Shura's Wrath Chapter 770

Chapter 770

Yama Looks Down On The World  

Translator: Mr Voltaire  

Editor: Modlawls123  


Every corner of the Rainbow Glass Barrier was filled with the 3 Moon Goddesses power, but after continuously attacking for a long time, they still could not detect where Ling Chen was.   

Whats going on? He cant pass through the barrier or log off, and he cant leave even if he dies even if hes concealed, no matter how powerful the technique is, once hit, hell be revealed. How could this be  

Looks like theres only 1 possibility! Purple Dress stopped attacking, turning her cold gaze to the cliff face that White Snow had prohibited them from attacking. Since this place is where the Feng Chen Sect originated, it shouldnt be as simple as a cliff: there might be another space within that cliff. Ling Tian possesses the Feng Chen Sects power, so perhaps he has hidden inside. It seems like theres no other possibility.  

White Snow and Blue Heart stopped attacking and slowly nodded. Indeed, apart from this explanation, there was no other way of explaining the situation. This was because that cliff face was the only place that they had not attacked, and only by hiding in there would he have been able to avoid them for so long.  

What should we do, White Snow? Should we destroy the cliff? Blue Heart asked. Even though she didn't favour the Feng Chen Sect, the Heart End Cliff was still a place left behind by a True God. The Moon God Clans ancestor had reminded them not to intrude into places left behind by True Gods unless it was an absolute necessity, much less destroy them.  

White Snow did not hesitate and slightly nodded, stretching out her palm towards the cliff face carved with the words Heart End Cliff. We have to get rid of evildoer Ling Tian. If we miss this opportunity today, it will be difficult for us to ever wash away our shame, and our Moon God Clan will not be able to rest at ease for fear of his revenge. Even if we have to destroy this place left behind by a True God Before she finished speaking, a light suddenly flashed above the Heart End Cliff, and a person strangely passed through the cliff face, appearing before them it was Ling Chen!  

At this moment, Ling Chens whole body was filled with a sensation that he wanted to go against the heavens. This was because once he activated the terrifying Yama Curse, anyone who was not a True God would fall victim to his Feng Chen Curses. However, True Gods had long since vanished from this world. According to the Mystic Moon worlds records, the True Gods all died in the ancient times, and even the 3 Moon Goddesses had only inherited demigod godhood. In other words, no one in this world could resist his Feng Chen Curses anymore. Before, there were already very few beings in the world that could threaten him, and now that he had the Yama Curse, there was nothing able to stop him from dominating the entire Mystic Moon world.  

Even the desperate situation that the 3 Moon Goddesses had forced him into was not worth mentioning anymore. After coming out from the Heart End Cliff, Ling Chen did not feel even a trace of fear when facing the 3 Moon Goddesses again, and he instead dangerously smiled. He widened his eyes as he looked at their naked bodies he would never tire of this scene.  

Its Ling Tian! He has come out!  

Dont waste any words with him; focus your attacks on him!  

The 3 Moon Goddesses power once again locked onto Ling Chen. This time, even if Ling Chen once again hid within the Heart End Cliff, they would not hesitate to destroy it.  

Seeing the Moon God power rapidly gathering and covering the sky, Ling Chen slowly smiled as he inwardly sighed in bliss making the 3 Moon Goddesses, who were worshipped by countless creatures, his servants, and turning the entire Moon God Palace into his harem no, into his power... this was something that no one had even dared to think about before that sort of satisfaction would be much greater than defeating the 3 Moon Goddesses by many times.  

However, the fantasy that was even more fantastical than a fantasy was right in front of him hohohoh hahahaha  

Ling Chen wildly laughed inwardly. As he looked at the 3 Moon Goddesses, he thought of the current Feng Chen power that he had, and it became even more difficult to not burst out laughing. He spread his arms out and looked up to the sky as he muttered, Yama Curse!!  

As Ling Chen faintly muttered, he felt a slight explosion within his mind. Following this, he felt his mental energy rapidly grow at an incomprehensible rate, causing his vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch to become incredibly acute. He could even clearly feel the movement of the air and elemental essence, and his thoughts became incredibly clear. The pressure from the 3 Moon Goddesses instantly vanished completely as if he had entered an incredibly mystical world.  

Ding you have activated the Feng Chen Forbidden Curse [Yama Curse]. In the next 10 minutes, all Feng Chen Murdering Heart Curses you use apart from the Yama Curse will have no cooldown time or usage limits, and they will have complete certainty of success.  

This feelings simply too wonderful; I feel that even the heavens and earth cant escape my mental energys control.  

Ding [Yama Curse] remaining uses: 2/3.  

Ling Chen stretched out his hands, revelling in his current state.  

Evildoer Ling Tian, well send you to eternal damnation today!!  

