it every 300 years, and every time she uses it, she needs to gather her Fate Moon Goddess power for at least 1 month. The effects last for 6 hours and cannot be cancelled.  

The smile on Ling Chens face gradually disappeared, and his expression became serious as he started to frown.  


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