The 3 Moon Goddesses furious yells sounded out from the air. After gathering their power, their massive killing blows were about to land. At this moment, Ling Chen raised his head with an extraordinarily evil smile on his face. His gaze fell on the 3 Moon Goddesses beautiful and naked bodies, and after staring for a while, his gaze locked onto White Snow. His expression changed as his dark pupils suddenly enlarged, and a strange light that could not be detected by the naked eye rapidly grew before silently rushing towards White Snows mind following this, Ling Chen turned to look at Purple Dress then Blue Heart in just 1 second, he had sent formless power into the 3 Moon Goddesses minds.  

The 3 Moon Goddesses simultaneously felt their visions blur, and their pupils uncontrollably dilated. Everything in their vision disappeared and were replaced by a pair of eyes Ling Chens eyes. They did not know why Ling Chens eyes had suddenly filled their vision, and they only felt his eyes giving off an irresistible attractive force, drawing their gazes and minds towards them. They could not look away or even close their eyes.  

Soon, this sort of feeling spread to their souls, and their powerful mental energies could not resist this strange feeling at all following this, they started to feel their vision grow hazy, and their bodies started to feel light as if their bodies had no weight. Only Ling Chens eyes were left in their eyes and their minds, and it was as if they contained a boundless universe, sucking them in. They felt as if they were being tossed and turned, helplessly floating  

Ling Tian  

Ling Tian  

Ling Tian  

The 3 Moon Goddesses eyes lost their focus, and they subconsciously muttered Ling Chens name. As they muttered, every inch of their souls was filled with Ling Chens name and image. All they could think about was him. Slowly, all of their negative feelings towards him completely disappeared, and they were replaced by an indescribable sense of closeness and intimacy, a sense of worship and dependence. His figure was much, much bigger than everyone else's added together to them, and he was more important than their own lives or even the future of the Moon God Clan. Even the humiliation they had suffered at his hands became a precious and important memory.  

Ding Soulstealing Curse has succeeded! Target White Snows soul now has your mark imprinted on it, and she will view you as the most important person in her life and will be absolutely obedient.  

Ding Soulstealing Curse has succeeded! Target Purple Dress soul now has your mark imprinted on it, and she will view you as the most important person in her life and will be absolutely obedient.  

Ding Soulstealing Curse has succeeded! Target Blue Hearts soul now has your mark imprinted on it, and she will view you as the most important person in her life and will be absolutely obedient.  

Ding because [Yama Curse] is activated, you have not used any of the uses of [Soulstealing Curse]. Number of uses left: 18/20.  

White Snow, Purple Dress, and Blue Heart, the 3 Moon Goddesses standing at the peak of the Mystic Moon world, had fallen for Ling Chens [Soulstealing Curse] at the same time and place. The Soulstealing Curse was not as cruel as the Soulkilling Curse, and it did not completely control the victims. Rather, it imprinted the users mental mark on the targets soul. From now on, the most important thing to the 3 Moon Goddesses was no longer the Moon God Clan but Ling Chen. Nothing could ever come close to him or replace him.  

Come to think of it, ever since Ling Chen had obtained the [Soulstealing Curse], he had only ever used it on the Moon God Clans people. The first time was on the Cherry Blossom God Representative, Snow Cherry, the second was on the Forgotten God Representative, Mu Cai Ling, and this time, he had used it on the 3 Moon Goddesses.  

The Moon God power that covered the sky and earth disappeared, and the 3 Moon Goddesses stared at Ling Chen with extremely complicated expressions on their faces: confusion, haziness, nervousness, guilt, struggle it was difficult to guess what they were thinking.  

Do you still want to kill me? Ling Chen crossed his arms and raised his face as he smiled, his tone incredibly bright. Looking at them from below, the angle was simply too marvellous, and adding on his extraordinary eyesight, he could see the scenery between their legs perfectly, causing all of the blood within Ling Chens body to become restless.  

The high and mighty Moon Goddesses revealed an expression of fear upon hearing this, and White Snow shook her head and softly said, No, how could we harm you? Before I dont know why I would do such a thing.  

I wont harm you, nor will I allow anyone to harm you! Purple Dress said resolutely.  

I wouldnt harm you wuu, why would I do such a thing; I simply cant forgive myself, wuu Blue Heart covered her face, feeling incredibly guilty.  

Even though they were the 3 Moon Goddesses, after being affected by the [Soulstealing Curse], they reacted the same way as the Cherry Blossom God Representative and the Forgotten God Representative. Ling Chen felt so blissful that he felt as if he would start flying from now on, he controlled the 3 Moon Goddesses and the entire Moon God Clan ohmygod! Who would dare to think of such a thing? Who could believe such a thing? Who would dare to imagine such a thing?!  


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